A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 02


She blushed again. "Y...yes."

"How often do you masturbate?"


"Don't be coy, girl!" he snapped at her. "How often do you get yourself off?"

Barely above a whisper, she answered, "Two or three times."

"A week?"

She shook her head. "A day," she squeaked out.

Lee grinned. "Good." Ashley's head jerked up to look at him. "Pull your skirt up to your waist." Her eyes opened as wide as they could, in shock, but she reached down and pulled her skirt up, gathered at her waist. Lee walked to her and reached down to push his hand between her thighs.

"Open," he whispered, sounding more commanding than if he had shouted at her. She moved her feet apart a few inches, enough for his hand to move in with his palm facing her thigh, rubbing against her pantie-covered slit. Her eyes closed in shame. He felt the moisture he expected there. He turned his palm up, forcing her legs to open further. He slipped his fingers in the side of the leg and sought her opening. The finger he slipped into her failed to find the barrier it sought.

"You use a vibrator?" Ashley moaned as his finger moved inside her quim, and nodded. "Would you like to experience the real thing, right now?"

Her eyes opened to search his face. "Please," she whimpered.

"Whenever, wherever, whoever I tell you to, as long as we both work here?"

She hung her head, but nodded her agreement. Lee withdrew his finger and used it to lift her chin. Softly, he kissed her on the lips, then asked, "Are you certain, Ashley?"

She gave him a shy smile. "It's not like I have a line of men waiting outside my door. I'm not pretty, and I'm too much overweight. At least I won't have to rely on just my hand and toys for satisfaction, and," she said with a smile, "if I don't like it, I can quit, right?"

He shook his head. "Like I said, as long as we both work for Carruthers."

She took a deep breath. "I'm certain," a slight pause, "I think," she giggled.

Lee reached behind her and unzipped her dress, then pulled it forward, off her shoulders to reveal her breasts, so firmly supported they looked like they were armor encased. He opened the zipper between her breasts, and pulled the cups free of their burden.

Her skin was nearly milk white; the breasts themselves, fairly conical, capped by two large strawberry colored and shaped areolas which quickly tightened into half inch long, nickel sized nipples with only a small areolar ring around their base.

Lee lifted first one then the other, kissing and nipping each, eliciting small gasps of pleasure from their owner. He bent down to kiss her on the lips, opening them with his tongue. He moved his hands down her ribs, pushing her dress over her hips so it fell to the floor, leaving her in granny panties and stockings.

He broke the kiss and put his hands on her shoulders, and pressed down. Ashley was familiar enough with adult movies and internet porn that she knew what he wanted. "I've never...I'm afraid I'll bite you or something."

"To start, just kiss it all over. Start at the base, by my sac, and kiss and lick all around, moving toward the tip. Keep doing that until you feel like taking just the tip in your mouth." While she took out and acquainted herself with his cock, Lee sat back against the desk. The telephone rang.

"Lee Brock.

"Yes, worked like a charm. Umm, can't talk right now; I'm training my secretary in some of the more esoteric duties of her position.

"Mmhmm. Yeah, I'd say, eager, willing and enthusiastic.

"Yeah, I'll be glad to loan her to you sometime." Hearing that, Ashley moaned and took his cock into her mouth and pushed her face into Lee's pubes, forcing it down her throat, surprising both of them. She squealed in surprise generating a high frequency vibration around his crown.

His appreciative moan encouraged Ashley to repeat it several times over the next few minutes, eventually triggering his expulsion of several tablespoonfuls of his unique sauce down her throat and into her mouth as she backed off. His last spasm deposited a large glob of cum on the bridge of her nose. Before swallowing what was in her mouth, she savored the flavor for several seconds, curious about it from her reading and her watching several videos.

She sat back on her heels and looked up at her boss, the cum on her nose about to drip. "It isn't as bad as I thought it would be. I've heard other girls talking about the taste, and they describe it as a cross between rubber and fish. That was just sort of salty sweet." She reached up and wiped the sauce from her nose and into her mouth.

Lee laughed. "I'm glad you approve since you'll probably be doing that at least once a day, if not for me, then for a friend or visitor, unless you've changed your mind."

Ashley grinned, then frowned and removed her glasses. She inspected one of the lenses and laughed. "How'd that get there, I wonder," she said, wiping a pearly drop from the surface and depositing it in her mouth. She reached to lay them on the desk. "You said something about experiencing the real thing. Are we going to do that now, or are you going to make me wait some more?"

"Unfortunately, I have an appointment out of the building in fifteen minutes. I'll be back about four. Give me your panties and bra. From now on, you don't wear either at work. Buy yourself some tops and dresses with built in support. After work tonight, I'll inspect your desk and see if the modesty panel can be removed."

