A Dream Vacation Ch. 01


"Do you like that? Do you like how it feels when your cock slides between my tits? Maybe later I'll let you fuck them and cum all over me. What do think of that? Would you like to see your cum on my tits and face, JP?"

JP fought the urge to start fucking her tits and smiled down at her as she descended further. Her hands were now washing his legs and his cock stood straight out, pointing at her face. Without a word she opened her mouth and took it in. At eight inches long JP knew he didn't have the biggest cock in the world but he had never seen a woman take this much in her mouth before and was amazed when she didn't stop until her nose touched his pubic hair.

He kept reminding himself that he had promised not to start anything so he stood there almost as a challenge, while she slowly slid back up his cock leaving only the head still inside of her mouth. Soon she developed a rhythm; she would quickly take his cock deep into her mouth and then slowly withdraw it, sliding her tongue against the sensitive nerves under it. No matter how hard JP tried he couldn't withstand the sensation any longer and his fingers wrapped in her hair as he began to match her rhythm. Still on her knees, her hands started exploring his body again as she continued sucking his cock. All too soon JP felt his orgasm begin to build but he also knew that the first time he came he wanted it to be deep inside of Vicki so he withdrew his cock from her mouth and he helped her to her feet.

Standing, she turned and bent at the waist. "Mmmmm, yessssss. DO me. Push it into me from behind. I like it this way. This way I'll be able to feel your cock deep inside of me. Come on, baby. Put it in me."

Overcome by the situation and sensations building within him JP wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her back against his chest as he whispered into her ear. "I only want to know one thing first. Am I making love to Vicki or am I fucking Marketa Brymova?"

"Vicki" froze in place and the color drained from her face. For JP the shower seemed to have suddenly become cold as a freezer as "Vicki" left without saying another word.

JP stood there; the water splashing on his back and his cock wilting and becoming limp. "I fucked that up but good", he said to himself as he left the shower to dry off. He could hear "Vicki" moving around in the room. Drawers opened and slammed closed, and then everything got quiet. Was she there or had she left, JP wondered as he opened the door. The room was dark but JP could see her under the covers of her bed. Dressed in a pair of running shorts he slid beneath the sheets of his bed and cursed himself for what he had asked. Then almost in a whisper he heard her voice.

"How long have you known who I really am?"

Laying there staring at the ceiling he replied, "That's kind of hard to explain. When you came out of the bathroom this morning I got the feeling that I'd seen you before, but I couldn't remember when or where. Then this afternoon when I saw you swimming I was pretty sure I recognized you from one of your picture layouts but figured you had your reasons for wanting to be 'Vicki'."

"So why didn't you say anything right away?"

"Like I said, I didn't recognize you right away and later I just figured that you must have had a reason for not wanting me to know who you were so I kept quiet. Besides, I was enjoying myself too much. I mean it's a fantasy for almost every guy to be somewhere with a woman as beautiful as you, especially if she's a star. If you watch closely, you can see everyone's eyes following you and you realize that they're watching you and the woman you're with. It's a kind of power rush. At the same time, you've always been a special fantasy for me. I've seen most of your photo layouts and I always imagined you as the perfect woman."

Rolling on her side, Vicki/Marketa looked at JP. "And just WHAT exactly is the perfect woman?"

Still lying on his back looking at the ceiling JP replied, "That's easy. It's you. And I believe that even more now that I've gotten to know you. You can be a prefect lady when you want too and from what just started in the shower, you're also capable of letting yourself go and becoming a perfect slut when you want too. What more could a guy ask for?"

Vicki rolled over with her back to JP and thought about what he had said as she slowly drifted off to sleep.

JP lay in bed staring at the ceiling for the second night in a row unable to sleep as he listened to Vicki's soft breathing. When sleep finally did come it was filled with images of her naked body pressed against his. In fact, the dreams were so realistic that he wasn't even sure he was awake when he felt the feather-light touch of her hand circling his cock and begin to stroke it, until she gently bit his ear.

"You know the problem with being a gentleman is that you miss a lot of fun unless the woman takes things in hand" she laughed in a soft, seductive tone as she continued to stroke his hardening cock.

