tagNovels and NovellasA Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 07

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 07


Lee and Max get some good news, and some not so good news. They settle things with the bad guys. Fate takes a hand, while someone out of Rosa’s past appears and causes a crisis. Includes a double occurrence of forced non-consensual homosexual sex. If you find that objectionable, sorry. Otherwise, enjoy. Jb7

A Dish Best Served Cold Ch. 7

Max lay back on the exam table, her feet in the stirrups. Squirming around, looking for a comfortable position, she wondered, not for the first time, “Is this how a turkey feels at Thanksgiving?” A few minutes later, Sue Schnietter, MD, OB/GYN, walked in after knocking, and greeted her.

After a few minutes of catch up and discussing Max’s overall health, the doctor donned her stethoscope and slid the bell across Max’s now significant baby bump. The doctor stopped just about midline and listened carefully. She consulted Max’s file. “You’re about eighteen weeks, is that right? Appetite?”

“Oh, god, Sue, I’m hungry as a horse lately, all the time.”

“Twins run in the family?”

Max laughed. “You might say. I’m a twin, and so is the father, and so were our great-grand-parents.” Sue’s eyebrows raised slightly at her answer. Max saw the mini-reaction and inwardly blushed at her unintentional revelation.

“That would help explain it.” She turned to Max and smiled. “I’ll have Bobbi come in and get the equipment set up to do an ultrasound to confirm it, but I’m pretty sure I heard two heart beats. Would you like to sit up until it’s ready?”

“Yes, thank you, Sue.” She paused, then, “May I ask a question?”

“Of course. Something bothering you?”

“Not really.” she hesitated, not sure now she wanted to ask the question. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. “The babies’ father is my brother. How much will that complicate things?”

The thirty-something doctor looked at Max, her expression slightly on the shocked side of neutral. She knew such things happened, but this was the first instance she personally had encountered, since she started her internship, thirteen years ago.

She hoped the shock wasn’t apparent in her voice as she answered. “There isn’t any easy answer to that, simply because we don’t have enough solid data to make a prediction. We toss around statistics anywhere from a seven percent chance of birth defects to twenty-five or thirty five percent. The truth is, the lower end is extrapolated from societies where cousins and uncles and nieces are permitted to marry and have children, and from the results of animal inbreeding.

“The upper end is based on what we see when developmentally disabled young women come in after they’ve been impregnated by their relatives. Often the resulting children have some defect, but is that from the incest, from the disabled girl not being properly cared for, herself, during the pregnancy, or from whatever caused the mother’s disability in the first place? Sometimes, it appears to be the result of multi-generational incest. We just don’t know.

“All I can tell you is that the fact you and the father are twins significantly increases the risk of complications; how much is impossible to say. In your parents’ generation, are there any problems you know of?”

Max smiled. “No. Going back three generations, there has been a general problem with fertility, and with reduced resistance to infections, but no identifiable physical or mental defects. On the contrary, we are all healthy, generally; the men, handsome and well built, and quite intelligent.

“However, the family has pretty well bred itself out of existence. With these two, the entire extended family numbers ten. In fact, my brother and I are the only members of our generation.”

“Well, we’ll keep a close eye on the three of you, to be sure. Bobbi will be right in. When she’s set up, she’ll help you back into the stirrups.”

A half hour later, the two women were seated at the desk in the exam room. “You all look healthy enough. It appears that you have a matched pair, one of each. They are both in the high nineties, percentile wise, for size. That’s why I placed a pessary cup over the opening of your cervix.

“I’m sorry to have to do this so early in the pregnancy, but you should restrict your sexual activity, no penetration of any kind below the waist.” The doctor saw the stunned look on Max’s face. “I know that’s a surprise, but with some of the endometrial problems you’ve had in the past, I think it’s best.”

“I know, Sue, it’s just...it’s complicated. I just moved in with my brother a few weeks ago, and made him promise he wouldn’t have sex with anyone but me.” She gave a small laugh. “That was the same week I introduced him to three women I said would be glad to take care of his sexual needs.”

“Max! Didn’t anyone ever warn you about STI’s?”

“I know, Sue, but two of them were virgins, and the third said it had been so long since she was with a man, and it hurt so much to insert a tampon, she was sure her hymen had grown back.”

Sue looked at her, aghast, then laughed. “Still...anyway, there’s always oral.”

Max made a ‘sour’ face. “Mmhmm, I guess. It just isn’t the same. What about me, and my orgasms?”

