tagHumor & SatireA Ditzy Handful Ch. 03

A Ditzy Handful Ch. 03


Author's Note:

Wow, it's been a couple months since I published the first two chapters. I'm really grateful for the positive feedback, I was worried about typos, about being too short, about not being good, but I really want to thank everybody that favorited me.

Previously, we had left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. Alex, our sexy and voluptuous but rather naïve bimbo, was so happy with the massage from her hunky neighbor Ryan that she decided to return the favor, and she was certainly enjoying running her fingers through his light dusting of chest hair and feeling his chiseled physique until she felt something rather stiff and hard rubbing against her. Equally determined as she is ditzy, she was rather stunned to discover Ryan's rather large erection.

This continues directly from Chapter 2 and is obviously a bit more graphic in its sexual content. I decided to reward everybody by making it worth the wait!


Alex grabbed the waistband of Ryan's shorts and tugged down, and was shocked when Ryan's big cock sprung out.

"Oh..." Alex's coffee colored eyes went wide. "That's...that's not your pistol..." she said rather shyly, the tan skin of her cheeks blushing.

Ryan shifted his weight a little bit underneath her, uncomfortable. "Yeah, uh, I'm sorry about that, here let me-"

"Wow, I never seen one this big..." Alex said soft, her finger gently prodding Ryan's thick shaft. His cock twitched and jumped. Her hand automatically reach out to grab hold of it, and she could feel the burning hot skin against her oily palm.

"Ohhhh my fucking god..." Ryan breathed out as he tilted his head back, eyes closed.

"Did that hurt?" I Alex asked, concern her pretty face. She felt the veins running up Ryan's cock pulsing, throbbing in her grasp.

"Oh no, Lex. That feels great." Ryan opened his eyes, flashing a smile at her from under his beard. Alex really liked his smile. She had been so worried that Ryan was mad at her, but now he couldn't look happier.


Well. This isn't how Ryan expected this day to go. But as man once said, "In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity". Or however the saying goes. Fuck, Alex's hand felt good.

Ryan couldn't help but smile. His eyes raked over Alex's gorgeous body, her lightly tanned curves. A dream come true. He reached over and laid his palm on her upper thigh, gently caressing her smooth skin. He lifted his eyes back up to hers, and saw she was focused on softly rubbing her hand up and down his dick, feeling the weight, almost mesmerized by his size.

"Well," he said to himself internally, "that's a confidence booster."

He reached up and gently brushed his fingers through her hair. "Alex." he said quietly. She looked up at him, almost started. Almost like she had forgot he was there. He couldn't help but smirk.

"Alex, if you like it so much, why not give it a kiss?"


Alex blinked at Ryan. He wanted to kiss her? She felt the butterflies swirling in her lower tummy again. Alex had thought about kissing Ryan before, but didn't want to mess up and look stupid.

Her palm gently touching his shoulder, her other hand massaging his big cock, Alex leaned over and pressed her pouty lips to Ryan's mouth. He tensed for a moment - oh no, was he just joking like he always did? But then she felt him relax and kiss her back, deeply.


Ryan slid his hands around Alex, his palms rubbing her lower back as he kissed her slowly, exploring her mouth with his tongue.

One of his hands moved over Alex's curvy booty, cupping one of her ass cheeks and lightly squeezing.

His other hand slide up to her shoulders, fingertips lightly tracing over every bump of her spine. His fingers nestled into her long caramel hair. Holding her by the hair, he softly pulled her head back.

"Mm. You taste good, babe." Ryan trailed kisses down Alex's neck, and across her chest. His short beard lightly tickling her soft sensitive skin as he mouthed her big round tits. His lips touched her nipples, and he swirled his tongue around, gently nibbled, and sucked them until they were stiff and shiny from his spit.


Alex was making soft little noises as she felt Ryan's mouth exploring her. She felt his fist wrapped in her hair, but she didn't mind that. he felt Ryan's teeth scrape across her left breast, lightly pressing into her nipple, and she made another soft startled sound.

Alex wasn't sure what to do, only that she didn't want to stop. She was letting Ryan take control, and enjoying it.

"Mm. Alex." Ryan said, his voice slightly muffled as he buried his face between her big tits. "You forgot what you were supposed to do."

Ryan smiled as he stood up straight, his hand still holding her by her hair as Alex knelt on the beach towel laid out in he back yard.

Alex looked up at him, seeing that mischievous lint to his eyes. Her eyes were quickly drawn back to the big slab of meat dangling in her face.

"You didn't forget about that, did you? After you went through all the trouble of pulling it out?" Ryan chuckled.

Alex blushed. She did forget. She had lost her train of thought as soon as she was making out with Ryan. Ryan took his cock and lightly touched it to her lips.

Alex lightly moved her lips against it. It was even more red hot than before. She felt it rub across her cool cheek as she nuzzled it, still feeling Ryan's steady pulse speeding up. She wrapped her lips around the big plump head, gently sucking the end of Ryan's dick.

Alex heard Ryan's voice rumble with unspoken words as she flicked her tongue against the tip few tantalizing times before swirling around the big head. She felt Ryan's hips move forward a little, so she slid down deeper on the big fleshy rod, the bottom of Ryan's shaft sliding over the flat of her tongue.

Alex closed her eyes as she sucked Ryan's cock slowly, enjoying the feel of it in her mouth.


