tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 13: Familiarity

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 13: Familiarity


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future.


Episode Thirteen: Growing Familiarity

"I wonder if I can convince Bard to get someone to send us food." Ashyr mused aloud after taking a few long, delicious moments to recover from her and Caleldir's recent love-making. The wolf wasn't in the room with them. He was probably in the kitchen again. "You don't happen to have paper and something to write with, do you?"

"So, you wish to call for room service?" He asked with interest. He was hungry too. "I do not have paper or anything to write with, but I can cast very minor illusion magic that will temporarily imprint something with words." He looked around the room, finally picking up a hand towel. Waving his hand across the cloth, letters appeared on it, by way of illustration. He waved his hands across it again, and the letters faded. "So, my lady, what shall I order?"

Ashyr sprawled herself across the bed with a small, satisfied noise. "I don't care." She said in all honesty. "Food." The drow concentrated for a moment, which summoned the sound of a running wolf on the outside of the door. Then there was a sniffing at the bottom edge of the door, and finally a scratching, and a quiet, frustrated whine. It wasn't a frantic noise. Bard simply realized that he was more separated from his mistress than he liked and wanted to get to her. The drow stood and opened the door just enough to let the wolf in before shutting it again. He wriggled at her happily and tried to lick her hands as she pet him affectionately. Then he approached Caleldir and greeted him similarly.

"I too enjoy food. Food is good." He wrote a message to that effect on the cloth. "This fine wolf is our messenger. Please send breakfast upstairs with him." He read aloud. "I think that this will do just fine." He looked over to Bard. "Your wolf is remarkably on the tame side." He said as he tied the cloth so that anyone looking at the young wolf could read it. He patted Bard affectionately on the head. "I think that he is ready now." Only after the wolf sped away did he realize with some concern that there was no way to keep their antics a secret now.

"He is astoundingly tame, isn't he?" Ashyr said musingly. "At first I thought he was just happy to be alive." She shrugged. "Maybe he was someone's pet until he became too much to handle. I don't know what I'm going to do with him if we have to go to the Underdark." That was actually going to be kind of an issue. No one would be his friend down there. The concern on her face stemmed from worries about him, for the future and for the present (she wasn't actually sure if the room service call would work). Thoughts of that faded when she saw Caleldir looking concerned. The drow straddled his lap and searched his expression, her own face neutral. "Whats wrong now?" she said softly. Heat was beginning to build again in all the right places. Just looking at him was making her horny again. She tried to ignore it for now; she really was extremely hungry.

Caleldir smiled awkwardly. "Nothing important." He said. "Just thinking about possible consequences." From what he knew about Ashyr, he highly doubted that she would be able to empathize with his worry about the rest of the caravan finding out about the two of them. She was far too libertine for such concerns. Anyway, it was sort of illogical for him to worry, seeing as the group had already assumed that the two of them were lovers for quite some time. "Seriously, it is nothing." He reassured her. "As for Bard..." he said cautiously. "In the monk's library, there was a rather lengthy book on rituals to prepare surface animals for Underdark expeditions. It was written by one of the first generation of Drow exiled to the Underdark, and was forgotten knowledge even in my day. Fortunately, I have eidetic memory. If you want to risk it, I can give him the ability to thrive in the underworld." It was slightly odd to be having a normal conversation like this: the two of them cuddled together naked, just talking. It was sort of nice, actually. Ashyr seemed to be comfortable talking that way. Perhaps even more comfortable than she usually was.

Ashyr accepted Caleldir's claims that nothing important was bothering him. She didn't doubt that that was the case. Sometimes the strangest things bothered him that she suspected she'd never understand. Like that whole celibacy thing. Her eyes flickered down toward the kitchen as she was momentarily distracted from what Cal was saying by the impressions of emotions she was getting from her animal companion. Bard seemed pleased and excited, but that didn't necessarily mean his quest was successful. He could have just seen another friend or was given another treat. She really needed to work with him more.

