A Do Too Far


Iain sat on his sofa when Tanya arrived home from her Christmas do, 'Wow she looks stunning' he thought as he smiled at her. She just stood swaying obviously very drunk. She smiled back in her tight fitting black dress. The dress itself was not short or that low cut but when it was Tanya in the dress, it was enough to have Iain extremely excited.

"Hey babes, you have a good night?" Iain said standing and giving her a hug, his hand already wandering down slowly caressing her buttocks.

"He he, yeaah it was a good night, hic!" she could feel him slowly rubbing her buttocks, she responded slowly by moving her hand around and slowly rubbed his crotch. It didn't take long before they had slumped on the sofa and were passionately kissing and fondling each other. Quickly, Tanya moved her hand up and down his crotch feeling how hard he was. Happy at this she moved and undid the zip and button on his jeans, pulling his erect cock free. She stopped kissing him and moved down gently kissing his erection. "God I'm so drunk and horny I want this so much" was all she could think as she gently moved up and down Iain's throbbing erection. Tanya began licking the tip of Iain's hard cock with every chance she got while taking her tongue up and down his shaft slowly making him quiver. Taking him slowly in her mouth, Tanya began to greedily suck on his cock, slavering on it without control making him even harder than usual.

Iain sat there as she sucked at his cock, he was loving every minute of this, he knew he was in for it tonight, she was always horny when she was drunk. Hornier than usual in fact. He sat there caressing the inside of her thigh. Soon after, he opened her legs further trying his best to get to her wet pussy. He felt like he was going to explode as Tanya worked her magic on his cock, but as he thought he was ready to blast his hot cum into her warm wet mouth it all stopped.

"Tanya? Tanya? Hey baby why have you stopped?" it was then Iain realised she hadn't stopped on purpose. She was all limp led across his knee. She had passed out! Iain was so horny after all that had happened, he couldn't just stop now. Carefully he lifted Tanya off his cock and sat her up. Laying her back against the sofa he looked at her, she looked so peaceful. Eyes shut, a little drool coming out of her mouth, legs slightly open. All this only added to Iain's feelings. He was now so hot and horny he couldn't wait. He had to get his sleeping beauty to bed. As he sat Tanya's limp body up on the sofa, her hair fell over her face. She was perspiring slightly, maybe due to the alcohol, or maybe due to the passion between her and Iain on the lead up to her passing out. As Iain fondled her chest as she led unconscious on the sofa, he passionately kissed his sleeping girlfriend on the mouth. Allowing his tongue to slip into her unresisting mouth, he felt her warmth and tasted the taste of his own cock on her lips.

Iain gently lifted Tanya's body close to his. Lifting her off the sofa and into his arms, carrying her into the bedroom, her arms flopping limply at her side, her head rolled back, eyes closed. Gently placing his girlfriend on the bed on her back she laid legs spread. Iain couldn't get over how great she looked. He had often admired how good she looked sleeping. But this, this was something else. Sitting her up on the bed, he struggled as he pulled up her dress, exposing her gorgeous legs more and more. As the dress went up and over her hips he could see for the first time tonight her red lace thong. He didn't stop there. Lifting the dress up and off her limp body, allowing her to flop back onto the bed, he watched her lush breasts bounce as she already didn't have a bra on. He looked at her led there, completely unconscious. And at his mercy wearing only her small red lace thong, he couldn't control himself. Quickly stripping he released his hard cock from his boxer shorts. It felt so much better now, he was certain he would have burst if he had waited any longer.

Moving up in between Tanya's limp legs, he kissed all the way up to the tops of her thighs from her tender toes. Iain was really enjoying this, he rubbed his hands up and down her legs as he kissed them. Then he licked her gorgeous thighs as he got closer and closer to her sexy lace thong. He slowly pulled them down. Her limp legs made it easy to pull them clean off her, he looked now as she led there, legs slightly parted, naked and helpless. Her face looked so peaceful. He began opening her legs wide as he gently kissed and licked her hot, wet pussy. She must have been really horny before the alcohol knocked her out. Her pussy was already so hot and very wet as Iain's tongue worked its way over her pussy lips and slowly probed inside her wet hole. There was no movement at all from Tanya as he slowly licked and tongue fucked her wet pussy. He couldn't help himself sliding a finger deep in her hole. Iain had never thought he would enjoy playing with his girl as she lay there out of it completely, but he was having so much fun he just had to get his hard cock in on the action.

Sitting up and moving in to the missionary position, he slid his cock effortlessly into her hot pussy. Being unconscious made this easier for him to fuck her slowly looking deep into her face as he did so. Seeing no response to his actions, he started to fuck he harder and a little faster. This was a real turn on. He could see her breasts bouncing as he pumped in and out of her. Gripping her lush breasts, squeezing them as he worked his cock into a frenzy, he pushed deep into her tight hole. He was half wishing she knew how excited this made him. Wondering all the time what this was like for her, did she know what he was doing? was she feeling it? He couldn't be certain but he thought he could feel her moving her slender hips slightly to the rhythm of his thrusts. Yes. He could hear a slight moaning now, "Ohhhh" her eyes where still shut, she wasn't making sense but he could feel her fucking him back. Her pussy was tightening and her noises were becoming more and more intense "OHHHH, FUCK! THAT'S IT" her whole body tensed. He could feel her unconsciously forcing his cock deeper inside her pussy as she came in her drunken stupor.

Now he knew she had come, it was time for Iain to step up his efforts. Rolling the now content and limp Tanya on her side, he had a great view of her perfect bum as she led there still helpless. Lifting her thigh, he started to fuck Tanya as she led on her side. This was amazing. He was watching her chest bounce while he had a firm grip on her buttock. He worked himself into a frenzy groaning loudly, there was no movement from Tanya as he rammed hard and deep in her pussy. One last hard thrust and Iain felt wave after wave of hot cum flooding into his unconscious girlfriend's pussy. After he had finally finished coming he pull right out and curled up tightly next to her. He couldn't wait to tell her about this in the morning, he knew they would both love to talk about this for ages to come.

Iain fell asleep next to Tanya, her naked body, looking as gorgeous as ever, she knew nothing of what had happened to her, although she had had one of the most intense orgasms she had ever had before. She just never knew it...

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