tagExhibitionist & VoyeurA Dream Finally Realized Pt. 01

A Dream Finally Realized Pt. 01


Based on a true story. The names of those involved were changed to protect the innocent.

Chapter 1

Let's Introduce the Players

He didn't know exactly when it started, but Ryan Long was always a CFNM fan.

For those of you at home that don't know the term, it is a fetish, standing for Clothed Female Nude Male. In young Ryan's case, just like many other men with this particular fetish, he enjoys the fantasy of being naked in front of clothed women.

And sadly, it had always been just a fantasy for poor Ryan. He had never told his young wife of three years about his particular fetish, nor had he really gotten to live out any kind of CFNM scenario in real life.

He resorted to reading dozens of CFNM stories and all sorts of videos that catered to his people. Those were all well and good, but he always craved something more real.

Now Ryan was easy on the eyes - a strapping 26-year-old who played sports his whole life and had soft blue eyes and a nice muscular build. So it wouldn't be such a stretch for him to bring visual pleasure to a lucky gal who wanted to see him in the nude. He once flirted with the idea of being a male stripper himself.

But now in his married days, his CFNM fantasies didn't focus around himself anymore, but rather his wife.

Gloria was a sweetheart, a beautiful young blonde with a super hot body and a big heart. She loved Ryan passionately, and their sex life had always been very rewarding.

The thing Ryan dreamed of was seeing Gloria get to enjoy the company of a naked male, one that was well-endowed.

Ryan had a nice-sized penis, even above average. But he always got excited thinking of sweet young Gloria gawking at some guy's huge equipment. She would be so aggressive, he imagined, so turned on by it. She would fondle it, caress it, take it in her mouth...this is the part in the fantasy that would usually make him climax.

But to this date, this fantasy was still just that - a fantasy.

Ryan had kept his CFNM secret for many years, not letting his wife in on his hidden pleasure. He even looked forward to hearing some sexy girl chat between Gloria and her friends, but nothing really happened there.

He even gave in to being dragged to Sex and the City with his wife and a few of her gal pals, thinking maybe, just maybe, he might hear some sexy dialogue between the women, but it was nothing special.

Poor Ryan. He was stricken with this fetish at a young age, and it was seemingly a curse, something he would never get any satisfaction out of. He always felt unfulfilled.

His last hope was one of Gloria's newer friends, a pretty young nurse named Sarah.

Sarah often bragged about getting to see plenty of naked men in her particular line of work, but to tell the truth, many of her tales were often pretty dry.

Ryan figured she was the biggest unused resource, that in reality she probably had tons of great CFNM experiences, but she was unable to relay her tales in a sexy fashion.

But his outlook on Sarah changed very abruptly, and drastically, one night at his home.

Ryan had just gotten back from a football game with his friends, and it was a Saturday night. He came in, and saw that Sarah was over for some drinks with Gloria. The two were in the family room, and laughing quite boisterously.

Ryan could tell right away that both were pretty drunk, having just about finished off a whole bottle of expensive wine that Gloria had purchased the summer before at a wine-tasting festival.

Sarah was still in her nurse's outfit, and damn if she didn't look good. Ryan couldn't help but be turned on her, seeing her in that tight white skirt and sexy white stockings. She had gorgeous legs, and she also had something else that satisfied another fetish of Ryan's - big, well-rounded thighs.

Sarah was showing them off, sitting on the end of the sofa with one leg crossed over the other.

The females were giddy, and urged Ryan to have a glass of wine with them. This is going to be a late night, he thought to himself. But he didn't really mind.

But first thing's first - he had to shower after having played football for three hours. Just as he was about to leave the family room, Gloria shouted with great amusement, "oh Ryan, we have a story for you when you get back."

"Do we ever," Sarah added.

Ryan was like 'okay, whatever,' thinking it was some silly insignificant anecdote he would have no interest in.

He gave it no thought while he was in the shower, and came back down nice and refreshed. He took a seat in between Gloria and Sarah on the couch, and couldn't help but sneak occasional glances at Sarah's lovely thighs.

The three made small talk for a bit, and Ryan noticed that pretty much everything the two women said, they said it really loud. The wine was definitely kicking in.

But then Gloria remembered.

"Oh my God, tell him Sarah, tell him about your newest patient," she said, taking another drink.

Ryan started to get a little interested, just a little.