Fortunately, Ashley was still on her knees. At his words, she felt her pussy gush again, and her knees began to feel tingly. From somewhere, she heard a loud groan, and didn't realize it was from her until Lee laughed.

He draped her dress over her head and helped her with her arms, then lifted her to her feet. "You'll be okay, kid. You might feel some pain, but you won't get hurt. Not permanently anyhow."

"Ooooooh, fuuuuuuuck," she moaned again.

His appointment was with Max, who met him at her father's kitchen door clad only in what Mother Nature had provided her some twenty-six years ago. While her lips milked his, she began to strip her twin brother. Between the two of them, they managed to nudify him in near record time. Less than five minutes after she opened the door, Max was on her back on the kitchen table, guiding her brother's cock into her waiting and hungry quim.

Like their sex on Saturday morning, this was almost pure rutting, but had the added benefit that it stemmed from their mutual love. Lee made sure he was hitting all of Max's pleasure centers both going in and pulling out. Max had her arms wrapped around his shoulders so tightly, he could barely breathe, and he had to ask her to ease up her leg grip so they could move.

She buried her head in his shoulder; "I'm sorry. I love you so much. This is just so much better than with Donald. Shit, you wouldn't think it would make that much difference. You're bigger, but not a lot, but it just feels...and the motion is the same, but...shit, I can't explain it. Just fuck me, Lee, please."

"No," said, kissing her. "Just fucking is what I do to Ashley. I love you, and I will 'love' you as often as you want me to, but never again will I 'just fuck' you."

Max looked at her brother, eyes aglisten with tears of joy. "Yes. Thank you, sweetheart. My love, my brother, my real husband," punctuating her epithets with kisses around his face. They ended sharing a kiss during which it seemed like their tongues were attempting to tie themselves into a knot. A few seconds after they broke from the kiss, they shared their first orgasms.

Without withdrawing, Lee carried his sister into the living room and sat on the loveseat, Max's legs straddling his. "Tell me about Ashley. What happened?"

He quickly recounted what he had done to the young secretary. "I don't think she's truly submissive. It's more like she's acting the way she thinks a submissive woman would act, but I think she does get off on being humiliated. She doesn't think much of herself. She said she's not pretty, but she could be.

"She needs to fix her nose, get rid of that hook; some make up lessons and new glasses, a new hairdo, and help picking out clothes. Most of the material is there, she just has to learn to package it; even her weight wouldn't be an huge issue, especially to big boob men."

"Have you thought about how she's going to fit into our plan?"

"After I insure her personal loyalty to me, and her sympathy toward you, I'm going to make her Don's secretary. The one he has now, Mrs Bridges, is nearly retirement age. Can you talk her into retiring early? Say in six months or so?"

"That shouldn't be a problem. Her husband is one of our CNC vertical lathe operators, and is due to retire at the end of the year. He wants to move down to Myrtle Beach and set up a fishing guide business. She's been looking forward to it for a few years."

They chatted a bit more, providing him with information about the company culture while they enjoyed a slow rocking fuck with Max kneeling over his lap, and Lee feasting on her boobs, adding to the ring of hickeys she sported. Their mutual orgasm was slow in building, and left them feeling inundated in love.

He got back to his office just after four. Ashley looked up expectantly, but he ignored her gaze and stalked into his office, looking angry. Just before four-thirty, when the other executives were preparing to leave, he bellowed her name through his open door, loud enough to be heard across the suite.

She looked up and saw everyone in sight looking at her, some smirking; some puzzled; a few looking sympathetic. She knew her face was red, and she felt her pussy running like it always did whenever she was singled out for attention.

She entered Lee's office, her head down. Given his angry demeanor when he arrived, and the tone of his voice, she figured her 'experiencing the real thing' was no longer on Lee's agenda that afternoon.

"Close and lock the door, girl, unless you want the world to walk in and see you getting fucked," she heard him say, flatly. Ashley gasped, and returned to close and lock the door. She had a hard time making her knees work. She leaned against the door for an instant to calm herself a little.

While she stood there, she was surprised when Lee's hands came around her and grasped her breasts by the nipples, pinching them in a delightfully rough manner. She moaned her appreciation. "I thought you..."

"Obviously, you were wrong. I get the impression you're often wrong, and persist in being wrong. Why is that? Do you 'want' to get spanked?"

Ashley's boobs throbbed and her pussy gushed again. She could feel the fluid running down her legs. She hoped it wasn't pee, but was afraid it might be. She felt Lee unzip her dress and push it forward off her shoulders, leaving her dressed only in her shoes and stockings.

