tagErotic CouplingsA Dream Ch. 2

A Dream Ch. 2


Chapter 2: Good To The Last Drop

It's been 3 months since I screwed Karen. We have been dating lately, but we never got the chance to screw. Over the last 3 months, I got to know one of Karen's friends, Cathy. She is a hot blonde, but knowing that I can't get with her because of Karen, I usually tried to hit on Cathy while Karen isn't there. Cathy is returning this, and we had called each other over and over again. I wish I could screw Cathy, and what do you know… I discovered that that would happen soon.

It all started last week, when Karen was on a short vacation with her parents. She had to agree, she is obedient to her parents, and she also wanted to go to the Bahamas. So, she was gone for a week.

I saw this as a perfect chance, and I believe that Cathy saw this too. With Karen out of the way, I could hit on Cathy without any interruptions.

That night that Karen left, me and Cathy went to the airport and said good-bye to Karen, and when she disappeared through the check-in hall, Cathy turned to me and held my hand.

"Let's go." and she pulled me out of the airport. I drove her home, and said bye. But she told me to park in her driveway. So I pulled into her driveway, and went inside.

"You have been waiting for this, haven't you?" she asked me.

I smiled, and she could easily tell that I have definitely been waiting. She grabbed my hand and moved me into her room, where she kicked me down to her bed and I could feel my cock getting harder and harder. She striped until she was in her underwear, and she crawled onto me, and sat on my legs, making sure that I have no chance of escape. She pulled my shirt off and bends down and kissed me, tongue to tongue. She then licked me from the neck down, then to my nipples. She bit them hard, and I started moaning. She reached for my cock, and pulled my pants and boxers down.

Giving me a fast and hard handjob, she stroked it so hard, I thought I would just cum right there. She lifted off my legs and moved forward, until she was right above my face. She sat right on my face, and I bit her panties. She moaned a bit and she slipped the panties off. She then sat right back down on me, making me lick her puss even more. The faster I lick her puss, the more she moaned. She began giving me a handjob again, this time much harder. I screamed and moaned, but no one could hear me because she was sitting on me. So I continued licking. She screamed a bit, then before I could even realize it, I was drinking her juice, as she kept squirting it in my mouth. I licked it one final time and she got off me.

Turning around, she started sucking on my hard cock. Harder, faster, harder, faster, she drove me crazy. Finally, I couldn't stand it, and I blew my load in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Then she stood, up and positioned her puss right above my cock. Her aiming was amazing, from a height of about 40 cm, she jumped and landed, with my cock going at a very high speed, right into her puss. I screamed, and she screamed as well, but then she kept on riding my cock.

Again she kept on going harder, faster, harder, faster, and I cum again. This time inside her. But then, she reached her climax too, and squirted her juice fast and hard right onto my hard cock. I moaned, but she kept going. Then, she lifted off me, and began sucking again. This time, nice and slow and she made me cum again. This time, I blew it in her mouth again, and she swallowed it all, and licked the extra off my hard cock. It reminded me of the Maxwell commercial, "Good to the last drop."

To Be Continued...

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