tagRomanceA Dream Come True

A Dream Come True


I curse myself again as I drive along the dirt road to the house. "Why do I put myself through this agony?" I say out loud to nobody.

The party is at a house out in the sticks and I'm thankful that the moon is full because otherwise I'd be lucky to see the road. When I finally arrive at the house, cars are parked in the driveway, and all along the dirt road, stretching in both directions. "This is just great!" I mutter, more ticked off at myself than the parked cars.

The only reason for going to this awful party is the chance to see Sandy. I'll probably stand in a corner, pathetically drinking myself into a stupor while I watch her with him. "Oh, yes, that sounds like a wonderful time," I say to myself.

Passing all the parked cars lined up along the road, I park at the end of the line, pulling onto the grassy berm and nearly into a ditch in the process. "Crap! Crap! Crap!" I mutter as I make the long walk to the house.

The party is in full swing and I'm obviously about the last one to arrive. The host answers the door and guides me to the bar where I get a beer and take up my post in the corner, nodding at the few people I really know and looking like the idiot that I am.

Sandy comes storming out of an adjacent room, looking as lovely and sexy as usual, wearing a sexy short skirt and low cut blouse, but something is obviously wrong. He emerges in short order and tries to grab her by the shoulders, but she turns and pushes him away. The two of them exchange words but all that I can see is that Sandy is pissed. He was always such an asshole. How could she have even picked him over me? I take another swallow from my beer, a scowl on my face.

Sandy gestures forcefully to him, obviously giving him a piece of her mind. Finally, he turns away from her, giving her a wave of disdain and disappears the way he came.

She stands there defiantly until he is gone, but then her shoulders slump, she leans back against the wall and starts to cry. Quickly trying to regain her composure Sandy glances around, hoping that whole room wasn't watching her little drama. Spinning around on her heels, Sandy makes her way to the front door, opens it, and leaves, slamming the door behind her.

Putting my drink on the bar, I make my way through the room to follow her. When I open the door, I find her sitting on the steps, sobbing.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

Startled, Sandy turns and sees me, her eye's brightening a little. "You saw that?"

"Yes, what did the jerk do this time?", I say, and then quickly, "I'm sorry, I had no right to ask that. It's none of my business."

Standing up and turning to me and still fighting back tears, Sandy says, "Well, its all over now. How could I imagine that I could change him?"

"You look like you could use a hug," I say, opening my arms to her.

Folding herself into me, I wrap my arms around her, holding her tightly, soothing her shaking body, taking in the fragrance of her perfume, and listening to her sobs, grateful for this small opportunity to hold the woman I love.

Squeezing me tightly, she returns my hug, and my heart begins to thump in my chest. Pressing my face against the top of her blonde head, I whisper, "It will be okay. You'll be fine, I know it."

"You're such a good friend," she says, "I'm so glad you happened to be here. Now all I need is a ride home. The jerk left me stranded!"

"Say no more," I say while taking her hand. "I'll take you. My car is down the road aways, though. Besides, you know I'm really big on parties," I add sarcastically.

We walk hand-in-hand in the moonlight until we arrive at my car. When we stop, I reach past her to get the door, but she tugs at me to stop, squeezes my hand and says, "It seems like you're the only one that cares for me sometimes. You're always there for me."

Summoning up my courage I say, "I do care for you. I've always cared for you."

Sandy looks so beautiful standing there in the moonlight, so desirable, so sexy. I may never have another opportunity like this again so I lean forward to kiss her and, amazingly enough, she moves toward me and lets me. I know that she must be able to hear my heart pounding in my chest or feel my body tremble. I've always wanted to feel her lips on mine. Sandy puts her arms around me, kissing me back, but much more deeply. My involuntary reaction is to put my hands on her firm butt and pull her more closely to me.

"Wow!" she exclaims when she finally breaks the kiss and we stand there next to the car, arm-in-arm, looking at one another.

"Yeh, wow!" I can't tell you how often I've dreamed about doing that"



"Me, too!"

"Really? You've really thought about kissing me?" I was almost dumbfounded.

"Yes, you nut! I've always wondered how it would be with you. Couldn't you tell?"

Hearing Sandy say that to me excites me so. It's as if a dream has come true. Pulling her body close to me, I kiss her again, a passionate kiss that conveys all the love that I've kept hidden from her all this time. The taste of Sandy's full lips is intoxicating to me, making me bolder, making me want more.

With her body pressed against mine, my body responds, and I know she can feel my hardness growing. Sandy quickly moves her hand between us and rubs it against the front of my pants. "Mmmmm," she coos, "I'm getting to you, huh?".

"Yes," I pant. Pushing her back against the car, my hands dart under her skirt so I can cup her ass with them, squeezing her full, firm cheeks. Her skin feels so silky under my fingers, and my cock aches as she continues to brush it through my pants.. My kisses move from her lips to her neck, making her throw her head back and moan. My lips glide down her clavicle until I reach the edge of her blouse. Taking the cloth in my teeth, I tug it gently, and expose her soft white shoulder. Sandy's breathing becomes faster and deeper and more of her breasts are exposed as the fabric moves downward. Her moans drive me wild, but not as wild as her hands fumbling with the buttons on my shirt. Sandy's smooth hands slide inside and caress my chest, my nipples stiffening at her touch.

Breaking out of the kiss, I look intently at her, asking with my eyes, "Is this what you want?"

