tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 55: Longing

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 55: Longing


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 55: Longing

After only a little bit of distraction the party made it from their bath to the bedroom. As requested, bowls of finger food had made it to the side tables of the bed that was easily large enough to fit all five of them. They all settled onto the bed. Selene sat a little apart from everyone with her legs folded underneath and slightly to the side of her body. For the time, she was more interested in meat and cheese than she was on any of the beautiful naked people in the bedroom. Her crimson eyes were trained on the rest of them, however, as if she was getting ready to watch an interesting show with snacks in hand.

Althaia continued to sit elegantly next to the A.I.'s projection. "R.I.S.A. and I have decided to join you in this bedroom tonight. I hope that you will be okay with that." Althaia announced.

Caleldir's eyes traveled over the purple-skinned A.I. for a moment (causing the succubus to blush and fidget self-consciously, coyly averting her gaze like a pubescent girl with a crush) before he looked away. He sighed as he sat across from them. "I cannot exactly refuse either of you." He said with a tone of resignation. R.I.S.A.'s face fell, but Althaia bounced adorably on the bed as she clapped her hands together in excitement.

"I was hoping you would join us." Ashyr told the A.I. with her version of a warm smile. Warmly suggestive. For her part, Selene neither welcomed or denied them. She merely popped a slice of bread in her mouth and continued watching. "You know, girls..." Ashyr began to say with that extremely mischievous grin so commonly on her face. "...I don't think Caleldir has engaged in quite enough debauchery today." And she knew full well that her words may have been distressing to her mate. In fact, she sort of hoped they would be.

Caleldir was, indeed beginning to be distressed. "Umm... I am not quite sure that I like the sound of that word: I have been trying to avoid 'debauchery' my whole life."

"Bah." Ashyr said as she wrapped her arms around Caleldir. Her hands slid down his chest, reveling in the feel of his smooth, pale skin. Meanwhile, her lips went to his ear. "If you actually experienced true debauchery you wouldn't try to avoid it so ardently." She said in a breathy false whisper that the whole room would have been able to understand if they paid any attention. As she spoke, her lips brushed against his earlobe. When she was done speaking, her tongue slipped out of her mouth to draw that soft flesh of his lower ear into her mouth and nibble on it gently. All the while, her eyes fixed on Althaia across from them, as if promising to use her mouth similarly on the other nymph. And not just on her ear.

"But my resistance to debauchery gradually eroding as I am exposed to it is exactly what I am afraid of." Caleldir protested.

"I mean, he's in the presence of a nymph, succubus, and two drow, and he's only managed to have ONE of any of them this evening." Ashyr continued, ignoring Caleldir's words. "He's half-nymph for Goddess' sake. That's damn near unhealthy of him."

Althaia shook her head in sad sympathy. "Speaking as a full nymph, I can confirm how unhealthy that is."

"I think you are right." Selene agreed. Her grin was more wicked than mischievous. That is, until she put another bite of food in her mouth. Then her expression was thoughtful - but her crimson eyes smouldered with cruel amusement.

Despite himself, Caleldir found his body melting a little bit into Ashyr's touch. His muscles untensed under his skin, and he let out a sigh. One of his arms went up to wrap around Ashyr, moving from just above her ass up the side of her back to her shoulder. He closed his eyes. "I always have a hard time arguing with you, Ashyr." He said regretfully.

"That is not the only thing you are having a 'hard' time with." Althaia deadpanned, giving Ashyr a wink. Caleldir turned red. Even with his eyes closed, he knew what the nymph was referring to. He could feel himself hardening again, of course.

After her hand was freed of the food she'd put in her mouth, Selene made a twisting gesture in Caleldir's direction. That was when all-too-familiar dark, ropy magical vines began to caress and curl around Caleldir's feet wherever he stood or sat.

Whatever Caleldir was going to say was halted by Selene's familiar bindings. "Hey! I am not agreeing to this!" He protested, trying to shake the magic off. Being teased into sex in the bath was one thing, but he was not really comfortable with being sexually dominated with this large of an audience to watch. Especially when R.I.S.A. was there (her watching him by default having not entered his mind yet).

"The way I see it, we're doing you a favor." Selene said in her customary haughty tone. If anything, the vines that teased at tying him down only worked harder at their goal. Another set came coiling out of the bedsheets and gripped at Caleldir's lower body. The mage wasn't trying all that hard yet, or he would have been caught and tied to the bed already. But then, she always enjoyed building up the anticipation. Or dread. Whichever was applicable here.

