tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 53: Discussion

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 53: Discussion


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 53: Discussion

"You still have mud and twigs in your hair, Ashyr." Selene observed as she cautiously approached her cousin, who was still angry after her exchange with Tsabdrin. With a wave of her hand, the mage magicked away the dirt that covered the female ranger.

Ashyr grunted. It could have been in thanks. It also could have been in anger. Their crimson eyes met for a moment, and Selene quirked an elegant eyebrow. Then Ashyr's eyes moved over to Caleldir, and finally something other than anger lit her eyes. Hunger.

With a sigh, Caleldir turned towards the two female drow. "Well, that was stressfu- err, Ashyr, I hardly think that now is the time for this..." the last bit came out rather worried. Ashyr marched over to him, grabbed him firmly by the hand, then began to pull him over to the bedroom. If she couldn't expel some of her frustration on Tsabdrin, then Caleldir would have to suffice.

"Now is definitely the time for this." Ashyr assured him. Her voice had an almost growling quality; she was still annoyed and angry. A part of her realized that Caleldir never saw her like this, and therefore wouldn't know what to anticipate. In this case, she was just fine with his reluctance. She preferred it, in fact. Ashyr pulled him all the way into the bedroom and shut the door (not that it would stop people from just walking through the walls.) Then she was ripping at his clothes as if they had personally offended her.

Instead of trying to follow or join, the youngest drow settled down in one of the chairs surrounding the main table. "R.I.S.A? I would quite like some food." The mage announced. The party hadn't eaten for half a day, and the pregnant drow was aware of that fact for some time.

R.I.S.A., who could be in multiple places at the same time, and was utterly unshaken by recent events, calmly appeared in the room next to Selene. [As you wish, my lady.] She said in a business-like voice. She had manifested some sort of overly skimpy maid outfit when she appeared, but it was still quite a bit more modest than her normal appearance. Or not, because the 'clothing' was still her body. Or as much as her skin was her body. [After you brought in all those supplies, I have a lot more options for your fine dining experience. Is there anything in particular that you would like, or should I just surprise you? Regardless, it seems that druids are fond of roots, game (large and small), berries, fungi, and other foods of a woodland extraction, so that is what I have available.] And so, R.I.S.A. took Selene's order and delivered her food. Surprisingly, the A.I. was able to make all of the dried and preserved dishes that the druids had stored taste fresh. Or at least, passably fresh.

On the other side of the door, Caleldir was rather worried about Ashyr. While her forcefulness was something that he found highly arousing, her growling anger was not something that he had ever really seen before. The strange way that she was acting put him rather out of the mood. Well, his mind out of the mood. His body was quite respondent. "This is not like you, Ashyr." He protested. "I am not averse to this, of course, but you do not seem to be yourself right now!"

"It's not like me, is it?" Ashyr challenged. "Are you an expert on me and my moods, then?"

Ashyr's short reaction took Caleldir somewhat aback. She was right; they had only known each other for a couple months. Less than half of that time they actually spent around each other as anything more than casual acquaintances. He did not really know her all that well, to be completely honest. For all he knew, she spent every minute that he was not there to see her in a murderous rage. Highly unlikely, but within the realm of possibility. Of course, the fact that she was right did not change the fact that her biting comment hurt a little. He still felt like he should apologize for his presumption, but he doubted that Ashyr was in the mood for that. No, she clearly was in the mood for only one thing: fucking away her frustrations.

She quickly got impatient with his clothes and pressed against that spot of his chest that she knew would disappear his garments. Moments later, her clothes were gone as well, and she was biting down on his neck. One hand ran fingernails against his corresponding side, while the other was much more gentle when it grabbed his shaft and began stroking to get his body more caught up with her desires. Not that his body ever needed that much convincing. Must have been his nymph heritage. Within her capable hands his manhood quickly achieved the raging rigidity.

