tagBDSMA Dream Come True

A Dream Come True


They were doing it. They were finally getting together after all this time. 'Just a cup of coffee'. They had promised each other that was what it was going to be; just a time to finally meet and look in each other's eyes face to face. They had spent so much time getting to know each other online it was almost surreal. Sure, they had traded pictures but they weren't the kind of pictures that one masturbated to just to get off. They shared pictures of their lives ... her horses, his camping trips, their kids. They had shared their dreams, their passions, what they wanted out of life.

But Dan had wanted more than Cindy could give at the moment. He wanted what she had tried to give to another and failed; her heart. And now it was just a tattered, broken shell of what it used to be that she had successfully locked away behind a high tower encrusted with thick veins and thorns and she had become pretty damned comfortable sitting up high in that tall reclusive shelter of walls. He kept chipping away at the base of her tower, which didn't bother her too much until he would get frustrated and act like he was going to walk away. Funny how that would make her move to the one window way at the top and peek out to see if he was really going to just give up and go away when something inside of her didn't want him to.

After all the time that had passed, Cindy was surprised that he had never quite given up on her even though, online, he had moved on to be with someone else. He told her that he was lonely and she didn't blame him. She never expected him to stick around and wait on her to get my shit together. But they kept coming back together ... kept talking and building on the foundation of what they had started and she felt her walls crumbling a little bit more each time they spent together.

They finally decided that they would meet offline. Dan was coming her way with his new job and setting up the website for a company not twenty minutes away from her and would be here for a few days. It was the perfect opportunity to just get together, chat a bit and meet someone that they genuinely cared for, even if it was only as friends.

But even knowing that it was just a meeting between friends, Cindy took her time preparing for this meeting. She wanted to look her best. Donning a brand new suede tulip skirt in a light camel color that came just above her knees, an irresistibly romantic lace-trimmed v-neck Mohair sweater that was the soft color of a robin's egg, and knee-eye chocolate suede boots with metal eyelets, Cindy felt undeniably sexy with a hint of class. She wasn't sure what he expected but she wanted to make a good impression. Glancing in the mirror one last time at the soft curls of golden-hued auburn that cascaded down over her shoulders and swayed down her back, she had to smile at the reflection of a girl that looked not a day over twenty-nine. She could definitely live with that.

They had agreed to meet at a Starbuck's that was about halfway distance between Cindy's house and Dan's hotel so it was convenient, safe and to boot, one Cindy's favorite places to just relax, chill and get to know someone who she felt she had already known for years. As her car drew nearer to the destination, she began to feel the nervous butterflies well up in her belly. She hadn't been on a real "date" since her divorce and even though she wouldn't necessarily categorize this meeting as a date, she knew that it had the beginnings of one marked all over it.

Pulling into the parking lot, Cindy took a moment to check her make-up one last time, mostly a nervous habit, pressing her lips together to even out her lipstick and then flashed a smile into the lit mirror. It was now or never. Turning off the ignition and dropping the keys into her suede purse, she stepped out of the car, maintaining her false bravado as she locked the door behind her and headed up the walkway to the intimate but chic coffee shop. She knew what he looked like ... and she wanted to start searching the place as soon as she walked in the door but kept telling herself to play it cool. Cindy's eyes scanned the place quickly as she headed to the counter, a soft smile playing over her lips as she ran into one of her favorite baristas, Lynne. She and Cindy used to teach together at the same school so she already knew what Cindy's usual was without her even having to say a word. "Hey Lynne," Cindy said, pulling out her money as she tried to look casual but Lynne could see something was up.

"Okay, what are you doing in here, looking like THAT on a Saturday night?" she asked before relaying Cindy's order and then leaned against the counter some as there were no other customers behind her to find out what was going on.

Cindy couldn't help but laugh some, resting a hip against the counter as her eyes scanned the intimate and dimly lit seating area with a half smile. Not seeing him yet, she softly replied, "Well, if you must know, I'm meeting a friend," shifting her gaze to Lynne to add, "For the very first time."

Lynne seemed to perk, her smile radiant as she replied in a cheerful but low voice, "Bout damn time you got out and had some fun. Where are you meeting the lucky guy?"

