tagNovels and NovellasA Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 03

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 03


This opens three months after the wedding. If you haven't read the earlier parts, this won't make any sense, so you should do that now. Go ahead, we'll wait. Votes and comments (especially comments) welcome. Signed comments acknowledged. Enjoy. Jb7


The sun was bright and warm; the wind, brisk and chilly. The hills surrounding the small city were bright with the reds and oranges of fall from the hardwoods on the hillsides. It was a beautiful October day.

Rosa Montero pulled her light overcoat tighter around her and hurried into the building, moving against the stream of workers leaving at the end of the work day. She was heading for the usual Friday meeting with Lee Brock and Pete Adams, except that Pete wouldn't be there.

He was tracking down information about the accounts they were investigating, in Niagara Falls, Erie and Cleveland. She was a little worried about him. Some of the connections he was looking into might not like being investigated. By anyone.

She walked into the office area which looked deserted. She could see Lee's door was open and headed to it. When she entered the office Lee was just zipping his pants; his secretary, Ashley, was at his feet, naked, on her knees, bent over with her forehead resting on the floor, trying to catch her breath.

"Oh! Excuse me; the door was open and..." Rosa started.

Lee looked at the door and smiled. "Ahh! Rosa, come on in." Ashley looked up, shocked. She looked around frantically for her dress. He reached down and pulled her to her feet, facing Rosa. He bent and whispered an order to her to keep her hands to her sides. She whimpered, but complied.

Over her shoulder, Lee watched the young Latina, watched as her eyes took in Ashley's form, her nudity, the glisten of vaginal juices reflecting off her thighs; he watched as she unconsciously licked her lips as her gaze lingered on the blonde's breasts and pubes.

"Beautiful, isn't she?" he asked as he moved from behind Ashley and walked to stand by his visitor, carrying his secretary's dress. Rosa nodded, afraid to trust her voice to speak. "Would you like to have her?" he whispered to her, just loud enough for Ashley to hear.

Ashley groaned.

Rosa nodded.

"Do you want to pleasure her, or be pleasured by her?"

Rosa looked at him, uncertainty in her eyes. "I...I don't know; I've never..."

"I'm pretty certain neither has she." He looked at the blonde, the moisture on her legs now evident all the way to her knees. "Have you ever eaten another woman, poonani?"

Ashley felt her nipples tighten and her pussy open up even more. The first time Lee had called her poonani she hadn't known what it meant and had to look it up on the Internet, causing her to nearly orgasm at her desk. With another woman in the room, she felt the need to object. "I am not a poonani. I am more than just a vagina," she said quietly, but firmly.

"Yes, you are," agreed Lee, with a smile, "but right now, that is the only part of you that counts, that and your tongue. Just like when I'm fucking you, the only part of me you are interested in is my cock. Now, have you ever eaten another woman? Answer me!" he ordered her, sharply.

Ashley felt herself shrink into herself at Lee's words. She shook her head, no. "But you've had your pussy eaten, haven't you? Know what feels good, what you like. Right?" She nodded. "Good; show Rosa."

Rosa looked at him and gasped. "Lee, I...I...I don't know...I can't, not with you here."

"Of course you can. If you want, I'll blindfold you so it will seem like you're in a dark room with an unknown lover. Full of kink, even more exciting."

While they were talking, Ashley had been busy unfastening Rosa's slacks and pulling them down. Then her panties, revealing a short, full bush surrounding a small, delicate slit. Lee pushed one of the upholstered side chairs behind Rosa and pressed her to sit. While Ashley took off her boots and clothes, he went into his private washroom and came back with a terry towel, which Ash pushed under Rosa.

Rosa was still trying to object when Ashley bent forward and began to caress the Latina's outer lips with her tongue. Rosa's eyes flew open in surprise. "Ohhhh!" The second touch had a similar reaction. Ashley's third tongue stroke pressed between Rosa's outer lips and pushed them open. She stopped when she reached Rosa's clitoris, and gently lapped at that tiny nexus of pleasure.

Rosa thrust her hips at Ashley's mouth, sending the chair flying backward, out from under the small woman. Ashley quickly caught her hips and supported her as she was lowered to the floor. Even then, Ash's tongue didn't stop in its assigned task. Lee moved to help support Rosa in her journey to the floor.

