tagGay MaleA Different Way of Making Up

A Different Way of Making Up


Paul was pissed off; he and his wife had gotten into a big fight the night before when he had found out she and her son had been in on a joke to have Paul's longtime best friend, Brian, lay a kiss on him.

He had gone to one of his father's apartments to crash temporarily; the thought of being home with Shyla made Paul sick. Why the hell did she do this to him? Joke or not, Paul wasn't laughing.

Shyla and Damon had teased Brian to death about his longtime "man crush" on Paul, before betting Brian fifty dollars that he would never kiss Paul on the mouth.

But Brian had taken it further; after they had won a championship match, he had taken Paul's face in both of his hands, and right there in front of a national TV audience, kissed Paul passionately, slipping the tongue to boot.

And now Paul was pissed at him too, but still, they had to work together.

Otherwise, Paul thought if he never saw the little piece of shit again, it would be too soon for him.

They could all rot in hell.

"Yeah, yeah; I'll be there in a second," Paul called out when he heard the knock on the door.

He figured it would be the delivery guy with his dinner, or maybe his stepmother stopping by to check on him.

She knew about the argument he'd had with Shyla the night before, though she had had no idea of the details of it. And Paul wasn't about to divulge them.

He'd been through enough bullshit in the last 24 hours as it was.

He was just grateful right now that management or the big shits from the cable station hadn't gotten on his ass---at least not yet.

Opening the door, Paul saw the delivery man; his dinner had arrived.

He paid the guy and gave a healthy tip before taking his order to the coffee table, wolfing it down in front of the TV. It wasn't Alice's cooking--or even Shyla's-- by a long shot, but it would have to do for now.

Paul had just dumped the food wrappers into the garbage when someone knocked again.

Looking up at the clock, he knew his stepmother wouldn't be coming this late and he wondered who it was. He wasn't really expecting anyone.

Brian was standing there.

"What the hell do you want?" He was still pissed at his partner.

"I think we should talk," Brian replied.

"I don't have anything to say to you after that shit you pulled last night," Paul said. "So say what you have to and get the fuck out."

"I don't know why you're being such an asshole about all this. Did you even bother to check the ratings for last night? They're the highest they've been in weeks, dude. Ever think that is why management didn't lose their shit with us today and we still have the titles AND our jobs?"

"I don't give a flying fuck what the ratings are. You made asses out of both of us."

"Shit. I also know you liked it," Brian grinned, referring to 'the kiss seen 'round the world.'

"Otherwise," Brian added, "you would have belted my ass six ways to next Sunday in that ring right then instead of chasing me backstage and cussing me out like a bitch."

"You're lucky I didn't break your fucking neck, especially after I got a sermon from your mother this morning on the phone. She thinks I was behind the whole thing!"

"Nah. I talked to her and confessed to the whole thing being my doing. I left out being goaded by your wife and Damon, though. I figured Shyla's suffered enough."

"She suffered enough? Dude, we're going to have to deal with this shit the rest of our careers. People aren't going to remember matches and titles now because of this shit. All they'll remember is that damn kiss; it'll be right up there with the Joe and Jim gay angle!"

"Is that such a bad thing?" Brian asked. "Come on; people always thought we were....you know."

"Yeah, and you just confirmed it for them last night; never mind we're straight with wives and me with four kids. Thanks a lot, asshole."

"Damn, you really are being an uptight bitch about this, you know that? Maybe you are just a pussy."

Paul responded with knocking his partner on the floor, Brian on all fours, with Paul on one knee, with his right arm over Brian's back and holding his right wrist, twisting his arm as Brian howled.

"You son of a bitch!" Paul seethed. "Don't you ever call me a pussy again!"

They wrestled for a few minutes with no one getting the advantage--at least not at first.

Then Brian managed to get Paul's hip down and roll him onto his back. As his shoulder hit the ground, Paul felt his friend's firm cock grinding into his thighs.

"Pussy," Brian taunted him.

While Brian continued to taunt him, Paul spun around and got the top position.

Brian's face went into the carpet as Paul sprawled on top of him, with his knees on Brian's shoulders and his arms holding Brian's legs down.

Brian had tried to put up a better fight, but not enough to win.

Face down, with Paul's own cock grinding into Brian's ass and his chest on Brian's back, he was stuck on the floor, unable to move.

"So who's the pussy now, shithead?" Paul asked.

At that moment, Brian decided to surprise him. Flipping over, he reached up and yanked Paul's shorts to his knees and began to laugh at Paul's bare ass hanging out for the world to see.

"Your wife is right about one thing," Brian had grinned. "You do have one fine ass."