The more violently Ashyr assaulted him, the more Caleldir forgot that he should probably be worried about her mental state and found that he enjoyed the sexual wildcat version of Ashyr. Even the biting on his neck was sexy, although not as sexy as if she did something different with her mouth. To better allow her to do that, he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her body up along his own, bringing their mouths together. As long as they were vertical, his greater height and mass insured that he could hold the initiative if he wanted to; it was when they were horizontal that Ashyr truly was the mistress.

Her lips and tongue moved forcefully against his, and on occasion she captured his lower lip between her teeth to suck and bite at it. Meanwhile, her hand came up to his head to grab a fistful of hair and hold him in place. The other hand wrapped around him to dig fingernails into his back. Her legs wrapped tightly around his waist to keep herself close to him.

As usual, Caleldir had trouble doing much more than responding to her kiss, especially when she commenced to biting again. He groaned against her teeth. Damn. Why did her biting arouse him so? Almost as much as the way she tugged at his hair. Ashyr let out an answering soft, pleased noise. She was already going to be rough and wild whether he liked it or not... but there was still that quiet place inside her where the more 'typical' Ashyr resided, and that Ashyr still very much wanted Caleldir to enjoy himself. It seemed this was a win-win situation. It shouldn't have been even a little surprising, knowing about his recent rape fetish.

"To the bed." She ordered, pulling her mouth away for a moment to get the words out. She was aware that, while Caleldir could hoist her up enough that she could wrap her legs around his waist, he could not hold her there on his own forever. A certain frailty was inevitable to being born of a ghost.

As ordered, he stumbled towards the bed, falling down on it sideways so that he and Ashyr were both lying on their left side, face to face. Sensing an impending fall, Ashyr moved her left leg before it got crushed between Caleldir and the bed. She put her weight down on the other leg to flip the both of them over until she was sitting on top of him. "This is... usually where we fight... for dominance." She informed him through labored breath. Already she was feeling her head clear just enough for her to communicate what she wanted from him. How else would he learn what to do when she was in this mood? "I'd settle for you just fighting it in general if you're too much of a-" What was that surface word that meant 'vagina,' but also meant 'weak' somehow? Oh. Right. "-Pussy."

Caleldir's eyes narrowed. Not because he was offended by the insult (he was not) but because it was rather bizarre to hear a drow use a slang term for female genitalia to denote wimpiness. That was definitely not something from her cultural background. It was clear that she was intentionally trying to rile him up. So, she wanted a fight for dominance? Well, he would oblige. Win or lose, he would win, after all, for if he won then he would prove to Ashyr that he could be a big manly man on occasion, and if he lost, well, that was his fetish. Or would be, if he had that fetish. Which he did not.

With this chain of reasoning, he made a sudden move to flip her over on her back, using agilely channeled momentum more than brute force to reverse their positions, until he ended up above her, between her legs, with his hands resting on either side of her head.

The first expression to cross her face was that of surprise. Apparently there was something to be learned about each other's personalities on both sides of the situation. The second look to cross her face was a feral grin of pleasure and challenge. Oh yes, she was quite pleased with this turn of events. There was really only one problem with the situation; he really should have pinned her by her wrists and used his size to keep her there. Then the fight could very well be over. But instead, he simply held himself up on the bed without restraining him further. Soon he would learn why that was a mistake.

That grin faded to an expression of concentration as she began to try to squirm out of his grasp. Abruptly, her fist came up to punch him in the stomach hard enough to knock the wind out of his lungs. She didn't have the best position to do this, which was why her other hand moved to jab at a pressure point in his armpit to make the corresponding arm give way. This allowed her to use the grip her legs had on his hips to shift their weight and roll them back over. Ashyr held her position on top for a mere moment before Caleldir leveraged their momentum to take them further to side. It was then that Caleldir remembered that there was a finite amount of bed, and Ashyr was rolling right off of it, with him on top of her. Oops.

But the contact with the floor never came. Instead, there was simply another bed there. Right. R.I.S.A. could shift this domain however she saw fit. Apparently, she was watching close enough to know when they were in danger of falling. A disturbing thought for Caleldir. Ashyr saw, for a split second at least, said voyeuristic A.I. peering down from a corner in her miniature version. It was only for a moment, though; R.I.S.A. promptly vanished when she realized that she had been spotted. Why she even needed to manifest to watch the two of them was an open question, but she seemed to do so anyway.