Her arms went around his hips, pressing her face into his semi hard cock under his trousers. She looked up at him. "Please. Please take it out. I...I need..." Her hands moved to unfasten his belt. He let her continue until his bare cock, fully erect was pointing at her face. She looked fearful, but opened her mouth and slid it over the head of his cock. He felt her tongue begin to caress his coronet. Slowly she began to move her head in time with the thrusting of her hips into Ashley's face.

Lee fell to his side and pulled Ashley's hips around so he could kiss her pussy. She let out a moan of surprised appreciation and spread her thighs to give him better access. On some level, she was aware that this was the first time Lee had ever actually caressed her to arouse her, to give her pleasure. It stirred her to work harder to pleasure the small brunette under her tongue.

Ten years ago, when she was thirteen, Rosa had been lured into their basement, tied up and forced to submit to a teenaged neighbor and his mentally challenged brother. This was the first time since then anyone except medical personnel had touched her vulva, or that she had handled a penis, even a baby's.

Lee suddenly became aware of a total lack of motion on his cock and braced himself for the expected explosion of motion. Rosa surprised him. When her orgasm struck, she attempted to curl into a fetal position, driving his cock deep into her throat. Almost immediately, she straightened out, maintaining suction on his member until he heard it pop like a cork out of her mouth. It was enough to trigger his release. He felt his cum blasting from his staff and wondered where it was going.

Almost at the same instant, Ashley emitted a loud squeal, signifying her climax, and straightened her legs, driving him away from her quim as she lay there, shaking, her mouth still fastened to Rosa's kitty.

As soon as he could take a deep breath, Lee sat up and looked at the two women. Ashley was breathing normally and smiling, lying there with her eyes closed, her head pillowed on Rosa's thigh. Rosa was still gasping, the left side of her face and chin splattered with his emissions. He reached out and patted Ashley on the stomach.

"Ashley, sweets, can you move?" he asked her, speaking softly.

"Mmmmm," she replied, her eyes still closed.

"Can you get us some warm wash cloths from the washroom? I'd appreciate it, please."

She sat up and made a show of looking around. "Where is he? What'd you do with him?"

Lee laughed. "With who?"

"With my boss? The guy who threatened to turn me into a streetwalker."

"He's been re-assigned, but he can be back Monday, if you want him to be." Ashley looked at him, a question clouding her eyes. "Monday," Lee said. "Right now, we need some warm wash cloths." She nodded and jumped to her feet. A few minutes later she was back with three damp cloths, one soapy.

Lee had used tissues to wipe his fluids from Rosa's face. He next used the soapy cloth to gently wash away the residue, and one of the damp ones to wipe away the soap. Throughout his ministrations, she acknowledged his efforts with quiet moans of appreciation.

When she handed him the final cloth, Ashley asked, "Lee, do you need me to stay any longer?" He looked up at her and, smiling, shook his head no.

"No, we're fine now, Ash. Thank you for your help."

"Yes," came a small feminine voice. "Thank you, Ashley; that was... Thank you. Maybe someday, you'll let me repay you."

Ashley blushed. "I think I'd like that, Rosa." She turned to look for her dress. Lee rose and found it for her under the love seat, and helped her put it on.

He moved behind her to do up the zipper, and when he was done, gave her an affectionate slap on the fanny. She looked back over her shoulder and smiled. "Have a good weekend," he said, returning the smile.

Ashley pulled the office door closed behind her, flashing the others a knowing smile as she left. Lee turned back to look at Rosa, still lying on her back on the floor. Barely topping five feet, she looked like a teenager. An image bolstered by her slim build, accented by what the ad-men called barely-B boobs, which looked large on her small chest. A luxurious thatch so black it looked blue nearly filled the area between her thighs. As Lee gazed at her, she opened her legs slightly, as if extending an invitation.

He reached down and took her hands to pull her to her feet. Pressing her back into the chair he had moved behind her earlier, he dropped to his knees. "Wh...what are y...y...you d...do...doing?" she stammered.

Lee grinned. "Returning the favor," he replied and dipped his face between her thighs.

"Y...you d...don't...ohhhh nooooo, oooohhhh gaaaaawwwd, yessss," she cried as his tongue found her pleasure button. Lee grinned wider and looked up at her. Her head was back; her hands tangled in his hair; her legs spread as far as the chair permitted.

