tagInterracial LoveA Dream Fulfilled Ch. 02

A Dream Fulfilled Ch. 02


As I was writing I realized this story was too long so I cut it into two parts.

Wife's First Encounter With a Very Large Black Cock, Part 2

I returned back to work and spent the rest of the day in a dream state, just thinking about how good her pussy felt, how erotic it was living with a woman who fulfills my every fantasy, my heart was just overflowing with love and admiration for this woman.

True to her word, when I got home, she met me at the door, still dressed in her outfit. I took her into my arms and we nearly devoured each other. I ran my hands all over her body and finally landed between her legs. Her panties were still soaked from his and my sperm and her pussy was still engorged from this mornings fucking. She told me that she loved the feeling of how her pussy was so stretched and open. She told me she has had to go to the bathroom and wipe her pussy several times that afternoon but our juice still continued to leak out of her. I asked her if she liked that feeling of all of or sperm coming out, and she said she told me she loved the feeling of her lovers and my sperm leaking from her pussy and that it was such a sexy feeling knowing that she had been such a naughty wife.

She went on the tell me that she is so happy I was so turned on by her fucking other men and thanked me for my openness and my encouragement for her to continue. She went on the tell me she was so happy she had finally found her fantasy cock that was more than what she had dreamed about for such a long time.

After dinner, we retired to the bedroom, I stripped and climbed into bed. She left her outfit on and began to tell me in on what happened that morning.

He had arrived at the time they had agreed upon, and as he came through the door, she was waiting for him by the couch. He took a few steps into the living room and just stopped in his tracks. His mouth opened as if to speak, his eyes started to take her in, from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet and back up to her eyes.

She looked at him and asked him "are you surprised?"

He answered,"I wasn't sure what sure what to expect, and yes I am surprised!"

She then went on to tell me that he finally approached her and when he got close he stopped and they just looked into each others eyes for a moment, then she put her arms around his neck and they began to kiss, their mouths opening and their tongues began to explore each others mouths, soon his hands started to explore her body. At this point she suggest they sit on the couch and get more comfortable.

He sat and she sat down on his lap and continued with their embrace. His hands started to roam and soon found her breast, cupping one and soon tweaking her nipple, his head bent and took the nipple into his mouth and he began to suck on it. She looked down and thought about her she was sitting on this black mans lap, who was about to fuck her. Her thoughts went from how naughty she was, a married white woman in the arms of her black lover, to the the erotic contrast between his black skin and her white body.

As he sucking her tit, his other hand began to caress her nylon covered leg and soon was traveling upward toward the center of her crotch. His hand soon reached the bare part of her leg between the top of her hose and her pussy, he paused for a moment as if to take in the change in feeling, she took that moment to spread her legs so he could get to the object of his growing desire. She then felt his hand arrive at her panty covered pussy and he paused just touching the silk.

He stopped sucking on her tit and asked, "are you sure you want to go through with this?"

She nodded yes and he asked, "what about your husband?"

She said I looked at him and explained that he was at work and he knew she was going to have a visitor today.

He looked at her and asked, "you mean your husband knows you fuck other men?"

She answered, "yes, I do it all the time. I am surprised your friends haven't told about my arrangement!"

He replied that he had heard them brag about fucking her, but thought it was just made up.

"Well it's true, does it bother you that they have been with me?"

He said that it didn't bother him, that he was just surprised and had never met anyone like me.

She then asked, "Well what do you think so far?"

"I think I am going to enjoy this a lot."

"Well, why don't we go into the bed room and lets see how well you enjoy fucking me!"

They walked into the bedroom and resumed making out and soon she began helping him to undress. As she began to take off his clothes, her thoughts turned to what his body looked like, she mused how he was a pretty fit guy. When it came time to unbuckle and remove his pants, her thoughts turned to what size his prize was, she could already feel he had a nice hard on while they kissed, but now when his underwear were removed, the sight of his cock made her pussy tingle and start to do things as if it had a mind of it own. She could feel her lips opening and closing on their own, she swears that if she had a tongue down there, it would have been licking it's lips. She began to feel wet like never before, as before her was the biggest black cock she had ever seen.

She then laid on the bed and took off her panties and he laid down next to her, they embraced and she took his cock in her hands and began to caress and move her hand up and down on it. In a moment she could feel it was totally hard and she pulled him on top of her body.

