tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersA Drive in the Country

A Drive in the Country


It had been a rare hot dry day and the evening promised to be hot as well. Toni the lovely CD I have met down here in Wales arrived as arranged just before dusk in his car to collect me and take me somewhere secluded he had found for some outdoor fun.

We drove about a mile before Toni pulled over and quickly removed his trousers before getting back in and driving off to the secluded place for us to play. I was pleased to see as she (Toni) slid back into the driving seat that she had on a slightly flared mini and black stockings, the top of one was just showing and was wetting my appetite.

I sat there staring at her lovely nylon encased legs as she carefully drove down these very quiet welsh lanes to wherever she was taking me. As I watched those lovely legs I realised that operating the pedals as she drove was causing her mini skirt to slowly reveal more of her legs and stocking tops. This was ruining my self-control as the higher her skirt went the stiffer my confined cock was getting.

I couldn't resist this horny vision any longer and after quickly reaching down and making my now aching cock a bit more comfortable I turned sideways in my seat and slowly placed my shaking left hand on her leg just above the knee. I left my hand there as I checked Toni was still ok driving with me playing and enjoyed the feel of her warm flesh through the cool stocking. Toni had slowed a bit but seamed fine driving so I let my hand slowly caress higher and higher up the top of her leg till my hand pushed her skirt up to her waist which revealed to my delight that she was wearing suspenders.

I slowly moved my hand around her thigh down between those lovely legs allowing the side of my hand to only just caress her lovely full balls only just hidden behind the matching black G-string which was now just in view before caressing down the inside of her thigh to her knee and back up to those hidden balls over and over again I repeated this. Until I decided it was time to reveal all her lovely treasures to me and I lifted her mini skirt up above her midriff and got my first view of her huge hard cock, painfully bent and confined in her black panties.

I moved my hand up onto her cock, Toni moaned as I carefully kept it inside her panties as I straightened it to make it more comfortable for her. As I moved my hand away slightly to see if her cock looked more comfortable I could see why she had moaned, there was now a damp patch of precum where her cock head had been. Umm I thought as I liked the taste of her precum when we sixtynined with Tina watching.

I deliberately moved my hand so just the tips of my fingers were teasing her cock head through her panties to make her leak even more precum. This caused Toni to start moaning each time I touched a new nerve in her cock so to keep her moaning a let my finger tips slowly go lower and lower to find new nerves to make her leak even more.

It ended with me progressing very delicately massaging and wanking her hole length as she drove before I decided to pull the top of her panties down just enough to release her now copiously leaking cock head. Fuck I was in heaven as I watched drop after drop of her precum form into a drop on the eye of her cock before trickling down to follow all the others as they ran down towards her hard smooth balls.

I moved my hand back up to her swollen cock head and liberally coated my fingers with her precum before letting my fingers follow the river of precum down to her balls and round between her smooth cheeks where I let my little finger move the G-string clear and locate her ring. Once I found her ring I released the seat belt with my right hand and lent forward placing my now dry lips on the end of her leaking cock as my precum lubed index and middle finger lined up with her ring and started teasing it.

I relaxed and composed my horny self for a few seconds before slowly sliding my lips down over that large sweet cock at the same speed as my two fingers pushed into her ring until as my mouth was full as my lips got halfway to her balls my fist was against her ring. I stayed still for a while to savour not only the moment but also the taste of this huge cock in my mouth.

After a while I slid my mouth all the way back up her cock shaft till just her leaking cock head remained inside. At this point I started to slowly finger fuck her tight arse while eagerly running my tongue round her cock head to drink as much precum as I could find.

Just as I was swallowing my first mouthful of her sweet precum the car braked hard and seemed to veer left throwing me as I wasn't wearing a seat belt full force into Toni's lap and forcing her full hard length into my mouth and down my virgin throat. I had tried doing deep throat a few times in the past but never managed it, as I couldn't control my gag reflex.

I was stuck with her lovely hard cock down my throat as the car slowed and pitched to stop before I was able to lift back off her cock and get some air as I struggled to get up and see what had happened. From my position with my head below the dashboard sucking Toni's magnificent cock I hadn't seen a thing and assumed we had swerved off the road to avoid a collision as I had pushed Toni to far for him to drive safely.

I was pleasantly surprised when I sat up and looked around in the bright moonlight as Toni had turned the lights off, that we were about two thousand yards away from the lane, up a wooded track. As I sat there Toni got out, god she looked fucking horny as she stood there reaching for a bag in the rear of the car with her mini skirt fallen back down with her large cock still on full view.

I got out and we walked a short way up the track before turning off down a hardly visible in the dense undergrowth path. After passing through some really dense shrubbery we came out into a quite large grassy clearing with a single large tree in the middle. After struggling through the dense foliage I walked over and lent against the tree and stared with a sexual hunger I had never experienced before looking at Toni stood about five feet in front of me in the moonlight with his magnificent cock peaking out from his mini skirt and framed either side by the taught suspenders.

Toni said, "Are you getting horny?

"Looking at you I am fit to explode" I reply.

Toni says, "I bet your cocks nice and hard like mine, isn't it?"