JP stayed on his back as she slid beneath the covers and began to kiss along the length of his cock before taking the head into her mouth. He had screwed this up earlier and before falling asleep had realized that, for whatever reason, this beautiful woman wanted to be "Vicki" right now and that was just fine with him. Pushing the covers off, JP wrapped his hands in her hair and instinctively began to pump his cock into her mouth. "Ohh, that feels good. MMmmmm, so nice. My cock hasn't gotten this hard since ... (LOL) last night, but before that I don't think it has ever been this hard."

Vicki gagged as she tried not to laugh but couldn't stop and had to pull away. "I'll take that as a complement ... I think," she said as she smiled up at JP and began to lick the underside of his cock like a popsicle, tantalizing the nerves as her hand continued to slide up and down the shaft. JP's cock continued to harden until it felt like a flexible bar of steel as she slowly increased the pace.

"Ahhhhhhh, I'm going to cum soon Vicki if you don't stop that."

Lifting her head she looked up at him. "Maybe later, we can do this again and you can cum in my mouth, or on my face and I did promise you that you could tit fuck me, but right now JP I want you deep inside of me. I want to feel you buried in me, stretching my pussy with your cock. I want to remember what its like to have a man make love to me, instead of simply fucking me, and I want you to stay buried deep inside of me and coat the inside of my pussy with your cum just like a 'normal' couple would." Then moving seductively up the bed she rolled onto her back beside him, spreading her legs wide as she whispered, "Now come over here and put that beauty inside of me."

Rolling onto his side next to her, JP looked at the beautiful woman offering herself to him. Like most men he'd fantasized about something like this but now it wasn't a dream and he wanted to make the most of it. Continuing to roll over he found himself between her legs with his cock nestled against her pussy lips. His eyes met hers as she stretched her arms out to him; inviting him to join with her, yet at the same time he knew that whatever he did next was going to affect both of them forever. So, he leaned down and kissed her ... slowly, passionately, his tongue sliding between her lips and dancing within her mouth. He felt her arms warp around his neck as her legs encircled his waist as she shifted her position and tried to draw his cock into her waiting pussy.

Just then he remembered something he'd been told years before by a friend who had messed up his marriage by having an affair. "You have a choice to make. A moment of lust versus a lifetime of pleasure," he had said, "Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice and have been paying for it ever since by losing the most important person in my life."

With that thought in mind, JP reluctantly pulled his cock away from its ultimate goal and began to sensuously kiss Vicki's neck, slowly tantalizing her flesh as he kissed across the front of her neck to the other side, occasionally nipping or licking her in order to heighten the sensation. He could hear the rhythm of her breathing change as he tenderly moved lower on her chest until he was kissing between her breasts.

Sighing she whispered, "Mmmmm, that feels good, but I need you inside of me, JP. I need to feel you filling me. Being here with you and having you so close has made me so horny. I need to have you buried deep inside of me."

Stopping, JP looked up at her and replied. "I know that professionally you've had a lot of other guys but tonight I want to make love to 'Vicki'. I want to give her all the pleasure I possibly can. I know it may sound crazy but I want this to be special for both of us."

Vicki didn't say another word as JP returned to his exploration. His hands and tongue moved across her body slowly, touching and feeling every inch possible before his hands came to rest on her full breasts. Instinctively, she pushed her chest towards him as his mouth descended to her nipple. His tongue danced across it, moistening it before he lightly blew on it; the combination of the moist heat and cool air quickly causing the nipple to harden and point into the air.

"Ohhhhh, god that feels good, JP. Play with my tits. That's it ... suck on my nipples ... pull on them with your teeth. Ahhhh, it's been so long since anybody paid attention to them. I can feel myself getting wetter each time you suck on one of them. It's been sooooo long since anyone has made love to me. Even my boyfriends just looked at me as another conquest. For them it was a nibble here, a nibble there, then fuck, fuck, fuck. I haven't felt anything like this in ... I can't remember how long," she sighed, longingly.

JP continued to nibble and suck on Vicki's nipples as his hands caressed her body. Cupping her breasts, blowing on her moist nipples, stroking her hair, lightly gliding his fingertips over her stomach, JP used every technique he had ever heard of or read about as he sought ways to increase Vicki's excitement. His mouth and tongue followed his hands as he kissed Vicki's exposed body until he found himself looking at her lush, aroused pussy. The lips were swollen and red from her arousal while her juices coated them and her inner thighs.

