tagNovels and NovellasA Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 04

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 04


This opens the Monday following the twins weekend together. A new ally is found and Lee works on his reputation as a bastard, extorting sex from the women at the office. Pete and Rosa have a fight and make-up. The twins get some surprising info about Don's connections. Enjoy. Votes and comments welcome. Jb7


Lee was at the office by eight o'clock Monday morning. When Ashley walked into the executive area at five after, he was sitting at her desk, watching her traverse the open area. Her steps faltered when she realized he was watching her. When she was within a step or two of him, he stood up, smiling. "Get yourself some coffee, Ashley, and come in. I need to talk to you," he said to her.

"Okay. Do you need some coffee, too?" she asked, nervously

"No, thank you. I have some inside."

A few minutes later, he gestured for her to sit at one end of the love seat, while he took the other. "I want to talk to you about Friday..."

"I...I'm sorry if I was too..."

"No, you were absolutely perfect. I have to ask you to never speak of Rosa's visit, to anyone; not to me, or her, or your most trusted friend, ever. Do you understand? I can't force you to make that promise, but I am asking you to."

"Asking, not telling? How come?" she asked, looking at him over the rim of her cup as she took a sip of coffee, still nervous, now confused.

"I'm an engineer, not a psychologist, but I think I have a pretty good ability to read people and understand their motivations. Still, I can't begin to imagine what happened to you that made it so the only way you can enjoy sex is to be humiliated first. But Friday, you took the first steps away from that need, away from needing to feel that you are less than your partner; as you said, you are more than a vagina.

"You are really a fairly attractive woman. With some advice about make-up, a different hair style, and more stylish clothes, you'd put most of the women here to shame."

"Don't," she started to sob. "Please don't try to compliment me, or say nice things about me. If you want me to leave, if you're going to fire me, just do it, please."

"What on earth would give you the idea I'm going to fire you?" he asked, moving down the couch to hold her.

"Because that's what they always did, tell me what a good girl I was, how smart and strong, then they'd take away something I wanted or expected. Always, right up until I moved out."


"Everyone, my parents, the Sisters at school, even here, I was hired as a secretary, and I...I tried to do a good job, t...tried to anticipate what my s...supervisors needed; that's why I started to listen. Everybody said I was doing a good job, but they t...took it away from me... and made me a floater. Oh they tried to make it...s...sound like I was the only one who c...could do it because I was so versatile, but I knew..."

She got up and got a tissue to blow her nose. "Is that all? I'll pack up my stuff and leave."

"You can't do that. Well, you can, but I wish you wouldn't. I need your help. Actually, Rosa and I need your help, on a couple of projects. One is important to her, and to me; the other is important to the company. In some ways, the last three months have been a training period for you to take on both. Whenever, where ever, whoever; remember that?"

She turned around, fighting tears of relief. "Just what do you mean by that, Lee Carruthers?" she asked, smiling, with tears still in her eyes.

Lee blinked rapidly. "Wha...Who... Who did you call me?"

"Don't try to deny it. I recognized you the day you came in with your father, before your sister married Donald Doofus.

"Why in hell did she do that? She could have any man in town, although I will admit, that isn't the best she could do." She looked at him and laughed, a little anxiously. "You don't remember me, do you?" Her smile warmed as she recounted the incident.

"I guess you were a junior in high school. My mom was subbing for your Dad's secretary while she was on vacation. There was an important contract or something that had to go out and she had to work late.

"I was only eleven or twelve, just starting junior high school. Your Dad sent you over to babysit me until Mom got home. You fixed us dinner and helped me with my homework. I forget what the math was, but you explained it so it made sense for the first time. I had a crush on you for years after that." She sniffed and wiped her nose.

"Are you really putting the horns to Doofus, doing your sister? Is that why you're not using your real name? Are you trying to find out how he got control of all that stock? Do you know about the accounts he thinks are his secret?"

"Holy shit! Is there anything that goes on here you don't know?" Lee sputtered.

She giggled. "Not much, I think. Just a minute." She left the office, and was back in less than five minutes. She handed Lee a sheet of paper. It was a proxy assignment, filled out giving the family the right to vote her stock in the company.

He looked at the number of shares she owned and whistled. "You really own all this stock. Other than the family members and Don, that makes you the single largest stockholder."

