tagInterracial LoveA Dream Fulfilled Ch. 01

A Dream Fulfilled Ch. 01


This story is true and it is how my wife told it to me. She really did enjoy fucking his big black cock, and continued to do so for some time, but it never did turn her into a person that had to have huge cocks to satisfy her desire to please herself and me. The truth is she told me that the experience was thrilling and that she was proud she could take all of him, but she preferred normal sized men.

Don't get me wrong, she enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, and she has been fucked many times by other men, but she and I have been together for over thirty years, and I think she is still the hottest woman to walk the face of this earth.

Wife's First Encounter With a Very Large Black Cock

My wife has been dating since the early 80's and had been with many men and this was not the first time she had been with a man that had a large cock. She later told me one of her long time fantasies was to fuck a really big black cock. Well on the day in question, her fantasy came true.

We were stationed in Germany, near Frankfurt, at the time of this encounter as in the story of her first black cock, she started dating almost exclusively black men, With the exception of one time she fucked a white man, all of her lovers for the next six years were black.

Years later when we would talk of her reason for almost exclusively fucking black men, she told me that when she went out to the clubs on base, they were mostly filled with black men. She loved knowing that when she went out for the hunt, she would be surrounded by young horny men, the fact that they were black, just fueled her desire to get fucked, She knew when she walked into the club, she could feel so many eyes on her, This excited her, knowing that all these guys were looking at her with the hunger of wanting to get a taste of her white pussy shining in their eyes.

She would survey the crowd and pick out her likely target and then go on her hunt, these encounters usually ended as one night stands.

There was not just the clubs where she met men, but also where she worked, she told me that there she could develop longer lasting relationships, as she could take more time to get to know them, usually because it would take her longer to give into their obvious desires, it gave her more control and she liked to tease. She explained this way she could size them up and most of the time they became regular visitors to her bed. As much as she liked to go out hunting, she also enjoyed the fact she could just pick up the phone and have one of her regulars come over and spent the morning or afternoon fucking. And yes these guys were invited to our house to fuck when I was at work.

One such fellow was an occasional visitor to her work and she told me that he was attractive enough, and she knew he wanted to fuck her, just that her stable of regulars had been keeping her pussy satisfied that it took a while before she had an opening. Once she had got down to just a couple of friends, she decided to let him catch her. Remember her hunting instinct, she still went out hunting even though she had several regular guys, because as she explained it was tremendously exciting to hunt and then let some new guy catch her.

Yes my wife was a very active woman, some might call her a whore, was she? You decide. But some of the regular male readers to this forum are just as bad. You may even be one of her prey. If you are, great, you are welcome to send me a note.

Well the day came to give into to his advances. The next time she saw him she let him know that she was interested and made plans for him to come to the house. She was excited at the prospect of a new lover and she told me what she was planning. We discussed, as in the case of the other visitors how he would enter the building at the opposite end. It was just better this way so we could keep the nosy neighbors from seeing another man blatantly coming to visit my wife.

We lived in a four floor apartment building with three entrances. There was a basement hallway that was open from one end of the building to the other. Our apartment was on the ground floor at the far end of the building. The door was to be closed but not latched and he was to come straight in and she would be waiting for him inside the living room. His visit was to be during the morning and I was not to come home for lunch until she called me to let me know he was gone, that way she could have all morning to enjoy his visit.

That morning she got up early as she usually does when she is expecting a visitor, and began to get ready, when I got home from PT, she was in full dressed for her date and by that I mean she was freshly bathed, hair and make up, and dressed only in black nylons, garter, and black panties. She never wore a bra, but covered herself in a shear black floor length robe that was open in the front. It always takes a lot of self control for me not to just grab her and fuck her right then and there. But I knew that by being patient, I would get my fantasy full filled when I came home for lunch.

As you can imagine, my mind wasn't on work that morning and the time seemed to drag. Finally noon rolled around and she called to let me know it was time for my lunch. Actually it was time for her lunch as when she has visitors I come home and feed her pussy that cream she loves.

I drove home with my mind on the erotic nature of our relationship and how my wife loved to feed my fantasy, I didn't break the speed limit, but I was there before I knew it. I walked into the house and she was not there to great me at the door as she usually does. I called out her name and heard her answer, "I am in the bedroom."

