tagMind ControlA Dream Cum True

A Dream Cum True


Just by looking at him, you'd think that he was like all other guys. Talking to him was a different story. He was the type of guy to stimulate all your senses, feelings, emotions, wants.... Just the type to make you wonder. Ty could get any chick he wanted and Sasha knew that she was definitely out of his league. He was the strong type, the type to be sensitive enough with his woman and tough enough with his boys. They worked together, but not on the same shift and somehow they became friends.

They called each other often just to check on the other, or sometimes, just to talk, or even just to hear the others' voice. As the days and weeks went by, the conversations grew deeper and deeper until they just about knew the others' life history. They were the closest of friends and very attracted to the other. Neither wanted to make the first move, so they just hung out where ever and did anything friends would do. One night after leaving a party, Sasha was a little too tipsy to drive home so Ty offered to drive her.

She invited him in for more drinks and told him to get comfortable. They laughed and talked and silence filled the room. Ty told Sasha to sit beside him and she did so without hesitation. Now, knowing that drinking always excites her, she wondered how this night would end. Ty began to give her a massage and she relaxed and closed her eyes. Slowly drifting away to another world where she and Ty had made love endless times before. Ty continued to rub her shoulders and back. He leaned closer to her and just the thought of him being near her made her panties wet. He moved her hair back to expose her shoulders that held nothing. The strap to her shirt had fallen, but she didn't care.

He slowly kissed her from her shoulder up to her neck. Sasha exhaled as she let herself go in his arms. "This is it," she thought to herself. She had to bite her lip to keep from screaming. His lips felt so good pressed against her skin as her traced a trail with his fingertips. The soft touch made her nipples harden through her bra as she hoped he would caress and massage her breast just as he'd done her shoulders. Her wish came true. He leaned back on the couch and she leaned back into him as their bodies pressed together in the dimly lit room. A moan escaped her mouth as she felt him touch and caress her body. She turned to face him on the couch and leaned in to kiss him.

Wanting him badly, she parted his mouth with her tongue as his met hers for a dance. She caressed the back of his head and neck. He stood up and pulled her up and turned her around. As he slid the other strap off her shoulder, she took off her shirt to expose a set of beautiful breasts. She always thought her nipples were a little large, but right now it didn't matter because the way he took her breast in his mouth, she knew he loved them. They slid down to the floor as he pulled down her skirt. She could feel the tip of his tongue flicking her nipple as she came closer and closer to climaxing. He took the other breast in his mouth and showed devoured it.

As he continued to suckle her breast, he moved his fingers down her stomach until he reached pearl. It had been a while since she felt pleasure like this. As his finger circled her clit she moaned a little. He began to finger her and she could feel herself about to cum. He continued teasing her nipples and she gyrated her hips in motion to his fingering. He leaned down to kiss her and she turned on her side and began to undress him. She ran her hands over his muscular body as she made her way to his pants. Hoping her would be more than average she undid his pants and slid them down his legs. Getting her wish, she was hungry for him. She grabbed his cock in her hands and admired the lovely piece of artwork. She never sucked a cock before, but the way she put his in her mouth you would have thought she was a pro. She took in all of him because she wanted to give him a full satisfaction. She worked magic on that cock as he groaned with pleasure. Sasha could feel Ty stiffen and grow in her mouth as he reached his climax. She swallowed all of him and suck off anything left behind.

Ty picked her up and sat on the couch with her facing him in his lap. He slid forward so that he could sit upright and she sat Indian style with her legs behind his back. They held each other close as she slid back and forth on his dick, back and forth. Ty was reaching places in Sasha that she thought could never be reached. They moaned in unison as the shadows of their bodies danced on the wall. She came time and time again. He stood up again and held her in that spot as he positioned her right so he could cum. He pounded her roughly as he could feel himself about to cum again. She feeling this too, wrapped her legs around him tighter and bounced back. Ty came so hard that he had to sit her on the couch to catch his breath. She laid back on the couch and closed her eyes. Never in her wildest dreams did she ever imagine he would be this wonderful. Ty glanced over at her beautiful body just sitting there, her breasts moving up and down with every breath she took. He looked down at the pussy he'd just beat, and even with it res and swollen, it was still beautiful.

He pulled her to the edge of the couch and dug his face deep into her pussy. He took his two fingers and parted her outer lips so he could get deeper into it. As he stuck his tongue in and out her often tickled her asshole with his tongue. He noticed that she shook and trembled with pleasure each time he did this. He licked her clit and finger fucked her ass as she threw herself back at him. Ty could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter as she came over and over, each time stronger than the next. He licked her clean and seeing her enjoy all this, he was aroused again. He stayed on his knees and grabbed her legs and thrust himself inside of her. He thrust harder and harder until he came and Sasha could feel his dick jerking inside of her. She joined him on the floor and laid beside him with her head resting on his shoulder.

Nothing could be said after that happened. It was wonderful, simply wonderful and she hoped they would have many more times like that. Ty rolled over and Sasha's head hit the floor and caught her off guard.

Sasha woke up from her dream and noticed that she was soaking wet. Turning over to look at the alarm clock she noticed a note on her pillow from Ty. She smiled as she read the note and laid back down to continue with her dream...

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