"Well, it's been cheap lately, and I didn't think you were going to let it go completely to hell, so I bought up that I could afford. A few months back, I got a letter from Doofus on company letterhead, asking for my proxy, saying there was some problem with SEC. I guess he didn't recognize my name.

"You said you needed my help. What can I do?"

They talked for over an hour. When they were both sure she understood what he was asking, she asked, "Friday, you said we'd talk about my old boss coming back?"

"Do you want him back?" Lee cocked his head, smiling.

"Sometime," she said shyly. Her face brightened. "Maybe on the days you have me work for you, on those days, after hours, he could be back, or if you should stop by Doofus's office, you could give me a grope on the way out, or..."

Lee laughed. "You're shameless, aren't you?"

Her eyes went wide open, giving her a totally innocent look. "Nooo! That's why it's so, sooo mmm," she said, breaking into a smile. She got up and walked to the door, her hips swaying gently under the fitted skirt. "So, I get to do Pete and you, and Rosa tonight. It's going to be a long day. If you get a chance to tell her, I don't know what you were talking about, about last Friday. Nothing happened I was aware of." She smiled and left the room, leaving the door open.

The dull, leaden sky muted the fall colors rampant on the hillsides. In the absence of any sunlight, even the slight breeze seemed to chill Rosa to the bone as she walked into the empty offices of Carruther's Machine Tools. Lee's office door was open again.

She stood in the doorway, not sure how she felt. Pete was on the floor, on his back, Ashley was riding his cock while she used her mouth on Lee, who was standing, straddling Pete's head. She felt envy, wanting to be in Ashley's position; anticipation, looking forward to fucking Lee again; horny, aroused by the sight before her. What she didn't feel, which she thought she should, was jealousy.

Less than forty-eight hours ago, with her legs wrapped around the slight blonde haired man on the floor, she had accepted his proposal.

For the past three months, at her suggestion, to save their small, young company some money, the two of them had shared a two bedroom apartment. She had been clear, and firm, they were only roommates. Initially, there had been some awkward moments getting used to each other's habits and routines. It was clear from the start that Pete had been attracted to her, and he was cute, she thought, but not the macho Latino she was usually attracted to.

Over the course of the three months, his gentleness and thoughtfulness had made their impression on her. Two weeks ago, he had asked her to go out to dinner. The restaurant had had a small band which played a variety of songs, most of them dance-able. Consequently, they had spent much of the evening in each other's arms.

When they got home, standing in the living room, between the doors to their respective bedrooms, she had let him kiss her, her first kiss since she had been double-teamed by her neighbor and his mentally challenged brother. When Pete's hand started to move to her breast, she pulled away, saying, "I...I can't...I'm sorry," and ran into her bedroom, where she had spent the next hour trying to suppress her moans as she pleasured herself.

The next morning they had met, as usual, in the kitchen. Pete, fully dressed, still looked like he hadn't slept at all. When he saw her, he blushed, and started to stammer an apology. She put her fingers over his mouth, and when he was quiet, leaned in to give him a soft kiss.

"It wasn't anything you did. It's me. When I was 13, just beginning to develop, a neighbor boy and his retarded brother coaxed me into their basement. They both...when they were done, they threatened to hurt my brothers if I told. They were so big, I believed them.

"Jimmy, the 'special' one, tried to force me again a few weeks later, except his mom was home. She came down to the basement to see why I was screaming. He had me tied up and was taking off my panties when she came down. When she asked him what he thought he was doing, he told her what his brother Roger had done to me.

"When he got home that afternoon, she beat Roger with a broom stick until it broke. He was eighteen, so she kicked him out of the house.

"That was the last time, until last night, I've let anyone get close to me. It scared me, it felt so good, but it also brought up feelings I thought I was over. I wanted to, want to, but don't know if..."

"I'm sorry you were hurt so badly, Rosa. If I...unngnh," he groaned. He closed his eyes, looking like he was in pain. He took her hands in his. "I love you. Living here with you, like this, I've seen that, besides being a beautiful girl, you're good people, kind, generous, smart, witty, funny, fun to be around.

