tagBDSMA Dom's Story

A Dom's Story


My thanks to minke, gem, Diva and sweetlips for their input for this story, thank you all for your ideas and patience.

Chapter 1 - The Thrill of the Chase

The thrill of the chase still gave me butterflies as I strode through the large shopping mall to my first meeting with Sarah. I had met the young submissive a few months ago in a chat room and after many hours of online chatting we were finally going to meet for the first time. As usual I had selected the food court at the mall for our meeting where there were always many shoppers present. As I purchased a cappuccino I noted that, as usual, my hands were a little clammy and I smiled in recognition of my own nervousness.

I sat at one of the small tables where I had a good view of most of the food court and placed the silly looking baseball cap on my head. I had told Sarah to look out for the red cap, as I would be easily recognizable in the headgear. I pretended to read a car magazine while my eyes scanned the area to see if I could pick out Sarah among the many shoppers. I was beginning to wonder if she was going to show when I glimpsed a short girl with long red hair walking past the shops for the second time. She looked at me both times but I pretended to keep my eyes on the magazine, as I wanted her to make the decision to approach me.

Finally I sensed someone standing just behind me and a quiet voice asking, "Andrew, Sir?"

I swiveled around in my seat and greeted her with a wide smile, "Sarah? Welcome, nice to meet you at last, sit down please." As Sarah moved to her chair I removed the cap from my head and said, "I'm glad you have arrived, now I can take off this silly cap."

"It did make you easy to recognize," Sarah said with a slightly forced giggle.

"Would you like something to drink?" I asked.

"N'no thank you Sir." The understandable nervousness showed in her voice as she sat opposite me.

"Please drop the Sir in public, just call me Andrew, ok?"

Sarah gave me a wan smile, nodded her head and waited politely for me to continue.

"First of all, congratulations."

"Congratulations?" Sarah queried.

"Yes congratulations on having the fortitude to meet me today, you can be proud of your courage."

"Thank you Sir."

I ignored her use of 'Sir' and continued the praise. "And may I say that you are much prettier in real life than the photo you sent by e-mail. I love your red hair, it really suits you."

Sarah's smile was stronger this time and she appeared to relax a little as I continued the conversation. I asked her about her work as a nurse along with a few general questions about her likes and dislikes of food, television and the movies. I slowly and subtly changed the subject until we were discussing her submissive needs. Even though we had enjoyed long discussions on the computer I knew from past experience that it was best that she verbalize her needs to me. After nearly thirty minutes Sarah and I were engrossed in our conversation about safety back up when she broke our eye contact. Her gaze looked behind me and she giggled loudly as hands were placed over my eyes from behind and my world turned black.

"Guess who?" A heavily disguised female voice asked.

I waited a few seconds and replied, "Hello Diva."

"Damn you Andrew, how did you know?" My old friend Mistress Diva asked as she took her hands from over my eyes.

"Your lovely perfume of course." I grinned triumphantly. "It's elementary my dear Diva."

"Please introduce you me to your lovely friend." Diva said as she kissed my cheek before sitting on a spare chair.

"Sarah, I'd like you to meet a dear friend of mine, Mistress Diva. Diva, this is Sarah, we are having our first public meeting."

"Wonderful!" Diva said enthusiastically. "I won't keep you then."

"Stay a few minutes please, I was just explaining to Sarah about the importance of having a friend as safety back-up but she doesn't have anyone she feels would understand her submissive needs."

"Oh yes Sarah, it's very important." Diva turned her gaze to me. "If I'm staying for a few I'd love a cappuccino."

"Of course, would you like a drink now Sarah? Perhaps a hot chocolate?"

"Oh, yes please." The redhead was obviously happy to have female company.

"A Dom's lot is never done." I grumbled as I rose from my chair.

"Isn't he a dear?" I heard Diva whisper to Sarah as I moved away.

I took my time as I purchased the drinks and smiled to myself as I stood at the shop counter watching the girls chatting intently back at the table. Diva and I had worked in tandem twice previously, both times with positive results for both the submissive and us. As I neared the table with the small tray of drinks I saw Diva squeeze Sarah's hands and I knew that our plans were working well.

"Here you are ladies." I said as I placed the tray on the table. "Drinks are served."

"Thank you Andrew." They both said in unison and we all laughed.

"Andrew, Sarah is delightful." Diva said as she sipped her coffee. "I don't know how you manage to attract such lovely ladies."