Before I can answer Toni has stepped in front of me and starts to rub my aching cock through my clothes. For a few moments I just stand there and enjoy her touch, my mind is in turmoil, I want to just bend this horny vision over and take her now

I couldn't understand why my cock seamed to be getting harder under his touch. By the time he managed to unzip my fly, push down the front of my underpants and grip the middle of my rigid cock I was in heaven and never wanted this to end. There is definitely nothing like another guys hand or mouth on your cock to expertly cause the highest sexual pleasure and it's infinitely better when that other guy is a good looking Cross Dresser.

I was struggling a bit now to try and reduce the extreme pleasure he was causing, as I didn't want to cum to early. She sensed this and reduced her grip on my bare hard cock and started telling me "you have a nice cock, its nice and hard, you like me holding your cock, you want me to make you cum?" As she was saying this she moved her grip to the top of my cock and pulled the foreskin back exposing my sensitive purple knob, which she started to rub gently with her thumb.

Because of the feelings she was causing in my cock I had stopped struggling now and didn't worry about cumming to early as I was certain I would stay hard for a lot more fun with her after cumming and just kept quietly telling him "nice and slow, make it last, we can take as long as we like."

She continued to rub her left thumb over my now leaking knob, as she undid my trousers with her other hand and pushed them down with my underwear until they fell to my ankles. She then removed my T-shirt, leaving me naked in the woods with a perfect lover.

I just stood there absolutely still, enjoying every tingle of pleasure she was causing, knowing that what she was doing was causing me exquisite pleasure her hand massaged by foreskin up and down while her thumb stayed teasing my aching, leaking cock.

Toni knew she had at my sexual peak as my precum was dripping all over the ground between us and put my hand on her huge cock. I knew what he wanted so I wrapped my eager fingers around her cock and started moving my hand up and down his long cock as he now started to use my leaking precum to lubricate my whole cock and put more pressure on his thumb as he circled the underside of my cock head.

I was lost in the pleasure she was raising in my cock, my whole being seamed to be focused in and controlled by the sensations she was causing in my cock. I started to wank his cock, stopping every now and then to rub my thumb over his slippery knob like I had done in the car and she was doing to me now. After a few minutes I could feel her copious precum lubricating his knob and shaft again causing my hand to loose grip so I gripped him tighter and started to wank her magnificent cock faster.

As I felt her cock swell slightly and begin to twitch she let go of my cock and pulled my hand of her cock as she sank to her knees. I stood there leaning back against the tree with my hard aching cock flat against my stomach, wondering whether the blowjob she about to give me would push me over the edge.

As she knelt before me, she reached up with both hands and pulled my cock down horizontal and started to wank me with long slow, sensuous strokes, pulling my foreskin back so far it was almost painful. I had done a lot of wanking since my early teens, and I thought, "what's she playing at, I will never cum if she doesn't start going faster."

I found out as Toni leaned forward and started to lick all the precum off my cock shaft and his hands, before concentrating on my leaking knob. I remember thinking of the blowjobs I had before and this surpassed them all.

I was snapped out of my thoughts by Toni slowly slipped my cock past her lips as she swirled her tongue around my knob and then around the shaft as she slowly took my six and half inch cock fully in her mouth till my balls were on her chin as Knob entered her throat. The exquisite sensations this caused bordered almost in pain, I closed my eyes tight and bit my bottom lip to avoid screaming in pleasure at best ever blowjob.

She used her left hand to keep my foreskin pulled right back as she started to bob her head up and down the whole length of my cock using her tongue to tease whatever went past it at the same time. I just leaned there against the tree with my eyes shut in sexual ecstasy unaware that she was toying with her own cock with her other hand.

As I got close to cumming I was incapable of anything other than panting and moaning in ecstasy as quietly as I could at what he was doing to my cock with those angel lips of his. My legs went weak and started trembling as I fast approached my orgasm in Toni's mouth. She felt the first spasm of my cock as it twitched in her eager mouth and before I could pump my first jet of cum deep into her mouth, she quickly removed my cock from her mouth and expertly and painlessly squeezed the base of my cock between my balls cutting off the flow of cum down my pulsing shaft except for a little dribble she caught on her tongue and quickly devoured before standing up.

Once I recovered enough to talk I told Toni "MY turn, lean back against the tree!" I was determined to try my newly if accidentally acquired skill off deep throating nice tasty cock. And she definitely had a big leaking one of those.

I knelt before her and reached up to remove her mini skirt. Once it was removed I stared for a while at those lovely long legs wrapped in black nylon with the taught black suspenders continuing up her bare thighs to the black ring of the suspender belt around her waist. In the centre of this bare flesh was the object of my immediate desire, her magnificent hard cock stood vertical with two large very full smooth balls hanging below.

"Fuck" I thought "I ain't going to waste time wanking her cock I need to taste it" so I eagerly reached up with both my hands and gently pulled her leaking cock down to my eager lips where I then started to lick all the precum off her leaking knob. The taste of her sweet precum pushed me totally over the edge and I grabbed her hips with both hands and sank my lips down the entire eight inches of throbbing love muscle till my lips brushed his smooth balls. With four inches of thick hard throbbing cock stretching my throat, I had done it I had achieved my first voluntary deep throat without gagging.

