tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 20: Selene

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 20: Selene


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future.


Episode Twenty: Selene

Caleldir's dreams had begun to take on a predictable pattern: start with senseless scenes of sexual frolicking, and move onto cryptic glances of the past, present, and possibly future. This time, his feminine ghostly double was flying down the road from Port Afron to the Town of Druids, until she was suddenly confronted by the craggy albino elf. "Halt, ghost of mistakes. Return back to the monastery. You have made a mistake in leaving it." He said firmly to her.

The ghost stopped, floating in mid air. She looked defeated, withering down and looking at the craggy-faced elf with sadness. "But, my revenge against him. Why do you stop me so? You know I have my cause!"

The craggy-faced elf shook his head. "Your mistake is leaving the monastery to seek it. Caleldir is coming to you, and bringing the women who got what you desired with him. All you need to do is to wait; he does not remember you, and so he cannot plan for you."

The ghost perked up. "That is excellent news, old one! I will return immediately. I will greet Goelon Duvainor in our old residence, and his new home for eternity!" Laughing that eternally disturbing laugh, she floated back along the path she came on.

The craggy-faced elf watched the ghost go, and turned directly towards Caleldir. "Your dreams are potent indeed, but this knowledge, metaphorical more than real or not, is not for you. I promised you would know nothing. And so, I put this geas on you: that you will forget all about what you have seen the moment that your eyes open in the morning." He smiled, a distressing thing to see. "I will see you again very soon, and test your mettle, my son." With that, he vanished from the dark forest.

Caleldir's eyes shot open, and he sat up in bed. He had to warn everyone of... What? The memory was already gone. Was it some sort of nightmare that he had been having? It must have just been a nightmare. He sighed, laying back down. He felt almost relaxed until he realized that he was still naked, with morning wood, in bed with two naked women. That thought was not a relaxing one.

Ashyr started from her otherwise peaceful sleep when Caleldir suddenly woke up. She groaned her unwillingness to leave that blissful sleep she'd fallen into. The older drow must have resolved those issues with intense fear that troubled her mind. Her brothers did not molest her. They did not dare, as long as Caleldir held her while she slept. Maybe her capture had done her more good than she realized. Hell, the best thing she did all week was get taken by the orcs - at least in the grand scheme of things.

The younger cousin did not have the same luck. The horrors that played through her sleeping mind had been things she'd witnessed and experienced. They were not so easily dispelled. She had not been asleep when Cal sat up. She was turned away from the both of them, and her pillow was still wet with tears, though by that point she'd managed to calm herself.

"You okay, love?" Ashyr asked softly.

Sitting up in the bed, his blanket fallen around his waist where it tented up from his erection, Caleldir rubbed his forehead. What was that dream? It sounded important... "I think I am fine." He said in response to Ashyr's question. "I had some sort of possibly prophetic nightmare, but I cannot remember what it was." He let out a sigh, looking over to Selene. While he blushed to see her naked breasts, he did note the tear stains on her pillow. He wondered if he should mention that to her, then decided against it.

Then her hand brushed against his lower half. A sleepy grin crossed her face. "You need help with that?" She asked, obviously referring to his penis still in the throes of its morning workout. She ignored the look of interest suddenly in her cousin's expression.

An idea formed in his mind, which made his head light and caused his brain to burn with heat. He shook his head. "I do not think I need any help right now." Leaning closer to the older drow, he dropped his voice to a whisper quiet enough that he knew that Selene would not be able to hear him, and breathed into Ashyr's ear. "I think that your cousin does need help though. Perhaps going on a power trip will make her feel better. So, can you arrange for her to 'rape' me? I will pretend to fight back a little, because I think she likes it that way." His blush, already deep, was now nearly the color of Carlotta's hair. "And I sort of do, too." Perhaps it was because of how their first experience had gone, but the idea of a relationship with Selene based on (fake) rape made him feel hot in a way that he seldom did.

Ashyr sat up, then blinked at Caleldir, dumbfounded. He wanted her to... wanted Selene... what?! With a look of bemusement, her eyes flicked from her cousin to her lover. What?! How was she even... they'd made it so clear... and now...

