tagNovels and NovellasA Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 02

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 02


This follows directly from the first chapter, posted under 'incest/taboo.' If you haven't read it, this is an okay story, but won't make a lot of sense. Max and Lee put their plan in action; Pete makes an intriguing discovery. Lee learns about his secretary's appetites; he and Max grow closer.

Max lay there, feeling her new husband, Don, settling down on the narrow space she had left for him in the double bed. She finally heard his breathing slow down and become shallow, indicating he was asleep. Quietly, she slipped out of bed, grabbed a robe and went down to talk to her father and brother.

They made plans for an improvisational dialogue in the morning and reviewed people who could be used and or trusted to help at work. After Ian and Edie went to bed, Lee and Max continued to talk.

"Lee, you'll have to come off as a bastard, extorting some of the women at work for sex, or at least appearing to."


"Because it can't be just me without raising Don's suspicions." She giggled. "Especially since that's about all he can raise.

"I'm sure we can get my secretary and her daughter to go along, and pretend, if not actually participate, but it would be better if you actually screwed them. And Ashley, the girl who will be you temporary secretary when you start.

"She is our floating steno. With her, you'll have a legitimate issue to use. She's an inveterate eavesdropper. She's been caught a few times listening in on open intercoms. She should have been let go, but she's the grand-daughter of one of Dad's first customers.

"She really gets off on humiliation, hers and other's. I've seen her almost climax from being reprimanded in front of another clerk; another time, when she was eavesdropping, I saw her get up and hurry to the ladies room; the back of her skirt had a big wet spot. Later, I asked the woman she was working for what had been going on. She said she'd had to cut the balls off one of the foremen because he was making racist statements in the break room when my black secretary and her daughter were there."

"You're saying I should screw these women? Won't that bother you? Knowing Don can have sex with you sure as hell bugs me. More than I thought it would when we talked about it."

Max dropped her head onto his shoulder. "Will I like it? Definitely not. Can I accept and live with it? I think so. It won't be forever, and it's not like you're going to fall in love with them. It's all just a gigantic charade, put on for Don's benefit. And a little bit to help make it up to you about Don having access to my cooch." She reached up and kissed his jaw. "I'd better get back to bed, in case he wakes up. Sleep well, lover."

The sun, coming in around the window shades, woke her. She was aware of the pressure in her bladder, and the discomfort of excessive gas in her gut. The movement of swinging her legs over the side of the bed was enough to force the release of some of the gas, resulting in a loud retort, resembling a loud raspberry. It was enough to awaken her bed partner.


"Good morning, Don. Excuse me; I need to get to the bathroom." As she hurried across the room to the doorway, she was followed by a string of retorts, accompanied by a foul, fetid odor, one with which Don was intimately familiar.

She grabbed a robe and hurried down the hall to the bathroom, from which the sound of flushing soon presaged her return. Entering the room, she sniffed, and blushing slightly, apologized for the odor. "I guess I should have eaten something yesterday. I was just too stressed to eat.

"What are your plans for today? Are you going to see your mother? How long since she was here last?"

Don glanced at the bed, then back to her. "I thought..."

"I imagine you did. Look, Donald, you said if I married you, you wouldn't force the company into having an audit, which would most likely result in my father going to jail. We're married, but that doesn't mean we're lovers. I'll let you fuck me two or three times a month, since that's the monthly average for married people, but don't expect anything more than that.

"I will host dinner parties for you, and introduce you to some people who belong to the country clubs, and do what I can to advance you socially. But you'll have to change some things you do, too." She adjusted her robe and tightened the belt, sitting down on the side of the bed, facing him.

"I had planned on resigning my job, but in talking to Dad yesterday, I think you are going to need someone at work advocating for you to keep your position. This new guy has Dad pretty hyped up on using the internet for sales, cutting our need for a live sales force of twelve to fifteen down to less than four or five. I'll find a way to help you keep your position; you'll just have to trust me."

"Trust you? I'm not even sure I know you any more. I watched you grow from when you started as a summer college intern until you came to work and became your father's right hand. But the woman I saw yesterday and last night, she's a total stranger to me."

