tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Doctors Advantage: Tina Ch. 2

A Doctors Advantage: Tina Ch. 2


This is part 2 of the Tina series, which is set after she has the baby. I may write some of the events that take place while she is pregnant, depending on reader response. Thanks for all the positive feedback on Part 1.

It’s been almost a year since my first encounter with Tina, and in the months leading up to her delivery I used her in every conceivable way. Her husband Joe obviously found out she was pregnant by her personal trainer. She waited until she started to show before telling him, and it nearly destroyed him. After much soul searching, he decided not to divorce her, as long as she promised never to see her lover again. She agreed, knowing that Joe could give her and the baby a much better life than her paycheck to paycheck boyfriend ever could.

She toyed with the idea of telling him about what I was doing to her, but thought better of it. I reminded her that he might not believe her. After all, she had one affair that he knew about. He would likely think it was mutual between us, and this was a risk she didn’t want to take. He would have likely kicked her out for good.

Tina got back into shape quickly after the delivery, looking as good as ever, although her pussy wasn’t as tight as before. I didn’t mind that so much. She was still warm and wet, and a beautiful woman at my mercy. Still I decided it was time to let her go. I had defeated my old college friend Joe in the most personal way, making his wife my slut, and now I could let them get on with their lives knowing I was the alpha male. It felt good. I decided to give her one last task, promising that she would be free afterwards.

It’s a tradition in the family that the father provides a “personal escort” for his son for his first sexual experience just before going off to medical school. My son, Derrick, would be the 5th generation to experience this tradition. It’s thought of as a training session for the young man before he starts screwing all those easy college girls. And the escort chosen is always one of those high class ones. No street whores for this family. Tina would be perfect.

The following is Derrick’s story of his first experience. Tradition forbids for the father to read the written story, so I will leave you with Derrick:

My old man is so naive. I’m 18 and he thinks I’m still a virgin. Fuckin’ funny. I was fucking my babysitters when I was growing up. That was one good thing about being a doctor’s son. Plenty of good drugs in the house. I used various concoctions to slip in their diet Pepsi and then mold them like playdough. Some I had to knock out completely, the feisty little sluts. They were always too confused and embarrassed to ever tell anyone. But, alas, those are stories for another day.

I have to admit though, this piece of ass the old man gave me for my little going away party was sweet. A little older than I’m used to, she was probably mid twenties. But a fuckably tight body and that face..it’s hard to explain but she was striking. The green eyes, perfect nose and lips, combined very well. I knew I would have to spray it with cum and make her thank me.

I went up to the University a week early to move my shit into the frat house. I was an easy in-a legacy always makes it, and I was a 4th generation legacy. The girl would meet me at the house on Saturday, the day after I arrived. The house was practically empty except one of the seniors who stayed the summer.

So this chick shows up in a Jag..can you believe it. She must have cost the old man a fortune. A whore with a Jag. I led her up to my room..she didn’t talk much..seemed in a hurry. I don’t like that and I told her so.

“Look kid, let’s just get on with this.” She said. “Look slut, I’m gonna take my time..my old man will cover whatever extra you want.”

She just rolled her eyes and tossed her purse on the table.

“Strip” I told her, matter of factly.

She did as she was told, although not very seductively. She took her clothing off piece by piece, dropping them on the floor. She had a great body. Not as tight as the 18 year olds I usually banged, looked like maybe she squeezed a kid out at one time, but very shapely, and combined with that face, an easy 9.

I pointed to the bed over against the wall. She walked to it and got in. My cock was growing hard at the sight of her, my heart rate quickening. Every other time I have been laid it had been a dark room, and the girl was mostly drunk or stoned or half conscious on something I slipped her. This was the first time I had to undress in front of a woman in the light of the afternoon. I was a little nervous admittedly. Probably because she was a little older. She watched as I took my shirt off. I had been working out all summer and felt pretty good about myself. I dropped my shorts and pulled my underpants down, my hard cock springing out. She let out a muffled chuckle.

“Something funny?”

“No..nothing”, she said sarcastically.

She was making me pretty mad which has always made me horny. The best sex I have had was with women that I didn’t like. I got into the bed with her, and started running my hands over her naked body. She squirmed, trying to push my hands away.

“Put a condom on” she said very sternly.

“You don’t give the orders here slut”, I said, rolling on top of her. Her naked body against mine felt awesome , especially when she struggled. “The old man will take care of whatever extra cost there is.”

“It doesn’t fuckin’ work that way”, she said struggling harder.

I pushed my cock just inside her, her fists beating on my chest. She was only slightly moist. I thrusted hard, pushing most of my cock up inside her.

“Asshole” she yelled, still trying to push me off.

I started fucking her steadily, and after a few minutes she realized how futile it was to fight me. She layed there with her head turned to the side, moaning ever so faintly as my hands rested on her firm tits, massaging them as I moved in and out of her, her nipples hardening under my hands. Thats what I love most about a woman’s body. No matter how much she hates you, her body always eventually repsonds to sexual manipulation. I was really getting into it, sweating on top of her, and I think she was starting to relax a little, her breathing and gentle moaning getting quicker. I felt her legs wrap around my back, her feet crossed. The room smelled of sex, causing me to grow harder inside her. I grabbed her legs and pushed them over my shoulders so I could fuck her more deeply, her feet up in the air. She didn’t fight this. Just as I started to go at her again the bedroom door flew open. It was Chad, the senior and President of the house.