Sensing my question, Sandy nods nod back to me. My desire makes me bolder and I grab the elastic of her thong, pulling the flimsy garment down swiftly. She is now as excited as I am, and she raises one leg, then the other to help me, and soon the thong is off and tossed away into the grass. As we kiss again, she pushes my unbuttoned shirt off of my shoulders, letting it fall backward so her hands can explore my chest.

Lifting her up slightly, I push Sandy onto the hood of my car, laying her backward on its cool surface. Her heaving breasts strain against her blouse, such a wonderful sight in the moonlight. Holding her long, tan legs I remove first one shoe, and then the other, letting them drop to the ground. I begin kissing her feet and watch as her skirt starts to ride up toward her stomach, exposing her pussy, the moonlight betraying the glistening wetness there.

Pressing Sandy's left foot against my chest as I kiss the right, I know she can feel the pounding of my heart through the sole of her foot as I nibble on her toes. Taking both feet in my hands I alternate my kisses between them, watching her face and as I do so. As my kisses move from her feet to her ankles, Sandy's hand moves between her legs. As she slides two fingers across her open pussy, my kisses move down to her calves. Sandy's body undulates with the pleasure of my kisses and as she clutches at her breasts with her other hand, one pops out from its hiding place, exposing the taut nipple that shows me the extent of her excitement. I reach for it, and roll its hardness between my thumb and forefinger causing her to groan more loudly.

Moving my attention back to her legs, I let my tongue trail along her inner thighs, first one side and then the other, my hands pushing her skirt higher and higher.

As my tongue approaches Sandy's soaking pussy, she wraps her legs around my neck and, taking my head in her hands, she guides it forward, until she feels my hot breath on her pussy.

All my senses seem to be heightened. The sweet fragrance of her pussy fills my nostrils and when my tongue slides between the wet lips, I nearly swoon as I taste her sweet nectar for the first time. Running my tongue through Sandy's pussy, I feel her body shudder as she gives herself up to me. "Oh, my god, that feels so good," she moans as she pulls me more tightly into her with her legs.

The cool evening breeze blows over my back and she brings her bare feet up to my shoulders, using them for leverage. Sliding a couple of fingers inside her as I lick her, she presses into my shoulders with her feet as she lets her thighs sway back and forth against my head. As the pressure builds inside her, Sandy's toes curl and I know that she is only moments away from cumming when the quiet of the country is suddenly broken by the sound of a car approaching!

We freeze like statures as the lights of the approaching car bathe us for a second, Sandy's legs draped over my shoulders, my face buried between her legs. When the car passes, she giggles. Neither of us knows what the passengers saw, but it was only a minor interruption. Nothing is going to stop us from completing our pleasure.

Resuming my licking and sucking, Sandy again begins to feel the pleasure mounting. The tension in her legs and her soft moans lets me know that she is close. Engulfing her clit, I suck on it firmly until her body writhes with pleasure, her juices exploding into my mouth. Crying out, Sandy holds my head in place until the last wave of orgasm washes over her.

Continuing for a few moments longer, I finally break away and watch her lying in the cool moonlight, her breasts heaving, her bare feet still pressed against my shoulders ,her pussy glistening in the moonlight.

Looking at me with such lust, she says, "I need you inside me now!"

Stepping backward, I quickly unbuckle and unzip my pants to free my raging erection.

"I'm getting to you, aren't I?" she laughs, as she looks me up and down, her eyes sparking with anticipation as they linger on my hard cock..

As Sandy slides off the hood of the car, she pulls her blouse down off her shoulders exposing all of her sweet, full breasts to me, nipples stiff as she runs her hands over them seductively. Sandy watches me intently as I stroke my hardness for her.

"You look so delicious," I say. "I must be dreaming!"

At that Sandy turns around and hikes up her skirt, giving me a good view of her magnificent ass. Looking back over her shoulder, she giggles again and says, "Are you going to just stand there petting that thing or are you going to put it to good use?"

Standing barefoot in the grass in front of my car, she spreads her legs apart and leans onto the hood. My pants at my ankles, I waddle toward her, causing her to giggle again, until she finally feels my cock pressing at her wet pussy.

Grabbing Sandy's hips I thrust deeply into her, making her moan with pleasure. The feeling of being inside her sends electrical shocks through me, the pleasure is so intense. It was as though we were meant for this moment, a perfect fit.

Sandy bucks back onto my hardness, crying out in pleasure with each thrust. I lean forward and reach for her breasts with one hand, squeezing them as I pound into her.

With sweat dripping off my brow, I thrust into her faster and deeper, my entire being focused on our love-making, my goal to bring her as close to me as possible, to give her such pleasure that she'll never let me go.

Looking back at me over her shoulder, Sandy makes that Oh-my-god-I'm-about-to-cum face and it drives me over the edge. I feel my cock stiffen inside her, extending just a little deeper, and she erupts with me. I cry out with pleasure as I fill her sweet, wet pussy.

Sandy collapses onto the car and I onto her, both of us breathing heavily for a few moments. If another car had passed right then, what a sight they would have seen. Sandy with her blouse shoved down to her waist and her skirt shoved up. Me, with my pants down to the ground, my body glistening with sweat in the moonlight.

As I kiss her neck and bare back, I say, "Give me a chance to love you. I'll always be there for you."

"Come on," she says laughing, "Take me home. I want to spend the night in your arms."

Picking up her shoes and climbing into the car, we drive off, leaving her thong somewhere in the grass, a surprise for someone to find the next day. As we drive away, I touch her thigh, truly happy for the first time in my life.

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