tagLoving WivesA Difficult Day in the Saddle

A Difficult Day in the Saddle


The gentle rocking of the horse was beginning to make me horny. Perhaps it was the view of the cowboy leading us on our little adventure in Northern Arizona. His broad back going down in a V to his narrow waist, strong arms confidently guiding our small procession through the trails. I imagined what he looked like without his shirt on and I barely held back a moan as the saddle jolted a bit, my lady parts pressed against it, enjoying the sensation.

"Penny for your thoughts?" My husband, Don, asked as he rode beside me.

Damn, I hadn't noticed that he had been riding beside me. Last I was aware, we were riding on a narrow trail through the trees. My face flushed as I realized how close I had been to an orgasm. How would I explain that to my husband, who had booked this adventure for our anniversary because he knew how much I liked riding horses as a kid.

I hadn't ridden since high school, and my husband never really expressed interest in horses himself. It came as a surprise when he told me about the five-day horseback ride, guided by a real cowboy, I was giddy with excitement. We loved camping together, so combining camping and horseback riding seemed about the most amazing and thoughtful gift he could give me.

I still hadn't answered him, having no idea what to say, blushing in embarrassment. When I got the nerve to look up at him, he looked at me with concern and asked, "Anything wrong?"

"Oh no. It's beautiful out here. I was just thinking of how wonderful you are for booking this vacation for us." He shrugged and replied, "I thought it was something we could enjoy together." He pointed to the breathtaking view across the valley.

The trail narrowed and he dropped back behind me, leaving me to my shame. I had never gotten horny riding a horse before, and I certainly didn't make it a point of being so public with my secret little erotic fantasies. Not that I didn't have them, I was a healthy, heterosexual woman after all, just I usually had them in private.

My area was still sensitive, and the feelings didn't go away no matter how hard I willed them. But I did my best to keep my face composed, did my best to keep my eye on the vista rather than the hunk on the trail ahead of us. I wasn't typically attracted to men with such a weathered appearance and bushy mustache like our trail guide, Josh. I usually liked my men clean cut, and well dressed, like how Don normally presented himself. Perhaps the environment was having an effect, or perhaps it was the cowboy attire (hat, boots, tight fitting shirt, and jeans), but I was having a difficult time keeping my eyes from straying over Josh's body.

With a great amount of willpower, I kept myself together for a while. At least until we got to that damn rocky area. Josh got off his horse and took the reigns of mine to walk me through it. The saddle swung side-to-side a bit as the horse carefully stepped over and around the rocks. Josh's deep baritone as he told me about the wildlife in the area seemed to reverberate deep inside my uterus. I could feel an orgasm creeping up on me.

The more I tried to think of other things, the more I tried to suppress it, the more it seemed to press into me. I tried picking myself off the horse for a little bit, hoping that the release of pressure against my clit would help, but I wasn't able to stay in that position for long due to the uneven movements of the horse over the terrain. I considered getting off my horse and walking, but I wasn't sure if I would be able to walk straight given my condition. Every time I tried to think of something else, my mind would wander back. I felt powerless to resist the irrepressible feelings inside of me.

My heart was beating faster and my abdominal muscles started to contract. Uh oh, that wasn't a good sign. I tried focusing on my breathing. An unexpected bump pressed the saddle into me just right, causing fireworks to go off inside me. I shut my eyes, grabbed the saddle horn tight, and bit my lip, struggling to keep from betraying what was happening to me as the euphoria swept through my body.

Josh looked up to me and asked, "You OK ma'am?" I did my best to nod since I did not possess the ability to speak at the moment. I couldn't believe that I was having an orgasm in front of this guy with my husband watching, I flushed from embarrassment, trying to keep from expressing the pleasure running through my body as Josh looked up to me with his piercing blue eyes. After a few moments, I croaked out, "I'm fine, just a little cramp." I took a deep breath in and out. "I'm good now. Thanks," I said between ragged breaths. I belatedly rubbed my back, acting like that was where the cramp was.

"We can take a break just over this hill. There's a wonderful view of the mountains and valley." He seemed to be appeased with my explanation, making me feel a little better. I hoped that the rest would give me the ability to get my body back under control so I could appreciate the natural scenery around me. I was embarrassed about how my body was reacting, and perhaps a bit guilty as well, considering Don had booked this trip for our anniversary and here I am thinking of another man. Though a little part of me also enjoyed it more than I wanted to admit to myself.

We stopped in a clearing and the view was as promised, amazing. Josh rode off, telling us he was going to check the condition of the trail ahead, but would be back in a half hour to get us started again.

Don laid out a blanket on the grass. There were a few rocks that we were able to remove, making the blanket quite comfortable. We laid down, snuggled together under the warm, afternoon sun, and just enjoyed the moment. Now that the constant gentle rocking motion of the saddle against my clit had stopped, my mind soon moved back from between my legs to above my shoulders, letting me enjoy the sounds of birds nearby, the gentle breeze, light and fluffy clouds floating slowly across the sky, and my husband lying next to me. It was all very relaxing.

