tagLoving WivesA Dog In The Woods

A Dog In The Woods

byEnglish Bob©

To my knowledge my wife, Mary has never been unfaithful. Not that it would bother me; our idea of cheating is probably a far cry from most other peoples idea. You see, so long as there's no actual penetration; vaginal or anal, we don't consider that to be a problem.

Fortunately, neither of us are the jealous type. Mary well knows that I receive regular blow-jobs from my nineteen year old secretary, Monica, and I'm only too aware of the amount of times that Mary has received a mouthful of cum from one of her many admirers. Not just in her mouth either. There are a lot of phrases, but to me, my Mary will always be a complete cum-slut! She loves the stuff. In her mouth, her hair, on her face or dripped onto her belly, she never seems to be able to get enough of sticky male seed. But her favourite place to receive her required gift is her tits.

Not too big or too small, Mary's breasts are the perfect pair of womanly mounds. The nipples - usually hard and stiff - seem to cry out to be sucked and pinched and the merest touch seems to send her into raptures of orgasmic delight. Many's the time I've watched her from the relative safety of the bathroom while she indulges herself and a lucky lover in her favourite pastime of titty-fucking!

I'm sure you've got the picture that my wife is a complete slut but, last weekend, she surpassed even her own standards of debauchery.

It had been a most pleasant weekend; warm and sunny with traces of floating clouds that kept the temperature nice and cool. Mary and I had enjoyed a fine meal at a local country restaurant and were finishing off our second bottle of wine. I looked at her a little blearily. Mary is still a good looking woman. Her golden mane of hair curled sensuously around her shoulders and the black vest-top that she wore clung to every curve of her upper body. Black jeans covered her lower half and I knew that, as usual, she would be wearing black underwear beneath her clothes.

"Let's go for a walk through the woods." Mary stated as she drained her glass.

"Okay, good idea. I think that a walk might clear my head." I replied. "We can go towards Mason Fields if you like, not many people use that path on a Sunday afternoon."

Mary threw me a wicked grin that I knew all too well. "What makes you think that I want to be alone with you?" she asked cheekily.

I smiled back and tipped the last remnants of my red wine down my throat. Mary was still eying me in a seductive manner and I knew that she was already planning something in that twisted mind of hers!

"Okay, lets go!" I said as I placed the empty glass on the table.

Mary was out of the door and walking off in the direction of the woods before I had even had chance to pay the bill. I had to walk quickly to catch up with her.

The early evening air smelled fresh and fragrant as we wandered, hand in hand through the woods. The deeper into the forest we walked, the darker it got; the overhead canopy of high, leafy branches diminishing the light by degrees. We sat and I fished in my pocket for a packet of Marlboro's.

"I wish you wouldn't smoke in the woods, Clive," Mary looked at me with mock criticism.

"What do you care?" I asked petulantly, "the first guy you see you're going to be off after him!"

Mary threw that wicked grim back in my direction. There was little point in her denying her intentions. She knew that I knew her too well. As I drew in a lungful of smoke, I could see that Mary was becoming fidgety and restless; almost excited. I wondered what would happen when someone happened along past us.

I didn't have to wait too long. In the close distance I could hear a man calling for his dog. He was whistling for it to come back to him but, so far, without any luck. I guessed that the dog was too busy looking for rabbits or sniffing through the undergrowth to pay its master much attention.

Mary looked at me and nodded. She is such a tramp! She hadn't even seen the guy yet and she was already planning how she could get into his pants!

As I secreted myself behind a tree, Mary stood and brushed the dust from her jeans. The man saw her immediately and walked over to her.

"Sorry to trouble you. Have you seen a small dog?"

Now Mary is not slow at coming forward, but her next remark surprised even me.

"Only dog around here is probably me!" She said with a smile.

The poor man looked at her helplessly. I could see that he was being drawn to her; encaptured by her magical spell.


"Well," Mary continued, all the while looking deep into the strangers eyes, "don't you call a woman who wants sex all the time a bit of a dog?"

"I..er...well, yes. I suppose so."