The upshot of this meddling was, though, that Caleldir landed rather heavily in a similar position to how they had started, although lying on top of Ashyr with his head to the side of hers, rather than above.

Again, he really should have pressed his advantage. It was much more difficult for Ashyr to get herself out of this. At least she still had free use of her hands, which she took advantage of by digging fingernails into his back again. A playful growl ripped from her throat as she bit down on his shoulder. With his resistances, she would never be able to break his skin. She would have to wait to see if he would make the mistake of getting his weight off of her again.

Meanwhile, Caleldir's first thought upon landing on top of Ashyr was not 'how can I utilize this to my advantage...' and more 'oh crap I do not want to crush Ashyr on accident!' which was not the most logical of thoughts, given how durable the ranger was, but one that came natural to him. And so, he most certainly did not press his advantage. Instead, he lifted most of his weight off of her, giving her the opening she needed to get herself back on top.

And so, rather unsurprisingly, Caleldir found himself underneath Ashyr again. Winded, he did not try to flip her again. Although, he was of half a mind to try to buck her off of him, out of that sheer bloody-minded resistance that made him do pointless things rather a lot. She gave him another feral grin. Bucking her off and taking advantage of her loss of balance at that point could have been a good way to fight back. Too bad he had only half a mind to do so and didn't decide upon it immediately. He would find it much more difficult if not outright painful after her next move.

Ashyr slid her body down enough to rub their sexes together. "Giving up?" She taunted through heavy breath.

It was during moments like these that Caleldir' mind hearkened back to when Ashyr had told him about 'the good kind of torture'. Certainly, the way that her (admittedly slight) weight slid over his painfully hard erection, forcing it down, was uncomfortable; but far more than the discomfort was the sensuality of his shaft sliding between her pussy lips. Now, that was one amazing feeling. It also told him exactly how much she had been enjoying their little struggle, such as it was. A whole lot, apparently. The way that her juices flowed around his erection certainly did not help him become less aroused (not that that was a goal...) nor did the way that her breasts heaved with her breathing. He gulped a bit, before his obstinate tendencies came back to the fore. "I never give up!" He announced.

But though he said it, he did wonder. Ashyr gave him an unconvinced look as well. After all, this was a really great position, and trying to get out of it would probably be rather uncomfortable. But he did just state that he was not giving up, so...

With that thought, Caleldir put his hands on Ashyr's thighs, and tried to twist her back over to the side. His heart was not really in it this time, though. He was still able to shift her to the side, since she was so much smaller than him and already slightly off balance from her taunting motions. Not that she regretted rubbing his manhood against her. That was an action she could never regret. She let herself fall, and even attempted to press more of her weight into the action. Trusting that R.I.S.A would catch them before they fell on the ground, Ashyr rolled the both of them all the way back over until she was on top yet again.

Far too soon, this would be a battle between the male's stubbornness and the female's ability to resist sex unless she was on top. Those weren't very good odds for the borderline nymphomaniacal Ashyr.

"I know that 'a roll in the hay' is a euphemism for sex." Caleldir quipped. "But this is getting rather ridiculous."

Ashyr quirked one of her brows. The rolling part she got, but they hay? All such substance she encountered was quite... pokey... and not at all a good thing to imagine against bare flesh. Surface worlders were strange.

He looked up at Ashyr again, and made a complicated expression that was a mixture of defeat, defiance, and resentment. All faked, of course. "Fine, I admit that you have overcome me, dark maiden. Now, what do you intend to do with me?"

For the barest of moments, Ashyr was disappointed that Caleldir had given up so soon. She almost wanted it to become the aforementioned fight between stubbornness and resisting nymphomania. But then she remembered this was Caleldir underneath her. He was only partially combat-trained and was a virgin very, very recently by her standards. That, and she couldn't be disappointed with him for more than a few milliseconds before looking into his eyes and feeling all... melty. And aroused.

