tagBDSMA Drink From the Golden Cup

A Drink From the Golden Cup


He had me turned on soooo good. Had me drink a ton of water, and I knew what was coming. He'd make me pee for him. No big deal, I'd done that before, and I was fine with it. He asked if I had ever drunk my own piss before. I said I had tasted it, but had never actually had to drink it. The idea did not appeal to me in the least, tho I must say I have had my mouth pissed in on a few occasions (not being required to swallow) and found it to be wildly erotic. Not sure why....just the naughtiness of it, I suppose. But the thought of having to swallow it was repulsive, to say the least.

Anyway, after three bottles and one full tall glass of water, I needed to pee. I was to ask him for permission, which I did. Denied. He had me play with myself in front of him, pinching my nipples hard and pulling them straight out in front of me while he counted. I was dripping wet, and my need to urinate was urgent. He kept talking to me as I touched myself, telling me that I WOULD one day be required to drink my own (and his) piss. The thought scared the hell out of me.

As I touched myself, he described scenes to me, in which I would be required to do this nasty thing. While the thought still did not turn me on, in my sexual haze, I became less afraid, knowing that there are other women who do it, and enjoy it. He told me to spread my legs wide, as I stood before him. He reached out and pinched my clit...holding it and twisting it in his fingers. My cunt was clenching, not only with sexual need, but also with the need to pee. With his free hand, he took my right nipple in his fingers, first squeezing it tightly, and then twisting it cruelly. My pain receptors sparked electricity straight to my cunt, making me cry out with my desire. I begged permission to cum. Denied. I begged to urinate. Denied.

My breathing was ragged, so deeply was I concentrating on holding back both my orgasm and my urine. My need to empty my bladder was beyond urgent. My cunt and clit were both twitching. He said I would not be permitted to cum OR pee until I agreed to drink some. I said I simply did not think I could do it. Again I begged to use the restroom. He said he would make a deal with me. He asked if I had enough control to stop the stream of urine once I started going. I said I thought I could. He told me to show him. He cupped his hand under my cunt. My pussy throbbed wildly, ready to let it go against his hand. I was not sure if I would pee or cum first.

"WAIT!" he said, and pulled his hand away. My cunt did something I can only equate with the feeling of your stomach dropping when you are plunging straight downhill on a roller coaster ride. My stomach actually hurt with need. My nipples were hard as small stones, my skin breaking out in gooseflesh, so great was my need for something....anything! He said he would offer me another option. I was ready to listen, ready to do anything if I could just empty my bladder and cum!

He told me to go to the kitchen and get a glass. I did so, and as I brought the glass back to him, he said he'd changed his mind, and to go get a coffee cup instead. I'm thinking, 'oh great, like filling a coffee cup is going to bring any relief?!' When I returned with the cup, he told me to fill it , but to stop in time before it ran over the top. I turned to go to the bathroom, to fill the cup.

He said, "No, you'll do it here." I looked at him incredulously. "Are you serious?" I asked. "Fill the cup, while I watch to be sure you do not lose a drop," he said.

I was mortified. I implored him with my eyes, shifting from one foot to the other, like a 4 year old who, in the middle of the department store has waited too long to tell her mother she has to go potty. He just raised his eyebrow, as if to ask if I was challenging his directive. At that point, my need for dignity was replaced with my need to urinate. I spread my legs wider, holding the cup beneath my pussy and began to pee, the stream coming slowly at first and then positively shooting forth, filling the cup in only a few seconds.

He began to snicker, knowing it would be hard to 'turn off' the flow, as full as I was. I struggled as I squeezed my muscles as hard as I could to try to cut off the stream. The cup was so full, I knew with only a few more squirts it would spill, but I somehow managed to contain the last remaining drips as my stream painfully came to a stop.

He looked at me and said, "Look at that..... I think you liked that...what a whore, pissing in front of me." I looked where he was looking and saw those last drips of pee clinging to a strand of my pussy juice, as that too flowed into the cup. My face stung with the heat of my embarrassment, but my cunt told the real story. I had liked it.

My desire flamed anew as he reached out, pinching both nipples excruciatingly hard, while I stood there, holding the cup, filled to it's brim with my pee, legs still spread wide, my chest heaving, as I tried to keep my cool.

"Careful now, don't spill it", he said.

Shaking with need, I balanced the cup as carefully as I could, while he let go of my nipples and plunged two fingers inside my dripping cunt. I let out a deep moan, knowing I was going to cum if he so much as moved his fingers within me.

"Do you want to cum, piss slut?" he asked.

The name piss slut immediately offended me. How dare he talk to me that way? I hate those names! But again my body told the truth, as I felt a gush of wetness spring forth.

"Please....", I breathed, knowing I could not hold out much longer. My cunt was beginning to vibrate, this sort of humming thing it does when I am at the very edge. I knew if I came, I would also piss myself, so great was my need to finish emptying my bladder.

"You have a choice, sweetheart...he said. You can pee, but if that is your choice, you are to fill only one more cup, and the rest you will hold until morning. You will NOT be permitted to cum. Or...you can cum AND pee, but you will only fill one cup AND you will take a large swallow of that before you are permitted to cum. As an added bonus, I will allow you to refill what you have swallowed, but again, you will have to hold the rest until morning. As a third option, I offer this: You may cum AND pee, emptying your bladder fully, but ONLY if you drink one full cup of your tasty piss first."

Tasty piss? OMG. At this point my stomach hurt from holding it, my cunt was leaking everywhere, if only from the tone of his voice, as his fingers were held still inside of me. I knew I needed to cum, more than I needed to piss. I have incredible bladder control and knew that one cup of pee is a lot to let go, even if it did not relieve me completely. I also knew there was no way I could drink a full cup of it. Not now...maybe not ever. The mere thought brought a dread I cannot even begin to convey. Even taking a sip seemed repulsive to me, tho the fear of it somehow turned me on. Crazy, how that works.

I knew my only option then, was the second one, whereby I would be allowed to cum AND pee, if only I would take one swallow from the cup. How bad can it be? I thought. Women do it all the time, don't they? And from what I hear, some actually enjoy it. Perhaps it is not as bad as all that, after all.

I lifted the cup toward my face. The acrid smell reached my nose before the rim touched my lips. I held my breath and took a healthy mouthful of the cup's barely tepid fluid, swallowing quickly.

I do not know what happened...even as I gagged and shivered involuntarily from the taste of the vile contents, I came, in a great quivering seizure, as intense as any I can recall. As my body spasmed, so too did I gag and wretch, my stomach heaving hard. Sliding to the floor, my legs no longer able to support me, I crumpled in a heap and began to sob. I am not sure why, really. The humiliation, the intensity of the ordeal, the relief of it being over, I suppose.

As I sat there, trying to regain my composure, he put his fingers under my chin and lifted my head, but I struggled to look away, too humiliated to look in his eyes. He gripped my chin more quickly, forcefully, and in that instant, the very instant I looked up, I was met by several thick spurts of his cum, as he groaned aloud and jacked his cock on my face. The End

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