tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 09: Reunion

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 09: Reunion


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. This particular chapter contains femdom, non-consent, and bondage. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future.


Episode Nine: Family Reunion

The next morning was bright and sunny, which did not match Caleldir's mood very well at all. The normally cheerful elf who had not even let being tortured ruin his mood found himself rather more gloomy and thoughtful than he had been in a long time. All last night he had dreamed of Ashyr: what might have happened if he had not turned her down, if he had not run away, if he had not decided to cling like a dying man to the morality of a long-past era...

Nothing was seen of either drow or wolf in the morning. Artur didn't seem to find that fact a good enough excuse to stop the troop's rush toward safety. Ashyr when missing in action all the time. But she'd always wander on in during some part of the day. Of course, there was other speculation as to why Ashyr went missing. Most of it revolved around how the 'fight' of the previous evening had ended.

"You are trying not to think about her." Gurzan noted around midday after observing Caleldir's brooding.

"How can you tell?" Caleldir asked sullenly.

"Besides the obvious?" Gurzan clicked his tongue. "You have a tendency to stare ahead and periodically violently shake your head when you are trying to control your thoughts."

"You are right. I am wondering if I made a mistake in turning her down last night."

Gurzan sighed. "I do not like the Drow, but she likes you. Still, discipline counts for more than desire. If you listened to discipline over desire, how can you regret your actions?"

"I know you are right." Caleldir said bitterly. "But I still wish things were different."

"That feeling will pass with time." Gurzan said philosophically. "It always does."

"I know that..." Caleldir's eyes went wide when Bard came tearing through the people walking down a path the troop had picked up. The young wolf made a lot of noise, but it sounded more distressed than its usual happy noises. He yipped at the Caleldir, spun around in a circle, then tore off into the west too fast for anyone to catch up. A couple moments later, he bounded back toward Cal. It did not take the young wolf much prodding after that before the elf grabbed his spear and took off running after the wolf. "Hold that thought, I think something is wrong with Lady Duskhaven!" With that, he was gone.

Gurzan shook his head. "And there he goes, head first into trouble. Well, nothing to it but to let him solve it himself." The half-orc continued trudging down the road.

Following Bard as fast as he could run, which was not anywhere near as fast as he would have liked to be able to run, Caleldir tore through the forest dodging branches and trees. Most of the time. Once or twice he ran headlong into something that he wished he had not. Still, after a little over thirty minutes, he burst out into the clearing where Ashyr was. And promptly stopped, eyes goggling.

The ranger had found herself naked and tied to a tree with her hands above her head just high enough that if she wanted to stand, it would have to be on her tiptoes. There was another rope tied around the smallest point of her waist to prevent her from wiggling too much. She could sit after a fashion, but it the rough bark wasn't comfortable against her exposed, femininely muscled thighs and well-curved ass. Eventually, with perhaps days of constant effort, she could fray the rope the hands were tied to. Then, maybe, she would be able to escape. The stupid bitch didn't even have the decency to let her get off a couple times before leaving her at the mercy of whatever beast came along. A good orgasm would have taken away the sting a bit.

Caleldir drank in her lascivious form, moving down from her luscious, perky breasts to her stomach to... he forced himself to look back up at her face. Closing his eyes and calming his breath, he took half a step away from her. "Err... what happened to you?"

The woman's gaze shot toward Caleldir and Bard when she heard their running footsteps. She visibly relaxed when she saw who it was. "Cal, I am so glad to see you." She said with relief in her voice. There was no hint of the awkwardness of the night before. "Remember when I was talking about the good kind of torture? Well, sometimes that doesn't end favorably either." Ashyr said with no small amount of annoyance and frustration in her voice. "Please get me out of this tree... You can totally take advantage of me first, though."

Caleldir wondered who tied her there and why, but that was not as important as actually untying her. Calming himself, he approached her, keeping his attention focused on the knot, which he reached up to fiddle with. "Forgive me if I do not take advantage of this situation." He muttered. The temptation to run his hand along her exotically obsidian skin was practically more than he could bear. It reminded him of someone else, so long ago. He was so close to her... Unconsciously, he looked down at her nude form. His arousal was beginning to cloud his judgement. "Pity I did not bring a knife." He muttered. He kept tugging on the knot. Whoever tied this knew what they were doing: he was not sure if he could get it.

