tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 26: The Road

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 26: The Road


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 26: On The Road

"Well, that was really hot." Althaia said as she popped out from behind the greenery and revealed that she had not bothered to get dressed that morning. She sashayed into the camp with her long golden hair flowing water-like around her. Her deep wine-purple eyes observed the state the rest of the party was in: relaxing after obviously having a satisfying threesome. "A real pity that you all seem to be done now." She looked at Caleldir with interest. "So... you seem to be a popular man today, cousin. You have nicely serviced your other travelling companions. Can my turn be next?" Although her question was nominally addressed towards Caleldir, her eyes and tone showed that she was actually asking Ashyr. Once again, the nymphen mindset eerily resembled the drow one in considering men to be the property of the women in their life.

Ashyr gave Caleldir a searching look. She didn't miss the fact that the nymph was asking her permission to have a turn. At least this time it would be in front of her where she could watch. Some part of her wanted to deny Althaia out of a strange sort of spite. Ashyr didn't want to create party tension for such a petty thing. It would be similar to dangling food in front of a starving beast, then denying them. "If you can convince him and be done in twenty minutes, go for it. We do need to get on the road soon." She then set herself to getting dressed. That done, she settled next to Selene, who didn't seem too annoyed that they were staying a little while longer.

"Twenty minutes? Only twenty? Eh, I can be done in half that. Or a quarter that if necessary." Althaia smiled broadly.

"Umm..." Caleldir said, attempting to activate his rune and failing. "I would rather not, really." He said, backing away. "Two orgasms is enough for me."

The nymph did not seem to care. Ashyr had given her permission. "Oh, my cousin, I do not need to convince you; I only need to convince your dick. And I am very good at that." Throwing up her hands, vines shot out and wrapped Caleldir up in a standing position. Actual vines rather than ropes that manipulated his limbs like a puppet on strings. Given the side-glances Althaia cast towards the two women, the nymph seemed almost to be showing off for the benefit of the Drow.

Ashyr sat down cross-legged next to her cousin to watch what the nymph was going to do. Her head tilted to the side when she saw the vines. Actually, that didn't look too difficult to do. Ashyr could probably replicate that with a little practice. Maybe not with the amount of control that Althaia had, but pretty close. Too bad she didn't have the magical power to cast spells like that all day. She had three per day at most, and all that was dedicated to healing herself. Her thoughts about spells were distracted by her cousin's movement. Selene seemed well-prepared to enjoy the 'show;' her fingers were already at her clit while her eyes were glued to the captured male. Ashyr gave her a signature grin. Then she shifted so that she could sit behind her. One hand reached around to rub at her cousin's clit as she watched the show unfold with her head rested on Selene's shoulder. Selene melted into her touch. The younger cousin murmured encouraging words to the older in undercommon. Selene's freed hand rose to caress the side of Ashyr's face. It was a surprisingly tender scene taking into account what happened across from the two drow.

Caleldir relaxed a little, looking tired. "Come on, Althaia, is this really necessary?" He said with mild amusement in his voice.

He got a lascivious smile in response. "No, but it is pretty sexy." Althaia knelt down in front of him, stroking his penis back into an erection. She once more glanced over at Ashyr to see the Drow's response. By the smile on her face, Althaia was quite gratified that the two drow were enjoying the show. Caleldir merely looked amused. At least, he did until Althaia, satisfied with his erection stood up and stretched, trailing her hands down his chest. "See? Isn't this better when you are awake?" She purred. Then Caleldir looked rather distressed. He opened his mouth to say something, but she silenced him with a deep, messy kiss. When she pulled away, letting spit dribble down, a vine wrapped across his mouth, keeping him quiet.

Caleldir's protesting expression only intensified when she languidly turned around and bent over, reaching back behind her and grabbing his dick: rubbing him against her moist entrance while moaning. "Ah!" She sighed. "I have been waiting for this." She backed up until Caledlir was fully inside her and began lightly rocking back and forth, the vines holding Caleldir so immobile that he could not even thrust forward. At least, he could not. The vines moved him for her, including forcing his hands to hold onto her bottom.