Sarah smiled, her pearly whites showing in a sexy fashion. She ran her hand through her shoulder-length blonde hair, and giggled a bit.

"Okay," she said. "You'll get a kick out of this."

"You better brace yourself for this one," the wife said to her husband.

Ryan settled in, now looking directly into Sarah's gorgeous blue eyes.

"Well, this patient was admitted to the hospital today," she began calmly. "He's...an African American gentleman, really nice guy, handsome - works construction, mostly in the city."

She went on to describe what his injury was, how he broke one of his arms and a few ribs at one of the sites and had to be admitted to the hospital for a week...blah, blah, blah.

Ryan was starting to get bored.

"I think he got hurt at the new building near the mall - you know where that is?" Sarah asked.

"Uh," Ryan stammered, trying to think about it for a sec.

"Anyway - it doesn't matter," Sarah said.

Somehow Ryan knew something was coming.

"Well, the funny thing about him," Sarah said. Ryan heard Gloria chuckle. Before he could wonder what she was laughing at, Sarah hit him with the news.

"Well," Sarah said, "he um, well, he has a 12-inch penis."

Gloria burst out laughing, and so too did Sarah, and Ryan began to realize the two had probably been chatting all night about this particular guy.

Ryan couldn't believe what she said.

"What?" the husband asked, even though he fully knew what she said - he just couldn't believe it.

"His dick is 12 inches long," Sarah persisted, using more candid language this time, and that only made Gloria laugh even more heartily at the splendid tale.

Ryan just sat there with a shocked look on his face, like what the hell is going on?

He was surprised with what Sarah was telling him, and also surprised the coarse language she used, that she took liberties to use the harsh slang term for the male anatomy, which she would do repeatedly over the course of the next half hour.

"I was bathing him the one day and I came across something running down his leg, and I was like what on God's green earth is this thing...," she said, pausing for affect.

"It was his DICK!" she shouted.

At first Ryan's natural response was to feel uncomfortable, being with two women that were so openly talking about the male anatomy. But then he suddenly started to savor the situation he was in.

Gloria, who had stopped laughing just long enough to get some words out, asked her friend, "How - how

do you know how long it is?" she asked in between gales of laughter.

"I asked him," Sarah said with conviction. "Now, it's all we ever talk about."

Sarah uncrossed her legs and then crossed them the other way, drawing attention to her sexy thighs, seemingly on cue, as Ryan started to get an intense erection.

"When I come in to bathe him each day we have lunch together, we watch tv," Sarah went on, "and we have a nice hour-long conversation about his penis."

Gloria again cracked up, just before she was about to take another sip of wine.

"It makes the day go right by," Sarah said with a laugh.

Ryan had to take a deep breath.

"Twelve inches?" he asked, dumbfounded.

"Twelve freekin' inches," Sarah replied. "And the thing is, he LOVES to be naked for me. I mean, he really likes showing it off, and lemme tell you, I don't mind."

Sarah was still single, and didn't shy away from casual sex. Ryan often saw her with different guys, so he understood how she could be so open about her appreciation for this particular gentleman's build.

"God he is just big all over," Sarah described. "The first thing I noticed were his muscles - like one of his breasts is as big as my head!"

Ryan laughed.

"But then when I saw his dick, my God," she said.

Ryan looked over at Gloria to gauge her reaction to all this, and he could see that she was, if not excited, at least entertained by the whole thing.

"You've seen a lot of men naked right?" Ryan asked Sarah. "In your line of work?"

"Oh yeah," Sarah said, "but his is one for the ages."

Ryan knew exactly what she meant by "his," as in, his giant penis. God bless her, Ryan thought to himself.

There was now silence for a few moments, as Gloria and Ryan wondered what else to say. The husband was hoping the conversation wouldn't end there.

"So...," Gloria began, "is he a nice guy?" This is where the conversation shifted back to small talk, as the two ladies discussed the more boring aspects of Reginald, and Sarah would eventually begin to tell Gloria about her less interesting patients.

Ryan, however, was still so turned on by the two women speaking about and raving over a man with such a large man part. He excused himself to go to the bathroom, yet the ladies had no idea what his intentions were.

The husband went into the bathroom, took a seat on the toilet with the seat down, and began to feverishly jerk off. It was the least amount of stroking he ever had to do to climax. Sarah's sexy talk had him going crazy. Her words were just as powerful in his memory as they were when he heard them spoken.

