A Dirty Dog Does Germany Ch. 07


I quickly unstrapped her and got her to her feet. She stopped crying and hugged me hard. I carefully eased her away from me and whispered for her to be quiet. I led her toward the door, and stopped when we reached the two guys inside. One was Günter. The other was one of his friends. The friend had the caved in face. I had Slike hold my light and I picked Günter up fireman style and took him to the spielenbank. I loosened his pants and pulled them down.

Silke pursed her lips to speak but I cut her off with a quick shush. I quickly strapped Günter onto the spielenbank and went back for his friend. I laid out the friend on the floor directly behind Günter's bare ass, quickly loosening his pants and pulled them and his underwear down below his hips. Finally, I went outside and got the last friend and took his pants completely off him and threw them into the rafters. I laid him across the other friend.

Taking Silke's hand, I led her out and closed the door behind me. I used a tatter of Silke's shirt to wipe the latch clean. She was moving gingerly, so I took her hand once again and told her to sneak home and make sure no one saw her. She was to put on a fresh shirt, and then call the Polizei and tell them that she heard her husband and his friends get into a big, drunken fight in the barn, and she was too scared to go out there.

She looked positively aghast and I thought she was about to faint, but then she looked at me and began to smile. She whispered that she would love to see the look on the face of the Polizei when they found Günter strapped in with his pants down and the other two in the compromising positions. I got my ruck and beat feet home.

About two weeks later, I was walking in the fields when I saw Silke out. I made a quick trip to intercept her. When she saw me, she positively ran and jumped into my arms. She began to rant wildly about all that had happened.

She had healed a lot from the beating, and couldn't talk fast enough. I had to grab her around her arms and pin her down to get her to calm down and speak high German so I could understand. She finally calmed down enough to speak slowly and carefully so I could get the whole story.

The scheme worked almost too well. The Polizei had found them still out cold, and took pictures of the scene before letting the medical staff remove them. They also found some blood in areas where we had fought, but played it off as a running brawl. The theory was that they had gotten into a fight over who was to have a go at Günter's ass first.

Silke was the queen now. The Polizei had publically released only some information that the three men had been involved in a drunken brawl, but given the fact that they were all drunk and couldn't give a coherent statement, no charges were filed. They were treated at the hospital and released the next day, but Silke had them over a barrel.

The local neighborhood busybody had been the trigger. The evening I met Silke in the barn, she had seen Günter at the gasthaus while Ms. Busybody was there eating. Later, after getting home, she was behind her house next to the field near the barn when she saw what she thought was a stray dog. She foolishly went through the fence with a flashlight and walked along the fence line toward the barn.

As she got directly, behind the barn, she heard Silke shrieking from the solid fucking I was throwing on her. At first she thought someone was being hurt, but soon came to realize it was passion that she was hearing. She went around the barn looking for a place to see in, until she finally found a small crack in the door to the tractor bay. She could barely make out me doing some heavy fucking but couldn't see Silke. She guessed it was her though, and confirmed her thoughts when she knocked on the back door of Silke's house, and getting no answer, went in to find an empty house.

The next day she told Günter. He threatened to beat Silke if she didn't tell him the truth, and forced her to tell him about the Saturday meeting. He schemed with his buddies to ambush me, and after they got about half drunk, his buddies had egged him on to give Silke a whipping, and the rest we know.

Silke had gotten a picture from one of the Polizei, showing Günter strapped down ass up with the half-naked buddies on the floor beneath him. Günter was positively apoplectic. He would have been the laughing stock of the town if she released the picture, and he was way too proud of his tough guy reputation to ever have that happen. He and his friends still couldn't believe they had gotten pounded into senselessness by one guy.

Silke told me she had made him agree to one last punishment. She didn't tell him what it was but she planned on finally getting divorced afterward. She wouldn't tell me what it was, but just told me not to worry. She also told me she wanted to meet me again in the barn, but this time I wouldn't have to worry about Günter and his friends.

I agreed to one last session and worked out the details.