"I understand some, a little, now. I...I... I'd like...Dammit!" he laughed, "You've got me all tongue tied. I'm trying to ask you to marry me. Oh, shit! I mean...I Said It; I did! I said it! Whoooo!" he exhaled, loudly. He looked in her eyes. "Will you... No, don't answer now. But promise me you'll think about it.

"I have to be out of town for a week or so, tracking down those accounts. When I get back, okay?" His words had come out in a breathless rush.

Dumbstruck, she simply nodded and watched him as he hurriedly left their apartment.

She had expected him to return Saturday afternoon; around four, he had said. It was nearly six when she heard him unlocking the door. She had been waiting for him, naked, in her room. When the door opened, the first thing he saw was her, standing in the doorway to her room, in all her naked glory.

He was mesmerized as she walked to him, her hips and breasts swaying slightly as she crossed the room. When she reached him, she didn't say a word, but simply took hold of his tie and led him to her bed. There. she removed his clothing without saying a word and pushed him down onto her bed.

By the time she made her way up his body to straddle his hips, he was sporting an acceptable six and a half inches of manhood. She positioned it at her introitus, bent down as if to kiss him and whispered, "Yes," as she engulfed his staff. They hadn't left the bed except for snacks, drinks and the bathroom until this morning. Now, here he was, fucking another woman.

"Am I interrupting something important?" she asked, dropping her coat on the floor in the doorway. She made her way to the trio, unbuttoning the cardigan she wore. "Lee, don't waste that nice cock on a mouth, let me help you with it."

"Rosa!" choked Pete. "Wha..."

"It's okay, sweetie; I understand; sometimes men just have unreasonable needs. You simply have to understand, sauce for the gander is sauce for the goose. You can go out and fuck whomever you want. Two conditions, though: you tell me before I hear it from someone else; and you don't get upset if I go out and find someone to fuck." She unzipped her skirt and let it fall.

"We're lucky here, today. You're doing a good job for Ashley, and Lee is here for me to demonstrate what might happen when you go out to fuck around."

Rosa pushed Ashley back a little, giving her access to Pete's face. She positioned her feet by his head and squatted, bringing her naked crotch to his lips. "You know what to do, sweetie; you had plenty of practice this weekend. Mmm, that's right; good job," she said, standing up. "You ready Lee? Ashley, when he comes, keep him plugged in. When Lee comes, I'll trade lunches with you."

A smile replaced Ashley's puzzled look. "You got it, Rosa," she answered and began more aggressive hip thrusts, drawing a moan from Pete.

Rosa pushed Lee down on the love seat where she had such a good time last Friday and moved her pussy over his cock. She lowered herself onto him and began to post on his staff. In a few minutes, Lee lifted her off him and positioned her on her hands and knees, moving into position behind her. His cock split her inner petals and entered the warm tunnel they hid.

He began sawing in and out of her, massaging her g -spot with his cockhead. When he felt her alter her rhythm, signifying the approach of her orgasm, he reached around and pinched her left nipple, and with his right hand, reached down and began frigging her clit. Her climactic scream echoed throughout the office, setting off Pete and Ashley's mutual explosion. Her orgasm was so intense she was nearly oblivious to the splash of Lee's spend on her tunnel walls.

As soon as she could move, Rosa pulled away from Lee's prick and crawled to where Ashley and Pete were recovering on the floor. "Ashley, sweetie, roll over on your back, please," she said. Ashley looked at her, smiling, and pulled her naked body from Pete, to lay under Rosa.

Rosa remembered well the delicate touch Ashley had used on her on Friday, plus she had experienced oral caresses several times since then from Lee and from Pete. Besides claiming Pete's sperm, she was determined to give Ashley as good as she had received from her.

She was on her hands and knees at Ashley's head. She began to crawl down her body, stopping to lightly kiss her lips, and then again when she reached her double-B's, where she sucked each of the rosy nipples to erection before she continued on to the blonde nest between Ashley's long legs.

She covered Ashley's slit with her mouth and began to explore it with her tongue, searching for the supersensitive areas she had identified on herself. In her quest she was able to roll her tongue into a straw-like instrument and used it to suck out Pete's sperm from Ashley's cum cave.

When she began to suck out Pete's spend, she felt Ashley begin to explore her own pussy. "Mmm, punani," she moaned.

In response, Ashley groaned, "Yesssss!"

