tagLoving WivesA Dirty-Thirty Birthday Ch. 03

A Dirty-Thirty Birthday Ch. 03


There was no pretense of what was about to happen as we made our way through the streets of La Romana back to our hotel. My sinful and sexy wife, April was about to spread her legs for the six horny guys (three of them black) that we met earlier that day while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.

It was about 1:30 a.m. by the time we got back to the hotel. Everyone piled into the elevator as April began kissing all of the guys. I heard her whisper to Anthony, that she wanted him to take her first.

I'd like to say that I had a raging erection at this point, but unfortunately it was the exact opposite. Although I was definitely looking forward to watching my wife fuck these studs, I was also shaking with nervous anticipation, and as a result my prick had shriveled up like I was swimming in ice cold water.

When we got to our room Anthony and Aaron wasted little time getting April over to the bed. They unbuttoned her shirt and un-clasped her bra, soon she was naked from the waist up as they kissed and fondled her flawless breasts. April was busy undoing Anthony's pants as they lowered her onto the bed.

My wife moaned as she exposed Anthony's rather large, black cock. It was only semi-hard but already looked quite big. She began sucking and stroking him while Aaron kissed his way down my wife's tight body towards her panty-covered pussy.

After a couple of minutes April's talented mouth had brought Anthony to full erection, and I have to admit that I was jealous of his size. His glans were huge, about the size of a small plum, the shaft was thick enough that April's fingers barely touched when she wrapped her hand around it. Anthony's balls were big too, they looked engorged and full of sperm.

His cock was so big that April could only fit about three inches of him in her mouth at once. She looked so sexy with her full lips stretching around his twitching prick that my cock finally began to stiffen.

I could hardly breathe as I watched my wife eagerly raise her hips so Aaron could remove her panties. April's short skirt was still on, but it was bunched up around her waist, and when the rest of the guys saw her pussy there was an audible gasp at the sight of it.

Although my wife trims her pubic hair on a regular basis, I believe that her pussy would be considered slightly hairy by todays standards. I know that the trend is towards completely bald, but she keeps it with just enough hair that it pokes out of the sides of her panties.

Aaron moaned as he inhaled in the scent of April's sex before plunging his tongue into her hot pussy.

Everyone watched as April sucked and jacked Anthony's cock, while Aaron lapped away between her sexy thighs and even licked her ass. Soft moans, sighs and the quiet slurping sounds of oral sex filled the room while the rest of the guys removed their clothes in order to invade my brazen wife.

When everyone had their pants undodne, I was both relieved and disappointed to see that the only guy larger than myself was Anthony.

Most of the girls that I've slept with have commented on the size of my cock. It's a solid eight inches and thick, but it wasn't even close to the enormity of the black cock that was in my wife's mouth at the time. I looked forward to how loose and sloppy her pussy would feel after this.

Mark was about the same size as me, Scott and Jake were about seven inches, and the rest of the guys were about average.

After about five minutes of April's talented mouth Anthony said, "Oh man, I can't take it anymore! I need to fuck her now."

Aaron reluctantly moved so Anthony could get between April's spread legs. He had left her wet and ready for Anthony's huge prick. My mouth was dry and my heart thudded in my chest as I watched my wife take his dark phallus in her wedding ring hand and guide it toward her eager pussy.

His big knob fist touched, then parted April's wet slit, and with a groan of satisfaction Anthony buried about half of his cock into her with one stroke. He pulled almost all of the way out, then, they both gasped as he buried himself balls-deep into my wife. I was astonished to see how easily her vagina stretched to accept such a large penis.

They stayed like that for half a minute, Anthony's ass flexed several times as he tried to inch more of his cock into April's salacious cunt.

"Oh fuck!" she grunted as he began to slowly but deliberately plunge in and out of her dripping pussy. "I love your cock!"

As Anthony's tempo increased, I could see were my wife's flat tummy gave away the depth of which his penis was reaching inside of her. Everytime he thrust forward her stomach bulged just below her belly-button. He had a really big dick.

"Is this...ahhh...what you wanted to see, baby? Huh?" Gasped my wife. "My pussy working on this big... ugh... black cock? Oooh, it's so big! Oh god! Oh fuck!"

"Yeah, April!" I said under my breath. "Fuck him, baby! Fuck him good!"