Max stood up and took off her robe, revealing all her hickeys and bite marks. She walked to her dresser and took out some underwear to put on. "I'm sorry, Donald, maybe you should have tried to get to know me socially before you put all that effort into such an elaborate extortion scheme. This is who you married, and who you'll have to contend with."

"What about the guy who did that to you? You going to keep seeing him?"

"Him? I don't know. He did me a favor, and was useful. I might. Depends on what he wants to do, if anything."

"Do I know him?"

"I don't think so, although you may have met him once or twice. I think he's been to the plant to see Dad."

"A friend of your Dad's? An older guy, then; someone who could teach you..."

"All sorts of fun games? Yes, but I've found I'm pretty much of a vanilla sex girl. I like to look at and hold my lovers."

"Lovers?" he choked. "H...h...how many..."

"Q and A is over, Donald. Notice, I haven't asked you anything about the women you've had in Buffalo and Toronto. Don't look so surprised. When you brag in the break room, stories like those get told around. From some of what I've heard, I'm guessing they were call girls. You really should find yourself a local girlfriend. Safer and less expensive."

She finished straightening her sweater. "I'm going down to start breakfast. The bathroom down the hall is safe to use. Dad has his private one for him and Edie. Lee Brock is down in the in-law apartment in the basement, which has its own bath. Be careful, though; the latch doesn't always catch. We can't have you flashing Edie," she said with a grin, as she walked out the door.

Don sat there, a feeling of dejection settling into his soul. Of all the possible outcomes he had imagined, Max's cold hearted acceptance of the situation had not been among them. Even her suggestion that he get a local girlfriend underscored her opinion that theirs was strictly a marriage of—what, certainly not convenience. "It was more like the royal marriages of the Middle Ages," he thought, "except there was no pressure to produce an heir. Christ wouldn't that be a fucking complication.

"Ah, well, she promised me we'd screw a couple of times a month. I'll just have to be better than last night, and better than her 'friend.' At least she seemed to be impressed with my cock."

He went to the john and tended to business, then dressed. On the way downstairs, he heard Max and her father talking. "You're really considering that internet thing, huh?"

"It does seem to be the way more businesses are doing business. And look at our sales reports. Almost two-thirds of our sales are for stock products. We could replace most of our sales force with computer keyboard operators and stock boys. Why, do you have some thoughts about it?"

"Sort of a wifely interest. If you do away with the sales force, where does that leave Donald? I was going to quit when we got back from our trip to New Orleans, but if his job is in danger, maybe I shouldn't..."

"You mean you might want to stay on? Damn, Sweetie, I don't know if we can keep you. With the money you offered Lee, payroll is so tight..."

"Dad, you can't mean that!"

"Talk to Lee. I'll be going into the office tomorrow to make it official. He'll be VP in charge of Operations, and in charge overall while I'm away. I'm going to take a bit of a vacation, travel with Edie, go out and see the family in Indiana."

"You're putting our future in the hands of a man you don't know? Dad, you can't be serious!"

At that point Don and Lee entered the kitchen from different directions.

Lee spoke first. "Ian, here's my letter of acceptance for the position we discussed last night. Thank you for your trust. I'll do the best I can to bring Carruthers into the 21st century."

"Christ, cousin, you work fast," sniped Max. "What's your next move, the White House?"

Lee answered with a wolfish smile, "Nothing so grand. Just making Carruthers as profitable as possible.

"Did I hear you say you were rethinking your resignation? And Ian was worried about paying you? Don't worry about it, I'm sure we can find a way to work it out. Come in and talk to me when you get back."

"We're not going," she replied, flatly. She turned to look at Don. "Are you still packed?"

He nodded. "Maxine..."

Lee broke in, "Maxine, Mrs. Pieters, have I offended you in some way? If so, I sincerely apologize. It was totally innocent. What I was thinking was that in the restructuring your father and I have discussed, I'm going to need a top notch administrative assistant who is familiar with the company culture. I think you'd be ideal for the job, if you really want to return..."

"He's right, Max," Don piped up. "And it makes possible what we were discussing earlier," he added, nervously licking his lips.

"Of course, your dad was right. We can't pay you what you were earning, at least not until we trim the sales force, and make some other changes, but we can talk about those later, if you take the job. You don't need to answer now. Think about it. Come see me when you get back," Lee said, his eyes glancing between hers and her breasts.