Ryan had his right hand firmly around his cock, stroking up and down until he came to a glorious peak of arousal, shooting forth a nice thick stream of come that erupted from the head of his penis and landed a few feet in front of him on the bathroom tiles.

"That was a good one," he said to himself with a laugh. He quickly cleaned himself up and went back out to join the small party.

"You okay hon?" Gloria asked as Sarah poured herself another glass of wine.

"Never better," the husband replied.

Chapter 2

Magnificent Sarah

The next morning Ryan awoke and found that his wife was still asleep beside him. He had gone to bed earlier than her and never even heard the Mrs. come in. She and Sarah must have had a late night.

He trudged out to the living room, yawning as he walked, and found Sarah, already showered and dressed and watching television.

She had crashed there for the night, apparently having a little too much to drink to be able to drive herself home. Ryan was glad to see her though.

"Hope we didn't freak you out last night," the blonde said. "I know we get a little wacky when we have a lot to drink."

She crossed her legs, with Ryan noticing she was wearing a nice tight pair of khaki shorts.

"Oh no - you guys are pretty tame," he said. "That was a good time....I guess you guys had a few more drinks after I went to bed."

"Oh yeah," she said, eyeing the two empty bottles of wine on the coffee table. "I took a day off today because we were up so late. I'm just gonna swing by the hospital to drop off some brownies for Reginald. I promised him yesterday I'd bring him some."

"Is he...one of your patients?" Ryan asked.

"Yeah. I told you about Reginald last night - the construction worker, broke his arm..."

Now Ryan remembered. But before he could answer...

"You know...the guy that's hung like a horse," Sarah said with a hearty laugh.

"Oh...yeah, of course," he laughed back.

"Sorry I just have never seen anything like that," Sarah said as she got up from the sofa. "I mean..."

She leaned in close to Ryan and began to whisper, even though no one was around to hear her candid remarks.

"When he stands up, his dick hangs halfway to his knees," she said with a beaming smile.

"Oh man," Ryan said, holding up his hand as if he was naturally turned off by hearing about another man. But on the inside, Ryan was saying MORE! MORE! MORE!

He loved Sarah's deliciously dirty story.

"He was doing this thing where he playfully twisted his hips for me, and (laugh)...his dick is just slapping against his thighs like smack, smack, smack," she said, laughing so richly because she knew she was making Ryan feel so uncomfortable.

"Oh man, I don't need to hear this," he said, even though he was getting a hard-on the size of Texas. He hated that he had to pretend to not be turned on by the female's amusement with the male anatomy, but it was all part of the game.

"What does he...walk around nude all the time?" he asked.

"No, not all the time, just on that one day when I was giving him his bath he said he wanted to get up and walk around...," she said. "Before I could get the hospital gown back on him," she explained gleefully.

Suddenly Gloria stumbled into the room in her night gown, still shaking out the cobwebs. She headed towards the kitchen to make a cup of coffee as Sarah grabbed her purse.

"This one kept me up all night," Gloria said to her husband, blaming her friend for the endless night of wine and laughs.

Sarah just smiled and playfully bumped into Gloria.

"We have to do this again soon," Sarah said.

Chapter 3

Sarah catches Reginald with his hands full

A few nights later, Ryan joined his wife and her chum for some more after-work cocktails, this time over at Sarah's apartment.

After the usual small talk and once the buzz from the wine set in, Sarah had some interesting tales to tell.

"Well," she said. "I had an interesting experience today."

Ryan was literally on the edge of his chair, and Gloria as well perked up a bit. Up until now Ryan was enjoying the scenery - his wife was dressed in some tight black running shorts and a skimpy white top that he bought her the year before. And Sarah, God bless her, was wearing some ridiculously tight khaki shorts that showed off her ample, round bottom, and those killer thighs.

But now all of Ryan's senses were about to tingle - his ears would again be blessed with another sexy story from dear Sarah.

"Well I went to give big boy his bath," she began.

"Reginald?" asked the wife.

"Yeah Reginald. The guy with the...12-inch...endowment," she said.

Gloria chuckled.

"Oh yes," the wife said. "I definitely remember you mentioning him."

One would have to understand Ryan's extreme pleasure at this moment. Even before he was married, probably back in his adolescence, he fantasized about women being pleasured by, or even just visually enjoying a large penis.