"Oh, fuck!" shouted Pete, and pushed Rosa off Ashley. In a second, he was on her, his cock buried in her hot love tunnel as he bent down to claim her lips. "Goddam, babe, what are you doing?" he asked as he started to fuck her.

"I told you, lover man, you go out and fuck around, then don't be upset if I do. If you don't want anyone else in this punani, keep 'it' filled, and no other, okay? We start fresh today. If you want to fuck Ashley again, I'll do Lee once more, and they'll be the last ones we ever fuck outside of our marriage."

They looked at the other couple, busy with their own copulation on the love seat. Pete looked back at his fiancé. "Is that what you want? For us to fuck them, sort of a get it out of our system fuck?"

"Only if you want to, or need to. Or, we can go the other way; you have my permission to fuck whomever you want, just tell me before someone else does. And I might do the same, but only if you do."

"What do you want, Rosa?" he asked, puzzled.

"I want to be Mrs Peter Adams. I have seen too many marriages go under because the wife expected the man to never stray, and when he did, they couldn't deal with it. I'm just letting you know it would be okay, if..." He nodded.

"What if Lee, here, comes back to visit us in Cedar, alone, and I tell you it's okay if you sleep with him, or, say, a customer is in town, and while I was on the job, he let me sleep with his wife. I bring him home and tell you about his wife..."

"Expecting me to sleep with him to even things up?" she asked, a trace of irritation in her voice.

"Yeah, I guess, sorta." Pete heard the irritation and wondered what was wrong.

"Mr. Brock, would you call Marjorie in Cedar tomorrow and have her cut my severance check. I'm quitting, as of right now." She pushed Pete away and stood up and started putting on her clothes.

Pete stood up, a look of utter shock on his face. "Wha..."

Rosa turned to look at him. "You have no idea what you just did, do you? I gave you a choice, and instead of choosing me, you presented me with situations where you pimped me out to your friends and business associates." She walked up to him, standing so her breasts barely touched his chest.

"In our marriage, between us, you'd own this body, and you could have it any way you want. I showed you that this weekend." She stepped back a step.

"But, no, gringo," she said, hissing the epithet like it was a dirty word and drawing it out, "given the chance, you want to bring in others, to allow them to use my body.

"Nobody, gringo! Nobody tells me who to fuck! Nobody! Ever!" She spit the last words out, her hands slicing the air between them.

Rosa's voice dropped so it was barely above a whisper, but her tone and her expression were blood chilling. "If you expect me to fuck one of your friends, if you try to tell me to do that, you will have to tie me down first. But if you do, before you untie me, you better be goddam fucking sure there are no knives left in the house; or your fucking crotch will look like hers," she declared, pointing at Ashley.


"Keep out of this, Lee!" she growled.

"Dammit, Rosa, you said if I fucked some one, you would; I was just..."

Her body visibly become rigid, her hands balled into fists as she shook her head. "Men! They never fuckin' listen!" she shouted. "I 'said,' if you go out fucking around, don't be upset 'if' I do. I never said I would, after tonight. I only fucked Lee to show you what might happen. I told you if you didn't want anybody else's cock in my punani, then you need to keep it filled with yours, and make sure mine is the only pussy you fill."

She looked at Lee and Ashley, chewing at her lip, obviously debating with herself. She turned back to Pete. "I don't care who you've been with before tonight. That's all in the past. You know what happened to me when I was thirteen. Until Friday, that was my total experience.

"Friday...Friday, I had the opportunity to be part of a threesome, with another couple, a man and woman, and I did it. I was curious, and scared; scared I wouldn't be able to go through with it. I had to know before I told you yes." Tears started to roll down her cheeks.

"Oh, shit! Why did you have to..." She ran to the door and bent to pick up her coat. Pete caught her there.

"I've been a total jerk; I'm sorry, sweetheart. Let me get dressed and we'll go home." He led her back to a chair and sat her down. He looked at Lee and Ashley. "Uh...ahh...mmm...Lee, I'll call you tomorrow about what I found."

Rosa looked up. "You haven't told them yet?" She looked at Ashley, still nude, sitting on the love seat with Lee, and swallowed the giggle which started to emerge, thinking how she had almost forgotten her errand on Friday. "No, no, Pete, you finish up here. I'll wait for you at the apartment. What you found is more important than our little spat."

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