"Motherfucker!" Paul yelled. "I'm going to really kill you now!"

The impromptu depantsing hadn't stopped Paul at all; he spun right around even with his knees stuck together by his shorts, grabbed Brian, and threw him back down onto his back.

Brian was still laughing at him and he thought it was funny enough to chuckle, but still didn't give Brian a break as Paul held him down while he spun his ass around and sat right down on Brian's chest.

"Think you're funny, asshole?" he asked. "Maybe it's time you got on the receiving end of some sick joke and see how you like it!"

Not thinking twice about it now, Paul turned forward, leaned down, pinned his friend's arms, and gave Brian a passionate kiss, not unlike the one Paul himself had gotten the night before.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Brian yelled, pushing him away.

"Not so funny when it's being done to you, huh? Now you know how I felt."

"Yeah, and you enjoyed it this time too. You've got a fucking hard on."

He managed to shove Paul off of him, finally giving in to eight years of tension, pulling off his own shorts and straddled Paul's chest.

This time, there wasn't any kissing; Brian lay his cock near Paul's mouth.

"Twenty bucks says you won't do anything with this, pussy boy," Brian teased.

"Since you're on a betting streak, shithead, you're on! Get your ass on the couch right now."

Brian sat on the couch as he was told, his mouth gaping open in amazement as Paul knelt down in front of him, and even more so as Paul was able to get his entire cock into his mouth.

Not taking his eyes off his best friend and longtime partner, Paul sucked it with gusto, using his tongue up and down the shaft, stopping every so often to lick and suck his balls.

He grabbed Paul's head and forced more cock into his mouth, telling Paul what a great cocksucker he was and how he had wanted this the last eight years.

And he knew Paul had wanted it too, despite his best friend's previous protests to the contrary.

Brian gave no warning when his dick started throbbing, spraying cum into Paul's mouth and down his throat.

He then braced himself to have Paul bitch at him again, this time for cumming in his mouth.

Instead, Paul leaned back and grinned. "You owe me twenty bucks, asshole."

"I'll do you one better. I'll give you the twenty bucks and suck your dick."

"You're on, shithead!"

Then Paul wondered out loud that what he had done had really made them fags.

Brian laughed and told him that their wives had gotten them hard before and thought the girls still would.

"Maybe you're just horny because you miss your wife," he pointed out.

"Yeah...maybe I am," Paul said thoughtfully.

"You know, you're still standing at attention down there," Brian grinned. "Maybe it's time to return the favor."

"I don't know, man. I---"

"Come on, dude; we've gotten this far. May as well enjoy it while we can. No one will ever know about anything we did past the kissing thing last night. Try it; you'll like it. You already liked that kiss. And don't say you didn't."

Pulling Paul down on the couch, Brian knelt down in front of Paul's growing cock and started sucking and licking his balls, and performing a mind-blow blow job before Paul shot off a large load in Brian's mouth.

Christ! And Paul thought his wife gave great head!

Hard again, Brian came up from between his best friend's thighs and said he wanted to fuck Paul's ass.

"Jesus!" Paul cried. "Are you fucking NUTS?"

"Come on, just one time. You got anything around here to lube up with?"

"There might be some oil in the bathroom," Paul sighed, wondering what the hell he'd gotten himself into, but at the same time, was curious.

He just hoped their wives never found out about this.

Brian sprinted off to the bathroom, finding the oil in the closet and returning with it.

"Lay back," he said, before he lubed Paul's ass with the oil and his finger.

Going very easy at first, he entered Paul's tight ass. The pressure was incredible.

Finally, Brian got the head into him before he slid the rest of his cock into Paul's virgin hole.

Paul gritted his teeth as every sensation was focused on his partner's cock sliding in and out of his ass before Brian began working it faster and faster.

Paul would try to squeeze him with his ass muscles, but he couldn't feel anything but Brian's stiff cock.

Finally, Brian pushed all the way into Paul's ass, and he felt the throbbing sensation of Brian's cum shooting into him.

Paul tightened his ass so tight that Brian couldn't pull his cock out.

After struggling for a few moments, Brian finally got free, both of them panting.

"Does this mean you're not pissed at me any more?" Brian finally asked.

"Yeah. But what a hell of a way to make up, huh?"

Brian agreed. "You know, I never even tried the bi route before, even though I was curious. Did you ever wonder about it before now?"

"Yeah, off and on. But there is only one thing," Paul replied.


"None of this ever happened. Got it?"

Brian nodded; the eight years of sexual tension that had built up had finally been released. Tomorrow, it would be business as usual.

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