A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 07


I smothered her mouth with a kiss as Silke writhed beneath me. When I finally got into position I slowly eased the head of my cock up to her flaming hot pussy. She was dripping juice and I began to ease my cock into her. I went up on my elbows so as to keep my weight off her, and I watched her face as I eased the first couple of inches into her. She suddenly began to writhe in pain and moaned like I had stuck a hot poker into her ass.

Now I knew my cock was bigger than the average bear, but I had never had a woman go into such pain from such a small amount of penetration. She seemed positively in agony.

"Es ist zu groß!" she complained.

Now I have heard that before as I eased into a tight anus, but a pussy?

"Es tut so weh," she whined.

I was shocked and really disappointed since I had actually gotten hot and horny over this sexy older babe. She began to cry softly and pulled me down against her. She wept convulsively. I felt bad but was also wondering what was going on.

"Es tut mir leid," she said as she hugged me hard.

"It's okay," I cooed in her ear. "It's okay."

" Nein, Ich weiß, du hasst mich," she cried.

"Nein, nein, nein, alles okay," I whispered as I tried to soothe her.

I slipped away from her and told her to be still for a minute. I slipped out of the foliage and retrieved a beer and came back. She looked so pitiful and vulnerable laying there. I took a sleeve from her robe and dabbed at her eyes, then offered her a drink of beer. She accepted and took a long drink.

After she recovered a bit, I whispered in her ear I was sorry and wanted to know what happened. She sniffed some more and lay back down on the robe. She began to tell me a story. I had to remind her to speak in high German so I could try to understand her.

She apologized again because she thought I was mad at her for teasing me. I told her I didn't think that was the case. She continued by first telling me that she had not had sex, and had not had any penetration in over 15 years. She didn't use sex toys and had learned to live quite well without sex until she met me. I made her so horny she knew she had to get back into a physical relationship.

The other part of the equation was when she told me that Günter's cock was about the size of her middle finger, and after the first week of marriage, the only time they had sex was when Günter would strap her onto the "spielenbank" and would force her to take him in her mouth and then penetrate her vagina for about 10 strokes before he would orgasm. A neighbor told her about masturbating and that was her only orgasms to date, until I ate her out.

I was stunned at what I had fallen into. Then, to make matters worse, I saw a pair of old gentlemen topping the hill in the direction of my apartment building headed our way. I told Silke what was up, and told her to stay right there with the beer. I slipped my shorts back on but made her stay naked.

I carefully eased out of the foliage, and began tucking by cock into my shorts like I had just finished taking a piss when the old guys saw me. They waved a friendly wave, and one took a bottle of something from his walking cane and tossed down a quick drink. He toasted me with another. I grabbed a beer and toasted him back. The other gentleman nodded and to my relief they kept going.

I returned to Silke and slipped out of my shorts. I was totally flaccid and Silke sat up and examined my cock closely. She looked a bit quizzical but stroked me gently. I began to grow almost immediately, and she got a delighted look on her face.

I rolled her onto her back again and went after her pussy again with my tongue. This time she didn't try to oppose me. I ate her pussy slowly, like a gourmet with a world class dish. I worked her clit carefully until she was gripping her robe in a death grip. She almost shrieked out loud when the next orgasm ripped through her. As she was wrecked with spasms, I slipped two fingers into her pussy and stroked them vigorously. She moaned with delight and stretched her legs wide.

I slowed her down, and slipped my fingers from inside her. I rolled over on my back and gently pulled her up on top of me. She was a bit unsteady and wondered what I had in mind. I grabbed her ass and maneuvered her until she could slide down until her pussy was positioned over the tip of my cock.

She got the idea finally, and began to ease down to my cock, bumping carefully into my swollen head. By then I was so eager to cum I thought about just jacking off on her ass or tits or something. But she was a trooper, and really wanted to feel a hard cock inside her. She worked slowly and carefully and began to get some penetration, finally managing to wedge the head of my cock inside her. She winced a couple of times but with a little effort, began to get some actual penetration. She stopped two or three times and began breathing deeply, like a yoga exercise, only to return to putting pressure on my cock.

