tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 32: Fels of Slumber

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 32: Fels of Slumber


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 32: Fels of Slumber

Caleldir moaned a little and sat up after the strange half-dragon woman flew off. "Ow... I have never had anyone beat Goelon Duvainor into submission through sheer brute strength before." He unsteadily tried to stand up, and ended up needing Ashyr to help him. "She claimed to be a disowned princess. I had not heard of any such thing in Clachleom. When we arrive in Coillgaeta, we should ask around. In the meantime, where are Althaia and the yu- coachman? Neither of them were killed, so we should pick them up."

"I am here." The coachman said, appearing a few yards away. "I prefer not to be sseen when that ssort of event happens." He was engaging in healing his wounds, but he was clearly so exhausted he had forgotten to avoid using 's' words like usual.

The older drow shot a grin at the coachman when he revealed himself. How could he possibly think that he could keep his strangeness a secret from the rest of the party? "Is that ssso?" Ashyr said with a glint of humor in her dark red eyes as she affected a bit of his hissing accent. She badly wanted to comment about his heritage, but knew it was wiser to keep him in the dark about how not in the dark the three of them were about him.

The coachman looked at Ashyr with serpentine eyes. "That iss sso indeed." He hissed. For a moment, the deeply handsome, and even more deeply alien visage of the Yuan-ti's real form flashed through, before he stifled it. The coachman seemed to suspect that the jig was up, but if Ashyr was willing to pretend that it was not, so was he.

Cieraela popped out from behind the carriage, miraculously unscathed. She looked at Caleldir with a mixture of fear and even deeper lust than before. If such a thing were possible. "That was amazing..." she breathed. "You fought the Rebel Princess to a standstill! No one has ever done that one-on-one! It took an entire army to defeat her during her attempted coup-d-etat."

"He's pretty great, isn't he?" Ashyr agreed. There was a broad grin on her face, but it was mostly directed up at Caleldir. She'd been impressed, too, and it didn't matter in the slightest who actually came out on top. It was a glorious battle to watch. Now all they had to do was figure out how to tap that potential without resorting to killing Caleldir every time.

"I feel as if she rather got the better of me..." Caleldir groaned.

"Ssieraela!" The Yuan-ti interrupted. "Sstop your lusstful gawking and help me calm thesse horssess. We need to get a move on if we are to arrive in Coillgaeta before nightfall." The human lept to attention, and ran off to help. Or limped off to help, rather. Apparently she was not quite as unscathed as first thought.

While the horses were being tended to, the rest of the group set to work finding Althaia. When they found her, the nymph seemed dead. Very dead. Her wounds were horrible to look upon, even amid the remains of her shredded magical armor. She had stopped bleeding, probably because all of her blood was already outside her body. Caleldir narrowed his eyes. "Strange... she is neither dead, nor undead, but her soul is fled." He reached down and put a healing hand on her. After a few minutes of constant spell-casting, her body was healed as good as new, and her invisible ring had reactivated, drawing the armor back into itself. Caleldir fetched a blanket from his luggage to wrap her now naked body in. "She is alive, but in a coma. Although she is a nuisance, we still owe her at least a little. I will take care of her until she wakes up once more."

Neither drow seemed too beaten up about Althaia's strangely unresponsive state. They didn't seem to much care either way, except perhaps Ashyr was a little disappointed that they still wouldn't be able to pay the nymph back for the rings she'd given the drow.

"Isn't most of our stuff in her ring?" Selene asked Caleldir and Ashyr.

Rolling his eyes at those two, Caleldir hefted Althaia's body into the carriage using telekinesis more than muscle. He was very careful not to let the blanket that was her only covering fall open to reveal anything. Which was typical, although not all that rational, given who they were dealing with. "I had forgotten about our things. Well, unless we want to trust our coachman to steal it off of her, we will have to wait until she wakes up to collect anything. Drat." Or they could kill her and loot the ring, but Caleldir was not about to suggest that.

Ashyr climbed up into her seat after Althaia was placed in the carriage. Bard hopped in after her. Poor wolf had enough excitement for the day.