Cindy laughed, smiling to Chuck and blowing him a kiss as he passed her the steaming cup of a specialty brew that Lynne had recommended but she never knew what it consisted of. "Here," Cindy replied quietly, taking a slow sip as she gazed at her over the rim.

"Get out," Lynne whispered in an excited voice, her gaze darting around the place for a moment before replying, "What's the guy's name?"

"Dan," Cindy replied quietly, taking another sip. "He's traveling through on business, staying for a few days, giving us a chance to meet for the first time. We met online," she explained.

Lynne's eyebrows furrowed some as she stood up, glancing over to Chuck and Walt cleaning equipment. "Didn't we have a Dan in here just a few moments ago?" she asked and Cindy could feel her heart going a million miles a minute in the confines of her soft, Mohair sweater.

Cindy turned quickly, her fingers tightening on the cup in her hand. He was already here? Or was he? But she couldn't see him anywhere. Maybe he had changed his mind. She wasn't late ... was she? Glancing down at the delicate watch wrapped around her wrist, she began to feel somewhat sick.

"Calm down, sweets," Lynne replied, shooting Cindy a smile. "He didn't look stupid enough to walk away from a chance to meet you. In fact," she added with a knowing look and a quick wink, "He was kind of cute!"

Cindy chuckled, cast Lynne a wink and went to find a seat that semi-faced the door. She wanted to be prepared when he walked in and see him first. Getting surprised always got the best of her and she wanted to remain coy and aloof.

Cindy hadn't been sitting there long when she felt a warm breath on the back of her neck and two strong hands resting on her shoulders. She almost jumped out of her skin! "Hello Cyn," came the deep voice and without even turning around, she knew who it was.

She took a deep breath to calm the nervous butterflies that were threatening to erupt out of her mouth and drown in the coffee cup that she slowly lowered to her lap as her free hand reached up to gently cover his hand on her shoulder and turned slightly to gaze up at him. A soft smile flickered over Cindy's lips as their eyes locked and she could see that he looked as speechless as she felt. "Dan," she breathed, his name rolling off her tongue like a familiar poem.

His smile took her breath away and in that instant she could see everything they had shared online was real. He DID make her heart flutter wildly and more than anything, she wanted to pull him close and show him that she desired him even though she acted like a scared rabbit online. But here, with him standing right in front of her, she wanted their dreams to come true.

"You look beautiful, Cyn," he said, lifting one of her hands to his lips to press a tender kiss to the inside of her wrist; one of Cindy's weak spots and he knew it! Her eyes followed him appreciatively as he moved around her to sit down at the table with a half-gone cup of coffee and in that moment, she knew that he had been here a while and that everyone in the place was part of his plan to keep her in the dark.

Swiveling her gaze to Lynne and her little entourage', Cindy saw Lynne blush, grin and duck for cover in the back room and she couldn't help but laugh as she looked back at Dan with an amused twinkle in her eye. "How did you manage to get my friends involved in this?" Cindy asked.

"Oh," he began, looking at her over the small space that separated them, "I have my ways." Cindy didn't doubt him for a second.

They were sitting on two plush chairs that were sitting in an L-shape next to one another. If she were to cross her legs the other way, she could run her foot right up his pants leg. Cindy actually considered it for a moment as she took a sip of her coffee and just looked at him. Dan wasn't model gorgeous ... those kind of men didn't usually appeal to her anyway. She considered those guys "eye candy" unless something happened to prove her differently. But the outdoorsy, rugged sportsman type of guy was more her type. Cindy was a country girl at heart and she loved to be outside doing things and men that have that "aura" about them, attracted her faster than a 'pretty boy'. Dan was her kind of man and she smiled gently as their eyes locked. "I bet you do," she replied, not being able to not tease him with a little bit of a sexual innuendo. After all, that was one of the things she did best.

