tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Doctor's Visit

A Doctor's Visit


Jenni walked into the doctor's office. She'd come straight from school and was still wearing her uniform. She was eighteen, and in her first year at a private university. She had straight light brown hair to her shoulders, and light blue eyes. She pulled out a book from her school bag and started reading. She noticed a young man staring at her from across the room and smiled at him. She got hit on by strangers almost everywhere she went, but didn't have time for a boyfriend, not with her studies.

The doctor called her name and she went into his room and hopped up onto the bed.

"What brings you here?" He asked.

"I'm having a little trouble breathing at swim meets," she replied.

"Take off your shirt," he instructed. She did as she was told. He put the stethoscope against her breast. She shivered, as it was cold. He walked around a put the stethoscope on various places of her back slipping the stethoscope under her bra.

"OK, why don't you hop on over here," he said leading her to a table in the back room.

"What is this?" she asked, settling back onto the table, which was covered with back padding.

"You're going to lie back and breathe," he said "while this machine here tells me if anything's wrong." He strapped her wrists and ankles to the four corners of the table so she was tied spread eagle.

"Am I strapped in so I won't move?" she asked.

"No," he replied, "you're strapped in so you can't stop me from fucking you."

"What?" her eyes nearly popped out of her head.

"You heard me," he said matter-of-factly as he unbuttoned her blouse and out popped a sexy black bra. He lifted her skirt to find a matching thong. He slipped it off to reveal her shaved pussy. While he was doing this she struggled against the straps, but to no avail. She started screaming at the top of her lungs.

"No use my dear," he said to her. "This room's sound proof."

"I am not your dear!" she screamed. He took out a pair of scissors and cut off all of her clothes until she was completely naked. He was particularly pleased with her perky 38D breasts. He slid his hand down the side of her body while she wriggled in protest.

"Struggling will do you no good," he smirked climbing on top of her. He pulled his shirt off and undid his pants. His hands traveled down to her tits and he started caressing them, gently at first then rougher, until her nipples were erect. He smiled in satisfaction as he bent down on put his mouth around one while continuing to stroke the other.

"Get off of me you bastard!" she screamed.

"You don't like this?" he asked.


"You seem to" he said gesturing to her nipples.

"Fuck you!"

"Oh, don't worry," he said, "you will." Her eyes flashed with fear and he smiled with satisfaction. He replaced his mouth around her nipple and sucked on it. He let his hand trail down and began to stroke her pussy. He slipped two fingers inside. It was a tight squeeze.

"Jenni," he said in surprise, "are you a virgin?" She stared up at the ceiling refusing to answer. He wiggled his fingers inside of her. "I think you are" he said slowly. "You can tell me and I'll be gentle, or you can keep it a secret and I won't be."

"Yes," she spat out. He smiled. "Nothing turns me on more than virgins," he confessed. "Now you got me all hard and I'm not quite ready to fuck yet. Listen, this is what we're going to do. You're going to give me a blowjob. If you try anything funny, I will keep you here for days. The more cooperative you are, the quicker you can get out of here. Understand?:"

She nodded slowly as he pulled off his pants and underwear. He slipped his 7-inch cock into her mouth and waited to see if she'd comply. Slowly she began sucking on it, swirling her tongue around and around, sucking hard on the head until finally he burst inside of her. He pulled his cock out and quickly covered her mouth with his hand as she tried to spit.

"No my dear," he said, "swallow." Her eyes burned with anger as she was forced to swallow down his juice.

"I," she seethed, "am not you dear"

He raised his eyebrows. "You're spunky," he laughed, "I like that." He went down her body till his mouth was at her pussy. "I guess I'll return the favor," he said. He started licking the lips of her pussy and began penetrating inside. He felt her getting wet and started licking harder, biting gently, sucking on her clit. She started to tremble and he sucked harder, until her body shook with an orgasm.

"Wow," he said. "That was pretty easy, you sure you're a virgin?"

"Just because I've never had sex before doesn't mean I've never done anything"

"So you're a tease." He concluded. There was nothing he liked more than teaching teases a lesson.

"No," she said. "I just do what I want and stop when I want."

"Well my dear," he said, "you're not in control anymore." He grabbed her tits roughly. "I know I said I'd take it easy on you but that was before I knew you were a tease." He put the head of his penis just slightly inside of her pussy before ramming the entire thing in as hard and as deeply as he could, feeling her cherry break. She screamed as she took him in, but as he thrust in and out her screams became involuntary moans of pleasure. The orgasmed together as he pulled out.

He sat on her waist and looked down on her. "That was really good." He whispered, "but I'm not sure the patient is ready for release. I need to try different positions before I let you go. He unstrapped her arms and legs and flipped her over, strapping only her arms in this time. He slid underneath her and sat her on his belly.

"Ready for the ride of your life cowgirl?" he asked. She squirmed panickedly as he lifted her up a few inches. His erection was even bigger than the first and she wasn't sure she could fit him inside of her. He put her on top of his cock, it was too big. He mercilessly pushed her down on top of it by her hips. She struggled determinedly but there was nothing she could do, her wrists were strapped down and his cock inside of her made it impossible for her to move her lower body. He held onto her hips and rode her up and down. She started screaming and he slapped her ass.