With her effort, she finally took about 4 inches inside her. After putting both hands on my chest, she began to rock back and forth a bit and with the assistance of her natural juices, slowly worked about 2/3 of my cock inside her. When she hit the deepest penetration yet, she stopped and moaned for a couple of minutes before trying again.

Silke was determined, though, and after she began sliding about half my cock in and out for a couple of minutes, she sat up almost straight, and let her weight push her down onto my cock. She inched down on my cock excruciatingly slowly, until I finally felt the head of my cock hit bottom. She looked at me painfully for a minute, relaxed, and let out a long, noisy breath.

With my cock as deep in her as it would go, she looked at me with a pleased look. This whole process had taken over 20 minutes, and she was tired. I had her move up and down for a few minutes to make sure I wouldn't rip her insides out. I eased her onto her back once again and quickly began to penetrate. She tensed up for a moment but soon relaxed and I eased all the way into her.

She let out another long breath and held my arms tightly as I began to carefully stroke into her. After some slow, sensual stroking, she pulled me down to her and wrapped her legs tightly around my hips. I picked up the pace and in seconds was rewarded with her shrieking into my shoulder as she rode to a crushing orgasm.

When she finished, I eased out of her, turned her around on her knees and slowly penetrated her doggy style. She moaned in pain at first, but soon relaxed and let me pound into her a little harder. I took the opportunity to get a good look at her little anus for the first time. It was a cute, puckered hole that seemed to push in and pull out as I stroked into her pussy. It was, though, a hole that would probably take as much effort to penetrate as her pussy had.

Silke gradually began to push back at me and when I picked up the pace, she began to moan with pleasure this time. I needed a serious cum, though, and while I watched her cute little butthole stretching and closing to my rhythm, I finally shot a full load of cum. She must have felt it because she giggled like a little girl and wiggled her ass.

When I pulled out and lay down on the robe, she fell over me, kissing my mouth and face, down my chest and cooing. She carefully gripped my cock as it went soft. She cooed some more and wrapped a leg over mine.

"Ist das, wie Sex sein soll?" she quietly asked me.

I just smiled and nodded yes. She hugged me some more and finally stood up. After looking around for a moment, she stepped from the foliage, looking back at me and asked, "Bier?"

I nodded yes, and she fetched a beer, totally oblivious to the fact she was naked except for her sandals. As she returned, I marveled at what a nice body she had, especially at her age. I also wondered what kind of idiot Günter was.

It was getting later than I expected, so after we split a beer, I made arrangements for another meeting with her on the following Tuesday evening, after Günter had left for the gasthaus with his friend. I had a plan to strap her into the "spielenbank" for some fun. She agreed to meet in in the barn. I didn't tell her anything about what I had in mind.

Silke called the gasthaus just before I arrived and fussed at Günter to not drink too much because he had a lot of work to do the next day. She knew he would do just the opposite. I was already well hidden in the fence line when I saw Silke approach the barn and ease inside. I was at the door in seconds and then quickly inside. She hissed at me, and I latched the door and moved in the dark toward the sound. I bumped into her, accidently grabbing both breasts. She pressed my hands to her and giggled. I used my red lens pen light to nose around, with Silke holding one arm. She found some dark paper, and we put two layers over the window. She lit a small candle, and I went back outside to check for light leakage.

Finding none, I returned and latched the door once again. Silke was wearing a light, gauzy one piece dress and flats. I looked at her with admiration, and some undisguised lust. She giggled and almost leapt into my arms. I kissed her deeply and with little preliminaries, pulled her dress over her head. Her breasts sprang out for attention. She was wearing nothing underneath.

We stood in the middle of the floor and kissed and groped for a while. She seemed impatient so I enjoyed rebuffing her attempts to maneuver me into a position where she could climb aboard for me to get inside her. She whined with frustration a couple of times. She finally got my t-shirt and jeans off me, and I eased her toward the "spielenbank."

I spent some time fingering her to make sure she got wet, and in the process helped her to the first orgasm of the evening. I turned her around and had her lean over the spielenbank where I could penetrate her pussy from behind. She winced slightly as I first went in, but was soon wet and juicy enough for some serious fucking.