I was so pleased and excited at the stretching feeling in my throat I nearly forgot to slip back up his cock enough to breath so when I did I had to take her lovely cock completely out of my mouth till I got my breath back. Now with my new found skill I proceeded to give Toni a slow deep throat but remembered now to only keep her cock in my throat for no longer than twenty seconds or so.

As I got into the slow deep throating rhythm I pulled Toni away from the tree she was leaning on I slipped two fingers gently into her ring and started to finger fucking her in time with my sucking of her cock until I decided to up the ante. I then as I held his cock in my throat started humming while slipping a third finger into arse, this caused her cock to jump in my mouth as she let out a loud moan of pleasure.

As I kept finger fucking her with three fingers I now alternated between plain deep throat, deep throat with humming and licking her very sensitive and juicy knob. After about five minutes of this treatment I felt her arse clench as if trying to suck my fingers in deeper and knew she was about to blow her love juice down my throat so using Toni's trick back on her I quickly removed her cock from my mouth and painlessly squeezed the base of her cock between her balls cutting off the flow of love juice down her now pulsing shaft. I wasn't as good at it as Toni as instead of stopping her cumming completely she blew one small jet of sweet hot cum into my mouth, which I eagerly swallowed, before my squeezing fingers cut off the rest of her cum.

I stood up and said "Turn round, bend over, grab the tree with both hands and spread your legs a bit, I am going to fuck that lovely arse of yours!" She eagerly did as I asked so I grabbed my aching cock in my right hand and started rubbing my pre-cum all over it in preparation of fucking this horny vision. Meanwhile my left hand spread her cheeks wide so I could see her pre-stretched ring glinting at me in the moonlight.

I place my knob against her ring and as I gently leaned forward I watched as her ring slowly widened and slid slowly up over my thick purple knob till it snapped back around the base of my knob and held me their. I gave her what seemed like a long time to adjust to my thick knob but it my horny state was probably only seconds before I started pushing again and slowly slid my cock in till my balls were trapped between her cheeks.

The feeling of being buried balls deep in her tight arse was exquisite, so it wasn't long before I started fucking her with long slow strokes for maximum feeling and elicited some moans of pleasure from Toni. As Toni's arse loosened up with my slow fucking I speeded up slightly and reached around her waist to wank her cock in time to the pounding my cock was giving her arse.

After about 10 minutes of this I decided I wanted to fuck her in the position I have fantasised of fucking a sexy guy in for years. So I pulled out with a "plop" and lay on my back on the grass and held my cock vertical as I said, "Come! Toni sit on this facing me and make my dream come true."

Toni grinned and moved over me with her feet either side of my hips as I stared up her legs she quickly knelt so her cock lay on my lips dribbling her precum into my mouth. I eagerly licked and sucked her cock till I had drunk all her precum. She then moved down and easily located my cock in her ring before she slowly sat down trapping my balls between us.

"Even Heaven can't feel this good" I thought with my cock buried deep in the best place in the world. Toni adjusted her position so she would easily be able to ride my cock as I reached forward with both hands to feel and tease this magnificent cock in time with her riding my cock.

Toni started off by riding my cock with slow long strokes, which I returned in kind to her cock, which was dribbling warm precum all over my stomach. As she slowly built up to orgasm she speeded up and shortened the length of stroke she used to ride my cock and I started wanking her cock desperately trying to make her cum before me.

I thought I was winning when I felt her arse clenching rhythmically on my cock in time with the twitching of her cock in my hand and speeded up my wanking. At this point I suddenly felt my balls tighten and my back arched almost lifting Toni's feet from the ground as I jammed every millimetre of my cock as deep as possible in her arse as my cock exploded jet after jet of my hot cum, filling her arse.

The effort of cumming so hard made me almost stop wanking her lovely cock but luckily the feeling of having her arse filled with my cum triggered her off. I lay there, back arched panting for breath as I looked almost hypnotically at hear large purple knob appear and disappear as I wanked her foreskin backward and forward as I desperately continued to slowly wank her cock. Suddenly I saw the eye of her knob open as I pulled her foreskin back and the first jet of her hot cum sprayed over my forehead and in my hair.

I quickly corrected my aim a bit and pulled her foreskin back again and was rewarded with another jet of cum over my face with most going in my open mouth she managed each time I pulled her foreskin back to pump another three good loads mainly in my mouth before the jets weekend and the rest ended up on my chest and stomach.

I was intoxicated with sexual gratification as I relaxed letting Toni's feet back to the ground. As I lay there I could feel her arse and cock in the last throes of orgasm as my cock slowly softened and allowed my excess warm cum to trickle out of her arse down over my now empty balls before chilling and congealing in the night air like her cum that covered my body, face and hair, god for the first time I felt satisfied.

After about thirty minutes recovering Toni lifted of my now limp cock and we both cleaned up as best we could with the tissues from his small bag and then dressed before heading back to the car and home.

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