He turned her around and shoved her gently toward the desk. There, he positioned her at the narrow end and pushed her to lean on it, supporting herself on her elbows. She heard him unzip his pants and a second later heard them hit the floor. His erection rode up her back as he leaned over her to move some papers away from his intercom.

She looked up to see the light on the intercom; not the usual inter-office line, but the general line, the one used to communicate with all the offices at once. "Ohhhh, noooo," she moaned.

"What did you say?" Lee asked her, sliding his cock into her swampy quim.

"Unnnnggggghhh," was all she could muster, knowing her co-workers were able to hear everything that was happening, and would know she was here, getting fucked. On top of the sensation of her boss's cock stimulating her sensitive inner walls, her g-spot, and clit, the sense of humiliation quickly pushed her to orgasm. "Oh oh oh oh unh unh unh unh unngh gawd I'm I'm I'm coooommmmminggggg oh my gawd fuck meeeeee!" she cried.

Lee had already come three times that afternoon. Ashley's co-workers heard her scream through another orgasm as they left, some of them giggling (the youngest ones), some smiling (those slightly older, perhaps envisioning their own evenings), and some (the oldest group) shaking their heads (in disapproval, or, perhaps, envy). Had they been able to stay, they would have witnessed her third and strongest orgasm, not needing the intercom to be heard.

In his office, Lee pulled out of Ashley's no longer virgin cunt and turned her over on the desk. He bent down to kiss her as he re-entered her. Breaking the kiss, he reminded her, "Whenever, wherever, whoever I tell you," as he began furiously, forcefully thrusting into her. She nodded her agreement, unable to speak, holding him as tightly as she could. The sensation of his hot cream hitting her vaginal walls triggered her fourth orgasm of the afternoon.

Before he pulled out of her, Lee grabbed a handful of tissues from the drawer next to them. He positioned it under her quim as she sat up, gasping, trying to catch her breath. It sounded like she was sobbing. Lee put his arms around her and held her to his chest. "Shhhh. Just try to breathe normally, kid. You'll be okay. That's a good girl," he soothed her, rubbing her back, kissing the top of her head.

When she could breathe again, she pushed him away. "You rat!" she sobbed. "You turned on the open channel on your intercom. They all could hear us. Everyone knows what you did to me. How can I..."

There was a knock at the door. "Lee! Are you in there?" it was his partner, Pete.

Lee bent down and pulled up his pants, then headed for the door.

"No! You can't..." hissed Ashley. She stopped when he bent and picked up her dress and tossed it to her. She stood up from sitting on the desk and turned her back to him. She hurriedly slipped the dress over her head when she heard him open the door.

"Lee," Pete began, but stopped when he saw the naked female form disappearing under the dress. "Oops," he laughed. "Excuse me. I can wait."

"That's okay; we're done, for now, aren't we, Ash?"

"Yes, sir; we can finish the dictation in the morning," she sniffled. "Good night, sir. Mr Adams." She kept her head down as she left the room, and so didn't see Pete's smile.

"You dog," Pete grinned. "The first day and you're bangin' the secretary already! What would your..." Lee put his hand up over Pete's mouth.

"Shhh. Nobody knows about my relationship with the company. I'm an axe man they brought in to help increase profitability. That covers you as well. What's up?"

"Just bringing you up to date. First thing I did was to go to all the secretaries and get a list of accounts their bosses had access to. They were all very helpful, especially Mrs Bridges, Pieters' secretary. Did you know, did anyone know there are two accounts that only he can access? They go back about ten years, apparently just after he made VP.

"They started small, about 4 or 5 grand a month, in and out. Last month, he moved upwards of 90 large through them. I have to take a closer look, but at first glance, my guess, he's laundering money for someone."

"That motherfucker," Lee muttered. "Okay, Pete. Do what you have to do to make certain, but keep quiet about what you're looking for. I don't have a good handle on personal loyalties here yet, or how well he's liked. My guess is you'd get all the help you want, but...Any problem with Mrs Bridges?"

"None; in fact, it took her a few minutes of searching his computer to locate the account numbers. And, she apologized for taking so long."

"Any way to track where the money's going, so we can alert the proper authorities?"

"Depends how smart, and how distrustful they are. Usually, these payments go to some kind of dummy corporation or overseas account without any local ties.

"I brought Rosa along to help me. She can follow a balance sheet and read ledgers. I'll put her on finding your Dad's problem while I track down this stuff. Jeremy Diamond is coming next week to look over the company and make some suggestions about branching out. He's one of the best for machine tools."

"Okay, Pete. Thanks." Lee gathered up his papers and briefcase. Walking out the door, he asked, "You brought Rosa, huh? Have you spoken to her dad? She told me he's real old school; and was a Green Beret, to boot."

---to be continued

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