tagLoving WivesA Dream Come True

A Dream Come True


We lay intertwined with each other, totally spent, and incredibly satiated. What an incredible night of pure raw sex. I guess I should give you some background information so that you'll understand the previous statement.

I'm a 47 year old man, pretty much your average guy, 6'1" 195 lbs. Nothing special, but not too bad, either. My wife, however, is a knockout. I know, everybody's wife is one, but this one is really true. She's forty years young, 5'6" 123 Lbs. She has blond hair, blue eyes, an awesome butt, beautiful legs, and a nice pair of 34c's. On top of that, her face is extremely easy on the eyes. She's a very pretty woman, but she's sexier than she is pretty.

An ongoing fantasy of mine has always been to take her to a nightclub in a town somewhere away from home, where we wouldn't be known, and have her go in ahead of me and flirt and tease whomever she found interesting. I've told her about this fantasy many times over the years, but had pretty much given up hope on it ever coming to be. That all changed last night.

Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't want her having an affair, but the fantasy of her picking up a guy in a bar and fucking him silly while I watched just turns me on. She is very good in bed, but not even a little bit adventurous.

We went away to the beach for the weekend, and as usual, I tried talking her into living out my fantasy. This time was to be different. She agreed to go and play, but nothing further than teasing. I was thrilled, and told her to just take it as far as she felt comfortable with.

She dressed in an extremely short and tight black plaid skirt and a black lace top that left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Four inch heels accented the short skirt, and there was nothing else under it. What an amazing turn on. The black skirt and top emphasized her dark tan and made her even sexier.

We drove up to a nightclub that is on the beach, and she got out first and went in. I hung out for about ten minutes to give her time to get a drink and acclimate herself to the night. I went inside and started easing around trying to spot her and not appear too conspicuous. It took me several minutes to find her and, no surprise, there were 2 guys talking to her and plying her with drinks. I just eased back into the shadows and watched to see what would happen. She danced some with each of them, but I could tell that they weren't doing it for her. I had just about decided to come and rescue her when the right one moved in. He was young, maybe 25, muscular, tan and hot!! If I were a woman, he'd have done it for me. They talked for a few minutes and then danced. The first couple of songs were fast ones, but then came on a slow one. I waited to see how this went. I wasn't disappointed. They started off pretty much normal, but very soon were grinding their pelvises together. He was running his hands over that awesome butt, and I could tell she was loving it. Much to my dismay, the song came to an end entirely too quickly. Boy, was I turned on. They took a breather, and had a drink. (probably a gin and tonic if I know her) Soon the music was going again, and so were they. This time I

could tell they were getting into it considerably heavier. His hands slid down her ass, and up under her short little skirt. What a pleasant surprise he got when he found that she had no panties on. If he only knew that I had shaved her pussy completely smooth that morning. (I love it that way)

The dance ended and she headed for the ladies room. I moved that way to see how she was enjoying here evening to this point. Not only was she enjoying it, she was hot as a firecracker. All inhibitions were off, and she wanted to go all the way. I told her to give me a 15 minute head start and then get Mister Stud Muffin to bring her to the condo.

I hustled to the condo and set up the video camera in the closet with the door cracked open. The lights were on low in the room, and off in the closet so that he wouldn't know I was there. I had a perfect view of the bed, and was ready to go with no time to spare.

They came in the room and wasted no time getting down to business. I got the impression that they had been doing some pretty heavy petting on the way over. He peeled her top off and unzipped her skirt. As he slid it down over that gorgeous ass, he stopped and stared in awe. So many times you see a person in clothes, and have a mental picture of what they look like naked. Then you see them naked and are disappointed. I could tell by the look on his face that there was no disappointment here.

He started kissing her at her toes, and slowly worked his way up her legs. When he got to that beautiful shaved pussy, he went to work in earnest, and she started moaning and pumping her hips. It wasn't but a couple of minutes before she came in a bucking thrashing climax. Now it was his turn. She peeled off his clothes and out sprang his rock hard 8" cock. She began kissing and sucking it, and he slowly started fucking her face. I could tell he was coming close by the look on his face. For that matter, so was I. I didn't even realize how, but I had my dick in my hand and was furiously stroking it. I knew she wasn't going to let him cum in her mouth, and I was right. He lay her back on the bed and spread her legs preparing to enter her. Being prudent, we had stopped on the way to the nightclub and purchased condoms. She stopped him long enough to roll one down his cock, and then he slid it in her. Her moan when that big cock went in her was a thing of beauty. he began stroking in deeply, and she came again even more intensely than before. I could see by the tensing of his back muscles that he couldn't hold off much longer. Maybe 2 minutes later, he arched his back and began pulsing his sperm deep into her hot wet pussy. She responded by cumming again for him. After a few minutes of rest and petting, he was ready again. (I hate a young guy) They went at it again for long enough for my 2 hour tape to run out. After she had cum numerous more times, he rewarded her with another load of his cum and was worn out.

After they cleaned up, she kissed him goodnight and sent him on his way and I got to come out of the closet. (literally) I figured that she was too tired for me to talk her into anything that night, but I was wrong. She was so turned on by knowing that I had watched and taped the whole thing, that she proceeded to fuck me silly. We had a night of it and watched the sun come up together. That brings me to the opening of this story. The next fantasy is hers, and I'll do whatever she dreams up. I can't wait to see what she comes up with.

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