I watched Silke enter the barn, and eased up to the door. Having been through this once, I eased the door open from behind again, only to see some candles placed about the rear section of the barn. When Silke heard me latch the door, she eased over to me and handed me a ski mask with a cutout for the eyes. She motioned me to lean over and she eased it on my head and over my face.

I figured she wanted to play masked stranger or something, so I went along. She led me toward the candle lit area. After we passed a couple of work tables, I saw the spielenbank with a nude Günter strapped tightly to it. His pasty ass looked sickly, and his puny balls hung sadly beneath that pitiful little dick. I listened as Silke leaned over him and said that a real man with a real cock was here.

Günter tried to look around but his neck was strapped down too tightly. Silke moved directly in front of him where he could actually see all of her, and she did a slow strip tease. She had motioned me back a bit before she started the strip, and as I looked down I saw that Günter was actually beginning to get hard.

I stifled a laugh. I guess Günter must have thought Silke was lying to him, because he seemed absorbed with Silke's little show. After removing her little satin skirt that I found exquisitely sexy, she made a great show of running a finger up and down her slit until she brought it out juicy. She slowly wiped the juice beneath Günter's nose. His dick was fully rigid now, such that it was.

I hadn't noticed because of my position, but Silke had slipped on a pair of wicked sexy high heels. Her body was flushed red, and her nipples were painfully rigid. She was in a zone, and I wondered where I fit into all this. I was soon to find out.

Silke came back to me and taking my hand led me to stand in front of Günter. I was wearing a tank top and loose shorts, and Günter started visibly when he actually saw me. Silke told Günter I was the tough, strong, mean military man who had almost killed him and his two friends. If he had anything to say at all before she unstrapped him, she would turn him loose and let me finish him off.

Günter turned ashen white as he looked at me. Knowing what I had done to him and two friends was still fresh in his mind as he was suddenly shaking with fright. I walked back around to see that his cock was not only flaccid, it was almost non-existent. Apparently his cock had better sense and was trying to crawl up inside him!

Silke grabbed my hand again and walked me back to where I stood just inches from Günter's face. She slipped my shorts down to my ankles and squatted in front of me. She moved my hands to my hips, and taking my cock in her hand, began to noisily suck and slurp away. Günter slowly closed his eyes, until Silke slapped his face sharply, and dared him to look away or close his eyes again.

She was quickly back to my cock, working it until I started getting hard. She would stop and admire her handiwork, slowly stroking me with both delicate hands. Then she would try her mightiest to swallow me deep. She did an admirable job though, taking a little more than half when I was fully hard.

She waved my cock at Günter, mocking him by telling him what a huge cock it was. Günter was wide awake now and I think my cock was scaring him. Silke suddenly rose and grabbed a blanket and spread it on the floor, and motioned me down on the floor. As soon as I was prone, she slowly straddled my face and then leaned over and rested her hands and face just inches from Günter's face.

I began to eat her with a relish, and she was already hot and juicy and it didn't take but a few seconds before she shrieked through her first orgasm. She talked quietly to Günter the whole time until she went off. She quickly jumped up and after running her finger through her dripping pussy, smeared the juice on Günter's face.

Silke leaned back and spread her pussy lips wide open, showing Günter how wet she was. She told him that was how a real man gave a woman an orgasm. Silke was getting so many years of pent up anger out now, and I just went along for the ride. She had me turn my body so she could straddle me and tell Günter how my cock felt as it stretched her pussy. She leaned back and with Günter's eyes now suddenly wide open, she took my cock in her hand and slowly began to work it into her pussy.

Even as wet and excited as she was, she still groaned in pain as she worked my cock deeper inside. She had to stop and rest a couple of times, but she would take more each try. After starting for the third time, she began a running narrative for Günter's benefit on how wide she was being stretched, and how it hurt but it also felt wonderful stretching her so wide open.

After rocking around some more, and a few strokes to her clit with a middle finger, she relaxed and took a deep breath and eased me to the bottom of her pussy. As I finally penetrated that last couple of inches, I bumped her cervix, making her jump and squeal. I understood some of what she said to Günter about me being so big she had to take some of my cock into her womb.