Dan laughed, always appreciative of the little banter that they had between them; forever on the brink of teasing and Cindy knew he loved it. But it was different now. Now they could see each other's faces and reactions when the teasing started. She could see a burning fire light up in the back of his eyes and could feel a soft blush kiss m her cheeks as he just looked at her with this unabashedly open look of hunger. It was making Cindy even more nervous to just see him watch her, his eyes falling to take in the way she was dressed, lingering on the curve of her breasts and the cleavage that showed by the V-neck of her sweater and then back up to her eyes where he just seemed to grab hold of them and not let go. It was a very powerful and overwhelming feeling.

Taking a sip of her coffee, Cindy tried small talk. She needed something to ease up the sexual intensity that she could feel thicken between them. She definitely wasn't ready for THAT but the more he looked at her, the more she could feel it affecting her. She shifted some, hoping that her hardening nipples weren't poking out beneath the softness of the Mohair sweater but without even looking down, she knew they were. It was apparent in the way his eyes kept moving from her face to the swell of her breasts.

"So, have you been here long?" she asked, lifting a hand to push back an errant curl that had curled over her shoulder and laid over the rise and fall of her left breast.

"Not long," Dan replied, leaning forward a bit to set his coffee cup down and then folding his hands together, rested his elbows on his knees as he looked at her. There was so much in his eyes that Cindy wanted him to put voice to but at the same time, she was afraid she knew exactly what he was thinking and honestly, she wasn't sure she was ready to really hear it. "I got here just in time to get a coffee before you showed up," he added with a smile.

Cindy took a sip of her coffee, her taste buds rejecting the bitter brew for something she knew they would much rather be enjoying right now as her eyes shifted from his down to his lips. "I'm glad you didn't have to wait too long," she replied, glancing back up to him again.

Dan turned more towards her, a smile lit over his lips and she sensed it before it even happened. His right hand moved towards her, sliding over the knee of her leg that was crossed over the other. Cindy sat mesmerized momentarily as she saw it slide down her calf to the leather of her boot and then slide upwards again, this time beneath the edge of her skirt. Her breath hitched in her throat as she pretended to be more interested in the coffee in her cup than the sudden lurching of her belly or the tightening of her body at his simple touch. She wanted him to keep going and all the sudden she was very sorry that they had agreed to meet somewhere so public like Starbuck's. She wanted to be alone with him.

He must have read her mind because Cindy felt his hand suddenly pull free of the knee beneath her skirt and reach for her hand, pulling her slowly upwards with him as he stood. "Let's get out of here," he said in a low but strong voice. It wasn't a question but more of a statement of what they both knew was only a matter of time before it became a reality.

Cindy's fingers curled around his as her other hand set down the half-empty cup of coffee, the last thing on her mind one of their specialty blends. Instead her head was now full of all the places on his body she wanted to explore with her hands and tongue. And then they were walking out the door, hand in hand, heart to heart. She had never felt this drawn to anyone before in my life. Dan just simply ... touched her.

She'd recall every moment that it took for them to get from the coffee shop to his hotel if Cindy could remember it. But she couldn't. It was as if they just melted into each other's arms and wound up standing together, limbs entwined and mouths locked onto the other as if it was a life force that they couldn't live without. All she knew was that even though she wanted to press to go faster so that she could lie in his arms like she had dreamed of doing so many times before, it was all in slow motion and Cindy was enjoying every heart-stopping moment of it.

They fell onto the bed together, their limbs entangled and his hard body pressing hers down into the bed. But it was the kiss that sealed Cindy's fate. As his kiss deepened and his arms wrapped around her, she shifted beneath him to accept his weight, wrapping one arm around him as her lips parted beneath his. Her other hand had a definite mind of its own as it slid up to the back of his neck, the slender fingers plunging into his hair.

Dan moaned softly against her lips as his tongue slid into her welcoming mouth and she could feel his hips press firmly against hers in blatant desire. Soft, uncontrollable whimpers escaped into the recesses of his mouth as her hips shifted to rub up against his. Cindy's fingers were rubbing the nape of his neck just below the hairline as her tongue delved past his into his mouth to taste every inch therein. She was starved for him.