"Good thing we got rooms prepared ahead of time, then." Selene said with a sigh. It might have been nice to have money in case they wanted to buy something in the city. Selene had her own money, of course, but why spend that when there were group funds to burn through? She pulled herself up to sit next to her cousin.

"I had not thought about the money issue." Caleldir said. "I have a little bit myself, but Althaia had the lion's share of it. Well then, good thing that we can forage for supplies in the wilderness, because we will not be getting much to speak of here, unless Althaia wakes up pretty dang soon."

As they began their travel again, both drow filled any lull in conversation that Althaia might have left when their own chatter. They both seemed rather pleased with the fight and the steam they'd managed to blow off. Sure, it had been terrifying and quite painful there for a few tense moments, but overall it was satisfying. Selene had been glad that her gargoyle spell worked - though it had been almost devastating when it crumbled around her. The spell had clearly tired her out considerably. Her skin tone had become slightly more ashen, something she assured any concerned person that she would get better with food and rest. Both of which she promised to get when they got to a real bed.

The rest of the journey was uneventful. Late afternoon saw them pulling into the small, heavily fortified river-port city of Coillgaeta.

"They'd better have a good bath where we're staying." Selene commented. The dust and sweat from the fight was long since magicked off, but her muscles were sore. "Or maybe I'll just make you give me a massage." She said to Caleldir with a smirk.

Caleldir made a face at Selene's words. "I am pretty decent at massages. Telekinetic ones especially." He winked at Ashyr.

Ashyr bit her lip with a grin when Caleldir boasted of being a good masseur. "You might say they're quite satisfying." The older drow said with a deep sigh. As tired as she was from the fight, Caleldir was giving her ideas... not that it took much for Ashyr's mind to go down that track. They were in town and it was near time to retire to one's rooms. Her body had practically been trained to think dirty thoughts around this time.

Althaia had not woken up yet, even as Caleldir hefted her into their new room. This one had two beds, so he gingerly placed the unconscious nymph into one of them. He gave her a quick looking over. "I do not understand it. I have never seen this sort of thing before. She is definitely alive, but her soul is only tethered to her body, instead of being in it." He shook his head. "Well. I am sure it will sort itself out." He sighed. "It is not as late as it normally is when we arrive in town. I am going to go scout out some information about the Forest before dinner arrives. Would either of you like to come with me?"

"Go ahead. I'll work on that massage Selene said she wanted." Ashyr said as she grinned over at her cousin.

"An actual massage, dearest. I'm too tired and hungry for anything else." Selene said. She had immediately flopped down on the bed not occupied by the nymph. As she flopped, her clothes morphed into the light and comfortable robes she used to wear before coming to these lands.

"Fine." Ashyr said, sighing again. "Wouldn't want to start without you, anyway, love." This time her grin was aimed at Caleldir. "Try not to get yourself into trouble. You know how upset it makes me to miss out on a good bit of trouble." She crawled onto the bed on top of Selene, who had turned herself over to her stomach. One gentle pull of fabric, and Selene's elegant form was revealed almost to the rise of her buttocks. Ashyr's grin widened and turned wicked.

Looking at the two drow begin to... caress one another, or whatever they were doing, Caleldir swallowed deeply. "Well... I will leave you to that, then." He sighed. Given that he had been having wild threesomes with these two for nearly a week now, he was still too vulnerable to their flirtations. And to their bodies. That glimpse of Selene's body was just... He shook it off. "I will tell you what I learn."

Caleldir returned a few hours later at the same time as the inn sent dinner up to their room. He entered the room holding the dishes, since he preferred that the serving girl not see whatever was going on inside. When Caleldir entered the room, Selene was actually asleep on the bed. Naked, but asleep. Ashyr was on the floor, fully clothed and casually playing tug-of-war over a towel with Bard. Both wolf and ranger growled playfully at each other, and Bard seemed to be having the best time of his life. But then, the happy young animal always seemed to be having the time of his life. It was unclear whether the drow had done anything sexual. "Ashyr! Selene! I bring..." He peered into the dishes. "In addition to the usual, this inn appears to serve some sort of hard-boiled egg wrapped in sausage, breaded, and deep fried. Huh. Smells good, but somewhat salty." He set the dishes down.