April pulled her thighs up and open allowing Anthony to plow even deeper. He was fucking her really hard now, and she loved it. I moved in behind so I could watch his cock pumping in and out of my wife. Her cunt was stretched tight around him and it was so wet that her hot juices were running down her ass and staining the bedsheets.

It turned me on knowing that Anthony's cock was going deeper and spreading my wife's vagina more than mine would ever be able to. April told me later that the only guy that she's ever fucked with a bigger dick was Shamus. (see "Sloppiest of Seconds")

Her pussy made wet sloshing sounds as cock number forty-eight rhythmatically plowed my shameless slut for a wife. I found myself unconsciously massaging my stiff prick through my pants as my eyes drank in the erotic sight.

After about five minutes Anthony's thrusting suddenly became more urgent, his full balls smacked April's ass. "Oooh fuck! I'm gonna cum!" gasped Anthony as he pounded into my sexy babe.

"Yeah, do it!" cried my wife, "I want you to cum hard in my pussy! Ohhh..."

Anthony thrust deep and roared that he was cumming. From my vantage point I could see the underside of his cock flexing over and over as he ejaculated into her with remarkable intensity.

The sight of this well-endowed black man insemenating my wife sent me over the edge. My knees suddenly went weak and I involuntarily began spurting a load into my pants.

I came hard, but recovered just in time to see Anthony move out of the way so Aaron could take her next. A glob of spunk was slowly making its way out of my wife's gaping hole as Aaron slid his erection inside of her.

He fucked her hard and fast. Anthony's cum leaked out everywhere, and after only thirty seconds Aaron bellowed, "Oh April, you're the hottest girl I've ever fucked!" then he buried his face in her neck as he too unloaded his balls into her pussy.

"Sorry." He said, as he eased himself out of her creamy snatch. "I didn't mean to cum so soon, it's just that you're so hot and..."

"It's okay, you can have as many turns as you want tonight." said my wife.

She looked over at me when she said this and I nodded in agreement. I wanted to see my wife drain every set of balls in the room.

Jake was sitting in the chair stroking his dick. "Hey April, come on over here, baby."

She got off the bed and knelt in front of him. "Do you need some help with that big cock of yours, Jake?"

"Yeah, it needs to be sucked."

"I like sucking black cocks." Replied my wife as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft before enveloping him in her mouth.

Jake's head fell back as April worked his cock with her mouth and hands. Her ass and thighs were shiny with spent cum, and her hole was gaping open. My prick was hard again and I wanted to bend down and start licking her, but there was no way I'd ever do such a thing in front of all the guys.

Jake looked over at me and said, "Oh man, your wife really knows how to suck my cock."

Mark knelt behind her and rubbed the head of his cock on her swollen cunt. April looked back and said, "Yeah, do it – fuck me."

He slid in easily. When he pulled out, his black dick was awash with semenal fluid. He groaned and then started pumping my wife deep and hard.

April had to release Jake's cock from her mouth so she could gasp and pant while Mark fucked her wanton pussy. He gave it to her harder than anyone else so far. His big, black balls slapped against her wet cunt.

Not wanting to leave him out of the action, April squeezed her tits around Jake's cock so he could fuck them instead of her mouth.

I still can't believe I got to watch all of this take place! Although I have fantasized about watching April with other guys, I was not at all prepared for the intensity of the emotions I was feeling as my wife took on two black studs right in front of me. She was so into it! April was fucking and sucking these guys like it was the last time she'd ever see a dick in her life.

Just then Mark grimaced and shuddered as he flooded her with yet another load of spunk. When he pulled out a torrent of cum gushed out of her and ran down her thigh. Todd swiftly moved in and sank his dick into April's freshly creamed cunt. I couldn't believe that these guys were so willing to stick it to her so soon after one of their buddies had filled her with jizz.

At first, Todd looked like he was going to cum right away, but he managed to hold off until Jake cried out and pumped half a dozen spurts all over April's breasts. As soon as Jake finnished cumming, April sucked his cock some more while Todd gave a series of grunts and blasted his load into her busy pussy.

Scott was the only one that hadn't cum yet, so he helped April up and layed her out on the bed. He pushed her legs up and held them open by the back of her thighs while he entered my wife's greedy cunt. She was gaping wide open now, and I couldn't believe how much semen there was.

His long hair hung down in front of his face as he drove his stiff, cum-soaked prick in and out of April's sloppy snatch.