JP's body screamed with primal desire to have this woman, but he reminded himself that he didn't want to be like the other men that she'd talked about earlier, but wanted to be something far different and hopefully better. Slowly a plan formed in his mind as he leaned forward and gently kissed Vicki's pussy lips. It was going to take every ounces of will-power he had but he knew that this was a once in a life-time moment and that the results would be worth it.

Pulling away, JP looked up over Vicki's mound and between her cleavage to see her reaction as he whispered, "Roll over and get on your hands and knees." For the briefest second he saw the disappointment on her face as if to say "Here we go again" and knew that he had been right in his decision.

While Vicki moved into position, JP got up and went to his travel bag removing a bottle of body lotion before returning to the bed. Now was the time to make the difference he thought as he knelt behind her and pulled her back towards him. As she moved backwards he sat back on the heels of his feet pulling her with him until she was sitting on his lap allowing his hard cock to glide beneath Vicki's pussy and nestle between her pouting lips striking her clit.

Disappointedly, Vicki reached under herself to try and push JP's cock inside her pussy until he stopped her. "Not yet, darling. I told you I wanted this to be different and special, so just relax and let me take care of everything. Now why don't you lean forward and put one of those pillows under your head while you stretch your legs out and relax?"

Surprised and unsure of what else to do, Vicki did as JP asked. Almost instantly she realized just how erotic the position was as her weight settled on JP's lap and his cock slid against her aroused clit.

"Mmmmmmm, this feels good."

"Ssshhhhh and relax, darling," JP replied as he took the lotion and poured some in his hands. Quickly rubbing them together he warmed the liquid before leaning forward and beginning to massage Vicki's shoulders.

"Owwwwwwww," she sighed contently. "When you lean forward like that your cock rubs my clit and sends shivers all over."

"I'm glad to hear that, now just relax and enjoy" JP replied as he began to seduce Vicki in the most romantic, erotic way he could think of. Each time he stretched forward his cock slid across Vicki's clit only to slowly be drawn back across it as he massaged back down to the small of her back. He could feel her juices pooling in his lap as she became more and more aroused.

"JP, this is absolutely fantastic. I've never felt so relaxed and yet so excited at the same time. On one hand I want to have you stick your cock in me and make love to me, but on the other hand I just want to lay here and feel more of what you're doing to me."

"In that case, I guess the decision is up to me and I did promise not to start any 'funny stuff' so you'll just have to wait until I'm done," JP replied as he began to massage Vicki's buttocks and legs, listening to her moans and signs.

Finally Vicki couldn't take anymore and attempted to get up as she looked over her shoulder, "You are such a fucking tease. I can feel my pussy juices running out of me like a god-damn river and all you want to do is keep teasing. Now put that fucking cock of yours in my pussy and fuck me!"

Smiling JP sat up and looked down at Vicki's aroused body; her skin had a little pink hue to it from her body's response to his touch and her pussy lips were distended, while her juices dripped onto the bed sheet beneath her. The room we filled with the aroma of her arousal. JP knew that now was the time to fulfill the fantasy but first he had one question. "Vicki, I know that in your other life many of your partners always wear a condom but I heard you say that you wanted to feel my cum coating the inside of your pussy. Did you mean that or would you prefer that I put on a condom as well?"

Vicki lay motionless, thinking, before looking back over her shoulder, responding in a sultry voice, "JP, this is not my 'other life' as you so politely phrased it and you are definitely not just a 'partner'; you are about to become my lover. You have helped me to remember what it's like to have someone who is more concerned about me then the 'slam-bam' for the camera or of adding another notch to their 'peter-gun'. Right now I want to feel you cock inside of me 'bare-back'. The hell with a condom. I want to feel like an ordinary woman making love with her man and I want you to cum deep inside of my pussy. Does that answer your question?"

"Yes, darling, it does," JP answered as he slowly slid his cock into Vicki's waiting pussy. Grabbing her hips he slid deeper and deeper into the warm, moist confines until his public hair meshed with hers and his cockhead was lodged deep inside of her.

"Mmmmm, that feels good JP ... so nice and deep. I like the way it fills me."