It was all Max could do not to laugh. Don was all but pushing her to go to work for her lover. "Are you serious?" she asked, a note of distrust in her voice. "And you, Dad?" she said, looking at her father to quell the smile she felt forming on her lips.

"Dammit, Maxine! Take the goddam job! If nothing else, maybe you can keep this guy from totally ruining the company!" interjected Don, without thinking, and immediately felt sick to his stomach. He turned around to face Lee. "I...I... I'm sorry, Brock. I didn't mean that the way it came out."

Lee's normally friendly blue eyes resembled flint. "I'm sure," he said, his voice emotionless. He looked at Max. "The offer is good until the end of the business day, the day after you get back."

"I'll be in to talk to you tomorrow. There are several things Don and I need to take care of here, finding a place to live, merging households, stuff like that. Will noon work for you?" Lee nodded, expressionless, and turned to leave.

At quarter of twelve, Max pulled into the Carruthers parking lot. Walking to the office, she glanced over the full lot and wondered what would happen to all of the people they represented. Inside the plant, she made her way to the office suite, where the executive offices looked out over the plant. Don saw her enter the suite and met her, giving her a brief, one-sided hug, an action noticed by several of the secretaries in the area.

"He's got some hotshot accountant in his office. When he introduced him, he said he was an expert in forensic accounting. What the hell is that?" he asked her in a whisper.

"I'm not sure. They are supposed to be experts in identifying weak spots in operations. They are sort of the accounting version of industrial engineers. If a company fails, they, supposedly, can examine the records and see what went wrong, like those guys on the tv show, CSI. You worried?" she asked, locking eyes with him.

"No," he replied with a grimace. "It'll take a genius to find where I doctored the records. You just need to convince your cousin to keep me in my present position or it's prison for your dad."

"No matter what I have to do?" She looked at him, her head slightly cocked, her expression hard, reminding him of the call girls he had used.

"I guess I made you a whore of sorts. I can't blame you now if you use it on my behalf."

"I'll remember you said that. Don't plan on using it, though. I decide who I screw, why and when; 'you' remember that," she said, emphasizing the you.

"Mrs. Pieters!" came Lee's call across the floor. They turned to see him waiting by his secretary's desk. Max smiled when she saw Ashley sitting there.

Don walked her to Lee's office, clearly intending to accompany her into the meeting. At the desk, Lee asked him, "Something you need, Pieters? No? Then I'm sure you have work to do." Don fumed at the casual dismissal.

Inside his private office, Max put her finger up to her lips to keep Lee from saying anything. She walked to his desk and moved the pile of papers leaning on his intercom. A bright yellow light indicated an open line.Max quickly grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled a note about Ashley's eavesdropping.

Lee nodded, with a grin. "Mrs. Pieters, have you reached a decision about the job I offered you?"

"Yes," she answered, a tone of resignation in her voice. "Don convinced me it would be a good thing to do. Please, since we will be working so closely together, call me Max; and may I call you Lee?"

"That's fine. Your husband convinced you, you say. Is he worried about his job? He should be, with his attitude. What is his..."

"What do you mean, he should be? Are you thinking of letting him go? You can't, you mustn't...Please don't do that."

"Why not? In a few months, when we get the internet sales department established, his position will be superfluous. A VP to oversee a half dozen clerks and a couple of field salesmen. He'll be damned lucky if I don't downgrade his position to department head or even supervisor."

"No, please. I'll do anything you want, just don't change his position."

Outside, at her desk, Ashley's ears pricked up. She had heard a rumor that morning that dick head Pieters had somehow snagged Miss Goodie-two-shoes Carruthers, but hadn't believed it. Then her new boss had addressed her as Mrs Pieters, and here she was begging him to keep her husband's job.

Over the intercom she heard Lee's voice, with a quality in it that tweaked her pussy. "Anything? Define anything."

Max stammered, "Ah ah ah..."

"You know, I really enjoyed the sight of you in your wedding dress. It was, to say the least, intriguing, especially the visible dark areas which seemed to be part of your body. I'd like to examine those..."

"You can't be serious!"

"...so why don't you remove your dress?" Ashley's breath caught in her chest and her pussy gushed, Just at that moment, Don approached her desk. She quickly reached over and closed the intercom.