"Thrive as in getting dark vision and other random abilities?" She asked, blinking and focusing back on their conversation. "Or gaining the personality required to survive? I would go for the first... if it does the second, then I think I'll just leave Bard here. Or see if our half-orc friend will take care of him."

Absentmindedly, Caleldir began running his fingers through her hair. "The first." He explained. "It massively enhances the senses of the animal, giving them the aforesaid darkvision, as well as tremorsense. I think the other abilities were increased resistance to attacks both magic and physical, and near immunity to most forms of poison. Also, a few unpredictable minor effects, and a very rare chance of massively increased physical abilities." He frowned. "I remember the ritual, but it takes a bit more skill than I have in order to actually cast it. We would need a competent spellcaster for that."

The drow's eyes lidded momentarily as Caleldir began playing with her hair. It was still pretty wet from her earlier bath, and she had yet to put it back to the way she normally wore it. She seemed to enjoy the gesture in a completely non-sexual way. It reminded her of her mother pulling a comb through her long hair when she was a child - a rare affectionate moment from the soon-to-be matron of Duskhaven.

"That sounds pretty handy, actually. I wonder if Selene would be able to manage it." But then Ashyr sighed and frowned slightly. "If I could actually trust her with something like that. For all I know, she could just change him so that he only follows her orders or some shit."

"I do not know much about Selene." Caleldir confessed. Well, he knew what she looked like naked and what the inside of her vagina felt like, but that was hardly relevant to the situation. "However, while I cannot cast more than the simplest spells, I at least know enough to make sure she follows the ritual exactly. She may be our best option. If she sabotages us, I will know. And then I will tell you and let you deal with it before anything gets out of hand." Whenever he spoke about Selene, his voice was flat, neutral, and dispassionate. His feelings on her remained very mixed.

But hunger was now more insistently gnawing at him. Looking towards the door, Caleldir wondered if their plot to use the untrained wolf without hands to bring the two of them food was actually going to work. "Perhaps one of us should go and actually get the food." He suggested.

Ashyr's brow furrowed in concentration. "Ah - maybe we should give it a minute? I think he's coming back now?" She said, but she didn't seem sure exactly what that meant.

There was a soft knock on the door, and a familiar feminine voice called out from the other side "Ashyr? I, uh, I got a note?" Carlotta said in a confused tone. "I brought you... food?" The sound of an excited young wolf accompanied her. Waves of happy pride came from the silly animal.

Caleldir's skin turned approximately the color of Ashyr's eyes. "Just... great." He muttered. As Ashyr put on her shirt, he quickly threw back on his robe and pretended to be sitting at the desk reading a book.

The drow bit her lip to keep the extremely amused laugh from bubbling out of her mouth. His rushed motions to pretend that nothing at all was happening were both entirely useless and adorable. Carlotta knew exactly what went on between them when they thought they were alone. Ashyr opened the door to find Lotta standing in front of it with a basket that smelled wonderful. Her hair was still wet from the bathhouse, and hung down her back in a slightly less wild mess than it usually was. Her freckled face was similarly red when she discovered that Caleldir was in the room with Ashyr.

"Come in, Lotta. I don't think you've been formally introduced." The drow said with her token amused grin. "Carlotta, this is my... Caleldir." She said. She was going to say 'mate' but then thought better of it. "Caleldir, this is Carlotta."

"Good morning, Caleldir." Lotta said, and dropped a quick curtsey. "I'm sorry again for... this morning."

Making a show of standing up from the desk when Carlotta entered the room, Caleldir met her curtsy with a gentlemanly bow. He had suppressed his stunning appearance when he heard her at the door, so he was back to looking mostly normal. Which was probably for the best. "And a good morning to you as well, Ms. Carlotta." He said with a pleased tone. It had not escaped his notice that Ashyr had introduced him as 'my Caleldir'. He found this rather flattering. "As to this morning: do not mention it." He dropped his voice. "Really... do not." He took a deep breath. His nose crinkled when he smelled the food. "That smells delicious." He confessed, moving the desk so that it formed a table. Taking the food from Carlotta and setting on the makeshift table, he began setting it out. Sideways, he looked at the two women, wondering what sort of mischief Ashyr was planning. That grin she had distressed him almost as much as it aroused him.