And so, for the prescribed ten minutes, she rocked back and forth, occasionally shifting her position - never letting him out of her - so that she was facing away from him bent over, then forming a sideways 'T' with her unnaturally flexible body as she raised one leg straight up and kept the other straight down, and finally wrapped both legs around his waist and her arms around his torso, kissing his neck chin and cheeks as she pumped him in and out, all the while making subdued but enthusiastic noises. Then, finally, she bit into Caleldir's shoulder as she began to violently shudder. She pulled off of him, wiped a bead of cum off her leg and licked it off her hand, and, kissing Caleldir some more, released the vines. Caleldir stumbled away and collapsed, breathing hard. Althaia's eyes were blue. "Heh. Maybe one day I will be able to bear you some little nymph girls." She giggled. Her impractical armor appeared on her frame. "Thank you, Ashyr, I enjoyed having a shot at your man." She flounced away.

Caleldir struggled to stand up. "A lot of good that rune did her." He muttered. He gave Ashyr a disparaging glance. "I blame you for this." Finally able to manifest a robe, he stumbled after the nymph.

Ashyr returned Caleldir's disparaging look with a distinctly guilty grin. She almost apologized. Almost. She and Selene had enjoyed the show far too much. The younger drow must have came three times during those ten minutes.

The drow helped each other up and shouldered their packs before walking after the other two. Like yesterday, Ashyr decided to stay with the group. Perhaps later she would run across this terrain. She needed to get more familiar with it first. Her hyperactive wolf had slightly different ideas. She let Bard run where he pleased and long as he was close enough to sense where the rest of the group was.

For the early part of the night's journey, Althaia was smugly silent. She was intensely gratified that her companions had so obviously enjoyed the show she had given them. There was way more where that came from, and the Nymph's fertile imagination began spinning ways to top the evening's antics. She gave Caleldir a purple-eyed stare, which caused her 'cousin' to swallow perceptibly and retreat to Ashyr's side. Not that the Drow would be any help.

Oblivious, Ashyr fell into telling the story of how she tried to fly on a harpy in the first battle she had been in with the crew, and the actions leading up to that. There was a casual mention about Caleldir getting a little further into the flight lessons, at which point Caleldir cut in.

Caleldir shrugged. "Well, I was able to raise the alarm, but sadly stabbing a harpy that is carrying you is a rather idiotic decision, in hindsight. I survived, because death refuses to have me, but I do not recommend that course of action to any non-immortal without some sort of Feather Fall ability."

"I lost the feather I took from that, sadly. That's a different story."Ashyr finished. Her hand rose to the spot in her hair that used to carry the trophy.

Althaia nodded. "You will have to tell that story too, someday." She said before launching into a tale of how she tricked an group of horny satyrs ('disgusting hairy men! The goaty parts just kill my libido!') out of a bag of magic rings by challenging them to a game of cards with all of her holes on the line against the rings. The satyr's cheated, of course, but she cheated better by distracting them. The way she said 'distracted' implied all sorts of things, but not content to let the implications stand, she clarified that she stacked the deck surreptitiously while making out with another nymph. The satyrs were too engaged with touching themselves to notice. "The rings came with a small book describing them." She continued. "So I was able to easily identify each one of the five. My favorite one was the Ring of the Paladin's Robes which I use to give myself armor, but the other four were quite interesting, too: each being a different type of clothing or disguise. There was the Ring of Formality, which summons all sorts of ballgowns and fancy robes and the requisite jewelry; the Ring of Races, which allows the wearer to change their physical race to that of any of the common humanoids; the Ring of Rogue's Leathers, which could summon all sorts of leather or padded armors; and finally the Ring of Storage, which creates a nice little pocket dimension to stash things."

"So that's how you carry your belongings." Selene said in realization. "I had wondered." She would have loved to not have to carry her stuff around -- though a lot of that stuff was currently in Ashyr's bag. Her cousin had so helpfully allowed Selene to lighten her bag even after noticing what was happening. Even if Ashyr was smaller, she was the stronger woman. Beyond that statement, Selene didn't seem to care much. Yeah, the finery ring sounded cool, but if Althaia gave it to her, she'd probably expect something in return. Selene wasn't about to become indebted to the nymph. Hell, she didn't even want the woman to travel with them.