JP responded by slowly withdrawing his cock until just the tip was held within Vicki's pussy lips and then sliding back inside of her.

"Yessssss, that's it, slide your cock in and out of me nice and slow. I'm so damn horny. I need to feel you filling me. I need to feel you making love to me, JP. Slide that big dick of yours in and out me. Yes ... yes ... yessssss ... that's it. Fill me with that wonderful cock. Mmmmmmm ... it feels so good. Play with my titties and my clit, JP. Do anything you want with me."

JP stopped for a moment to enjoy the wonderful sensations being sent throughout his body by this beautiful woman. He could feel her saturated pussy canal opening to take him each time he thrust forward before clamping down on it each time he withdrew sending thrills throughout his body. But even more thrilling was that he was hearing his fantasy woman offering herself to him completely and entirely. He could do anything he wanted to her, so with that in mind JP leaned forward, and whispered, "You mean like this?" as he slid his hand under Vicki and strummed a finger across her clit while used the other hand to cup her breast and teasingly pull on her distended nipple.

"Yesssssss ... ohhh, god ... just like that. Mmmmmmm ... you're sending shivers up and down my whole body like that. I can feel myself getting ready to cum."

"Vicki, I want to be able to look into your eyes when you cum and I fill your pussy with my cum. I want to be able to hold you in my arms and feel your body wrapped around mine," JP murmured.

"Me too, lover," Vicki said as she slid from JP's cock. Quickly she rolled over and placed a pillow under her buttocks to lift her pussy and spread her legs wide, waiting for JP to slide back inside of her.

Suddenly a memory flashed in JP's head as her remembered his ex-wife. "That's exactly how my ex-wife used to put herself when we were trying to get her pregnant."

"I know. They say this is the best position if you trying to get knocked-up."

"Are trying to tell me something, Vicki?"

"I hadn't really thought about it until you said something but I guess I am. I'm not using any kind of birth-control right now. I've been thinking about having a baby for several months and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather have one with than you. For the first time in years I actually feel like a woman instead of simply a piece of meat being used by someone, and that's all because of you. Now don't get me, wrong I'm not going to try and stick you with the responsibility for raising the baby. I've got plenty of money from my job. It was simply finding a right guy to be the father and I'd like it to be you ... that is if you don't have any problem with it?"

JP slid into Vicki's waiting pussy as he leaned forward to place a kiss on her lips. "I don't have a problem with that at all. In fact, I think I'd like the two of us to do this a lot. I know we've only known each other a few days but I care for you deeply and would be proud to be the father of our child."

"You know that for me to get pregnant it will probably take more than just once. So why don't we start now. Pump that cock of yours in and out of me and knock me up ... get me pregnant with our baby, lover," Vicki answered as soft, tears of joy slid down her face.

JP instantly leaned down to kiss her and wipe the tears away as he began to pump in and out of Vicki's waiting pussy.

"That's it JP. Fuck me. Yessss ... ahh ... ahh ... ahhh ... ohhhh, god. I can feel you brushing against my cervix each time you bury your cock in me. Ahhhh ... aahhh ... don't stop. Fuck my pussy. Fuck me ... harder ... ohhh, yesss ... that's it. You're slamming against my clit every time you fuck me like that. Ohhhh, god ... I love this. More, JP ... fuck me harder." Vicki suddenly wrapped her legs around JP's waist and began to match his rhythm as she clawed at his back.

For JP it was a dream come true. Beneath him was a woman he had fantasized about for years and for the moment she was all his. Slowly he felt his scrotal sack beginning to tighten and knew that he didn't want to hold it back this time. He was going to empty himself into this woman and fulfill both of their fantasies. "Vicki ... I'm not going to be able to hold off much longer. I'm going to empty my load of cum deep inside of your beautiful pussy."

"Do it, JP ... fill my pussy with your cum ... fill me until it drips from me ... make me a mommy ... get me pregnant ... then you can be a mommy-fucker ... ahhh ... that's it ... pump me ... fuck me ... deeper ... I'm going to cum too ... fuck me ... now ... ohhh, god, yessssss ... now, JP ... now ... fuck me harder ... fuck me faster ... fill me with your cum, lover ... now ... now ... aaaaaAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH ..."

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