I was amazed at how proficient my wife was at taking on this many guys. I had to remind myself that this was not the first time that she has been with more than one guy at a time. April has told me stories of her involved in several threesomes as well as a handfull of gang-bangs.

Twice when she was in college, April fucked groups of three and four guys respectively. Shortly before we met, April did four studs out celebrating a bachelor party. However, the dirtiest thing she's ever done happened about a year and a half before we started dating.

April had a black boyfriend named Mike. One night he took her to a bar that his friend owned. April said that most of the patrons were either black or hispanic. She suspects that they must have put something in her drink because she remembers so little about what happened that night.

All of the guys were making suggestive remarks including, Mike. April liked the attention she was getting, and she flirted shamelessly with all of the guys. They encouraged her to dance while they watched. Some of the guys tried to get her to strip. At one point she found herself on her knees in front of Mike sucking his big dick while a crowd of men cheered her on. Then someone lifted up her skirt and began fingering her wet slit. April rarely wore panties back then, and she soon felt a hard cock nudging her pussy open. She tried to say no, but Mike told her that everything was okay, and just to suck him off and let it happen.

April knew in the back of her mind that something was wrong. She hadn't drank enough to feel this disoriented. Everything seemed to be happening so fast. Before she knew it, the guy behind her was already fucking her, and soon blew his load in her pussy. As soon as he was done, someone else took a turn, and then another.

After a few more guys, April remembers thinking 'What's one more, now? I've already been fucked so much, what's one more?'

As I said most of what happened was a blur, but she remembers sucking lots of cock and being fucked a lot. She doesn't know how she got home, and when she woke up it was three-thirty in the afternoon. Her whole body was sticky with dried cum and it was still leaking out of her pussy.

When I asked her how many guys she fucked, April replied, "Well, there was about fifteen to twenty guys in the bar that night, and I'm pretty sure all of them did me..."

'This is what it must have looked like.' I thought as I watched my sexy babe pumping her hips to meet Scott's thrusting. Cum was sloshing out of her distended cunt and I could tell that he was getting ready to add even more fluid to her over-flowing twat.

"Come over here, Gregg. Come and be with me." April said.

I got on the bed with them and my wife pulled my face down to her sticky lips just as Scott announced that he was cumming in her pussy. I couldn't belive it – here I was kissing my wife, while another guy was pumping her full of cum.

Scott finished ejaculating, then disentangled himself from my wife, but the cluster-fuck didn't stop there. For the next two hours all six guys fucked April until none of them could get it up. It was the hottest sight I've ever seen – I couldn't believe how much spunk there was. They came inside her, in her mouth, on her tits, in her pussy, over and over again.

Finally at about 4:00 a.m. the guys got dressed and left. April was exhausted. She was lying on the bed, legs spread, a heavy flow of cum oozed out of her loose pussy. April's eyes were partially closed and she had a slight smile on her lips.

"So is it your turn with the slut now?" she asked.

"Can you handle one more?" I asked, hopefully as I removed my clothes.

"Of course, you know I always let you have the last fuck of the night, but umm... Maybe you could go down on me first? I haven't cum yet..."

I couldn't help but be a little apprehensive about eating my wife's fucked-out pussy. After all, six guys had just dumped numerous loads in her, and you can well imagine how it must have looked and smelled.

"Come on Gregg, you know that you want to. When will you get another chance to lick cum from six other guys out of my pussy?"

At first I tried to decline her unpleasant offer, but she pleaded with me, and soon I found myself between her well-worked thighs – my face inches from her swollen, cum-filled snatch.

Her scent was overwhelming, she absolutely reeked of sex. If I had not been so aroused from watching her I doubt that I'd be doing this.

Tentatively, I slid my tongue through the river of spunk and into my wife's gang-bangy cunt. It was so loose and full, it only took about one second before my mouth was full of semen. It was too much. My stomach lurched as I swallowed the acrid, salty fluid. April chuckled as I tried to keep from choking. She put her hand on the back of my head and gently forced my face back towards her jizzy pussy.

"That's it, baby." She whispered. "suck out all of that hot spunk. I need you to make me cum."

I re-doubled my efforts as I worked my lips and tongue over April's abused twat. In no time, my face was soaked. There seemed to be an endless supply of fluid inside her. Everytime I cleared a glob of cum from the entrance to her pussy another would replace it almost immediately.