Before we knew it, Josh came back and told us it was time to "saddle up and move out." Thankfully the break had helped me calm down enough to enjoy the rest of the day without worrying about every bump in the trail setting me off.

When we made it to camp in the early evening, I was surprised to find a cute little cabin next to a stream. The cabin and campsite were well maintained, and apparently well provisioned. A narrow dirt trail led to the cabin, which is how I assumed they delivered the supplies and our luggage while we made our way on horseback.

Josh showed us around what he called the campsite. The cabin was for Don and I, Josh would sleep outside. When I objected, he told me that was the reason he was in the business. He loved sleeping outdoors, under the stars. I could see his point, I really liked the idea myself, but I wasn't about to sleep on the ground with the creepy crawlies.

When Josh started preparing dinner, which was a rack of ribs, garlic mashed potatoes, and some greens which had been delivered to the cabin prior to our arrival, I volunteered to help. He laughed and said, in his deep, masculine voice, "This is my job, ma'am. Your job is to relax and spend time with your husband." I relented and left him to his thing while Don and I took a little walk along the nearby stream, enjoying the warm evening.

By the time we got back, we discovered that Josh had set a romantic table, with white table cloth, lanterns with candles burning inside, and fancy china. A couple glasses of wine were already sitting at the table. I was overwhelmed by the lavishness of the setting, considering that we were out in the middle of the wilderness.

Josh came out from behind the cabin where the barbeques were, carrying a covered plate. He had changed into a new looking pair of black jeans, white shirt, bolo tie, and an embroidered black vest. It looked downright formal out here amongst the trees. He nodded to us and set the plate on the table. "You guys are right on time. Please, be seated and enjoy your dinner."

We sat at the table and Josh took the cover off the food. The aroma was amazing. The sauce was sweet and savory, the meat was succulent. Josh tended to our every need without us even having to ask. We ate and watched the sunset over the mountains. It was very romantic, even with the messy fingers, and I was able to keep my thoughts on Don, for the most part.

We talked to Josh as he was preparing a fire for us in the grated fire pit, after he had cleaned up the dinner mess. Josh told us that he had grown up in the suburbs in Ohio, got a masters degree in forestry and worked in the government for a while, but didn't really enjoy the job because he wanted to spend more time outside. He quit and started the tour company whose vacation we were now on. He enjoyed talking to people from around the world and found that the "city slickers" like us were the most fun because they helped him see the things that he took for granted with new eyes.

Once he had everything the way he wanted it, he asked if we would like anything else. We both said no, and he told us he was going to make camp a little ways downstream and that he would be back in the morning to fix breakfast. He bid us farewell and Don and I snuggled on the double camp chair next to the fire. It wasn't long before Don started to get amorous. We kissed passionately, his hand running down to my breasts. I looked around, nervous to be doing this outside, but excited as well. There was nobody out here, other than Josh, who had already gone to his own campsite, leaving us alone for the evening.

Don caressed and kissed my body next to the campfire. I let him take off my shirt and bra, imagining Josh watching from the dark woods. I was soon completely naked, with Don between my legs and kissing down from my breasts, across my stomach, towards my willing feminine essence. The feeling of possibly being watched adding that little extra thrill. I had never had sex outside, and was enjoying it far more than I thought I would.

He teased my pussy with his tongue, getting close, then kissing down my thigh. He licked the back of my knee, which he had discovered as an erogenous zone years ago, but only occasionally made use of. I gasped as he licked it, my leg up on his shoulder, the rest of my body completely exposed to Josh, who I was still fantasizing about watching us.

I rubbed my breasts as Don made his way back between my legs. He started going around my clit again, so tantalizingly close, I could feel his lips just brushing the side of my labia. I couldn't stand it anymore, I put a hand on his head, guiding him to where I wanted him, and gasped in pleasure as his tongue ran the length from back to front.

I was in pure bliss as he ate me out. His tongue traced through my labia and around my clit in circles. In my aroused, and slightly confused, state, I started thinking of Josh between my legs instead of Don. My heightened senses couldn't take much more. I massaged my breasts while Josh, I mean, Don, licked me. "Oh god," little explosions were taking place deep inside me, the climax so close. I imagined what Josh's deep sexy voice would sound like right now and my body was immediately taken over by waves of pleasure, "I'm coming. Oh god, I'm coming," I shouted, not even considering if Josh could hear me from his campsite. At the moment, I wouldn't have cared even if I knew he could.

I relaxed my legs as Don gently continued to lick. He knew that I didn't enjoy him being rough right after an orgasm, and his gentle licks and kisses felt just right.

I hadn't thought much about the blanket that Josh had set out earlier. He had said we could use it if we wanted to sit on the ground. At the time I couldn't imagine wanting to sit on the ground when we had an alternative (I liked camping, but wasn't a big fan of bugs), but I think he knew we would be making love outside tonight, and my mind wasn't exactly on what might be crawling around out here. I pulled Don to the blanket and quickly stripped him naked, enjoying his lean runners body. He wasn't as big and muscular as Josh, but he was my preferred type.