She stared at him with completely unconcealed lust as he was forced to stand incredibly close to her to try to get her untied. "Come on." She whispered in a tone husky with need. "You don't even have to take your clothes off."

Try as he might, the knot remained intractable. Perhaps it was because his hands were shaking too much to really pull it apart, or perhaps it was because he was too distracted trying not to be distracted to give the complex knot the brain power it clearly needed. The mixture of frustration and arousal in Ashyr's voice was not helping things either. He stopped. What had she just said? "Wait, who exactly was 'torturing' you?" If this was part of some bizarre drow eroticism, the other party could still be nearby.


Another female drow stalked forward toward the tree she'd tied her cousin to. She'd gotten the necessary supplies: more rope, a couple knives, her poisons in case things got out of hand. Ashyr would pay for her betrayal of their house, of all the females in the family. Then she would take her back to their new masters so that the ranger could get the same treatment as she had.

But she paused in surprise. There was another person there. An apparent friend of her cousin's that had come to rescue her. A filthy pale elf. Well, he had come just a little bit too late. A wicked smile that no one could see spread across Selene's face. With utmost silence she pulled out one of her knives and splattered some dark liquid across it. One prick of that dagger could then take a person down for at least ten minutes. They would still be able to see, feel, and breathe. But they would just be trapped immobile inside their own bodies. It was perfect for a drow such as herself who wanted to teach someone larger than herself a lesson.

She crept forward. Clearly, Ashyr was too distracted by the male to notice what was right in front of her. She could get up right behind him, and still her ranger cousin didn't see her. Then the unknown drow slashed out at a bit of exposed pale skin.

He heard a nearly imperceptible sound behind him, and whirled around in paranoia to see who it was just in time for a knife to leap out and slash across his skin. The cut immediately healed without leaving so much as a scratch, but it was not the dagger he had to be worried about. Caleldir's muscles decided to stop working, and he crumbled backwards onto Ashyr, getting an earful of her chest before falling down completely at her feet. He found himself with a very interesting view of the woman, looking up her smooth legs to her tantalizing grey-purple womanhood so perfectly shaped and swollen with arousal. Of course, he could not do anything but look now.

Caleldir almost immediately concluded that he had been poisoned. Drat. Enchantments he could shrug off, or even counterspell (although he usually preferred not to...), but poisons were the bane of his existence. Whatever this poison was, it prevented him from moving anything besides his breath and eyes. Looking around for whoever did this to him, he was not surprised to see another drow, a little bit taller than Ashyr and much more elegantly curved. With the very limited range of motion from his paralyzed mouth, he hissed out a sentence. "You two related?" was all he could manage without moving his jaw.

"We are related." Came the other drow's smooth, gloating voice. They certainly had the same predatory smolder.

"Oh." Came Caleldir's response. And here he had thought that the resemblance was just because they were both Drow. Apparently it was more than that.

"Selene, what are you doing back here?" Ashyr asked through gritted teeth. She gave her binds a good but ultimately useless struggle.

"I wasn't done with you." The free woman said cooly. "And obviously I needed to capture your mate as well." Selene punctuated her sentence by kicking the man puddle in the ribs as hard as she could. "Oh - he's actually your mate, I think." That was what she gathered from the look on Ashyr's face just before it went suspiciously still. The ranger was always bad at hiding her emotions from fellow drow.

Whatever this poison was, it was maddening. There was nothing that he could do while he was paralyzed like this. Except hiss, since his vocal cords were unaffected. His jaw was still pretty much immobile though. "Not her mate." He breathed out. "Friend."

"I don't know what you're talking about. He's just a pale surface elf." Ashyr responded at the same time as Caleldir with as much scorn as she could heap into her voice.