"It all started with you my dear Diva." I said with a wink at Sarah who was blushing bright pink. "All those years ago."

"Hey, not too many years ago." Diva laughed and turned to Sarah. "I was Andrew's first submissive, he taught me so much and now I am mainly dominant but I do love to switch occasionally."

"We both learnt a lot back in those days, in fact, I think you never stop learning about BDSM, or life for that matter."

As we sipped our drinks Diva and I told Sarah a few funny stories from our early days in the lifestyle. Our laughter helped Sarah to relax even more and by the time our cups were empty the young nurse was very much at ease. Diva volunteered to be Sarah's back-up should the novice submissive choose to visit me and the two girls swapped phone numbers. Shortly after finishing our drinks Diva excused herself to go and buy some thigh-high boots and after kissing Sarah and myself she said goodbye.

"She's lovely." Sarah said as she watched Diva move away through the tables.

"Yes she has been a great friend for me, she is a very caring Domme." I replied. "But young lady, let's talk about you, time is getting on and we don't want you late for your shift."

"Yes of course Sir, I mean Andrew." Sarah turned her attention to me.

"Tell me honestly how you feel now that we have met." I asked.

Sarah paused and thought for over a minute before answering. "To be honest, I feel as if I have been talking to a friend, not the man to whom I hope to submit. I was so nervous and thought of running away even after I saw you." I nodded as Sarah paused for a few seconds then continued. "I'm not sure yet if I will submit to you and I'd like a day to think it over."

"I agree." I said with a smile.

"You do? Oh thank you so much." Sarah's sigh of relief was quite audible.

"Sarah, I told you that I would not pressure you today, what you see is what you get with me. I try to be honest all the time and I assure you once again, if you do submit to me, it will be under the creed of safe, sane and consensual."

"Thank you so much, I really do feel that I can trust you." Sarah glanced at her watch. "But I had better be going or I'll be late for work."

I scribbled my telephone number on a piece of paper and passed it over to the pretty redhead. "Phone me when you are ready and thank you for coming, I've really enjoyed meeting you."

"Thank you Andrew, Sir, for making me feel at ease," Sarah said as she rose from her chair. "I will phone you soon."

"Goodbye for now Sarah, take care."

We shook hands and I watched Sarah weave her way through the tables. As she reached the exit to the car park Sarah stopped, looked around and waved goodbye to me. I smiled and waved back as I wondered if we would see each other again. I waited five minutes before leaving, then as I made my way to my car my mobile phone rang.

"Hi Diva, what do you think?" I asked.

"She's a certainty in my opinion." Diva replied.

"You're that sure? As usual I think I could have done better with some of the questions."

"You're too much of a perfectionist Andrew, Sarah is lovely and I bet you twenty dollars you hear from her by this time tomorrow."

"Ok, you're on." I laughed. "And thanks for your help again, we make a good team."

"Oh Andrew, you know we both love the thrill of the chase." Diva giggled. "Besides I know you will share if Sarah is that way inclined, and I think she is, even if she doesn't know it yet."

I laughed as I reached my car. "You can be sure of it dear Diva."

"Ok, I have to go, keep in touch Andrew Sir."

"Bye Diva, catch you soon."

I drove home feeling pretty pleased with myself thanks to Diva's encouraging words. For the rest of the day I devoted myself to my expanding computer web-site design business that I operated from home. I did not expect Sarah to phone that day as her nursing shift did not finish until ten p.m. but I was hoping for a call the next day.

The following day I was eating some lunch when the telephone rang.

"Andrew speaking, can I help you?" I said after hurriedly swallowing my mouthful of sandwich.

"Hello Andrew Sir, this is Sarah."

"Hi Sarah I was hoping you would call." I said cheerfully. "You have come to a decision?"

"Yes Sir, I would like to see you for my first session of submission." Sarah said positively.

"Excellent Sarah, I'm very pleased to hear that." I was impressed by the strength in her voice. "Do you have any questions you would like to ask?"

"No Sir, I don't think so." Sarah paused. "I, umm, I did speak to Mistress Diva again and she explained a few things."

"Diva is lovely and you can trust her. So do you wish to make a time now Sarah?"

"Yes please Sir, as soon as possible if that's ok with you." The redhead replied with a slight tremor in her voice.