"Oh- okay." Lotta said. She then watched as he began setting out the food.

"Have you eaten yet?" Ashyr asked as she ran a slightly caressing hand down the other woman's arm starting at her elbow. The redhead certainly looked hungry.

"I was about to, but then Bard came for me." She responded. Her bright blue eyes studied Ashyr's face questioningly.

"Sorry about that," The drow apologized. She rubbed the young wolf's head with one hand playfully. "I just told him to go to the kitchens with his note. Apparently he got distracted."

"I did sort of wonder about that..." Lotta said.

Something in her tone suggested to Ashyr that she was disappointed. It only made the drow grin wider. "Maybe we can meet up later, at the party?" Ashyr asked. She was sorely tempted to invite her to eat breakfast with her, but... well, she kind of wanted Cal alone for a while. That was a definite change from how the drow would usually respond to this sort of thing. Generally, the more people in her bed, the better.

Noting Ashyr's flirtatious behavior with Carlotta gave Caleldir somewhat ambiguous feelings. Mostly, he had no idea how to react to her flirting with a girl. If she had been so very obviously flirting with another man, he could have easily settled on feeling jealous and left things at that. However, Carlotta was an attractive woman herself, and so Caleldir could see the appeal. Finally, he decided that as long as Ashyr flirted with women he would just count his blessings. Still, it was rather awkward having her here, if only because she knew full well what the two of them were doing. Still, he had to be polite. If Ashyr had not so dexterously shooed the redheaded woman off, he would have invited her to eat with them out of principle. She had brought the food, after all. He stifled a sigh of relief when Ashyr allowed him an out. "I too would enjoy seeing you later on." He said with his most charming smile. No faerie magic this time, just his natural charisma. Of course, given how potent said charisma was, it was probably for the good of womankind (or at least those women who were not lust-filled drow...) that he did not use his abilities for evil (intentionally).

"Okay." Lotta said with with a small, happy smile. "I'd like that." Mostly she looked at Ashyr when she said that, but she did glance briefly at Caleldir too. Then she left. The drow very subtly compelled Bard to go with her, though she made no outward sign of this. He didn't need too much convincing. The wolf happily bounded out with Lotta. Caleldir and Ashyr were alone again.

"What do you think of her?" Ashyr asked casually when she figured the woman to be out of earshot. Bard, at least, was already downstairs, but it wouldn't be the first time Lotta spied on them. Her eyes were still on the door, but she did take a moment to pick up a warm roll and take a large bite out of it. Then she glanced around the room, found and extra chair, and pulled it up to sit on it the wrong way, her back facing out and her still-clothed chest leaning against the backrest. Her free hand entwined and pulled itself through the top of her hair to get some errant strands away from her face. She would have to put it up soon before it drove her mad.

Caleldir shrugged. "She is a lovely, attractive young woman with a habit of walking in on things where it is awkward for her to be. Other than that, I have little opinion. I do not know her, after all." As he served himself some fried mushrooms, he noted the way Ashyr was sitting with some amusement. The contrast between the way that Ashyr sat and the way he did seemed highly indicative of their respective personalities. Caleldir tended towards proper posture and eating etiquette, although his table manners were somewhat on the rustic side most of the time.

After enjoying the food for a few moments, he decided to follow up on the topic of Carlotta. "So, now that I have given my opinion of our voyeur," He asked. "would it be impertinent to ask yours?"

Ashyr rolled her shoulders in a shrug and sat quiet a moment to chew on the food she'd shoveled into her mouth. "Come on, don't tell me you don't like the idea of being watched." She said when her mouth wasn't absolutely stuffed with food. The drow wasn't exactly a delicate eater, but at least she didn't chew with her mouth open or inadvertently spit food on the table as she talked. "I think she likes watching us, too. I'm inclined to let her. Among other things." Then she continued eating, though her eyes were more on Cal than they were on her food. She was very interested in how he'd react to that.