"Quiet now," he ordered. "I'm enjoying this." She did what she was told and he closed his eyes in pleasure. He could feel her tight young pussy walls engulfing his penis, wrapping around it like a snake. He opened his eyes to the beautiful sight of her tits dangling over his face. He lifted his head a little and sucked on them in time with his thrusting her up and down his cock. He began biting them a little, just to feel her pull away, as she yanked her body back her pussy walls clamped harder on his cock, bringing him enormous pleasure. He knew she liked it too as she was wetter than any woman he's ever been with. She orgasmed first this time before he finally blew his load of hot come deep inside her pussy.

He crawled out from underneath her and strapped her legs in. "Now come on, you have to admit you liked that" He stood at the head of the bed and lifted her head up so she was looking right into his eyes. "Don't say you didn't, you little slut." She glared at him for a minute before spitting on his face.

"Big mistake," he said, wiping it off with a handkerchief. He went over to the counter and got some lubrication.

"What are you doing?" she asked, trying unsuccessfully to hide the fear in her voice.

"You wanted to be little miss tough girl. Let's just see how tough you really are." He began rubbing the lubrication on her ass.

"No," she screamed, "please no. I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"

"Good to hear," he said. He climbed on top of her, and sat on the small of her back, his hands still full of lubrication as he slipped them under her tits, rubbing her nipples. She shivered in pleasure at his circular motions. "But you still have to be taught a lesson. He jumped off of her and resumed lubricating her ass. She struggled wildly as he stood back and laughed. "Didn't you learn anything yet slut? There's no escape." But one of her leg straps was lose and she managed to pull her leg out and kick him in the stomach. He fell backwards and watched her frantically struggle against the retraints. He roughly grabbed hold of her foot and strapped it in tight.

"You'll pay for that later." He told her. "Right now, I want to have some fun," he pulled a dildo out of his pocket and inserted it in her pussy. The he slowly pushed his cock into her ass, careful not to tear the walls. "I know this is supposed to be punishment" he said, "but I don't see why you can enjoy it too." He slowly pulled in and out until she became used to having a cock in her ass, then he pushed harder, deeper, faster. He plunged the dildo in and out of her pussy in time, all while fingering her clit. She orgasmed, and he pushed harder. The sensation of thing in both of her holes, grinding her skin in between together was too much for her, she grabbed onto the padding and screamed in pleasure. Her tits slipped around in the lubrication, bringing ecstatic pleasure to her nipples. She orgasmed a second time, her entire body shaking hard with intensity, but he wasn't done. He rammed her even harder, shoving the dildo deep inside, his balls slapping against her wet pussy. Harder and harder he pumped, she began screaming again, louder this time. He didn't mind her screams, as they were screams of pleasure, not protest. He rammed her over and over she writhed and shook as her third orgasm built, harder harder into her he went. He shoved the dildo in, twisting it around roughly. He pumped her ass over and over until she orgasmed. She shook so hard if she hadn't been strapped in, he was certain she would have went flying across the room. "You like that you dirty little slut?" He finally came inside of her and pulled out, his come running down onto her pussy as he pulled the dildo out. He stared at her as she tried to regain her breath. He sat down in a chair, exhausted, and made a quick phone call.

After a few minutes she started crying. "Can I go now?" she asked. He undid her legs and came around to the front of the bed. He licked her tears off and reached under her, grabbing her tits. She twisted in pain.

"No, he said, "remember you kicked me. You were disobedient. You need to be punished. I just called a friend of mine. He's on his way down. The three of us are going to have some fun." She cried harder and he undid one of her armstraps. He first instinct was to fight but he grabbed her arm.

"Now, now." He said. "You know I'm stronger, and you're not going to get away. The best thing for you to do is what I tell you. I wouldn't want to have to make any more calls." She didn't fight as he undid the other arm and pulled her into her original spread eagle state, strapping her in once more. Another man walked in and smiled at the sight of her naked body in front of him. He immediately walked over and stuck his fingers inside if her, feeling how wet she was. "you're enjoying this, aren't you? What a fucking slut" He reached his other hand up to her slippery tits and grabbed hold of a nipple, pinching it, grinding it beneath his fingers. The fingers inside her pussy were pushing in and out, sliding along her sopping walls.

"We were just taking a break Mike." The doctor said. "But I think we're ready for another round." He came up beside her and grabbed her other nipple, rolling it around between his thumb and index finger. He leaned over to kiss her, forcing her mouth open with his tongue. He kissed her deeply, and though she didn't return the kiss, she didn't resist it either.

"Man she's tight," said Mike wriggling his finger inside of her. "I bet she's good."

"Is she ever," said the doctor. He climbed on top and straddled her just above her tits. He stuck his cock in her mouth and she sucked it, unable to fight anymore. The guy beneath was fucking her hard, but he didn't have nearly the intensity of the doctor. She felt the doctor orgasm in her mouth, and swallowed, knowing there'd be trouble if she spit. Mike was going faster now, and she orgasmed once, just before he did.

"There now," said the doctor, "that was a nice little cool down to our warm up, don't you think?" she didn't say anything. "I think we're done here." He said to Mike, let's go." They started to leave out the back door.

"You know you won't get away with this" Jenni said quietly. "I know you're name. It'll be easy for the police to catch you"

"Oh my dear," he smiled, "you don't know anything" He opened a closet door to reveal the real doctor, bound and gagged. He unstrapped her left arm, so she could free herself.

"See you later dear." He said as he and Mike ran out.

"I'm not your dear," she whispered, more to herself than anyone else.

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