She instinctively opened her legs as wide as she could knowing this was going to be one wild fuck. She looked down and thought, "finally, I am going to fuck a huge black cock." She took it in her hand and began to slide the head up and down her slit to get it lined up with her pussy hole. She positioned it at the entrance to her pussy and held it while he began to push into her. Once he was started, she removed her hand and put her elbows down and leaned forward to watch this monster slide into to her pussy.

She asked him to take it slow, as his was the biggest cock she had ever fucked. He did as she asked and it began to go in, amazingly not inch by inch, but more like a third at a time. In three strokes his entire cock was inside her. She said that they both said at the same time that they couldn't believe she had taken all of him so quickly.

They laid there not moving, she was so happy to know she was able to take all of his cock so easily, he also expressed how she was the first woman, let alone his first white woman, that could take him so easily, and commented how it usually took a lot longer and some times he could never would fit all of it inside his girlfriends. He also reveled from what he had heard about white women, he was surprised she was able to take all of him so easily.

Finally he began to slide in and out of her slowly at first, then began to pick up speed as they began to get used to fucking each other. As his pace quickened, her pussy began to get wetter and wetter and soon her juices were leaking out down her ass crack and on to the bed. She could hear her pussy making those squishy noises as he began to pound her pussy, making the bed springs squeak and the head board bang against the wall, she told him to stop and put a pillow behind the head board, as she didn't need the neighbors to know she was being fucked, while her husband was not home.

He resumed fucking her pussy with earnest and shortly she could feel his cock begin to expand, his breathing became labored and she knew she was about to have her pussy filled with his sperm. She loves that part where her lovers fill her pussy with sperm, and she remembers thinking that she hopping he would fill her with a large load. She told me later, that she was rewarded with the biggest load she has ever had, that he began to pump his sperm into her pussy while he continued to fuck his cock in and out of her. She said he continued for about what seemed like five minutes pumping his juice in her, it was leaking out of her pussy like a flood each time he thrust in and out.

Once he was done, he relaxed over her and basically said, "God, your pussy is soo good, I cant believe your hole is so big."

She looked him in the eye and said, "It's hard for me to believe I had no trouble in taking you cock, I guess all my practice has paid off."

He rolled off to his side and looked at her, she picked up a mirror from the night stand and put it between her legs and could not believe how her pussy looked, her lips were so engorged, her hole was gaping open and as she watched his sperm began to seep out of her, soon the bed was soaked from his and her juices.

She told me later that she was in a state of bliss, she was so happy she had been able to take and enjoy such a monster, and the sight of her pussy with his sperm oozing out in such a large amount really turned her on.

As they rested, he asked her what she meant by, "all her practice paid off?"

She looked at him and said, "well, you know now, you are not the first to fuck me since I have been married, but, you are the biggest yet , my husband is no slouch, and I have had quite a few boyfriends and toys in my pussy!"

"So all those stories are true?"

"What stories, I asked?"

"You know, the ones my friends have told me, that you really like fucking other men, and you have a reputation of really like fucking black cock?'

"Well, I hesitated, yes, but does that bother you?"

"No, so your husband really doesn't mind you fucking other men, especially black men?"

"No, he is OK with it, he told me long ago, it was up to me who I fucked, and when it came to black men, I suppose, like me, it was more erotic to fuck black men, you know the taboo aspect of a married white woman, fucking a black cock."

Then she said, "So, what so you think, are you ready to fuck me again?"

"God yes, I can't get over how good your pussy feels."

"Well, turn over on your back , cause I want you big cock in my pussy again, and this time, I am going to fuck you until you fill my pussy up again."

He turned onto his back and she climbed on top, took his cock into her hand and guided it into her very wet pussy. She sat back and in one motion, he was balls deep inside her. She was again filled by this big black cock like never before. She told me she hoped he would become one of her regular lovers, I said I did too.

She said she fucked him for what seemed like an hour before she was rewarded with another big load from his big cock. She said it felt different from the first, being on top, but just as good, maybe better being she had his cock in her longer and in this position, she felt like she got more of his member up in her.

Once he finished cumming, she pulled off, and with an audible plop, he dropped out and she quickly put her hand down to cover her pussy so he didn't get soaked from all the juices escaping her pussy. They laid there for a time, his sperm leaking out and soaking the sheet, until she told him it was time to go.

He got up and dressed, she slipped on her panties so when she walked him to the door, she would not dribble all over the floor.

She got to the door and they embraced, she drew back and said, "well, do we do it again some time?

He looked at her and said, "Yes, and soon. You are the best pussy I have had here and I can't get over how easy it is for you to take all of me. You know your husband is a lucky man!"

"He knows!"

"Honey, he's gone and you can cum home and feed me some more!"

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