“You’re probably fine for the next couple of months; but, nothing too strenuous, and no penetration, not even fingers, okay?”

“Okay,” Max pouted, sticking out her lower lip, and then laughed, joined by the doctor, who was shaking her head as she left the room.

Max put on her coat, grabbed her purse and left, thinking, “Well, I know some women who might be happy.”

Max had gone straight home after her visit with the doctor. She hadn’t wanted to give Lee the mixed news at the office. She knew, or thought, he‘d be pleased with the news about the twins. She also suspected he’d be upset about the limits on her sexual activity.

As she moved around the kitchen, she thought she could feel the pessary clamping her cervix shut, but couldn’t be sure. She remembered hearing that ninety-five percent of the tactile nerve sensors in the vagina were located in the first two and a half inches from the opening. She was sure her cervix was beyond that, but she was aware something new was in there.

As she put the casserole in the oven she heard the door to the garage open. A few minutes later, Lee’s arms were sliding around her waist, pulling her to him. His hands slowly drifted up to gently cradle her swollen breasts. “Hi, beautiful; I missed you this afternoon. Everything okay at the doctor’s?”

She turned in his arms to face him, to get a hello kiss before she answered, “Mostly. Some good news, some not so good. Pour us some wine while I finish putting the salad together.”

“That bad, huh, that I’m going to need a drink?” He leaned back, still holding her, to look into her eyes.

“Or that good, so that you’ll want a drink to celebrate. Or, maybe,” she smiled at him, “a little of both. I’d like some sherry on ice, please.”

Lee smiled, and acceded to her wishes. “Fine. In your own good time, and in your own good fashion. ‘Twas ever thus,” he quoted, reminding her how she had usually gotten her own way in arguments with him. She just smiled at him.

Several minutes later, he was back in the kitchen with the drinks, having changed from his suit to a pair of casual slacks and a polo shirt. He set Max’s drink on the counter, next to where she was working. She picked it up and turned to watch him sit down at the kitchen table. “Sue said the twins are fine, but I can’t do anything but oral sex until they’re born.”

Lee’s face broke into a huge grin. “Twins!!” He jumped up and grabbed her around the waist and began to dance around the kitchen. He got about three steps into his impromptu dance and stopped to look at her. “What do you mean, only oral sex?” he asked, that part of her finally statement sinking in.

She extracted herself and sat down. “I’ve had some problems in the past I won’t bore you with, so Sue decided I needed a pessary to keep the cervix closed until it’s time to deliver. She also said no penetration, not even fingers, below the waist.

“I’ve been thinking about this all afternoon, and tomorrow I’ll speak to Thelma and Ashley, and enlist them and Teesha to help you through the rest of the pregnancy.”

Lee dropped to one knee in front of her. “That’s not necessary, sweetheart. I can wait for you...”

She looked at him over her very prominent baby bump. “I know you can, but I don’t want you to have to. With the mess Don caused, you have enough to deal with. With those three ready and willing to help you out, I won’t have to worry about you getting over stressed. Now stop arguing with me. The casserole is about ready to come out. Sit down to eat.”

Lee looked at her. He felt a wave of emotion well up inside of him. “You’re too good to me. I can...”

“Lee, I’ve decided. I know you won’t fall in love with them, that it will simply be sex, no different than drinking a glass of water when you’re thirsty, or having a sandwich when you’re hungry. This way, I’ll know who and when, when you have to satisfy that particular appetite, and on those nights,” she went on, smiling, “I’ll expect you to take care of me. It can only be oral, but in this case, eating is much better than fasting. Okay?” She wrinkled her brow at him, eliciting a smile.

He sighed. “Twas ever thus.”

Her smile widened as she kissed him, then went to the stove and pulled out the casserole.

On her way into her office, Max stopped and exchanged a few words with Thelma, who simply nodded in response. An hour or so later, when she saw her daughter come into the executive area with the mail, she buzzed Ashley and asked her to come to Max’s office. When Teesha got to Thelma’s desk, she was told Max wanted to see her and Thelma.

Ashley was already in the office when the pair of black women entered. Max greeted Teesha and asked them to sit down. She looked at her desk for several seconds before beginning.

“A few weeks ago, I maneuvered the situation so that Lee had sex with all of you. After the first time, you, Thelma, and you, Teesha, were led to understand that it would be a continuing activity.

