tagHumor & SatireA Dollar's Worth of Erotic Story (For Free)

A Dollar's Worth of Erotic Story (For Free)


It was late on a Sunday night, actually, It is late on a Sunday night. And I was talking to my friend, Becky about the end of our senior year and what we might do after college or during for money. we got to talking about how I might make a good Erotic story writer, and I offered to tell her one for a dollar... anyway, here's the conversation.

StarBrite925: Ooooo :-)
FulBak41: i mean, most of them are not that good
FulBak41: and im a good writer to begin with
FulBak41: and i know names for all the parts
StarBrite925: hehe
StarBrite925: awesome
StarBrite925: u really write them?
FulBak41: like parts of the body...
FulBak41: nooo
FulBak41: but i think i could
StarBrite925: that would be awesome
FulBak41: like thats a job id actually enjoy getting paid for

StarBrite925: o yea

FulBak41: yeah
StarBrite925: good luck
StarBrite925: u should do it
FulBak41: yeah sure
StarBrite925: :-)
FulBak41: they probably dotn get paid all that good
StarBrite925: who knows
FulBak41: but for a little extra money on the side
StarBrite925: u bet!
FulBak41: ...and as he held her soft body in his muscular arms, he speckled her neck and bosom with a thousand tender kisses...
FulBak41: shit like that
StarBrite925: Ooo :-) sounds good
FulBak41: oh yeah, it gets better too
FulBak41: hahahahahaha
StarBrite925: keep goin!
FulBak41: nooo
StarBrite925: ok
FulBak41: I'd have to charge ya
FulBak41: hehehehe
StarBrite925: Oooo.... what would i cost me?????

StarBrite925: ;-)
FulBak41: well it all depends
FulBak41: i can give ya a little something at a cheap price
FulBak41: but if you want the premium package...
StarBrite925: oh yeah? on?
StarBrite925: go on......
FulBak41: it will cost ya
StarBrite925: do tell me it all
StarBrite925: what will it cost me then?
FulBak41: im trying to think
FulBak41: how much are those cheesy romance novels they sell at wegmans
FulBak41: it will cost you a dollar i guess
FulBak41: a dollar for a pretty good story!
StarBrite925: well then, u got urself a deal
FulBak41: allright
FulBak41: ...she had never met a man like this before in her life. Ever since that dinner had ended and he had taken her back to his apartment, she had found herself doing things she never dreamed.
StarBrite925: hehe
FulBak41: She never usually gave it up on the first date, but something about him was different, she felt as if she had known him all her life
FulBak41: she wasnt the least bit nervous as he led her, hand in hand, to his master bedroom and laid her down softly
StarBrite925: keep goin!
FulBak41: and as he began kissing her, undoing the top button of her blouse, she felt the last remnants of any restraint melt away in the thrill of the passionate embrace
StarBrite925: sexy
FulBak41: as he took off her shirt, planting a kiss in place of each button, she began to remove his shirt, reavealing his muscular chest and smooth, flat stomach.
StarBrite925: Mmmmm
FulBak41: she had never been aggressive when making love. but she found herself climbing on top of him, and slowly removing her bra and exposing her milky, supple breasts, teasing him as he watched from underneath
StarBrite925: hehe

FulBak41: as he watched, she began to slowly, but surely kiss and lick her way past his chest and stomach. She let her tongue circle his navel as she began to undo his belt
StarBrite925: kinky
FulBak41: being stuck at a girls only catholic high school and having a very strict father, she had never had much experience with a man. She had never given oral sex in her life, yet the look on his face told her she was doing something right as she took his length between her warm lips
StarBrite925: Oooo...thats good
FulBak41: as one of his hands caressed her stiffening nipple, the other found the hair tie that held her hair in that sexxy, yet innocent pony tail. He undid it, letting the chestnut locks fall about her shoulders and neck
FulBak41: as her head bobbed up and down on his stiff cock, he began to coach her, giving her tips on how to make the experience more pleasurable. She took his advice and used her other hand to gently massage his balls while she stroked and licked his rod. Before long his testicles began to tighten and she knew the moment of truth was here, should she swallow?
StarBrite925: lol
StarBrite925: thats soooo awesome
FulBak41: "Be a good girl and dont make a mess" he said with a sly grin. She understood and began to suck for all she was worth, swallowing almost every drop, and the last few spurts she licked slowly off of his stomach
FulBak41: "Thanks for inviting me over for dinner and some "extra studying" Mr. Smith" she said, "Anytime, cindy" He replied "I'm sure you'll get an A on that research paper now"
StarBrite925: that was good!! good ending!
FulBak41: hahaha
FulBak41: a surprise ending
StarBrite925: hell yea
FulBak41: will you send the convo to me?
FulBak41: i lost half of it
FulBak41: send it to fulbak41@zipmail.com
FulBak41: so anyways you think i got talent?
StarBrite925: ya!
FulBak41: im just too horny
StarBrite925: me2
FulBak41: im gonna send this convo to a site
FulBak41: maybe they will publish it
StarBrite925: lol
FulBak41: =)
StarBrite925: maybe

StarBrite925: :-)
StarBrite925: good luck
FulBak41: I'll be like, i was talking to becky late one night and i was talking about porno stories
FulBak41: and i wrote one
FulBak41: i wont use your name though
StarBrite925: lol
StarBrite925: ur so funny
FulBak41: hehe
FulBak41: so what are you doing on her so late??
StarBrite925: nothin
StarBrite925: u?
FulBak41: nada
StarBrite925: besides gettin horny
FulBak41: im bored, and not really that tired
FulBak41: yeah
FulBak41: that too
StarBrite925: me2
FulBak41: yer horny?
StarBrite925: well ur story ws very sexy....
FulBak41: hehe oh i know it
StarBrite925: lol

FulBak41: im sure you just cant control yourself over there
StarBrite925: so hows emily??
FulBak41: shes alright
FulBak41: she didnt take the news too well that i am going to the ball
FulBak41: but eh
StarBrite925: no i cant!!!
StarBrite925: oh... too bad!
FulBak41: no u cant?
FulBak41: huh?
FulBak41: oh control yourself
FulBak41: nvm
StarBrite925: lol
StarBrite925: we'll see
FulBak41: what are you talkin about>?
FulBak41: =)??
StarBrite925: nothin
StarBrite925: :-)
FulBak41: aright
FulBak41: strange...
FulBak41: so are you excited?
StarBrite925: strange??
FulBak41: hehehe
StarBrite925: well, i think it mite be our bedtime
FulBak41: our?
FulBak41: mine and yours?
StarBrite925: :-)
StarBrite925: yeah
FulBak41: i am just as soon as i submit this story
StarBrite925: oh
FulBak41: hehehe
StarBrite925: okie dokie
FulBak41: g'night babe
FulBak41: cya tomorow
StarBrite925: :-)
StarBrite925: u betcha!
StarBrite925: :-) bye bye
StarBrite925: sleep tight ;-)
StarBrite925: hehe
FulBak41: u too
FulBak41: u owe me a buck!!
StarBrite925: :-)
StarBrite925: we'll see about that
FulBak41: ok
StarBrite925: maybe i'll give ya somethin else
FulBak41: like what?
StarBrite925: oh, um... i think about it
StarBrite925: let ya know later
FulBak41: ok
StarBrite925: k
FulBak41: so can i use your real name in this thing?
StarBrite925: sure

FulBak41: ok
FulBak41: night

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