After she reached another orgasm, albeit a small but effective one, I carefully steered her into position and before she realized what was going on, she was laying on the bench. I quickly strapped her in as she began to breathe heavily. She hadn't been strapped down like this in several years, and the effect was sudden excitement while at the same time total submissiveness.

As I strapped her in place, she shuddered in anticipation. After a moment's study, I found the straps for her arms. But before strapping them to the bench, I saw a couple of loose straps hanging on an vertical support beam. I used one to strap her arms tightly behind her back, and the other to strap her neck down to the support.

I found a loose piece of cloth and blindfolded her. She was panting, writhing against the straps, and her pussy was oozing juice. I roughly grabbed her nipples and stretched them taut, suddenly letting them go to snap back. She moaned and tried to wiggle. I slowly stroked her ass and kept teasing the nipples. I finally moved behind her and began to slowly lick her pussy and ass.

In this position, her ass was spread wide and was in the perfect position for me to penetrate either hole. She moaned loudly as I licked her from behind. I suddenly bypassed her pussy and went higher, stabbing my tongue into her anus. She squealed and tried to push her ass back toward me, to no avail. I kept teasing her pussy and asshole until she began to beg for me to finish her off. I obliged and stooped low enough to pass a few flicks of my tongue over her clit. That did it; she twisted and writhed against her straps as she lit up with a crushing orgasm. Juice gushed from her pussy.

While she was still feeling the orgasm, I penetrated her pussy and ass simultaneously with two fingers in each hole. This started another series of small spasms. She moaned deeply and did her best to move her ass. I finally tired of this action and stepped back. It took less than 10 seconds before she was begging for me to do something to her, anything.

I went to her face and slipped my cock to her lips. I expected her to try to turn her head away. She surprised me by opening her mouth wide and letting me penetrate deep into her mouth. I grabbed her head and some hair, and bounced her head up and down on my cock until she gagged. I gave her a minute's rest and returned to her mouth.

After some more fun with her mouth, I stepped away and returned to her pussy. I lined up my cock, still sloppy from Silke's mouth, and began to penetrate her pussy. She squealed and bucked, wanting more. I pushed about 3" into her and stayed completely still. Silke was drooling and spitting and working hard to try to get some more cock into her, to no avail.

I finally began to ease more of my cock into her until I finally reached the bottom, bumping carefully into soft tissue. Silke groaned from the stuffing, while with sudden ferocity, I began to pound into her pussy with serious speed. Silke cried out and then began to pant like a dog. Sweat broke out on her back as I pounded away.

She gurgled and made strange noises deep in her throat. I felt before hearing the beginnings of her orgasm. It must have seemed to start from her toes, finally working its way to deep in her pussy. She gagged and spit, and finally shrieked as her guts twisted into knots. I waited until she had wrung most of it out of her, when I pulled from her now sloppy, oozing pussy and slowly pushed the head of my cock into her little anus.

Silke began to writhe and twist, moaning in pain and shrieking, "Nein, Nein. Nein. Bitte, Nein. Ach, mein arschloch!" I kept up the pressure, slowly penetrating her asshole until she finally settled down. With her legs strapped up almost into her body, there was nothing to prevent me from completely filling her ass with cock. I scooped more juice from her pussy and kept easing my cock into her ass until I finally pushed past the upper sphincter and was fully engulfed by her hot ass.

She moaned and twisted her head, but really began to squirm when I began to stroke deeply while reaching under her and roughly pinching her clit. Slike's ass was so hot and tight I had very little time to play, so I worked her clit even harder and kept stroking deeply into her ass. In just a few seconds, I cut loose with my own roaring orgasm, pumping 4 hard spams into her ass, and then a couple of more small ones. My knees almost collapsed from the strength of it all.

I continued to maul her clit until she shrieked through another orgasm as my cock slowly softened. I let my cock slowly ooze from her asshole, which remained wide open and cum slowly began to gather on the rim until it finally dripped into the floor.

I pulled Silke's blindfold and wiped my cock off on it. I grabbed her hair, and roughly shoved my cock back to her mouth. I thought she would finally pull away, but instead, she opened her mouth wide and tried to bob her head on my cock, slurping noisily and greedily. I was spent and wasn't getting any harder, so I finally slowed her down and pulled away.