“However, things happened, and, as you probably know, Lee and I became a couple, with the understanding neither of us would have any sex partners outside our relationship.

“Yesterday, I learned my bundle of joy,” she paused, patting her stomach, “is really a double bundle - - twins. For a lot of reasons, the doctor has decided I need to restrict my sexual activity.

“Rather than add that stress to Lee’s load right now, I’m asking if any of you would be interested in resuming the relationship you had with Lee before I moved in with him.”

“Starting when?” Teesha grinned.

“Girl, you be...” her mother started.

“That’s okay, Thelma. Lee’ll appreciate her eagerness.” She looked at Teesha. “He’s right through that door, Teesha. If you have time, you can start right now,” she said, pointing to the inter-office door to Lee’s office.

Teesha stood up, unconsciously licking her lips. “Uhh, I’m not sure if I have time, but can I just pop in and check with him about when...” Max chuckled and nodded.

The other three women watched as the nineteen year-old hurried to the door Max had pointed to, knocked and opened it to step through.

Thelma simply shook her head and looked at Max. “Is everything okay, Miss Maxine? I know how important it was to you when you moved in to have him to yourself.”

“Everything is fine, Thelma, thank you. We didn’t expect the restriction so early. I’m not even half way yet, but the doctor says the twins are growing so rapidly, they’re almost off the chart for size.”

Ashley broke in. “Is there anything else we can do for you, Max?”

Max smiled at the big blonde. “Just keep an eye on things, and keep me up to date. How’s our recovery going?”

Ashley smiled. Outside the family, due to her buying up stock in the company when it had been dirt cheap, she was the single largest stockholder. “We’re doing fine. Right after we announced the two new lines the stock started going back up. The opening bid this morning was a $50 offer OTC. So far, it’s been unaccepted.”

“Good. What’s Don been up to?”

“Mostly, he’s been quiet, tending to his own business. He’s had a couple of calls this week from Marco, and three or four from that banker.

“He knows I keep track of the market, and he’s asked me to...” She was interrupted by a scream of joy from the office on the other side of the door. Ashley grinned; Max smiled; Thelma’s face went dour and she shook her head.

“Something wrong, Thelma?” Max asked.

Thelma looked at Max, her lips tight, then lowered and shook her head. “What is it, Thelma. Something’s bothering you. Tell me.”

“No; it’s just me. I knew it when it happened the first time. I just hadn’t thought about it until afterward. Then, Mr. Lee, he recognized it, but it didn’t stop him, and when I realized...well, I knew I should have expected it, seein’ how it is with you two.”

“Expected what, Thelma?”

“Them. Teesha is your half sister. Didn’t he tell you?”

“No, my brother didn’t share that tidbit with me. Does Teesha know?”

“No, and I can’t tell her because she’d blab it all over the company. That girl couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it.”

“Is she on birth control?” Ashley asked.

“She is now, but it started after their first time.” She winced as another scream was heard through the door, followed by loud feminine laughter. “Ms Max, may I be excused. Much as I’m glad she’s having a good time, somehow it don’t seem right, me sitting here listening to it.”

“That’s fine, Thelma. What should I tell Lee?”

Thelma looked at Ashley. “Whachoo gonna do, gerrrulll?” she asked, smiling and stressing her black Southern accent.

Ashley looked at Max. “As long as it’s with your permission, I’ll fuck that cock every chance I get. Your were right about Don. I hardly know he’s there, and by the time I do recognize it, he’s ready to pull out. He’s not only a nuisance fuck, it’s goddam frustrating after Lee.” Max nodded, smiling.

Thelma shrugged and grinned. “Tell him he owes me for three weeks. At least. And I expect ...well, just tell him I’ll be waiting, but he better not be too long.” She got up and walked to the door. “Actually, him bein’ too long wouldn’t be a problem, he jus’ shouldn’t make me wait more’n a day or two.” She turned to look at Max. “Unless you’re gonna be there, too,”

Max smiled. “May be,” she answered, drawing it out to two syllables. “I’ve learned with Lee to never say never, or even probably not, but thanks for the offer, Thelma.”

“Was there anything else you needed from me?” Ashley asked as Thelma nodded and left.

“Yes, if you have a few minutes. I need more information on Don’s activities.”

Max looked at the teenager. “He’s right through that door, Teesha. If you have time, you can start right now,” she said.

Teesha stood up, unconsciously licking her lips. “Uhh, I’m not sure, but can I just pop in and check with him...” Max chuckled and nodded.