"Selene, Cal's here with food." Ashyr told her still-sleeping cousin softly. A caressing hand rose to brush against Selene's thigh. Bard pranced around the room with the towel prize he'd 'won' when his mistress let go. Ashyr got Selene moving quickly. At first the younger cousin protested, but when she registered the smell of food she was eager enough to make her way over to the dinner table.

Over dinner, Caleldir talked about the information he had gathered. "A lot of stuff I already knew: talks about curses, ruins hidden deep in the foliage, some evil dryad who rules a rotted forest, and cities and monasteries full of ghosts. They mentioned a wailing woman searching for her lost tyrant of a lover, the spirit of a gold dragon turned evil, the green-haired ghost of a child that knew every bit of magic in the world, and many others. They also mentioned 'the cruel librarian' a man apparently too beautiful and terrible to look upon. I liked that story, although I am not sure about the 'cruel' part."

"I don't know." Ashyr said between bites of food. "You can be pretty cruel. Remember the time when you almost drove me insane when you wouldn't have sex with me?" She poked him under the table with her foot, a perturbed expression on her face. That expression couldn't stay for long. It melted into a teasing smile as she began to caress his leg with the same foot. She had never really been mad at him for that. Confused, yes. Frustrated, yes. But not angry.

"If that is cruelty, then I am guilty of the same type of cruelty right now. Cieraela is as much in lust with me as you were, although not as forthright. Or competent. Or sexy." He winked at the drow.

"Oh, you aren't being cruel to her. She's doing it to herself. She knows you're taken, and that's something you surface dwellers could understand." Ashyr responded. The human girl had a family that wasn't in ruins. She didn't feel heartbroken and alone. He wasn't Cieraela's anchor in a world that didn't make sense anymore. The human just lusted after him. She was just some stupid immature human who thought she was good enough to steal him away from two gorgeous and strong drow women.

Ugh, and now Ashyr felt like she was thinking like some brooding fool. She wasn't supposed to think that way. She just looked it at times.

"I suppose that you are right. Yeah, Cieraela and you are in quite different situations. For one thing, her family is a little less drow. But there is not a ring on my finger, and therefore I am not taken in her eyes. That, or she simply does not care. Which I suppose does not say good things about her. From that perspective, she is pretty terrible, when I think about. Heh. I feel less guilty now. Anyway, I do not know about the dryad (though there were a lot of dryads in my country back in the past), or the jilted lover, but the other two I know to be true. I knew those people in life, after all. The green-haired child probably refers to the half-dryad half-halfling archmage that my father wanted me to marry so long ago. The evil gold-dragon was the head of our order. He is likely as evil as the rest of the cursed are."

With that, he stood up and stretched. "Well, we have a long journey ahead of us tomorrow, especially if we are going to try to ditch the yuan-ti and that human, so we should get some sleep. Some actual sleep." He looked over at Althaia. The nymph looked as if she was merely asleep, her chest moved up and down, quietly breathing. "Well, she looks improved. It is strange indeed that she has not yet awoken." He shook his head. "Well, I am ready for bed." Replacing his padded armor with small-clothes, he retired to the bed that Althaia did not occupy.

The older drow pouted softly. It was an expression better suited to Selene, who had way of making petulant look sexual. "Fine." Ashyr said as she stood and changed into similar looking underclothes. Then she curled up into bed next to Caleldir. "Though you realize that this will likely be our last truly safe place to be... vulnerable without worrying about being spied on or attacked..." She said as her fingertips danced against his torso. Ashyr batted her eyes at him in a fashion that was reminiscent of the looks Cieraela would give him almost constantly. It was more amusing than serious to the drow.

Selene rolled her eyes and wriggled into the bed behind Ashyr. She, of course, chose to be naked.

Snuggling against Ashyr, Caleldir swallowed heavily, as he normally did when trying not to be aroused. "Well..." he said uneasily. Ashyr's hands dancing across his chest soon had the usual effect of disappearing his clothing. Even though her hands did not actually drag across the rune... He closed his eyes. "I suppose that we have a little time before we should sleep. Besides, it is better to relax. I have to admit that I feel a bit... tense." He ran his hand along Ashyr's stomach, up to between her breasts.