"Of course that is how!" Althaia said gleefully. "I think that the previous owner was some sort of consummate charlatan and master of disguise. Used altogether, those five rings would allow you to blend in anywhere and smuggle almost anything. Well, except for the Paladin's Ring. The little book was super annoyed that that ring only worked for Paladins. The storage ring is nice, though, seeing as it came with a lot of valuables already inside it that once I learned how to use it I could access at will."

"Convenient." Caleldir yawned. Titans could already naturally do all those things. He was not a Titan, of course, the children of the Titans were elves not Titans themselves, but his father seemed determined to turn him into one. So he did not need any rings. "Although, I am not certain what type of paladin saunters around in what amounts to a mithral bra, panties, gloves and boots." Caleldir did not quite share Selene's annoyance with the Nymph, but he still was rather exhausted by her.

Althaia sashayed hypnotizingly. "Oh, you know you all like it. Really, the best part of the ring is the ability to flaunt without sacrificing protection."

"You don't happen to have that rogue ring still..." Ashyr asked in an off-handed fashion. Her attention was everywhere but the nymph. She didn't want to seem too eager about it, though she was suddenly really excited. Ashyr had been almost constantly thinking about how to get in and out of her armor much more quickly. This would be straightforward solution.

Selene saw through Ashyr's ruse immediately. Beyond rolling her eyes, the mage did nothing. Let Ashyr owe Althaia a favor. At least she had a fairly easy bargaining tool: Caleldir. The older drow wouldn't have to sacrifice much to pay off that particular debt. In fact, she might enjoy it.

Ashyr's question caused the nymph to perk up her ears. "Oh? Of course I do." She pulled a small, dully colored steel band out of nowhere. "Why? Do you want it?"

"umimeanifyourenotusingit..." Ashyr said quickly in a comically small voice. Getting to flaunt oneself without skimping on protection? Being able to get completely naked on a whim? She couldn't really contain her excitement. Selene was giving her the most reproachful of looks, so Ashyr cleared her throat and tried to say what she said with a little more dignity. "I mean, ah, sure. If it's just gathering dust at the moment." She managed to say in a too-casual, much deeper tone than her words were before.

Selene shook her head and sighed heavily. "Such a gloriously dignified Matron Ashyr's going to be..." She muttered to herself in undercommon. Her face was slightly annoyed, but there was a smile that played at the corners of her mouth. "I know of someone who would love her to have it." Selene said more loudly. Her eyes trained on Caleldir to watch his expression. "Imagine Ashyr wearing something like that... except all leather." Actually, now that she thought about it, she, too had a personal interest in that concept. She took a deep breath as all sorts of images flashed through her head. Damn that nymph. She was clearly having influencing all of them with her rampant horniness.

Caleldir looked from one companion to another. He was imagining Ashyr in a more revealing outfit. It was a good image, although he had a sudden mental picture of being a lone male in a crowd of ridiculously dressed women. He would look like a pimp. He really did not want to look like a pimp. Ironically enough, though he was the one who ended up being whored out, most likely. "I would imagine that wearing so little would be cold, if nothing else." he observed with the tone of a determined spoil-sport.

Althaia grinned. "Oh no! The rings all come with low-grade shielding in addition to the summoned armors, vanish into your fingers so they can only be seen or removed unless you want them to, and provide protection against heat and cold alike! Wear full plate in the desert, or go naked in the tundra! The ring will keep you feeling whatever temperature you find most ideal! Truly a peerless work of art!" She had taken on the tone of a saleswoman. "It is really a very valuable ring. An artifact, even. I should probably ask for... something in return." She licked her lips. "Now, what sort of thing could you offer me in exchange? What could be worth such an item?"

"Lolth damn it..." Ashyr muttered under her breath in undercommon. She'd acted too excited, and now it was Althaia that had the upper hand. This was why she wasn't very good at dealing with her fellow drow. Her social skills and manipulation were abysmal.