So when he got married, those dreams were focused on his wife. And now maybe there was a hint of that taking place. She didn't even have a stripper at her bachelorette party, not that Ryan minded that at the time, but as the years would go on he sometimes wished she had some sexy stories to tell along those lines.

But nothing. Maybe, however, Sarah was supplying some hope.

"He finally got his cast off, but in the last few days he somehow caught a virus that has been going around, so they decided to keep him another day. So I go into his room this afternoon," the nurse said. "And uh, well, he was busy."

"Busy doing what?" Gloria asked. Sarah's eyes gave it away. Ryan knew right away what she meant.

"He was jerking off?" he asked. Gloria looked over at her husband with a shocked look.

"Yup," Sarah said.

"And lemme tell you, it's not the first time I've walked in on a patient in that particular state of affairs, but considering Reginald's size..." she said.

"Oh my goodness," Gloria gushed.

"It was quite a sight," Sarah said, sipping her wine. Ryan and Gloria both waited for more description.

"I swear to God he had both hands wrapped around the thing, and it looked like there was room for another," she said.

"Jeez louise," Gloria said, now blushing and getting a little excited.

"The way the room is, and the way the curtain is that goes around his bed, I could see him but he couldn't see me. The curtain around his bed was open just enough for me to see it," she went on.

"It meaning?..." Gloria questioned, even though she knew what her friend meant.

"His dick," Sarah replied without embarrassment. "All I could see was his dick. Just two hands around it, stroking it - thing looked like the Sears Tower for Christ's sake, and Heaven forgive me but I just stood there for a few minutes, just watching him. Watching it."

Ryan could see Gloria's tension, that she was visibly affected by Sarah's delightful narration. The husband began to wonder if Gloria would like to have been in Sarah's place, watching the hung stud play with his massive equipment.

"So what happened?" Gloria asked, as Ryan noticed her nipples beginning to poke against the soft fabric of that white T-shirt.

"Well," Sarah began, "I did have a job to do, giving him a bath and all, and I didn't want to get caught just watching this spectacle, so I lightly coughed to let him know of my presence, and well...that seemed to give him only more initiative."

"He kept jerking off?" Ryan asked.

"Kept pumping away like there was no tomorrow," she said with a hearty laugh. "I got inside the curtain and pulled it all the way shut, and the man just kept jerking his cock! One hand over the other."

"That is incredible," Gloria said. "I have to say I would have gotten out my camera!"

Ryan was surprised a bit by his wife's forwardness, and happy to hear it. He playfully smacked her on the leg.

"So I'm like 'uh, excuse me,'" Sarah said. "And just then - he exploded! And I mean...I have never seen a guy...shoot out so much frickin come."

"Holy shit," Ryan said. He loved the look in Sarah's eyes, how alive she looked, her tan face and her piercing blue eyes so full of passion.

"It was like this thick rope of man juice shot out, then another, then another, then another," she said.

"Oh my Gooood!" Gloria said in a long drawn-out way as she backed against the sofa in both amusement and excitement.

"He just kept coming. And just when I thought he was done, one more thick stream shot out of his dick for good measure," she said.

The episode reminded Ryan of the first time Sarah told him and Gloria about Reginald, and Ryan had to go to the bathroom to uh, relieve himself. Even though Ryan didn't have Reginald's giant prick, he could definitely visualize the kind of come shot that Sarah was treated to.

"What did you do?" Gloria asked her friend.

"Well at first I just joked and said 'I guess you've gotten full use of your arm back,'" she said with a laugh. "And he's like 'oh nurse Sarah, I'm so sorry, it's just been so long since I pleasured myself.'"

"Apparently it had been two weeks since he got to...well, jerk off," she said bluntly. "And obviously he wasn't having sex in the hospital, so I could understand he was a little, uh, backed up."

"I guess so," Gloria said as she poured herself another glass of wine.

"I'm just glad I wasn't in the line of fire," Sarah said. "My God, you could have put the Chicago fire out with that thing."

Sarah then removed her sandals to get more comfortable, and Ryan eyed her cute little feet. The nurse crossed her legs like she always does, and Ryan also noticed she too had some protruding nipples, and God were her breasts big. The particular shirt she was wearing hugged them so snugly, and they looked like two perfect globes, there for Ryan's pleasure.

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