Selene gave her cousin a level look. "Whatever you said, I think you broke her brain." She commented. Then she narrowed her eyes upon seeing Caleldir "And your face. What the hell is going on?" She could see the tent he'd pitched, but wasn't all that surprised by it. He'd just woken up, after all. Knowing her older cousin, Selene could guess at the subject... but then, sex hadn't confused her like that for a good century.

"Um. Selene, why don't you go get us some food?" Ashyr asked.

The younger cousin frowned, and very slowly rose from the bed. She didn't take her suspicious eye off of the other two people in the room.

Once Selene was safely on the other side of the door, Ashyr turned to Cal. She still looked dumbfounded. "I- I think I might be able to do this. And it will probably make her feel a little better for a bit. Just- are you sure?" She asked him in a hushed tone in case her cousin was listening at the door.

"Well, if you are not okay with it, forget I asked anything." Caleldir replied with obvious embarrassment. He was very, very loathe to say any of this out loud, and could very much understand Ashyr's surprise. After a small silence, he continued, speaking almost too low to be heard, but rising into a reasonable whisper as his words went on. "But, well, I..." He swallowed. "It probably is not at all psychologically healthy, but just as I enjoy your tricky nymphomania, despite it landing me in some very... questionable places, I also - and this really irks me to admit - like the arrogantly dominant and slightly selfish aspect of her personality as well. It is probably some twisted outgrowth of our first meeting, together with post-hoc rationalization and mental conditioning. But still, yeah, If you do not mind, I will volunteer to be your cousin's seemingly reluctant sex toy. It is not like I have not already had sex with her."He sighed deeply again. "But if you think anything about it is a bad idea. I will not bring it up again."

"I'm not opposed if that's what you really want." Ashyr reassured him. Her grin was not quite as wide as it normally was - mostly due to her lingering confusion. "I'm not about to keep you from doing what you want with her. I do what I want with her." She let out a weak laugh. Double standards were not her thing. "You should know, however, that she was being extremely gentle with you the first time. I don't think she had time to be her normal... creative self. It's probably a good thing you came along, because I think it changed her mind about what she was going to do..." Ashyr realized then how close she had come to getting captured by her brothers. She swallowed, then shook the idea from her head. That was over and done. No sense letting it trouble her now. "I can tell her to be gentle, but she might not listen as well as you'd like. I'll be around to keep and eye on her, but we should probably come up with a code word or something if you feel like you're in way over your head."

"Well, if multiple slashing wounds are 'gentle', I am not sure what qualifies as 'her normal creative self.' Then again, I am exceptionally tough. Remember what it was like after I was tortured in the dungeons for a night? I can recover. This is more about her than me, after all." Caleldir watched Ashyr carefully. "Whatever your standards are, my standards in this area can be summarized thusly: nothing you would disapprove of." He smiled his lopsided smile. "Which, since most things you would disapprove of are probably things that I would find ghastly beyond belief, means that my limits are pretty lenient." He grew more serious. "Humor aside, I am at your service. I will do as you wish, within reasonable limits, within this area." He thought for a moment, and his next words were slower and more careful. "I will choose a safeword if you wish. That safeword will be... hmm... 'Afron.' But only if I sound really panicked while saying it. Other than that, feel free to let your sadistic side out." He looked very serious now. "After all, we will one day be going to the Underdark, I need to be prepared if, God forbid, I was captured."

"I guess we'll find out what she decides to do. I mean, she knows you can die without much permanent consequence. Thankfully, I think she'd terrified of your ghost self. Did you see how fast she fled the area when you coaxed Ungrai's spirit out in the open?" Ashyr chuckled. "She'll probably be at least a little bit violent; Selene has a lot of pent-up hatred against males at the moment. My brothers did kill her only daughter. I can't imagine what that's like." The ranger frowned to herself. If it was anything like imagining Caleldir being gone forever, it must have been the worst kind of torture.