"As you know my time is flexible, I can usually fit in with your shifts, tomorrow sometime if that suits."

"Oh yes, that would be great," Sarah said with a sigh of relief. "I start work at four tomorrow afternoon."

"Well how about eleven in the morning and that will give you time to rest and gather your thoughts before you go to work?" I suggested.

"Thank you Sir, that suits me fine."

"Great, you will use Diva as your back-up? I questioned. I smiled to myself as I heard Sarah breathing deeply; she was doing an excellent job of controlling her nerves.

"Yes Sir I will phone her when we finish."

"Very good Sarah, I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, is there anything else you would like to ask?" I said with a smile to myself, as I knew there was at least one vital question.

"Ah yes Sir, could I please have your address?" Sarah asked with a little giggle.

"Of course, how could I forget?" I laughed then gave Sarah instructions on how to get to my home. "Don't worry Sarah, I won't forget that you are coming."

"Thank you Sir, I'll see you tomorrow."

"One more thing Sarah, I am very pedantic about punctuality, be on time tomorrow won't you?"

"Ohhhhh yes Sir, I certainly will." Sarah replied with a tremor in her voice.

"Excellent, see you at eleven, bye for now."

"Goodbye Andrew, Sir."

At times during the day I wondered if Sarah would keep our appointment and as usual my mind vacillated between confident and unsure. Each time I laughed at my own insecurity and involved myself into my computer work.

Chapter 2 - Sarah's First Time

Another shiver of anticipation ran through my body as the doorbell chimed at exactly ten fifty-nine the next morning and I quickly opened the door and ushered Sarah inside.

"Good morning Sarah, thank you for coming."

"Hello Sir, I hope you are well today." Sarah replied nervously as she avoided my gaze.

I closed the door but continued to hold the handle. "See this knob?" I asked the young submissive.

"Yes Sir?" She queried.

"This is the only latch to open the door, you may leave at any time." I explained. "If you use the safe word and say you wish to leave then you may go. You will never be a prisoner in my home, understand?"

Sarah smiled weakly, "Yes Sir, and thank you."

"Great, come into the living room."

I placed a hand on Sarah's shoulders and guided her into the brightly-lit living room.

We stopped in the centre of the carpeted area and I stood a couple of paces in front of the nervous young lady.

"Firstly, thank you for being on time and can I say how attractive you look again today."

Sarah raised her head and smiled her thanks before gazing once again at the carpet.

"Congratulations again for your courage in coming to see me." I encouraged, "Is there anything you want to ask before we proceed?"

Sarah continued to look down and replied by negatively moving her head from side to side.

"I bet you're thinking 'for hell's sake just get on with it Andrew'." I said with a laugh to try and ease her tension.

Sarah's eyes looked at mine and she giggled. "Y'yes Andrew, Sir."

"Very well, let's start, just tell me the safe words one more time."

"Amber and red Sir."

"Very good Sarah, and what time do you have to call Diva?"

"Before twelve fifteen Sir."

"Stand straight with your head up." I moved as spoke and stood beside the new submissive.

Sarah obediently stood at attention and gazed straight ahead.

I handed her a piece of ribbon and said, "I love your long hair but please tie it back in a ponytail. I want to see your reactions and don't want your hair to fall forward and cover your face."

Sarah bit her lip as she took the ribbon and quickly tied her red hair back in a ponytail.

"Young lady for the next hour you will give me complete obedience." I said quietly but firmly. "You may speak only when I ask a question, unless you use a safe word."

Sarah shuddered and nodded as I patted her shapely bum and ran my hand up her back to grasp her hair at the ribbon in my fist. She yelped as I jerked back on her hair so she was suddenly looking up at the ceiling

"You are now under my complete control, do you understand?"

"Y'yes Sir!"

My right hand kept hold of her hair as my left caressed the shape of her lovely breasts through her blouse.

"These breasts are now my breasts," My hand moved down over her tummy to rest on the front of her skirt. "And this pussy is my pussy." I let go of her hair and moved my right hand down to fondle her shapely buttocks. "This arse is my arse, understand?"

Once again Sarah bit her lip as she nodded her agreement. Her breasts were heaving as she gulped air into her lungs in an effort to stay calm. I gave myself time to think 'so far so good' before once again giving full concentration to the lovely young lady standing in front of me.

I placed a hand on top of Sarah's head and said, "And I have control of this mind, all you need to think about is obedience, are you with me Sarah?"