“What the fuck is going on in here?” he said, grinning widely. Tina started struggling again, this time even harder than before.

“I’m a little busy here” I said, stating the obvious.

“Pledge don’t you know it is the obligation of all new pledges to share their girlfriends with one of the seniors?”

Of course I did know that, it was widely rumored. It took all my strength to hold her down. I was still inside of her.

“You just go ahead and finish what you’re doing there”, he said smugly. He pulled the bedsheet off of the bed so he could watch.

I really didn’t care what he did with this slut once I was finished with her but I was a little pissed that he was gonna stand there.

“Let me go” she whispered loudly.

I started fucking her again, surprised to find that I was rock hard. In fact harder than I have ever been. I fucked her hard and steady as Chad watched, his arms crossed.

“Don’t you DARE cum inside me” she whispered even louder. She was pretty pissed. All beat red. Her threat made me want to actually do it, but I wanted even more to decorate that lovely face. AsI felt my cum rising I pulled out and stroked my cock. The first shot hit her directly in the mouth, much of it landing inside before she could close her lips. The second layed a line from her neck to her belly button, and third sort of dribbled out onto her swollen pussy. She layed there breathing hard. A beautiful picture. Wish I’d had a camera. Chad started clapping, surprising me.. I had practically forgotten he was there.

Tina reached down and grabbed the bedsheet, wrapping it around her naked body as she stood up, looking for her clothes.

“I have to go” she said, picking her panties off the floor.

“Pledge you have a real hottie here.” Chad said He was built like a brick shithouse. One of the star football players on campus. I knew he was gonna fuck her. I just sat down on the couch, still naked, catching my breath. Fuck it, the old man would pay for him too. It was the frat president after all. I think the old man donated like 25 grand a year to the house anyway. What was another few hundred?

Chad turned and locked the door.

“I said I have to GO”, Tina said defiantly.

We both ignored her.

Chad pulled the sheet back off of her, balling it up and tossing it in the corner. Tina crossed her arms over her chest, looking for an exit. Chad shoved her with like 2 fingers, and she went sprawling back onto the bed. He pulled his shirt off, revealing a muscled frame. He unzipped his cutoff shorts and they fell to the floor. He wasn’t wearing underwear. His cock was half hard, veiny, and big. He was my size half hard, and his balls were shaved clean. Tina stared, then noticed that we noticed she was staring, and got off the bed and bolted, running squarely into Chad. He never even flinched, and she bounced off him right back onto the bed.

He rolled her onto her stomach and pushed her knees up beneath her. He was gonna take her from behind and I was getting hard again just watching. He held both her arms behind her back with one big hand. She was completely helpless. She looked so incredibly sexy in this position. Better than any picture I have seen in any porn mag. I had to get my video camera. It was getting dark now, and without even bothering to get dressed, I dashed outside and grabbed it from my car. I didn’t miss much in those 30 seconds. He was rubbing her clit between 2 thick fingers. She was still fighting him, but that familiar moaning and heavy breathing was starting to emanate from her again. I started filming.

“I never do sloppy seconds” he said, “especially not after a pledge.”

Was he not gonna fuck her? I thought to myself, a little disappointed.

He began massaging her juices, which were flowing freely now despite herself, onto her pink little ass hole. A flood of excitement coursed through me as I realized what he meant to do. She didn’t realize at first either, until he rubbed his cock head, first along her slit, then across her ass. He held her tight as she protested loudly, curses that would make a sailor blush. He slid his mostly hard meet along in between her sexy, slippery ass cheeks, his cock growing as he did. I focused the camera on her ass as he pushed, hard. I actually felt a tinge of guilt (it quickly dissipated) as this strong guy’s hardness popped inside. Her eyes flew open, then clenched tightly shut.

“Oh ya baby”, he whispered, as he slowly worked his way further inside of her. She was making low, guttural sounds from deep in her throat. I’ve never heard anything like it. At least he took it slow. After about 5 minutes, he was almost buried up her delicate little ass. Slowly he started pumping, her body rocking forward slightly with each short pump. Her fists were clenching the bedsheets tightly, her eyes still shut. The expression on her face was priceless.

As her tiny hole began to stretch, to become accustomed to his huge intrusion, he started moving a little faster, with longer strokes. The strange noises emanating from her increased in volume and frequency. His body was huge next to hers. He had to be twice her weight. He was feverish. He seemed to forget this was not her pussy, as he was grinding in and out of this little slut. She had to be exhausted, barely struggling now. With one of her cheeks in each hand, gripping them so tightly they were red and starting to bruise, he let out a strong groan and pushed..hard..against her..and came deep in her tight ass, his throbbing cock pulsating against her clenching sphincter. Her eyes rolled back in her head and she passed out, her head falling face first to the pillow.

As the last of his spurting cum emptied into her, he pulled out. As he headed naked toward the shower he grumbled something like “next time you bring a girl, you bring her to my room before you fuck her pledge.” I tucked a few hundreds in her shoe for an extra tip. I’m by no means a generous guy, but she was well worth it. I rubbed one out on her face before getting dressed, then shut the door and headed down to the bars, hoping to get lucky.

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