I went down on him and swallowed his swollen member. He was ready for sex, but I know how much he enjoys getting head just before sex, so I did my job. That sounded like I didn't enjoy it, which I did, though it was more about being in control and seeing him respond to my touch. Tonight, though, I thought of what Josh might be like as I did it. Was he large? I didn't really have a large penis fetish, Don was more than adequate for me, but it was sort of fun seeing a large penis at times. I enjoyed it when I looked at porn anyway, not that I did that often. But right now, fantasizing about Josh, with his imagined giant cock in my mouth, was really turning me on.

I licked and sucked for a few minutes until I could tell that I had better stop or we wouldn't be going much further tonight. I crawled on top of him and slid his cock along my lips, feeling his cock as it slid slowly inside me, filling me. We were now in my favorite position, cowgirl, and I started grinding on him. I blushed as I thought about what had happened in the saddle today, but it didn't stop me, in fact, I changed my rhythm a bit to match more like it was like on the horse.

As we made love under the profusion of stars that made up the Milky Way, I couldn't help but continue thinking of Josh. If you couldn't tell yet, I was a bit infatuated with the guy, even though I was trying to be a good girl. I tried to focus on Don, but all I could see was Josh's face. I leaned back, placing my hands on Don's knees, and started bouncing on him. It felt great and I could tell that he was enjoying the view.

I thought of Josh, watching from the bushes again and started to rub my clit with one hand while I continued to support myself with my other. Don came first, his hips thrusting into me, pumping his semen deep inside my body. He relaxed back on the blanket, indicating he was spent, but I wasn't done yet. I continued to ride him and finger my clit.

I worried that he was going to get soft before I finished. In fact, it felt a little soft already. I picked up my pace and was soon deep in rapture once again. My breasts thrust up into the night, glowing in the firelight, for anybody to see, my cries of ecstasy could probably be heard for miles, I wanted Josh to hear me.

I collapsed on Don, our bodies still as one. We laid there for a few minutes before I started to feel a bit cold. The fire had burnt down a bit and the night was a bit chill. I rolled off Don, we found our clothes, and got dressed. Don put out the fire while I got the cabin ready. After finishing our nightly rituals in the small bathroom, we climbed into bed and snuggled.

I woke up early, like I often did. At home, I usually laid in bed and listened to a podcast or read a book. But Josh had made us lock our electronics in the office safe. He said we could bring them if we really wanted to, or needed to, though he pointed out that there wasn't any electricity or reception on the trail. Most people thanked him by the end of the week for having them leave them behind. I got up, deciding to enjoy the morning.

I dressed quietly while Don continued to snore away, and slipped out the door without waking him. I probably didn't need to be so careful since he could sleep through a grizzly attack. The sun hadn't quite risen yet, but the sky had started to light up and I could see adequately. I decided to take a little morning hike and started walking through a well marked trail in the woods. It wasn't long before I heard a deep, wonderful singing not far ahead. It was obviously Josh, he must be awake. I wondered if he would sing to us one of these evenings. I noticed that there was a guitar at the cabin, but hadn't thought much about it. Perhaps he played too.

The singing was getting louder, so the trail must be leading me to his campsite. I figured I would say good morning then head back to the cabin. I was expecting to see him any moment when I walked around a large tree. He was right there, not more than twenty feet away, up to his thighs in the stream, completely nude and rubbing soap over his body.

I hid back around the tree, hoping he hadn't noticed me. He was still singing and I now noticed the splashing of the water as well. It didn't sound like he knew I was here. I peaked around the tree to make sure. There he was, turned away from me, soaping up his large and toned body. I could see his naked ass, every bit as nice looking as I had hoped and imagined. He turned slightly and I could see his flaccid penis sticking out from his body. It stuck out a good distance and I stared for longer than I probably should have.

I quietly made my way back to the cabin and took a quick shower, the cold water helping me focus on other things for the moment. I could already tell that it was going to be another difficult day in the saddle. I was looking forward to it.

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by maddict05/12/19

City girl

You need to get back in the saddle, is it true men can be replaced by a horse, would you ride bare back if you could. I meant would you be bare as well as your horse, what a tale that would be. Would youmore...

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Nothing to rate, so far.

This story could go anywhere. Just an introduction, but to what, adultery, cuckoldry, polyamory, threesome, Josh being queer for hubby?

Will wait to rate, or not.

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One way

One way ride for this whore. Hubby may not want to give.Her to Josh.

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by DevlinSide12/10/18

With Any Luck

With any luck the lead character gets a taste of something strange. A shame there aren't more couples on the ride.

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by Anonymous12/09/18

Will she trade her marriage and future for

for Josh's dick and a life of creepy crawleys? You bet then she'll find out Josh does all the wives he takes out to the cabin.

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