The other women watched as the nineteen year-old hurried to the door, knocked, and opened it to step through.

Lee was just exiting his private restroom when there was a light knock on the door between his office and Max’s. He was about to say, “Come in,” when the door opened and Teesha’s face appeared in the opening. He grinned and motioned for her to enter.

Max had told him she was going to ask the women he had been banging earlier if they would resume their relationship with him for the duration of her pregnancy. Evidently Teesha was more than willing.

The mocha colored teen entered the office and closed the door. Lee met her halfway across the floor and pulled her into a loose hug, his arms around her waist, pulling her ass toward him so their groins met. His memories of their last time together stirred his little giant to life. Teesha grinned as she felt it grow and press into her belly.

She slid her hips side to side, caressing his wild thing. “Guess you’re glad to see me, huh, boss man?” In reply, Lee bent down and nuzzled her neck, grabbing a mouthful of flesh and gently nibbling on it. “Oh, god, boss man! You keep that up and I’m apt to lose my job.”

“Oh? And why would that happen?” he asked with a smile, and resumed his activity on the other side.

“‘Cause iffen you don’t stop, I’m about to tear off your pants ‘n’ fuck you right here on the floor. You showed me such good times before, my fingers just aren’t enough anymore. Ohhhh, fuck, boss man! Hurry, please! Fuck me, now!”

Lee picked her up, cradling her in his arms, and carried her to the love seat. He lowered her feet to the floor so she was standing, then sat on the small sofa and began to unfasten the waist band on her jeans. When she began to pull her top off, he stopped her. “That’s my job,” he told her. “You just stand still.” In short order, he had her standing in front of him, wearing nothing but a dark red thong.

He reached out to slide his hand between her thighs, his thumb sliding against the moist garment. “My turn, boss man,” she said, reaching for his tie. When she fumbled his shirt buttons, he moved her hands to his waist and finished unbuttoning his shirt while she worked on his pants.

He was still seated when she was ready to pull them off. He raised his ass from the love seat to help her as she pulled his pants and shorts down. She dropped to her knees to remove his shoes and pants, and stayed there to pay some attention to his erect cock.

She slid her mouth over the crown and began humming, bobbing her head in rhythm with the familiar tune. Lee guffawed out loud when he recognized the tune. He pulled Teesha up off her knees, to kneel on the love seat, straddling him.

“Itsy Bitsy Spider?” he asked with a grin.

“It was the only one I could think of,” she answered, taking hold of his staff and moving it into position. “I wanted to make it good for you. Was I okay?” She began to move up and down on him. “Uuunnnhh,” she moaned. “Damn, boss man, do you have to be so fuckin’ big? How’m I gonna find someone when Ms Max is able to handle you?”

Lee began to thrust up into her, bouncing his butt off the sofa. Teesha began to make a low moaning sound, actually a series of short moans, coinciding with his thrusts, “uh uh uh uh uh uh uh...”

She felt the tension building in her belly. She could swear she could feel every bump and vein on his cock as it moved in her, filling her quim, massaging her vaginal walls, sliding over all her sensitive spots as her clit bumped his pubic bone.

“Oh, fuck, boss man, I’m gonna...uh, uh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, unh, ahhhiiieeeeeeee!” she screamed.

Before she knew what he was doing, Lee had her turned and lying on the love seat, her knees up by her ears, draped over his shoulders. He was pounding into her with long powerful thrusts.

She could feel his cock massage the deepest recesses of her cunt, then slide back over a very tickley spot deep within her. By clamping down on his cock, she found, she could not only increase the intensity of the sensation, but also the duration as he pulled back.

She wrapped her arms around him and tried to link her feet behind his shoulders. She reached up to place her lips by his ear. “Fuck me, boss man. Fuck your black bitch cousin. Does that turn you on, boss man, fucking your cousin? C’mon, boss man, fuck me harder, punish my pussy like you punished mama’s.

“Did you know she fucked Mr. C., the owner? That’s when she caught me. Fuckin’ the boss, just like me. You gonna give me a baby, too, boss man? Like my daddy did to mama?

“My daddy’s your cousin; that makes us cousins. That makes this incest, don’t it? You’re doin’ incest with your black bitch cousin, boss man. Do you like that, huh? Fucking your black cousin’s cunt, hard and deep? Oh, yeah! Like that, boss man, jus’ like that! unh unh oh yeaaaaaaaaiiiiieeeee!!!”

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