"Mmm, then you won't care if I abuse him a little?" Selene asked, still looking at her cousin. She took Caleldir by the ankle and heaved him out from under Ashyr with a little magical assistance. "He is quite pretty, even if he's so white."

"Selene, come on. You don't want him. Come take out that spoiled bitchiness out on me."

"No. I don't think I will. Don't worry, though. I'll let you watch."

It was a double-torment, and Ashyr was pretty sure that her cousin knew exactly what she was doing. The ranger half-screamed her frustration and struggled again with just as much success as last time. Selene just laughed at her. Then she bent over, took out her knife, and began systematically cutting off Caleldir's armor and clothes.

Caleldir could only watch as he was stripped. When it was just his shirt and jerkin, that was merely awkward, as he did not like showing off his chest. Certainly, he was as lithely muscled as a tiger, and his complexion was perfect, but he was self-conscious about eyes on him anyway. When she went for his pants however, he grew worried. When she finally cut open his underwear, displaying his traitorous dick still hard from staring at nude Ashyr, he inwardly cursed. Outwardly, he only hissed out "Please stop! I have no quarrel with you!" He took a rather long time to say it, as each word was a battle to say. But he did note with some satisfaction that his jaw at least was beginning to move, and he could twitch his fingertips.

His words had no effect. The dark elf began running her fingers all over him, which Ashyr did not appear to like, by her reactions. Her touches drew fire across his body, as his skin hungered for her hands despite his desire to get away. Of course, he could not. Yet. Once he had just a little bit more mobility... As if she had realized that her poison was subsiding, Selene ran her knife across his chest. It hurt a little bit - the Drow would no doubt be displeased to find out how little - but of course it immediately healed up. With that cursed poison inside him. He was stuck again with absolutely nothing that he could do.

Wait. There was one thing that he could do. Something he got in severe trouble for when he was younger, and that he had largely forgotten how to do. But he could do it even paralyzed. With every bit of his will, he hit her with potent charm magic.

Selene felt the magic wash over her, coming directly from her captive. She resisted it valiantly. But then, part of being a drow was the ability to resist a good charm spell. Her face spread into an evil grin that surpassed any wickedness her cousin could achieve. There was always mischief in Ashyr's face that dulled any truly evil expression.

"This is a very fascinating 'friend' you have." Selene commented as she rubbed a caressing finger over the already healed cut she had just made. Her cousin never got this upset when Selene pulled a stunt like that. "You know, I think I regret not bringing along my special dagger. I didn't think I'd be needing cold iron." She raked her fingernails down his hairless chest like a cat toying with her prey.

"Selene, come on. He's just a surface dweller. He's not worth your time." Ashyr said. She was unable to hide the desperation in her voice. Part of that was because of how horny she was. Another part was how irrationally angry it made her feel to see Caleldir in distress.

"You know, I think he is." One of Selene's hands rubbed back down his chest, but kept going to grasp at his still turgid dick. It seemed as if he was trying to hit her with another charm spell around that point, but his concentration apparently faltered. Her other hand reached to the back of her neck to unclasp something there. Then the loose robes that she wore fell around her sides, revealing a stunningly perfect body. Unlike her cousin, there were no scars or blemishes to be seen on her skin. Where Ashyr was lean and dangerous-looking, Selene was sensuously curved and noble.

"Find someone else to do, Drow." he said jaw clenched. "I am sworn to chastity." Despite his words, he could not help but ogle the dark elf. His eyes flitted back and forth from one of the nude women to the other. Both of them were supremely beautiful, but in entirely different ways. Ashyr seemed more real, however, Selene seemed almost fey in her beauty: the sort of too-perfect looks that indicated magical help. Not that he could judge, nor was he at all unfamiliar with faerie beauty.

The free drow straddled Caleldir across his knees, facing Ashyr, to give her hand room to continue rubbing his member up and down very slowly. Then, looking Ashyr in the eye, she leaned forward and brought her tongue across his shaft from base to tip. This clearly wasn't about the elf between her legs. It was about the one tied to the tree.