The mention of his dying brought a morbid smile to Caleldir's face. "That is true: death is a temporary inconvenience for me. But you are right in that she was pretty dang scared of me as a ghost. I am quite a bit more dangerous dead than alive. A little violence is fine though, as long as she confines herself to non-magic, non-cold iron weapons, it will only really be a mild inconvenience to me more than anything else."

"Alright." Ashyr said finally. She leaned against him and pressed her lips against his shoulder affectionately. "You're probably right about this... idea. It will make her feel a lot better. I, for one, would prefer her to get back to the way she was. She isn't such a bad person for a drow. Sure, she's arrogant and violent, but she used to be reliable before all this shit happened. Do you want me to tell you my plans, or do you want it to be a surprise?"

"Either way, whichever you prefer. I do like a little surprise, though. Of course, there is no reason to tell Selene that I agreed to this. For now at least, feel free to let her think that I strenuously object."

"That's sort of the point." Ashyr replied. "This is, like, the exact opposite of what I did last night." She continued with a laugh. Yes, Ashyr was beginning to really like this plan. This felt like playing a trick on everyone. Ashyr did very much like such mischief.

"Huh... you are right." Caleldir thoughtfully stroked his chin. "This is the exact opposite situation as last night. Last night you talked Carlotta into raping me thinking that it was consensual, now you get to talk Selene into having consensual sex thinking it is rape." He smiled. "We (and by we, I mostly mean you, you lusty Drow) do get off on some very strange scenarios."

"Let's go down and eat, then." Ashyr said as she got to her feet and began pulling on her pants and tunic. "You can go ahead of me to the bathhouse once you're done eating. I need to have a chat with my cousin. Oh- um, if I act angry with you when we go outside, don't worry about it. It might be necessary for... things. We'll see."

He nodded. "You are angry with me, I try futilely to make up, then sadly go ahead to the bathhouse alone. Got it. Good plan." Standing up, he got dressed along with Ashyr. For him, though, 'dressing' was merely a matter of putting on the right enchantments. "I think I can make the illusion extend to tactile as well." He noted. "So that my clothing will be indistinguishable from the real thing." He winked at her. "But, since you know that it is an illusion: all you have to do is will it and it will no longer be there. I will be naked and no one will be able to see or feel it but you!" With that, they both made their way down the stairs, though Ashyr clearly had trouble putting his last words out of her mind.

Selene already sat at one of the tables. She had a small basket with rolls in front of her, and she was nibbling on one. "Finally." The younger drow said.

Ashyr did her best to look surly as she sat heavily upon one of the free chairs at the table.

"Indeed, that took too long." Caleldir said sadly. "And still no progress." He shook his head, ate implausibly quickly, though with his ordinary faultless manners, and stood up. "Well, Ashyr, I will be going ahead to the bathhouse. Perhaps we..." He looked sad and plaintive, then shook his head. "Anyway. That is where I will be." Slinging a towel over his shoulder, he walked on ahead.

"Yeah, fuck off, boy." Ashyr spat at him with as much venom as she could muster. It was... sort of painful to do after his sad and plaintive look. Even if it was a ruse, it was hard to act mean towards him when he looked at her like that. Damn him and his... well, whatever he did to her that made her love him. By the time Caleldir left the building, Ashyr's mood was in danger of actual irritability instead of just affected anger.

Selene watched them carefully until Caleldir was out of earshot. Then she turned toward Ashyr. "What did he do?" She asked in undercommon. The younger drow's eyes gleamed with curiosity.

The older drow tightly crossed her arms in front of her and slouched slightly in her chair. Her face held a slightly uncharacteristic frown. Hopefully she wasn't overdoing it. "Nevermind, Selene. I don't want to talk about it." She responded in the same language.

"Do- do you need me to... give him an attitude readjustment?" She asked, seeing an opportunity. A terrible smile spread across her face.

"I can handle my men, thank you." Ashyr growled at her automatically. Oops. Not what she meant to say. If her damn cousin wouldn't be so irritating, the fool would actually get what she wanted. She faked a heavy sigh. "But... you know, I can't think of a better punishment than-" She let that hang in the air. Selene would know what she was talking about.