I unstrapped Silke's arms, and she quickly unbuckled the strap around her neck. I quickly released her leg and ankle straps and she slowly climbed off. She leaned there unsteadily for a few minutes. As she stood, she gingerly reached down and felt her pussy and reaching further back, her still open asshole.

She finally straightened up and fell into my arms. I held her softly and she hugged me tightly. She unconsciously stroked my chest. After she recovered a bit, I left her propped against the "spielenbank" and retrieved her dress and shoes.

We both dressed without speaking. After a few minutes, I put out the candle and lit my pen light. We moved to the door and paused. I asked her if she wanted to do a repeat Saturday evening. She patted my stomach softly and merely whispered, "Ja. Samstag abend."

After Mandi headed to work, I took a long hot shower and resisted the urge to jack off, even though I was so horny I could almost taste it. I wanted to make sure I had a good load waiting for Silke. I packed some beer, and headed for the barn. I wasn't there as early as I thought I should have been, and after a few minutes of not seeing Silke, I thought I might have missed her and she was waiting in the dark for me.

I eased up to the barn and left my rucksack against a bush near the door. I went to the door and began to pull it open. Call it inituition, call it some small detail amiss, but for some reason my internal alarm was on full alert. The door didn't seem to have been shut completely.

Instantly on the ready, I eased to the side of the door without making a sound and suddenly jerked it open, using it to shield my body. I felt rather than heard something moving through the air and a long piece of wood whacked into the door frame. Someone was waiting to the right of the door, and swung something at me that because of my caution got only air.

The assailant yelped loudly and dropped the weapon. I quickly retrieved it and dived into the barn. It felt like a piece of shovel handle. I could see the silhouette of someone holding their hand and did a sweep kick, knocking them to the floor. I quickly struck 4 blows on anything I could hit, feeling the satisfying thud of flesh and bone. Then, instinctively, I rolled further toward the interior and had another assailant trip over me.

As he went over, I pushed upward with my legs, making him land face down. I heard the crunch of a nose breaking. Before he could make a noise, I snap kicked his solar plexus. The breath went out of him in a rush. The guy at the door was peering into the building trying to make out anything to see. I eased over Mr. Breathless and whacked the side of his knee, dropping him immediately. I started to get up but heard another noise and I dropped, but not before taking a glancing blow from a club of some sort.

I was unfazed, and grabbed one of the guys on the floor (I didn't know which) and rolled him over me. I used a vertical roof timber to slowly rise, taking the guy with me. I couldn't see any shape of any kind, but froze when someone whispered, "Günter?" I got a bead on the sound, and when he whispered again, I shoved my shield in that direction. It was a perfect shot, and the two apparently got tangled up.

While the third guy was diverted (that's when I remembered Günter and his two buddies), I moved carefully into the interior so I had the open door in front of me. The last guy had gotten untangled, and had stood and moved to the door. I saw him moving his hand up and down along the door and realized he was searching for a light switch. The last thing I needed was to have a light come on.

I still had my shovel handle, so I crouched and tapped the handle on the floor, knowing he would look straight at me. A good night fighter knows that with only your eyes as night vision, you cannot look directly at something in low light and see it. You have to scan at an angle to allow the eyes to make out shapes. He looked directly in the one place he wouldn't see me. I charged with the handle at stomach height, hitting him hard and drove him out the door and into the ground, breaking at least three ribs and knocking him cold.

In case anyone else was around, I quickly slipped up beside the door. After a few seconds, I looked in with my red pen light to assess the situation. The other two guys were on the floor out cold as well. I went back to full alert when I heard a faint noise. I heard it again, and realized it was a few feet away and not moving. I eased in that direction until I saw a shape from my light, and as I closed found Silke strapped to the "spielenbank."

She had been gagged with what appeared to be the same cloth I had used to blindfold her. She was shaking from fright and crying uncontrollably. Her shirt had been torn from hem to neckline and she had been beaten severely on the back and buttocks with what was most likely a leather belt. Her thin pants had been torn and she sported angry welts that oozed blood over most of her exposed skin. Some more blood was staining the seat of her pants where she had been beaten through the pants.

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