"She's still in there?" Ashley nodded, not trusting herself to speak. "Tell her I want to see her when she's done," he ordered. Again, she nodded, and returned to the typing she had been doing while listening.

In the office, the twins had seen the light blink off and guessed someone Ashley didn't think should hear them had approached the desk. Max picked up the phone and dialed her old secretary, who was still stationed at her old office. "Thelma, who is Ashley talking to?"

"Your new husband, and she doesn't look very happy. Her face is all flushed and she's all fidgety. By the way, congratulations on your marriage. Will you taking time for a honeymoon soon?"

"It doesn't look like it, and I'll be coming back to work, as Mr. Brock's Assistant. Have you been reassigned yet?"

"Not officially, but I was asked if I could help your husband's team get caught up."

"Okay. Just keep mum about this conversation, please. I may have to sell my soul to get you back."

"Sure thing, Max. Uh, your hubby's leaving and doesn't look happy. And Ashley's eyeing the intercom. Remember, around her..."

"I know, Thelma. Thank you." Max hung up the phone. She looked at Lee with a grin. "Ashley was listening, and shut off the intercom so Don wouldn't hear us."

"It was interesting that she shut off the conversation when Don walked up. If everyone knows she eavesdrops..."

"Not everyone, just the secretaries, dad, and me. She gossips, but not around the bosses. I know because my secretary thought I should know, and I told Dad. We've been able to limit her exposure to sensitive business stuff. But I really don't think that would interest her. She seems to get a thrill out of sharing personal stuff she hears."

Lee grinned. "Then let's really give her something juicy to talk about." He reached over and hit the on button. He pulled Max to him so her butt was in his crotch, one hand holding one of her boobs, the other pulling up her skirt.

"What–Mr. Brock! What are you...No, not here, not now, not like this, please," she gasped out, immediately falling into the role. "Please, no...ohhhh, nooooo, please, don't ...no, not that, not there. Oh, God! Please stop, no, don't, no, no, no, Stop, please, pleeeeaaase, oh, god, nooooooooooooooungh."

After Max came on his hand, Lee gently caressed her labia and clit to gentle her down while they shared a kiss. As soon as she was able to walk, she opened the door and ran out, and left the office area. Ashley called after her, but Max paid no attention.

Don, standing across the floor, talking to one of his agents, saw Max run out. He turned and glared at Lee, who simply shrugged when he saw Don's look. He turned to go back into his office and saw Ashley looking at him, breathing hard.

"Come into the office, please, Ashley."

Lee stood, resting his butt on his desk, looking at the young woman standing in front of him. On the tall side of average, Ashley had dirty blonde hair, and about thirty too many pounds spread over her five foot nine inches, giving her the appearance of a plump pigeon.

She was bosomy, with a 38C bust. Unfortunately, her waist and hips were about the same size. The dark framed glasses she wore gave her face an owl-like appearance, but her washed-out-blue eyes gave the impression the intellect behind them was, to be kind, a bit dull.

"You were listening to my conversation with Mrs. Pieters." Lee made the statement flatly, not judging, not accusing, simply an observation.

"I...I...I'm sorry; it was an..."

"No, it wasn't. You turned on the intercom and then hid the fact it was on. You listened deliberately. I should have you fired. Do you know what kind of jobs you'd be able to find with that on your record?"

She shook her head, near tears. "Most likely the kind where you start standing on street corners waving down cars and wind up flat on your back in a cheap motel. Is that what you want?" She shook her head again, tears starting down her face.

"Then I can count on your obedience, honesty and loyalty from here on?"

"Oh, yes, sir! I'll do anything..." She stopped, remembering what she heard after the last woman in this office had said that. She blushed, bright red.

"Yes," said her boss, with a predatory smile, "you will. Right now, we'll start with the truth. Why did you turn off the intercom when Mrs. Pieters was in here?"

"Mr. Pieters came to see if she was out yet. I didn't want him to know what you were doing to her, to keep from embarrassing her."

"That was considerate of you," he said, sarcastically. "How old are you?"

She swallowed. "T...Twenty, sir"

"You don't need to call me sir. Husband, boyfriend?" She shook her head no. "Virgin?"

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