"Well then, perhaps I'm the dog that you're looking for?" The guy still seemed lost for words, so Mary decided to make the first move. Running the zipper on the front of her top slowly downwards, she exposed her black bra. The stranger simply stared at her. His jaw seemed to hag open and his eyes bulged out on stalks.

"I can see you like this!" murmured my wife as she ran the zipper right down. "Would you like to touch?"

The stranger started forward and then, as if catching himself doing something he shouldn't, stepped back again. I could see that Mary was becoming more agitated, more excited. She reached out and grasped the man's wrist pulling him back towards her. He followed silently. Gently Mary placed his hand over her bra covered breast and encouraged him to squeeze her.

I heard her gasp and watched her eyes close as the man's hand closed over her heaving breast. His fingers, now clearly surrendered to their most pleasant task, flexed as they manipulated her tits through the bra.

"Mmm...that's nice, baby!" Mary cooed as her nipples hardened further, "push my bra down, you'll get a better feel for me!"

The stranger did as he was told and, gripping the top of my wife's lacy bra, yanked it roughly down to expose both her tits. Mary gasped again at the ferocity of his action and I watched her eyes close once again as she felt the man's hands begin to maul her naked breasts.

The stranger was now deeply engrossed in his work. His fingers pulled at Mary's long, pointed nipples and as he bent his head down to her chest, I watched him suck the tight buds, alternately into his mouth. I watched as Mary's legs began to shake. Her hands were at the buckle of her jeans and were fumbling as they tried to open the garment as quickly as possible.

While my wife struggle to rid herself of her pants, the stranger was doing likewise. With Mary's lets nipple firmly between his nibbling teeth, he used his hands to practically rip his own pants open and shimmy them down his legs to reveal a pair of white thong underwear.

"Come to daddy!" the man suddenly cried.

His arms encircled Mary and pulled her roughly towards him. His hands went to her jeans and assisted their removal by jerking them down to her thighs.

Mary's black lace panties looked wonderful in the early evening gloom. I was still concealed behind a near tree and it was obvious that the stranger thought that he and my wife were alone. Quietly I slowly ran the zipper of my jeans down and fished around inside for my dick. I was hard already and it was quite a process to silently ease my erection out through my open fly and start to slowly masturbate.

As I continued to watch, Mary's arm went up around the man's neck and pulled him down into a deep, sensual kiss. Their tongues fought noisily and the man dropped his hand between my wife's legs and began to stroke the crotch of her black panties. Mary, not to feel left out, I guess, let her spare hand drop down to the guy's underwear and quickly slipped it inside.

I heard the stranger groan as Mary began to massage his the entire length of his cock from tip to balls. My hand squeezed and rubbed at my own hard-on as I watched, fascinated at how both Mary and her new lover were managing to stand on their shaky legs.

And then, suddenly, Mary hands were tugging wildly at his underwear. I watched his cock become fully exposed as she pulled them down his legs and bent her head towards his crotch. I almost moaned out myself when I saw her painted lips open and allow the large erection entry to her warm, moist mouth.

"Oh yeah, baby!" The man exclaimed, "suck on my cock...mmmm...oh yes...take it deep....lick the tip!"

Mary did all that he asked. Her head bobbed up and down and I could see her throat bulge with the shape of the man's cock as she took his length into her throat.

I continued to slowly masturbate my throbbing dick as I watched my wife deep-throat the stranger. My cock had seldom felt so hard as my fingers squeezed and probed at the solid, inflamed flesh. I tried to stifle a groan as I brought myself close and closer towards orgasm and quickly backed off again. I didn't want to cum just yet.

Mary's jeans were still around her ankles and seemed to restrict her movement a little. I watched as, for a moment, she allowed the man's wet cock to slip from between her lips as she kicked off her shoes and dragged the jeans down over her feet and threw them to the ground in a heap. I thought for a brief moment that she was going to strip her little black panties off as well. But Mary was obeying the rules - no penetration!