Ashyr bit the edge of her lower lip and grinned broadly as Caleldir's clothing disappeared. She knew very well that she hadn't touched the rune on his chest. She'd seen him naked enough times to know where to actually press. As hesitant as he sounded, there was a part of him that was eager to participate. That was how Ashyr interpreted it, anyway. It was times like these when she very much suspected that Caleldir retained at least some of the sexual urges from his nymph heritage.

The older drow shifted until she was on top of him and straddling his lower abdomen, that grin still on her face. Caleldir was not quite able to keep himself from returning Ashyr's lustful smile. His naked dick was sticking straight up, pressed up against her ass. "You have me at a disadvantage, Ashyr, I am unclothed, yet you are not." Caleldir said playfully.

Ashyr's smile remained; she would catch up with him soon enough. But an idle idea occurred to her. "Maybe I should put a ring on your finger. Or whatever it is you surface-dwellers use to signify commitment."

Caleldir's expression went from playful to thoughtful. He closed his eyes. That was not a bad thought at all. In fact, it was a pretty good one. Even though he had never before thought that he would be in love with and seriously consider marrying a woman like Ashyr - a lustful drow for whom monogamy and a family life was a horror rather than a desire - he still loved her, flaws and all. He had told himself many times before that he would be married to the first woman that he ever had sex with, but it was not Selene who loved him. "If you wanted to put a ring around my finger, well, I would wear it. Although without the vows and the ceremony, it would not mean much. Still, as long as you do not pull a Selene and try to put a ring around my neck, or any similar sort of thing, I will wear what you wish me to."

Selene scoffed. For once, she didn't seem too interested in involving herself with Ashyr's antics. She'd eaten too much and was far too full for any sort of strenuous activity. "You'd have to wear a ring, too, Ashyr." The younger drow said, apparently now determined to be a spoilsport. "And then you'd have to explain me and Althaia (if she ever wakes up.) Us, and any other person who catches your fancy. I say it's too much work to keep a couple women from getting ideas about Caleldir."

Running his hands softly along Ashyr's arms and legs, Caleldir smiled at Selene's complaints. "Well, there are several cultures that allow men to take multiple wives. My own, for instance. Probably because all the monks we produced, plus the penchant for marrying fey from all-female races, caused the gender ratio in society to be pretty dang skewed." His tone made it clear that he was joking, although about which part, was not entirely clear. At very least he was definitely not serious about marrying all of them. That seemed like way, way too much of a headache to even be considered. "But I agree with Selene. While I would be happy to marry you, I do not think that you would be content with just me." He face, serious for a moment, turned jocular. "Although, even if we were married, I do not think that your affairs with other women would really 'count', so to speak."

"Bah, ceremony and trinkets... I don't really understand why all that meant anything. Only thing it changes is other people's views and who gives a damn about what other people think as long as they know when and where they're not wanted." Ashyr said as she absently pulled off her shirt and threw it aside.

"No, you wouldn't understand." Selene retorted with a sigh. Her gaze shifted over to Ashyr's naked breasts, down the line of her back, and followed that natural progression across Caleldir's turgid manhood. Her tongue wet her lips. Perhaps she hadn't eaten too much to get involved after all. She scooted closer and turned to her side in order to run her hand down the line her eyes had previously caressed. Selene shifted down behind Ashyr. Her face lowered to press the flat of her tongue against Caleldir's dick. She licked upwards and around the head of it to wet it down with her saliva.

Caleldir found it interesting to note how... casual their threesomes had gotten. All slow-paced and pleasant, carrying on a conversation in the meantime. It was nice, really. Caleldir would miss these moments when they inevitably ended, either because one or both of the drow grew bored of him, or because something - or someone - else got in the way. It really was selfish of him to enjoy both of them for so long. Heck, half the time he felt that he was not doing anything except being used as a toy by the drow cousins. He felt sort of guilty allowing them to do all the work most of the time, but the two of them almost seemed to prefer it that way, and he certainly enjoyed it, so why change things around? Although, he should probably indulge Selene's desire for bondage one of these days. Given his healing, dulled pain receptors, and immortality, he was a better outlet for her crueler impulses than most others. Plus, he wanted to repay her for all her mellowing out recently. She almost did not even seem Evil anymore.

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