From her silence and lack of movement, Lee judged she was about ready to climax. He pulled away from her and stood up, picking up the petite brunette, and carrying her to the love seat against the wall. Sitting down he gathered her legs on his arms to push them over his shoulders. He picked up the small framed woman by her buttocks and lifted her off his lap. He crossed his legs under him and sat Indian style, his staff rampant, pointing straight up.

He lowered Rosa slowly until she made contact with his cock. Her eyes flew open. "No, no, I can't. I...ooooh, shit that feels sooo gooood," she moaned as she slid down his shaft, bottoming out when their pubes made contact. Her head slumped forward to rest on his shoulder. "Oh, fuck! This is so wrong, but it feels so goddam good. Damn you, Lee! Now what am I going to do?"

"What do you mean? What's the problem?"

She laughed. "You mean besides fucking my boss? That isn't enough? Well, just before he left, Pete asked me to marry him. I promised him an answer when he gets back tomorrow night. It was going to be yes, but now I don't know. After I tell him about this, he may not want me anymore."

"Don't tell him; I'm not going to. Do you want me to stop?"

"Fuck, no! I was raped when I was thirteen. This is the first time since then I've let anyone touch me. Not even Pete. I've wondered what I was missing. I'm afraid, now, I might go a little wild..."

"Go wild with Pete. Take him to bed tomorrow night and tell him yes. This will be our secret, never to shared with anyone else. I promise," he said, crossing his heart and smiling.

"And will I have to 'pay' you to keep it secret," she asked, a smile dancing in her eyes.

With an exaggerated 'English noble' accent, he replied"Milady, I am hurt that you would consider me capable of such miscreancy." His face exhibited a pout, quickly changing to a smile, "however," he went on, in his normal voice, "if you want to enrich my life with a little poonani, I wouldn't object."

"Poonani? What the fuck is poonani? I heard you call Ashley that."

"It's urban slang for vagina, worse than pussy, not as bad as cunt."

"So, you'd fuck your partner's wife, and take a chance on ruining the company you two have worked so hard for," she said, squirming. "I have to move my legs, Lee. I'm sorry. Just scoot forward so I have room to move them behind you."

She adjusted her position. Her eyes opened wide and she looked down at their juncture. "Wow, it looks the same, but it feels like you shrank about two inches." She pulled back a few inches, then pushed forward, embedding his rod in her. "Unnnghhh. Oh, damn, that was a mistake."

She looked Lee in the eye. "Fuck me, Lee. Just lay me down and fuck the bejeebers out of me." She put her arms around his neck, burying her face in his shoulder. "I'll be a good wife for Pete, and give him lots of babies, but first, I want to know what I've missed all these years."

Lee raised her face and covered her mouth with his, invading her with his tongue, engaging hers in a duel. Rocking on his ass, he was able to turn them so he could lay her back on the love seat, and he began to slowly fuck her quim. She thrust her hips back at him, urging him to go faster, harder, deeper, wrapping her legs around his hips and pulling them to her.

It took nearly a half hour before Lee exploded in her vagina. Rosa lost count of her orgasms. After her first, the only one that mattered to her was the one she had with Lee, when he sprayed his seed all over her inner walls.

While they were dressing, Lee asked why she had come to see him. She laughed, embarrassed that she had forgotten the purpose of her visit. "I'm sorry, it's not really funny, just, I almost forgot why I came to see you.

"I've been over your financial and accounting records four times and can't find anything questionable. All monies assigned to projects stay with them; all monies expected from projects have been received and recorded. All the income and outflow balance, leaving the company's bottom line right where it says it is.

"Right now, if you were to ask me under oath, I'd have to say the books are fine, the company's healthy, and, except for whatever Pete is pursuing, Don's lying about rigging the books."

Lee looked up at her, searching her face, for what he didn't know. His mind was racing, processing what she had just said, comparing it with what he knew of Don and the company. "That son of a bitch! That mother fucking son of a bitch! That conniving bastard!" he swore softly.

"Think of it. It's almost perfect. There's something you want, somebody you want, who doesn't have any idea you're interested in them. You know someone they care about; know something, someone who makes them vulnerable. You go to your target person and tell them you have the ability to hurt their loved one if they don't cooperate. What can they do? There's no evidence, just a verbal threat.

"Don has a reputation for operating just on the boundary of ethical behavior, cutting corners, giving expensive gifts to buyers' agents to get them to nudge their clients toward us. He may not be the most socially polished person around, but he has a rep for delivering the goods, doing what he says he'll do.