But Silke was a horny trooper with a mission to punish her old man. She began to slowly ease up and down, a couple of inches at a time, getting to the point she would take my cock halfway out only to plunge right back in. After she finally got tired thighs, she turned around on her knees and had me pound into her doggy style.

Günter got a close-up show when we moved right under his nose so he could see me sliding all the way up her pussy and pull most of it back out, only to plunge in again deeply. I plunged a bit too hard a couple of times, causing Silke to shriek suddenly. But she was a determined woman, and came back even harder.

She took longer this time to reach another orgasm, but when it finally hit, she wailed and cried, drooling and spitting, and grabbed a handful of blanket and bit a mouthful just for fun. A small pool of juice had had dripped from her and when I finally pulled out, it was clearly obvious on the floor. Silke wiped some juice from my cock and smeared it on Günter's face. He was beginning to get a bit crusty.

Silke's next trick was fun. She dashed over to a table and returned with a small jar that contained some lubricant. She went back to her knees and backed up directly under Günter's face and began to lubricate her asshole. She plunged first one, then two fingers in, wiggling them around and getting her hole slippery.

She raised up on her knees and reached out and lubed my cock slowly, like it was her favorite thing in the world to do. She handed me the lubrication and turned toward me so I could add some more. I started with two fingers, and she moaned and groaned. Then I slipped two fingers into her pussy as well and started finger fucking both holes while I pinched and rubbed her clit.

She planted her face flat on the floor, leaving her ass stuck high in the air. She rocked her ass, swearing and drooling until she went off again, moaning deeply into the blanket. She had hardly stopped breathing raggedly before I was easing my cock into her cute little butthole. Günter's face turned red and his eyes were wide open, unblinking. I doubt he ever thought he would see Silke getting a cock like mine pressed into her tiny little hole until inch by inch, the entire thing was swallowed to the hilt.

As I began to slowly stroke into her ass, Silke started a non-stop singsong to Günter about how huge my cock felt in her ass, how it hurt so bad but she liked it and it made her feel so wonderfully full, and several other things I didn't quite understand.

Once she felt adjusted to the whole thing inside her ass, she started to rock back against me. She had her head back down on the blanket again as I really picked up the speed. I leaned over and grabbed her arms and moved her hands to her ass. She took the hint and spread her butt cheeks wide open for me and Günter was looking right down to where my cock was plunging to the hilt into her asshole.

I have trimmed my pubic hair closely for quite a while, and the close fresh trim let Günter see that there was no slack. My cock was buried to the trimmed hair on my groin, fully in her ass. I drove into her ass hard now, letting it all go until I felt her shuddering and beginning to spasm. She was actually having an orgasm with just my cock pounding deep into her ass.

When I finally let go, I felt one strong blast after another and when the last little dregs of cum had been pushed out, I let my cock soften and slowly ease from Silke's asshole. She was stretched wider than before. As she rose to her arms, the cum began to slowly find its way from her asshole. Silke jumped up, threw one leg over Günter's head, and strained to push my cum from her still gaping hole.

When I looked down from watching Silke's degrading efforts, I noticed my cock had some brown mixed with the cum. The next batch that she pushed out was also stained brown, and ran down Günter's forehead and into his face, slowly dripping off his nose.

"Schlampe!" Günter suddenly shouted.

Silke turned and looked at him with her face flaming with anger. She pulled me toward her and wiped my cock with her hand, getting the brown stained lube and cum, and wiped it on Günter's face and across his lips. He lashed hard against the straps and spit. Silke lifted up again and ground her ass into what part of his face she could, smearing the dirty leakage around.

After that, she got the lubricant again, and getting right up to Günter's face, began to slowly stroke my cock in his face until I began to get hard. Once she was satisfied, she leaned down and grabbed his hair, and whispered maliciously into his ear (as best I can translate), "Now is your time to be the Schlampe (slut). My friend will use your ass until he fills it full of his manjuice." Günter chocked and sputtered.

Silke smiled the smile of a woman with a knife in hand just prior to a castration. She told Günter that no one would believe he was ever forced, especially when she showed them the picture marked by the Polizei.