... wait, did he just call her a maiden?

The drow laughed at the ridiculousness of it, for it brought to mind a virginal girl with wide eyes and a blushing face. "Dark Maiden?" She questioned.

Caleldir blushed a bit, breaking character. It was so much harder to stay in one of these characters with Ashyr, unlike with Selene. She had a point though: it was a rather stupid thing to say. "I thought it sounded dramatic..." he trailed off.

The comment was quickly forgotten. She bared her teeth in another feral grin - slightly amused, but mostly just wicked. She leaned forward and rotated her hips down and back until the tip of his cock pressed against her entrance. "I have some idea-" Then she engulfed him in one swift, easy motion. "-of what to do with you." she managed to finish her words after filling herself with him, but they had a gasping, incredibly pleased quality.

His gasp matched her own: for he had not anticipated being inside her so quickly. "As amazing as ever..." he whispered to her as his hips began to buck up into her. Trailing his hands from her hips up her sides, he found her breasts and began playing with her nipples, trying which caresses she seemed to enjoy the most.

Maybe it was the play fighting, or maybe it was just her proximity to Caleldir and the rare time alone they were given, but Ashyr's mood was definitely improving. So much so that she dropped the pretense of trying to fight him entirely. Not that there was much more left fighting to do. She concentrated on getting the rhythm between them going, and enjoying the feel of his hands against her breasts. Her grin dropped to reflect that concentration.

It was nice to see Ashyr doing so much better mentally. Indeed, she seemed to have forgotten all about the stress of having her less-Selene cousin around. In the future, Caleldir would have to remember that when Ashyr was acting all dramatic and moody, the best way to get her back to her happy self was not to try to talk it out, like he had originally wanted to do, but instead to give her a good dicking, as the saying went. The fact that he enjoyed this too was, at this point, all bonus.

And so, satisfied that his lover was back to her normal self, Caleldir lost himself to the pleasure, settling into a rhythm with her. The slick sounds of their sexes sliding together, Ashyr's pleased moans, the thud of flesh against flesh... these and the sensations they brought were his world. Very soon she began to get louder with the pleasure she felt building inside her. Never would she even come close to Althaia's unbridled noises, but she was more vocal than Selene generally was. Her motions quickly became harder and more desperate. "Gods, Caleldir, I fuckin' love you..." She gasped softly right before he felt her channel spasm around him. The rest of her body went so weak with climax that she ended with her breasts mashed against his chest and pressing harder with every deep, ragged inhalation.

Another improvement. Caleldir could remember a time when she believed love to be an awful weakness. He wrapped his arms around her. "I love you too, Ashyr." He whispered in her ear. A few moments later, as she rode out her orgasm, he felt his own, his arms tightening around her.

She let out a pleased sigh.. Her arms rested at his sides, her fingertips brushing idly against his ribs. Ashyr wasn't even the least bit tempted to get up for a good long while. If the people of the druid town survived this long, they could wait another hour. The ranger didn't realize how much she'd craved one-on-one attention naked in bed with Caleldir.

"We should really make more time for just us." She said, voicing her thoughts.

Caleldir had to agree with Ashyr's assessment. "I admit, it is rather difficult to find some alone time with just me and you. I love your cousin (and I suppose I should say the same about Althaia...) but they can make it hard to find time to be alone." He sighed, a pleased sound. His hands rubbed up and down her back, just enjoying the feel of her skin. "I do love you..."

She did not respond in kind. Ashyr was too deep in thought. When was the last time they'd done this? Back when they raided that camp and rescued Cieraela? Ashyr didn't rightly remember. It was weird; between all that lack of being alone and all that happened in Deusterra, it had been making her feel a little crazy. Since when was she so reliant on someone else? Then she sighed again when she remembered something more recent. "I really shouldn't have said that to Tsabdrin, should I? It was just - that A.I. bitch showed me everything that happened to Selene with those damned magic mirrors and I haven't been able to get it out of my mind since. Then Tsabdrin and I ran into each other..." She trailed off, assuming he understood the rest of it.

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