"And so Max believed him." He shook his head, as if clearing away mental cobwebs.

"What have we learned about his stock ownership and the proxies?"

"He personally owns ten and a half percent of the outstanding common stock; we've identified proxies he controls representing another thirty five percent. The stock is owned by a number of small investors who appear to be long time friends and associates of Ian's.

"A couple we asked said Don approached them, saying it was on Ian's behalf, to get their proxies to avoid some kind of problem with the SEC, some new ruling about owners and monopolies. It supposedly was so confusing they gave him control based on his claim the request came from Ian. We're in process now of mailing out new proxy assignments for them to return, giving control back to the family.

"The last five percent he appears to control seems to be tied to his money laundering scheme."

Lee nodded. "Sounds like him from what I've learned. Thanks, Rosa. You've been a big help." He walked to her and wrapped her in a tight hug. "Pete's a lucky guy." Rosa blushed at his compliment. He grinned. "I knew I'd regret leaving him and you together in Cedar. I'm already regretting my promise to not expect more."

She blushed some more. "Me, too," she said softly, looking up at him.

Lee thought a minute. "What if...No, forget it. That would just screw up your relationship, big time."


"What if you walked in and caught Pete screwing Ashley? Then if you did me at the same time, he couldn't object."

"And it would show him the consequences of screwing around. Could you get Ashley to do it?"

"Oh, yeah. She's not the problem. Pete'll be the problem. He can be a little old-fashioned sometimes."

"Tell me about it. He wanted to go ask my dad for my hand; thought Dad had been a Green Beret, for some reason." She looked at Lee, a small, knowing smile on her face. "Where would he have gotten such an idea, I wonder.

"But don't worry about him resisting Ashley. Just do to him what you did to me. I'm sure he'll cave. I'll be here Monday, a little after five. Just don't mention me and him getting married."

After seeing Rosa to her car, Lee returned to his office and sat, contemplating her information and the conjectures she had made. After several minutes he picked up his phone and called his sister.

"Hey, Max, it's me. Don home? No? Good. Want to have dinner with me? I'm at the office and can pick up some fried chicken on the way home. Hmmh? Just had an interesting chat with Rosa. Looks like we'll regain control of the company in a couple of weeks and get Dad the excuse to get rid of your ball and chain. I'll tell you about it over dinner. Can you spend the weekend? Waffles for breakfast tomorrow. With sausage and applesauce. Love you, too. See you in a bit."

Max pulled into Lee's driveway right behind him, in her brand new Mercedes wagon, an AMG E-class. He admired her sylph-like body as she stepped out of the car, noting that she looked like she had put on a few pounds since the wedding in July, most of it in her abdomen. He waited for her by the front fender of his Jeep. She was all smiles as she walked up to him.

She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek, greeting him with a quiet hello, and lifting the package she was carrying. "I brought some wine to have with dinner. An inexpensive, but nice merlot from Bulgaria. I hope it's okay."

"With the Colonel's chicken, anything is okay; What was that beer they used to sell--Stale Pale India Ale, the only beer with the foam on the bottom. Even that would have been okay. How are you? Enjoying your 'break?' Don doesn't come around to talk when you're not there."

Max had taken two weeks off from work to set up house for her and Don. Right after the wedding, they had done some house hunting and found a large five bedroom neo-Federal style brick home on the eastern side of the small city, near the Country Club and golf courses.

"I'm fine; actually having fun spending his money. He complains, but I remind him he needs to make a good impression on the people he wants to meet. The only way to do that is to look successful. And in this town, with all the oil millionaires, the only way to do that is to spend like it doesn't matter. I knew there was a reason I didn't like a lot of people here."

They had made their way to the kitchen while they were talking. He set his packages down and put his arms around her. "Well, when we're done, we don't have to stay." He pulled her close, noticing, again, the fullness in her waist. "Are you putting on weight? There seems to be a little bit more of you than there was when we drove back."

She gave him a sly smile. "A little, but it'll be gone sometime around the middle of next April. Well, sort of gone; it should still be around, crying to let us know his or her needs."

He looked up, catching her eyes, and gasped. "You're..." He paused. "Is that happy news?"

She leaned forward and touched her forehead to his and rubbed his nose with hers. "I guess that depends on how you feel about being a daddy."

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