Now I've gone down on my wife after she has come home with her wayward cunt absolutely brimming with some other guy's cum, but it was never like this. I had to stop several times to keep from gagging. I found that it was somewhat bearable if I stayed away from the semen that had been churned into a frothy mess and concentrated on flicking my tongue rapidly over her swollen clit.

Soon April began to reach her climax. I slipped two, three and then four fingers into her yawning fuck-hole and wriggled them around.

"Uhg fuck!" she gasped. "That's it! Oh yeah - I'm fucking cumming!"

I felt April's body stiffen and her pussy throb, as she came. Fresh semen spilled out from her hole and down her ass, thanks to the powerful spasms she was having, and to my surprise I licked it up.

I then kissed my way up April's sweaty, sticky body and we both watched as my aching prick sank into her ravaged vagina.

"Oh god!" I groaned.

"Is it loose, baby?" she asked knowingly.

"Oh yeah, it's so loose I can barely feel you!"

"Mmm... I can barely feel you too, baby." She replied.

The smell of cum kept wafting up from between April's legs as I fucked her. She was such a mess. There was so much semenal fluid still lining the walls of my wife's pussy that it was actually preventing me from touching the sides. Never-the-less, I was so aroused, I knew I wouldn't be able to last very long.

"Did I look sexy fucking all those guys, baby?"

"Yeah, it was really hot. I loved watching you fuck and suck all those cocks – especially the black ones... oh god, I want to kiss you!"

My wife and I kissed long and hard, it turned me on as I pictured her lips wrapped around the six other dicks she'd recently had in her mouth.

We broke our kiss to gasp and pant as my tempo increased. I could feel several loads of spunk dripping all over my cock and balls, it was foaming in my pubic hair and I could still taste it in my mouth. My sexy wife smelled of sweat and semen from other men. It turned me on so much, and I knew I couldn't hold off much longer.

"I'm so dirty." April whispered, as we watched my cum-streaked prick slosh in and out of her devastated snatch. "I can't believe that I was just gang-banged in front of my husband. Was it as good as you thought it would be?"

"It was better." I gasped. "When Anthony fucked you and blew his load, I came in my pants. Just thinking about it is enough to make me cum!"

"Yeah? Are you going to be the seventh guy to cum in my pussy tonight?"

"Oh yeah!"

"Then cum in me, baby – cum in my dirty pussy. Oh, It's been fucked so much!"

"Oh god, April – I'm cumming! Ahh fuck..."

My head flew back and my hips thrust forward as I pumped what must have been the fifteenth load of cum into my wife's slutty cunt. Spurt after spurt – I came hard, and added a substantial amount of semen to her jizzy pussy. We stayed like that for several minutes, my prick intermittently twitching inside of April's messy, unfaithful cunt.

I lingered inside of her for a long time before finally pulling out and rolling to the side. April and I kissed, and spoke our love for each other as we drifted off to sleep on the sweat and semen soaked bedsheets.

The next day was April's birthday, so she wanted to be with me exclusively. As it turned out, we didn't see the guys until the following day. By then, Scott and Jake had hooked up with some girls from Texas, and I could tell that Aaron and Todd were disturbed about what had happened the other night by the way they tried to avoid us.

However, Mark and Anthony seemed to be completely okay with everything and we mostly hung out with them over the next four days.

It was perfect. Every night those two black studs would take turns sticking it to my wife. Sometimes I watched, sometimes I didn't, but I always went down on her swollen, red pussy afterwards – glazed with who knows how many loads of hot, sticky cum, before sliding my stiff cock into her for some sloppy-thirds.

April was faithful to me after Anthony and Mark went home, but only because she felt somewhat guilty for spending so much time balling other men. She easily could have been with two or three more guys if she wanted to.

All the same, my wife fucked eight guys in ten days making her "Dirty-Thirty" birthday vacation a successful one. Ten weeks later, we continue to use what happened to stimulate our every-day sex life. April says she wants to have sex with multiple parteners again sometime soon, and I want to see her do it. Our anniversary is coming up in July, maybe I could watch her take on six more guys, one for every year we've been married?

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The Old Cum-filled Cheap Married whore story


I had thought that the image of all those guys fucking the married slut bareback would have been an instant turn-off. But as I imagined the scene from your vividly descriptive words any thoughts,more...

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