Now it was Ryan's turn to be mesmerized. He looked down at Alex kneeling at his feet, watching her drooling on his dick. He kept hold of her hair, but he wasn't sure why. Maybe just a show of dominance, some primal part of his brain that needed to be in control, the old caveman instinct that makes you growl "This is my woman!"

A low grunting moan in the back of his throat almost sounded like a growl. Christ, Alex was a champion at this. Ryan gently thrust his hips forward a couple times, marveling at how she adjusted to the new rhythm.

"Alex, look at me" he murmured, the corner of his mouth lifting in a smirk when she opened her eyes and looked up into his. "Good girl" was all he could say as he applied a little pressure to the back of her head, pulling her deeper, feeling himself pushing into the back of her throat, holding it there.

She coughed a little bit, and he drew his cock back out. While he let her catch her breath, eyes watching her big tits move up and down as her chest heaved, he took his cock - shiny and dripping with her slobber - and rubbed it across her pretty face.

"So fucking sexy..." he hissed, a manic gleam to his eye.


Alex swallowed. She felt bad for choking a little bit, but Ryan had buried his cock into her throat muscles. But he didn't seem to be too mad about it, he was even happier now than he was a minute ago. He had a kind of a wild look to him, actually.

He knelt down next to her, but she felt his big strong hands pushing against her, laying her on her back. Alex let him control her body as he positioned her legs over his shoulders, burying his face between her thighs, and she gasped in delight as she felt him kiss her.

Alex arched her back as his tongue moved up and down and all around her slit, his mouth covering her pussy. She felt her toes curl and point as he sucked the folds of her pussy lips before moving up to work on her clit. His hands were holding her hips firm, his fingertips pressing into the bronze skin of her ass and the back of her thighs.

Alex's hands reached down, rubbing Ryan's broad muscular back, running her fingers through his dark hair. Her little pink pussy was moist now, glistening wet.

She bit her lower lip, but when Ryan's fingers joined his tongue in prodding and pushing into her she couldn't contain her voice. Sighs and moans erupted as Ryan slid two fingers in and out of her pussy, his lips locked around her swollen clit, sucking on it.

"Some great fucking pussy" Ryan growled as Alex wiggled her hips in a little circle, grinding her pussy against his mouth as he curled his fingers against her G-spot over and over.

"Oh, Ryan..." Alex moaned as her whole body shuddered, her pussy quivering and spasming. Ryan kept eating out her pussy, not stopping as he felt her orgasm climaxing, his hand working faster as he attacked her pussy with his fingers.

Alex felt the sensation building up again, riding the wave. Her second orgasm was faster than the first, but it rocked through her body. She straightened, her thighs squeezing Ryan's head as she groaned out louder.


Ryan licked his lips as he stared at Alex. Her juices were probably smeared across his mouth and his beard, but he didn't give a damn. He liked it. He hadn't felt this alive in months, not since adrenaline was pumping through his veins and bullets whizzed over head.

She was so sweet. So responsive. And he wasn't done yet. He grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to him, sliding her across the beach towel. His cock was still as hard as iron.

He teased it against her first. Rubbing it from the bottom of her pussy all the way up her little slit, pressing the head against her clit. Up and down, until she spread her legs for him again. He felt the tip of his cock slide just inside her tight little velvet pussy. She was dripping wet for him.

He moved his eyes up across her body, lingering on her perfect tits, before locking onto those smoldering Fuck-Me eyes as he slowly pushed all the way into her, watching the sensation dancing across Alex's pretty face.

Ryan slowly pushed deep, getting a feel for her little pussy, feeling where he was stretching her too much. She was so turned on now that she opened up for him easily, but he knew he had to be careful - he had once accidently bruised an ex girlfriend's cervix, which was funny to think about bow but less so at the time.

Thoughts of the past melted as the walls of Alex's pussy clenched down around his thick shaft. Ryan tilted his head back, releasing a small groan as he pulled out a couple inches before pushing right back in.

He could feel Alex squirming underneath him, losing her mind, her hands holding his waist, desperately trying to get more. He pressed down on top of her, burying his face in her neck, listening to her moans as he began picking up speed, thrusting into her again and again.


Alex tried to talk to Ryan, tell him how great it felt, how much she cared about him, but she just couldn't form the words. She could just make noises, some low moans and some high-pitched sighs, as she felt Ryan impale her on his big dick with firm deliberate thrusts. The top of his thighs were hitting her ass harder now, as their hips slammed together. She felt him start moving his hips faster, drilling her, and she wrapped her arms around his neck as he pounded her pussy. Her tits were smooshed against his chest, the soft hairs of his tiger-line brushing against her sensitive nipples.

She screamed out her next orgasm, squeezing Ryan tight. She heard his grunts and growls, and he buried his cock inside her all the way and explode with hot cum. She felt the warmth spreading inside her, felt his passionate kisses, and smiled as she heard his low voice whisper "Good girl".


After a little bit of post-coitus kissing and touching, Ryan had let Alex use his shower. He walked into his kitchen, and saw the beer he had gotten out earlier still sitting on the counter. He smiled as he twisted the cap off. It wasn't ice cold any more, but shit if it wasn't the best beer he ever tasted.

Ryan walked over to he phone, and decided to finally listen to his messages. There were some older ones, family members happy to hear about his discharge, invitations to lunch, stuff like that. The most recent voicemail was from another neighbor.

"Hey soldier boy, its Matt. I'm at work right now but I just got an angry text from the wife. Look, congrats and all but maybe next time can you fuck her inside and avoid giving my kids a show?"

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