Cindy could feel him shiver as her fingers teased his neck even as their kiss deepened. His fingers slid up into the thick, soft tresses of her golden-kissed auburn mane as his other hand slid beneath the skirt to her left hip and yanked her hard up against him. Cindy could feel the throbbing hardness between his legs causing a soft purr to rumble through her throat to vibrate into his mouth as her tongue tangled with his.

She was inhaling his breath as if she was dependent upon it for her very life as her fingers stroked the nape of his neck in a wanton, arousing caress. Shifting one leg to wrap around his, it caused the skirt that she wore to ride upwards on her thighs, exposing her scantily clad cunt that hungered to grind up against the growing bulge trapped in his jeans.

Dan growled softly against her lips, his kiss deepening and growing more passionate with the lust that had burned between them for so long, kept in check by the computer screens that had kept them separated. But there was nothing now to keep his shuddering form from grinding into her, beginning a rhythm that she quickly matched.

Cindy moaned, unable to stop her trembling beneath him as his growl echoed in her ear. Shifting her hips so that when he thrust up he would be entering her if not for the barrier of their clothes, she couldn't help but wonder if he could feel just how wet she was through the thick material of his jeans. Sucking his tongue deeper into her mouth, she could hear his deep groan as he pushed up against her more than willing body.

Dan's hands began to tug at the annoying clothes that covered her, his frustration apparent that they were still dressed as his kiss became more demanding, more sporadic. Cindy couldn't help but gasp reflexively as she struggled to aid in his removal of their clothes, unwilling to break contact with him even in the short moment that his shirt was tossed away. Her eager hands tugged on his shirt and jeans, needing to feel his naked against hers as soft whimpers and moans began to lift to his ears.

Dan shifted as his shirt came off and lifted up just enough to let her unbutton his jeans. Cindy's name rolled off his tongue in a soft growl as his jeans and boxers slid down to bare his shaft and then lay against her firmly, his hard cock pressed against her belly. She moaned deeply, her body arching naturally at the soft growl and pulled him back to her as their mouths collided once more in a savage kiss, mirror to the want that burned between them like a raging inferno licking along dried timber. Her hips thrust up against his in blatant invitation to go ahead and take what she had longed to give him for almost as long as she had known him.

Dan gasped softly as she finally offered her body to him, something he had dreamed about for almost as long as Cindy had, and he pushed up from her for a long moment to gaze down into her face, shaking from the core of utter desire he felt inside of him. As his eyes met hers, she knew that he was asking, without words, if this is really what she wanted. Meeting his gaze without hesitation, the smoldering blue depths of her eyes speaking things that she wouldn't dare give voice to ... not yet ... Cindy's arms answered his silent question; reaching to pull him back down against her, her lips moving against his in a whispered caress, "Please Dan," she begged in a soft needful cry.

That's all it took. Dan melted into their shared kiss again with a moan and shifted his hips to align his cock with the opening to her innermost being, sliding the head along the soft wet petals as his groan heated up with need and lust. Cindy shifted beneath him, her thigh moving from where it was wrapped around his leg to more of his bared hip, opening herself for his first thrust as her hand moved from the back of his neck to his shoulders. Her nails dug in as she felt his cock head drag over her wet, swollen slit and moaned deeply into his mouth as her hips pushed upwards, causing it to enter just a bit more into her moist depths.

Dan shuddered hard with a moan and pressed against her as the head slid into her tight sheath. Biting her lips sensually as his body tensed up to press into her, he suddenly drove his shaft deeply inside. With a deep inhalation, he stole her breath, the muscles in his chest and belly tensing up as his cock was surrounded by wet heat. Cindy couldn't control the shuddering beneath him as he surged forward, impaling her on his length. Her nails scored his back as she arched up beneath him with a groan of pleasure. As he marked her lips with his teeth, she could feel her cunt walls clamp around him as if they would never let him go.

Dan groaned deeply, drawing back to breathe, shaking as he looked into her eyes. "God, you feel good ..." he managed to say before taking a deep breath and surged forward again, gripping her hips firmly to drive his cock deeper into her tight, unused cunt. He growled sensually, shaking as his cock throbbed and her nails scratched at him like a cat's. Cindy could tell he loved the sensual feeling of the slight sting of pain as she arched up against him.

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