Selene needed no more explanation. The younger drow left her cousin to apparently sit and stew in her anger and followed Caleldir (seemingly undetected by him) into the bathhouse. She waited until he got into the large basin of hot water. Then, as silent as any drow could be on stone floor, she swayed forward through the room. She rose her hands and made a subtle gesture. The wall of ice formed behind her, which crackled ominously in the heat of the room and prevented any escape by its only occupant. Mist bubbled from it and pooled around her feet. Though she was naked, she didn't seem to mind the cold of it. "I heard that you have displeased my cousin." She whispered. The sound itself was soft, but it seemed to fill the air and echo, as if several Selenes from several places in the room uttered the words. She stood a couple feet from the ice wall she had made. Written on her face was arrogance and amusement as cold as her trap was.

Turning around, he saw the beautiful Drow in all her glorious nakedness. After drinking in her body for just enough time that she had to notice, he swallowed, and averted his eyes to the wall behind her. Oh dear. Cold. He did not feel the cold all that keenly, of course, but if Selene was not careful the cold would begin to ghostify him. Hopefully, that would not spook her too much. "What are you doing here, Selene?" He asked irritably. "Whatever is between Ashyr and I does not concern you. Please leave me alone."

"No." The drow said simply. It was a simple little word, but she poured into it all the threat and menace of the situation. She stalked forward towards him with the slow confidence of a predator who knew their prey could not escape. She walked all the way into the water until she stood in front of him. Crimson-purple eyes that gleamed with lust and danger looked down on him. One of her hands reached forward to grab a fistful of his hair. With that as her only anchor, she pulled his head upward to fix his gaze on her. "Now. You can give yourself to me, or I will force it from you." She let her face draw nearer to his, "Honestly, I'd really prefer it if you struggle."

Eyes darting over the ice wall, Caleldir seriously thought about whether he could escape if necessary. Looking at the size of the thing and the magic involved (he was pleased to find that the temperature did not affect him here), he did not have to pretend to be trapped. Still, he put on a prim look and ignored her, until he could not anymore, due to her yanking his head down to force him to look at her. Then his eyes blazed with defiance, meeting hers unflinchingly. "I am not yours, Drow." He tried to say steadily, although his voice faltered slightly. "I am not going to give you that satisfaction. Once was enough for me." With a sudden burst of force he yanked himself out of her grip (ouch, hair pulling actually hurt a bit...). He then slid away from her as far as he could, but, as he was loathe to go near the icewall, his retreat ended rather quickly.

A feral grin spread across the drow's lips. It was exactly what she wanted, after all. Her face went serious again to say, "You may not belong to me, but you have been lent out. Maybe next time you'll know not to piss Ashyr off." One corner of her lips turned upward in a humorless smirk. "Or did you not realize that that's how it works where we're from? Females are dominant. We own males like you. We get to decide where your cocks go."

"Lent out? Owned?" Caleldir laughed mirthlessly. Selene's words had sparked an idea in his head. "What do you think my quarrel with your cousin was about? I am not her slave, or yours, for that matter. I decide who I sleep with: not her and especially not you!" Standing in the water by the edge of the pool, he crossed his arms in front of him in defiance.

"You are right. You are not her slave. Be glad you are not; we treat our slaves much worse than our men." Selene retorted. She stalked forward toward him again. "Last chance to do what you're supposed to. Otherwise this will get painful." Her lips formed that last word almost lovingly.

That defiance he tried to maintain was quickly marred by the fact that he was naked, and the sight of the predatory Drow stalking towards him was causing his cock to awaken again. His face faltered; he realized that he was out of room. He was really beginning to have second thoughts about this whole situation... "I do not take orders from you, woman." If Selene wanted a defiant male to discipline, to reassert her injured sense of power, well, he would play the defiant male.

The drow sighed, affecting disappointment and resignation. "I was going to be lenient. I did give you a chance. You brought this upon yourself." She raised her hand and made a quick gesture and a look of intense concentration crossed her face. This was a rather high level spell for the simple task of forcing a man to submit to her. Her mental state was such that she was willing to go a little overboard.

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