I walked down the hall to the bedroom, not really sure what to expect, I knew she was OK, otherwise she would have called me to tell me she had kicked him out. She does not put up with extreme sexual proclivities, she just likes good old fashioned fucking.

As I came thought the bedroom door, the smell of sex was nearly overwhelming, I saw my wife sitting on the floor, in front of our closet going through her shoe collection. She was dressed the way she was when I left except her panties were missing. I thought at the time this was kinda odd she would be there and not at the door to great me, but later I was to find out why.

I reached out and gave her my hand and pulled her into my arms. "Did you have a good time?"

She looked at me, took a deep breath and purred out a very affirmative "Yes."

We then began kissing as I ran my hands over her hot flushed body, as I neared her pussy my anticipation was growing, as I encountered the patch of hair above her shaved pussy lips she pulled back and looked me in the eye and said, "I finally got my dream cock!"

I looked at her and said, "you mean?"

She said "yes."

I knew she was referring to a having just fucked a large black cock, but little did I know how big.

As she took off her gown, I asked her, "well how big was he?"

She turned around and looked at me, slowly raised her hands and spread them apart and stopped when she reached what looked to be around a foot apart. I looked at her with what I am sure was a wide opened eye expression of "WOW" on my face, then she said, "and he was this big around." She then held up her hand and formed an open "C" that appeared about the size of a coke can. Then she said "it took two hands for me to hold his cock."

I have seen my wife after being fucked silly, but this time she appeared to be in a state of shock.

We really did not share any meaningful words at that point, she just walked over to the bed and threw back the blankets and said point to the sheet, "look."

There on the sheet was the biggest wet spot I have seen in my life, it must have been 12 inches long and at least 8 inches at it's widest point. All I could say was, "WOW, he sure filled you up!"

She nodded and pulled the blankets back over the wet spot and said, "are you ready to look at my pussy, you are not going to believe how it looks!"

I nodded and she laid down on her back on the bed and opened her legs, no need for her to open her lips with her fingers, as they were open on their own, they were nearly twice the usual size and glistening with juice. Her hole was gaping like a tunnel. She looked at me and asked, "what do you think?"

I could only marvel as to how large her pussy looked, but finally I said that it looked great. She began to come out of her shock and asked me if I thought her pussy finally looked like the picture of the pussy of the porn star we had seen many years earlier, when we were talking about how large I would like her pussy to be. She has over the years asked me if her pussy was big enough yet, and today I had to say "yes."

She just laid there with her legs spread open and her pussy gaping, and finally asked me "well, are you going to fuck me?"

I looked at her and said "yes!" And dropped my pants and underwear down to around my boots, and climbed up on the bed, between her legs, my cock was ragging hard and as I went to slide it in her hole, she looked at me and said, "be gentle I am a bit sore!"

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her pussy and slowly glided into her hole, I didn't need to push, it just kinda fell inside. Her pussy was so open, it felt like I was sliding into a hot, wet mouth, there was just a slight sensation of her pussy caressing the sides of my cock like a feathers touch.

I cannot really describe what her pussy felt like around my cock, as I sank into her depths, it was like sliding in to a hot pool of molten liquid, she was so full of his sperm and her juices, I have never in all of her dating days, felt her pussy as good as it was that day.

It didn't take me many strokes to feel my sperm start to erupt in to her pussy, I can tell you, never have I up to this point cum as hard as I did. I felt it coming from the tips of my toes and depths of my soul. I experience one of the most intense and longest orgasms of my life, I literally saw stars and nearly passed out.

I collapsed on top of her and just basked in the fact I had just fucked the biggest, wettest pussy I have ever fucked. Finally when my cock was limp, and ready to pull out, she asked me if her pussy was big and wet enough for me, I could only answer over and over "yes!"

As I got up, I looked down and watched as our sperm came oozing out, forming our own puddle on the bed. Her pussy had never looked so beautiful at this point. I could not take my eyes off of it. She finally reach over and picked up her panties and pulled them on, then asked me to help her to her feet.

We walked into the living room and she went to the kitchen and came back handing me a sandwich. She said I should eat it on my way back to work. "I don't want you to be late for work, when you come home tonight, we will have all the time in the world to talk about my morning.

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