"I'd think giving it to her would be a reward of itself." Selene responded with much better self-control. The younger drow figured she'd better step in before Ashyr sold her soul to the nymph. It would not be the first time she almost gave up too much for so little. "No armor in the way... just imagine how useful it would have been earlier. Hell, she probably would have joined when you had Caleldir all tied up. Wouldn't that be so much more satisfying than having just one of them?" Her face was a mask of lust, as if watching a threesome between them was all she thought about (and not trying to convince Althaia to give up the ring and think she got the good deal.) She gave each of the other party members a look that seemed to strip them down in her mind. "You'd be very likely enjoying quite a bit more intimacy, in fact. That seal of yours might just become superfluous." That may have been pushing it just a little.

Ashyr calmed her face into passiveness, though she couldn't help but feel good, old fashioned lust when Selene mentioned her theoretical ability to hop in on any action between anyone, armor or no.

Althaia nodded very seriously. "So... you offer sex in exchange for a priceless artifact? What do you take me for, some kind of nymphomaniac?" She grinned broadly. "Of course, if you do, you are absolutely right. I will gladly give you the ring in exchange for sex. Enthusiastically if you let me put on a few more shows like this morning. Or participate. I can teach you how to stretch in ways that you thought impossible!"

"Please do not." Caleldir said with annoyance, although the fact that his erection was big enough to be seen through his padded armor gave lie to his protests.

The nymph did not miss this. Obviously. She gave his groin a pat. "Oh? Does the idea of having your dick loaned out to a beautiful nymph in exchange for a magic ring make you hard? What a pervert you are." She tossed the ring at Ashyr. "Here. Have fun. Selene can have the other one if she wants. I have no use for it; the Paladin one is superior in every way."

Ashyr almost eagerly caught the ring midair. She didn't put it on quite yet. Ashyr assumed that she would have to take off her current armor first, and they really were not traveling as fast as they should have been. At this rate, it would be another twenty days before they got to their destination (especially considering that there might be a repeat of the nymph episode.) The older drow felt that the deal went fairly well. She was going to let Althaia put on a couple more shows anyway. Unless, of course, Caleldir emphatically refused. Since at the moment his protests weren't too insistent, Ashyr assumed he would at least put up with it. "Don't worry; I'll make it up to you." Ashyr told Caleldir. She rubbed his arm in what she hoped was a comforting gesture. Her face was mostly guilty again. For all intents and purposes, he more like a possession to her than a lover. It was beginning to bug her. Not enough to actually do anything about it. Yet.

Caleldir sighed. "Well, I suppose that if I had to choose a mistress to be slave to, you would be my choice. So, here I am, a voluntary slave, and enjoying it. Hmmph. I really am a pervert." Some part of him wanted to mischievously observe that the best way to make it up to him would be to arrange him to be dominated again, but that was embarrassing to even think, let alone say.

Ashyr gave Caleldir a half-grin. "Just don't turn too subservient on me. There's a reason why I prefer drow females over males." She tried to pass it off as a joke, but the words were a little too close to the truth for her to really pull it off.

"No danger of that." Caleldir muttered in reply to Ashyr. His words about being her slave was part truth, part bitter sarcasm. He was too stubborn, headstrong, and recalcitrant to be the subservient type, which is why, for instance, he insisted on Selene beating him into submission every single time even if he hated pain a lot, or he fought Althaia every time the nymph tried to have sex with him, despite the inevitability that he would do so anyway. But three dominant women were beginning to sap his energy, hence his recent lack of fight.

"It is not really much of a deal, really." Althaia said modestly, pretending not to hear the lovers' exchange. "After all, you already gave me what I really wanted: adventure! Oh yes, a quest, a haunted monastery, evildoers to smite, attractive comrades to bang, really I could not dream of better. So I am happy to help with anything that makes the adventure easier. Or more adventurous. Or sexier. Which reminds me, if you three want to pick up the pace, I can cast that speed spell again. We can be across these hills by morning!" With that, the nymph gave speed to their legs, and sprinted off in the night.

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