"Y'yes Sir, I'm with you." Sarah replied, her voice quavering with nervousness as her legs wobbled under her.

It was time for action to replace the words so I walked the few steps to the sofa, sat down and patted my knees.

"Come here and lie face down over my knees." I ordered.

Sarah stayed motionless as if nailed to the floor. Her face showed the apprehension that was running through her mind as she looked at me, biting her bottom lip as she wrestled with her demons. She knew that her first spanking was coming, the spanking she had fantasized about for many years but the reality was so much different to her dreams. I wanted to say 'come on Sarah, you can do it' but I knew from experience to stay quiet. Seconds seemed like minutes as she stood looking down at my thighs and I could almost hear the little voice in her head saying 'run Sarah run'. I sat patiently and quietly until I decided that Sarah needed some help to make her decision. I rose from the sofa, stood in front of the worried young girl and wrapped my arms around her in a fatherly-type hug.

"Remember the safe words." I whispered reassuringly as I held her trembling body. "Take some deep breaths sweetie."

Sarah followed my instructions as I took one step back and held her at arm's length. I watched her expression and the inner turmoil seemed to recede as her distressed expression slowly changed to one of determination.

Suddenly she muttered 'fuck it' and said with resolve, "I'm sorry to keep you waiting, Sir."

'Brave girl, well done' I thought as I stepped backwards to the sofa, my hands firmly guiding Sarah to follow.

I sat and assisted Sarah to lay herself over my knees, smiling to myself as she wriggled into a fairly comfortable position.

I grasped the long red ponytail and placed it away from me over her right side so I could see her reactions as much as possible. My left hand settled on the centre of Sarah's back to hold her in position while my right hand caressed the shape of her buttocks through the thin material of the skirt.

"Ohhhhhh God." Sarah muttered as I slid my hand down her legs to grasp the hem of her skirt.

In one of our early talks in the chat room Sarah had confided to me that one of her fantasies was to completely expose herself to a dominant man. As I slowly lifted the skirt and bared her legs I wondered if her moan was one of apprehension or excitement? A shiver of elation ran through my body as Sarah's pretty pink panties came into view. The thrill of the chase was nothing compared to the excitement and arousal I felt at the first time submission of a willing girl. No matter the subbie's age, appearance or size, the fact that they gave me their trust was a wonderful compliment, and a boost for the old ego. I rubbed my hand over the tight panties, raised it in the air and brought it down with a firm smack on Sarah's right cheek. Surprisingly, apart from a slight jump of her legs, there was no reaction from the young redhead.

'Spank, spank, spank!'

"Ohhhh yes!" Sarah cried.

Three short, sharp smacks on the pink panties soon gave me the response and feedback I required, as I set about giving Sarah the spanking she had dreamed of for so long. I spread the smacks as I warmed all her lovely arse and upper thighs. Sarah was giving little cries each time my hand landed with the occasional kick from her legs. When her white skin of her upper thighs had turned a pale shade of pink I stopped smacking and slid my fingers under the elastic of her panties.

"Oh my God." Sarah moaned as she automatically raised her hips to allow me to remove her panties.

I shivered inwardly again as I watched the round globes of her arse come into view as I pulled on the panties. The buttock crack gave way to her rosebud as the panties slid down onto her thighs. Quickly I pulled the panties over her knees, calves and finally off over her feet. Sarah sighed and went limp over my legs as she felt my hands slide between her thighs. I pushed her legs wide apart to expose her pussy, noting that indeed she was a natural redhead. I allowed myself the pleasure of running my fingertips over her damp pubic hair before resuming the spanking.

'Spank, spank, spank!'

The sound of my hand smacking the firm flesh was music to my ears as Sarah's spanking continued. A natural grimace on her face and a small cry each time my hand landed showed me that I was spanking with the right amount of pressure. I slowly increased the force of the smacks until I could feel a lovely sting on my palm. Obviously Sarah could also feel the sting as she was now crying out quite loudly as well as wriggling around on my knees.

'Spank' - "Ouch!"

'Spank' - "Owwww!"

'Spank!' - "Yowwch!"

I knew from past experience that sometimes a new submissive will try to prove her bravery by taking more punishment than she can actually accept so I stopped spanking.

"Are you ok Sarah?" I asked as I rubbed in circles over her warm cheeks. "What colour are the traffic lights?"

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