Mary's bra was still under her tits; pushing them up as if she were displaying them. The nipples were red and swollen from the earlier attention that her lover had bestowed on them and as she returned her mouth to the throbbing cock in front of her, her hands returned to the heavy orbs, squeezing the flesh and plucking at the nipples in the manner that I know she loves!

"Let me help with that," groaned the stranger through gritted teeth. The expression on his face was one of pure animal lust.

His hands dropped to my wife's chest and joined hers as they massaged tit-flesh and pinched nipples.

"Mmmm...I love your tits, baby!"

"And I love your hands on them!" Mary replied taking a well earned break from sucking him off.. "Pinch them harder, hon! I can take all you got!"

I continued to watch and stroke my erect member as the man began to pull and tug cruelly on Mary's stiff nipples.

I could see the expression on her face as her eyes screwed tight shut. Clearly, Mary was suffering a little bit of glorious pain.

All the while that he was mauling and groping my wife's tits, the young stranger had his other hand between her legs and was pulling her black panties to one side. With a sudden gasp from Mary, two of the man's fingers sank deep inside her juicy pussy. I could hear the digits start to squelch around as he finger fucked her hard and fast. For Mary's part, now that his tool was out of her mouth, she continued to stimulate him with her hands. Her long cool fingers wrapped firmly around his shaft as she began to jerk him off.

"Ohhhhh...I'm cumming!" Mary moaned suddenly.

I saw the man pinch her nipples a little harder and thrust his fingers right up inside her body. Her body stiffened, her legs shook and her back arched obscenely as she came, all the while jerking the fellow off with her spare hand.

"I'll be joining you any minute!" the man cried as he stuffed his fingers into Mary's body over and over again. "I'd sure like to get up inside that juicy little cunt of yours!"

"No!" Mary countered flatly. "No fucking! Let me blow you, baby. You can cum over my tits!"

"That'll do for me! Here it is baby!"

No sooner had Mary kneeled down in front of her lover and fed his thick, swollen tool into her mouth, than he started to cum with a groan.

My fist flew up and down my own shaft as I felt the cum boiling up from my balls. I was going to cum and I wanted to time it as close as I could with the strangers release. I was close - so close - I just had to hold off for a second or two ....

And then it happened. It was just as well because I couldn't have held myself back any longer. With a huge groan of sexual contentment, the stranger blew a huge load of his cum right into my wife's face. I had to bite the back of my hand for fear of crying out myself as my own cum shot from the end of my twitching cock and splashed silently on the forest floor.

Mary was into action immediately. Her hands cupped her heavy, swinging tits and wrapped the warm flesh around the mans shaft; squeezing the mounds around his shaft and encouraging every last drop of cum from his balls.

As I held my breath and allowed my cock to slacken off, I looked at my wife. Mary was still kneeling on the ground, her bare feet and legs stuck out behind her as she lovingly wiped the strangers cock all over her pebble-stiff nipples. Her hands massaged the huge quantity of sticky goo into her warm tit-flesh and I could see her face light up as she played the liquid into her nipples.

"Mmmmm...that was so good baby!"

As the stranger started to pull up his jeans he clearly noticed my wife's wedding ring.

"Might have guessed you'd be married," he stated, "it's a good job your husband wasn't around to watch that!"

This was my cue. Zipping myself up quickly I started to call out for my wife as if I'd lost her.

"Mary? Mary? Whare the hell are you?"

"Over here, darling!" I could see that Mary was keeping up the pretence. As I stepped into the clearing, I looked directly at the stranger, a long eye contact. I turned to my wife. She hadn't bothered to dress yet and her cum-stained tits were still exposed.

"What the hell's going on here?" I cried, feigning fury.

The stranger looked completely deflated. He had been busted and he knew it.


It was quite obvious that no words were going to be able to explain the situation and so, with a quick look at me, the man took off and sprinted through the woods in the opposite direction.

"Don't forget your dog!" I cried after him.

"But I'm right here, darling!" said Mary with a grin.

We laughed all the way back to the car. I wondered if I could wait until we got home to fuck my wife's brains out or if I'd have to stop along the way somewhere!

The End

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