A Dream Vacation Ch. 02


"Ok, what can I do?"

"Well, it's a bit strange but I need you to help support me while I take care of this," Vicki said as she reached into the pocket of the flannel shirt she was wearing and withdrew a round plastic case. As Vicki opened the case JP noticed a soft, round, rubber disc.

"Is that what I think it is?"

"Ya, it's a diaphragm. I usually use it when I'm doing a movie and the guy's not using a condom, especially one with a cream pie scene."

"It's a little bit late for that don't you think," JP teased.

"Well, usually you'd be right but, in our case it will work to do what we want, too," Vicki replied as she got into a kneeling position while JP helped to steady her. "You see the trick here is that instead of keeping your cum out I'm going to use it to keep it inside of me," Vicki answered as she moved the diaphragm to her pussy.

JP held onto Vicki and watched as she slid the diaphragm inside of herself; followed by a sudden shiver from Vicki's body.

"Wow. I've never been that sensitive before. Just putting that thing triggered a mini-orgasm. JP, you are one hell of a guy."

"Thank you kindly, Ma'am," JP replied using his best Southern drawl again. "Now would the lady like some assistance getting back to the motorcycle?"

"Suh, I do believe that this lady not only would like some assistance but positively needs some assistance."

JP laughed as he scooped Vicki up and carried her back to the cycle for the trip back to the hotel before quickly putting away the lunch supplies that still lay in the ground.

The trip back was filled with talk of their lives as Vicki cuddled against JP's back and he finally told her about his own little secret ... to the tune of several millions of dollars.

Laughing he was certain that almost everything within 50 miles heard her, "YOU'VE GOT HOW MUCH!!??"

Stopping once they picked up food for a romantic dinner tucked away in their room. When they arrived back at the hotel they had just enough time to hop in the shower together and were laying in bed as the sun set; JP sitting with his back against the headboard and Vicki laying with her head on his chest. Both were quite and seemed lost in thought as they watched the sunset and wondered what the future held for them.

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