tagRomanceA Dream So Wet and Dear

A Dream So Wet and Dear


Last night I had that bizarre, incredible, yet achingly frustrating dream about you again. You know the one. I have no earthly idea how many times this makes now. I know it's been at least two years since I first came to you about it. It's always a different dream at first but it always ends up exactly the same. In the dream, I often start out alone doing something quite ordinary like watching TV or reading a book. Other times, I'm with someone else who later on in the dream becomes you. One way or the other, eventually it's just you and I, my friend. Sometimes we're by ourselves, at your little apartment or mine. Sometimes we're out in public, at my work or with friends or even total strangers somewhere. The one single constant, the thing that makes this fall into the category of recurring dream, is that somehow, alone or in a crowd, my head always ends up between your smooth, pale widespread legs with my lips and tongue enthusiastically lapping your beautiful, soft, sopping wet pussy.

I know you've never believed in coincidence. Neither have I. I know you're a person who looks and finds pattern and meaning in all things. What then does this dream mean? Please tell me. How do you interpret it? I tell you all about it over and over but you somehow manage to shrug it off every time. Yet my eyes barely close and I smell your luscious female heat as my mind pictures your dark weeping cave. Sometimes it's very hairy with your natural juices making the thick dark pad of hair all moist and sticky and tantalizingly fragrant. Other times, even before you told me you began shaving down there last year, it's been smooth, naked and bare, a beckoning set of thick, pink fleshy lips, so young, ripe and succulent that my mouth has actually moistened in anticipation.

Sometimes, I approach you head on as you spread your legs in explicit invitation and welcome. One time in the dream we were down on our knees cleaning a spill from your bedroom rug and your soft, shapely rear was on display right in front of me in those tight black pants of yours. As we crawled around on the floor, I simply pulled down your pants and tiny, colorful g-string as if it were the most natural thing in the world for me to do and began licking my way down your sexy ass crack to my familiar aromatic prize.

How can you remember a smell, especially one you've never really smelled...or have I? It's thick, isn't it? Musky and intoxicating, tasting and smelling for all the world like the most savory culinary treat I could ever imagine. There's so much of it, too. You are always so damn soaking wet for me...in the dream. Can this really be just my imagination? Can it? Tell me! Do you ever really get wet for me?

Again, I ask you, what does it all mean? That I fantasize about you? Of course I do. That's no secret but it doesn't go anywhere near explaining why I enjoy this particular dream so often and why nothing else? Just me going down on you, licking your holes, eating you out, sucking on your clit and making you come for me...always. Your thighs sweat, spasm and tremble around my head. You breathe rapidly and heavily. You murmur, moan and groan, occasionally even laughing a wicked, wanton laugh as you squeeze my head strongly with your hands and legs. For what seems like hours you refuse to allow me to breathe anything but your delicious fresh personal scent until I bring you once again to your ultimate pleasure.

I can't take it anymore! Can this obsessive dream sequence be just a repeating fantasy, just a true coincidence after all? Just a lost moment of horny unrequited lust that keeps repeating itself longingly but pointlessly in my subconscious? Or is it something yet to come? Something meant to be? I have smelled your desire. I know your scent. All of your rationalizing and denials mean nothing to my long forsaken desire. Somehow, somewhere if this thing is meant to be between us, it will happen. I am infinitely patient but I long to taste you, if only once in real life, to bring you the as yet unknown magical sensations that only I can create with you.

Now's your chance. There will never be a better time. Invite me in to fulfill my dream... and you. Let my lust overtake your passion for just one brief moment in time and it will all suddenly make sense. Invite me in to achieve what appears to be our destiny. Spread your shapely legs for me, my dear, dear friend. Close your eyes, trust me and come out of my dream. Come out. Come out...Come. Come for me.

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