Caledir almost choked on his egg, briefly and inexplicably turning a weird shade of purple. After thumping his chest just below his throat, he took a drink of water, then let out a long exhale. He hesitated. "I think that it is indecent." He stated. "Sex should be private." Despite his attempt at being emphatic, the weight of his words were somewhat marred by the fact that he had suddenly got an erection. Again. "I would prefer not to be watched." He stated with faked conviction.

For a moment, they were both silent as they ate, then, Caleldir sighed. "Although if you want to do things with her, that would be your choice." Of course, what Caleldir meant was that he did not mind Ashyr having sex with Carlotta, not realizing that he was in fact implying that he was giving Ashyr free reign.

The drow couldn't see his state of arousal from where she sat at the table. She did study him for a time before finally saying, "Would that be along the same lines as you preferring to be celibate?" They both knew how that turned out. Ashyr didn't quite understand the concept of celibacy, and neither did she understand why sex had to be some private, secret thing everyone knew that everyone else did but somehow had to pretend like it never happened. She liked fucking. She liked watching. She liked being watched.

Ashyr's words took Caleldir off guard. So much so, in fact that he continued his pattern of turning strange colors with another deep blush. "I... err..." He stammered. "Well, you see..."He threw up his hands. He was stumped. She had a point. Just last week he was his normal self, steadily adhering to the rules of morality and ethics as prescribed to him by the monks. Now? He was gleefully hopping into bed with a dark-elven bisexual nymphomaniac. What had gone so wrong? Well, he supposed that it all started when Selene had raped him away his virginity, and therefore, his ability to resist the pleasure by showing him what that pleasure actually felt like.

Ashyr put down her fork, as she was done with her food for the time being. Caleldir didn't seem able to finish his sentence. "Only..." She said, then hesitated, picked up her fork again, and played with the remaining food on her plate. "I would kind of prefer..." The fork got put down again. Ashyr stood, went over to his side of the table, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and pressed her lips to his neck. "I would rather you be a part of any of my... sexual encounters." Her words were almost shy. "At least for the near future," she added quickly. The way she said this implied that this was admitting to a lot. And it was. Generally, her kind didn't bond with each other like those of the surface did. It was all pleasure, manipulation, and breeding the perfect offspring with the drow.

That thing where she kissed his neck and made him feel all weak and giddy inside, interrupting his inner turmoil. He barely even heard what she said. "I suppose you are right." He said, not sure what he was agreeing to. So this is what all the stories had warned about. He was finding it increasingly hard to say no to whatever Ashyr had in mind. He decided to try to take back control of the situation. "I suppose it is like my celibacy thing." He said nodding. "And my convictions here will be similarly hard to overcome." Wait... that was not what he meant to say.

She grinned and bit her lip. How long had it taken to overcome his sensibilities? About a week? Well, if she wanted to be technical about it, it took him over twelve hundred years. She doubted that he was tempted all that much during that time. Ashyr also doubted that he was entirely conscious of what he was saying. It must have been fairly difficult for him to think with her being so close to him and that erection she caught a glimpse of a moment ago. "We shall see what happens." She said with that grin of hers.

"Err... I suppose we will?" Caleldir said uncertainly, his tone faltering as he saw her impish smile. He decided that meeting her smoldering gaze was making his head weak, and so he turned back towards his food, grabbing another bite of mushroom.

Then she went around to the front of his chair and squeezed herself between the table and him. This would be a pretty familiar position by now, with her straddling his lap mostly naked. In fact, it would take only a slight repositioning of their garments before they could connect again. Neither of them even had to stand up. "Right now I'm perfectly happy with it just being you and me." She informed him with partially lidded, sensual eyes.

"Hey! I..." he was going to say something to the effect of 'I was still eating' but her eyes stopped him. He swallowed, his throat inexplicably dry. Her words sent him back into the haze he had just came out of. Dropping his silverware, he wrapped his arms around her and leaned forward to steal a kiss. "So am I." he confessed. "There is no one I would rather be with. You are the Yin to my Yang, after all. In more ways than just appearance."

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