Silke moved around to the back of the spielenbank and began to lubricate Günter's asshole. He cried and begged. When she winked at me, I moved around in front of Günter, still long stroking my cock to keep it rigidly hard.

"Wollen Sie meine schwanz in den arsch?"

It was my first words, and I spoke with a cold, ruthless tone of voice.

Günter tried to look away but his head wouldn't move enough. I slowly moved my cock to his nose and slid it around his face. He turned completely white, but was suddenly brought back to reality when Silke pushed three fingers into his ass.

He shrieked in pain, trying in vain to squeeze his ass closed, making the pain worse in the process. I moved back to Silke and watched as she really reamed his asshole. As I looked around, I saw another broken wooden handle slightly smaller than my cock. I winked at her and lubed the handle. Silke began to talk as if she was talking to me, saying she would get my cock ready so I could fuck Günter's ass.

Günter's cock and balls had really shrunk now, and he was screaming one minute and begging Silke not to make me fuck his ass. He offered her money, offered her his balls, he offered her his mother's house and a new car. He begged for her not to let me put my cock in his ass.

Silke finally got the handle ready, and told Günter to quit whining and be a man. We both stifled giggles over that. She finally said too late for him, and I walked up behind him. I turned slightly to one side as Silke began to ease the tip of the handle in his ass. He yelped and squirmed but she just rode with his vain efforts and gradually worked the first inch into his ass. He swore and cried. Silke kept up a steady pressure until she had pushed about 6" inches into him.

I hadn't noticed until I glanced down past the handle, that he had a screaming hard-on. Günter was positively rigid and from the look on Silke's face as I pointed, bigger than he had ever been. While this wasn't saying that much, Silke was slightly impressed. She slowly began to stroke the handle into Günter's ass as he yelped.

Silke looked at me with a leer, and suddenly reached underneath and gripped Günter's cock with her slippery hand. In three strokes his tune changed to moaning and groaning in pleasure. Silke worked the handle deeply into his ass while slowly stroking his cock. After two or three minutes, Günter suddenly exploded into Silke's hand, unleashing spurt after copious spurt of cum, straining hard against the straps, while jerking up and down and gasping for breath.

She let the handle slowly slip from Günter's asshole, which didn't gape like Silke's but had a distended opening nonetheless. Günter was panting harshly and drool leaked from his lips. Silke walked up to his face again and told him he could have had that kind of fun if he wasn't such an asshole. But she would never do that for him again, and she was not going to be his little plaything strapped to the spielenbank again.

Günter cried and tried to beg some more, but to no avail. Silke motioned me over and she curled a naked leg around mine, and slowly ground her crotch into my leg, leaving a streak of juice from her pussy. I reached down and pushed two fingers gently into her ass. She responded by playing with my cock.

Silke told Günter she knew what she wanted in a man now, and she was saying good bye to him, and also to me, her strong, American military warrior with the huge cock. She partially raised the ski mask and kissed me deeply until she reluctantly pulled away. She also slowly slid my fingers from her ass, sighing with disappointment.

I pulled Silke to the side and told her I would make Günter think I had left but would be close by. She wouldn't see me. She could unstrap Günter, make him pick up their things, and leave. I would make sure they got back to the house safely. She smiled and kissed me again, me long and hard.

I slipped my shirt and shorts back on, and got into Günter's face. I stared into his eyes as Silke told him I would be watching him. She told Günter I was as silent as the clouds, and a shadow in the night. She told him to be glad I hadn't killed him the night he and his friends ambushed me. She told him I had promised her I would rip his cock off and feed it to him if he ever touched her again. He cringed and went ashen all over again. I kissed Silke once more, and after tossing the ski mask, disappeared.

She dressed, got Günter unstrapped and they picked their things up and left. They spoke not a word. I followed them to their house and watched as the lights came on in a couple of rooms upstairs. I went back to the barn, and took the spielenbank and carried it back to the apartment. I adjusted the legs so it looked like a construction saw horse and threw a piece of old tarp over it, leaving it in an alcove with some pieces of scaffold and things.

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