Unfamiliar, impossibly pleasurable feelings were coursing through his body, driving away rational thought. With teeth gritted, he tried to suppress his reactions. He could not. Looking down, he saw Selene take her mouth to his manhood, and tried to protest. Without careful working around his paralysis, all that came out was a light moan of pleasure. Still, he could not help but notice that she was not focused on him, but on Ashyr. She was trying to get to the other dark elf woman, not him! Perhaps there was still a way out of this. Forcing his arousal to the back of his mind, he gained enough control to talk around the poison. "I do not, ohhhh... know what is between you two, ahhh..." - His words were punctured with heavy breathing and gasps from Selene's touches - "But I am sure that we, ahhh... can work it out. I can help you." He managed to force another hit of charm magic in his words, making them supernaturally persuasive.

Selene's gaze flickered down to the pale elf. Sworn to chastity, eh? Ashyr shut her eyes tightly, and would have facepalmed if her hands weren't tied. As a drow, Ashyr had taken that news very well (probably because, unlike most of her people, she wasn't actually evil and she liked Caleldir). A woman like Selene, however, would take it as a challenge or something to be conquered.

"You certainly can help me." Selene said. "In fact, you're doing so right now. On that note... Selene grabbed the dagger again and ran it across his flesh one more time. There. That should be enough. "You're doing so right now. Do you see how she squirms?" Selene responded as she rubbed at his dick slightly harder and faster. "For whatever reason, she hates this." She leaned forward to circle her tongue around the head of his shaft, grinning to herself at the sound of the long, hissing breath this brought from her paralyzed captive.

"Just let him go! Selene, I don't even know what the fuck I did to you!"

"You don't know." The woman in control spat venomously. "Of course you know, you little puppet. You just bend over and take it when they all demand it of you. People like you, fairy boy." The fairy part was a guess, and probably even then a poor translation between Selene's language and common. Her attention was back on the pale man, and missed the anger and confusion on her cousin's face. Selene's expression became almost crazed, desperate. "I won't kill you. Either of you. I'll let you live with the knowledge of how I took advantage of you. Dominated you." For some reason, the male looked a little disappointed that he would not be killed.

"I did not demand anything of your relative!" He protested in Archaic Undercommon. "You are under a false impression!" He was becoming increasingly aware however that Selene did not care for anything he had to say. At least his speaking in her language should give her some small pause.

"That's a neat little trick" Selene said when he began to speak to her in extremely antiquated Undercommon. She said the words in the same language, but the more modern form. "But you should be thanking me for what I'm about to do. -Lolth, I love it when they plead..."

"Oh, and don't worry. You won't be a virgin freak for much longer." She said after a slight pause. She crawled over her body and lined her wet center up with his dick that glistened with her saliva. She waited then, looking up too see how Ashyr would react. The male's reaction was predictable; his eyes went wide.

A blowjob was something that he could pretend had not happened, but full-on penetrative intercourse was another altogether. He railed against the poison with all his will, and with a mighty effort he managed to... spasm a bit, causing his arms and legs to twitch. He screamed internally. If only he had decided to sleep with the Drow that he actually liked, he would not be being raped by the Drow that he did not know at all. So much for doing the right thing. Or doing the right Drow, for that matter. Even more maddening, there was a part of him that was not even upset, that looked forward to whatever this beautiful dark woman wanted to do to him. With his dick practically brushing against her entrance, he made one last, somewhat feeble protest, still in Archaic Undercommon. "We can still work something out. Please do not do this!"

Finally, Caleldir thought that he understood what Ashyr had meant when she mentioned 'the good kind of torture'. Selene's pussy began to slowly engulf his dick. He felt torn between his moral instinct to push her away and escape, and his physical instinct to thrust up into her waiting snatch and let it all go in a glorious explosion of desire. Fortunately though, both of these competing desires were pretty useless given the fact that he was immobile and therefore unable to act on either of them. Which was terrible from both sides of his nature. Then again, there was something about his helplessness to resist this impossibly lovely woman that only increased his arousal. Perhaps because the inability to move made his sense of touch that much more potent.

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