As Caleldir never used any sort of words or gestures in his spells, an ordinary observer would be unable to tell, but it would be quite clear to Selene that he was attempting to counterspell her bindings. More than the way that his leg muscles, from his calves to his thighs, corded catlike under his pale skin, magical and psionic energy worked at the edges of the vines, unwinding them bit by bit. But it was very, very clear that Caleldir's magic was utterly insufficient to break him out. He was soon caught and bound, helpless to the bed.

"Care to help me... convince him, Althaia?" Ashyr asked.

Althaia licked her lips. "I love to be included!" She sighed. She floated up and glided around the bed with her usual unearthly grace. Coming up behind Caleldir, she pulled his head down into her lap. "I think that I can be a nice pillow..." the nymph giggled.

Ashyr moved out of Althaia's way so that the nymph female could interject herself wherever she saw fit. Since Althaia's choice for the time was pillow, Ashyr was temporarily shunted backwards. It proved to not matter which nymph Ashyr wanted to caress, for she embraced Althaia from behind much like she had been doing for Caleldir a moment ago. Except with Althaia, Ashyr was given the irresistible option of squeezing and caressing perfect breasts. The ranger did so almost eagerly. The nymph seemed to be very much appreciative of the drow's ministrations, as Althaia let out a satisfied sigh and leaned into her fingers.

"R.I.S.A can join too, as long as she doesn't drain from me." Selene added with a wicked little smirk. The mage was curious to see what would happen if the A.I. was given conflicting orders from the two people she clearly listened to the most.

R.I.S.A. had been watching the scene with increasingly obvious envy. The projection began to fidget, her expression twitching comically as she struggled to keep control of her face. When Selene gave her suggestion, her mouth fell open as she stared at the scene with a half-glazed expression of barely constrained lust. Caleldir, whose vision was largely occupied by Althaia's breasts just above his face at this point, began to protest. "Including R.I.S.A. in this would be just weird!" He said. "R.I.S.A.! You know that I think highly of you, but not in this way!"

The A.I. began to fidget again. The outlines of her form began to vibrate, and the dimension itself began to shake a little. [But I... But I... But I...] She was not just repeating herself, she seemed to be caught in a loop, her voice catching and then going back to the beginning of her halted sentence. After repeating herself nearly a dozen times, her entire form went transparent and fuzzy, before snapping back to fully materialize physical form, more obviously flesh than ever before, as if she was not a projection at all, but merely a woman with purple skin. Obviously breathing hard (a first for the A.I.) she swallowed. [What... What should I do...] she wondered, her face a mass of conflicting urges.

"Aww, Caleldir, you broke her." The older drow observed. Actually, Selene had broken her - just to see what would happen. But Ashyr was going to ignore that little issue; she was at least a little bit curious as well. So she shifted from behind Althaia and straddled Caleldir's stomach in what would be a fairly familiar action by now. She leaned forward to nip and kiss at his neck and lower jaw. He tensed against Ashyr's kisses, before sighing and forcing himself to relax. "Why does it have to be weird, love?" She asked in a breathy, lusty voice. "R.I.S.A. is not your kin. And she feels wonderful. She tingles and vibrates, you know. Aren't you even a little bit curious how that would feel on your cock? Look at how much she wants it. It would make her so happy."

A catlike smile spread across the younger drow's face as she watched this play out. She still ate, but her motions were slower now. Food was quickly becoming less important than her arousal. Selene clearly found this whole situation absolutely fascinating. For whatever reason, she didn't feel that this was at all similar to the Naliira situation. She had given permission, for one thing. Ashyr seemed on board with it, too (she really should have consulted her older cousin first. No matter).

R.I.S.A. had frozen up, but no longer like a malfunctioning projection. Instead she was looking conflicted and confused like a regular (purple) woman. She was muttering to herself, but whatever it was, it was not really comprehensible.

"I did not break her!" Caleldir protested. "It is weird because I programmed her personality. I feel like I brainwashed her into falling in love with me, and if I begin sleeping with her, I... I... I do not even know!" He said in frustration. He could not deny that his cock was twitching in curiosity as to how the inside of the electrical A.I., but the argument that it would make her feel happy was only making him feel more guilty about the whole thing.

"She programed herself to fall in love with you or lust or whatever it is she's feeling." Ashyr reminded him. She clearly wasn't paying much attention to the subject. The ranger was too busy running hands and lips over her mate's body now that he was a completely captive audience. Even knowing that he would let her do this anyway, there was something strangely thrilling about touching him wherever she wanted while he could do nothing about it.

Ashyr's argument gave Caleldir pause. She did have a point. He may have programmed her personality, but when Birchborn had programmed her core, she had given the A.I. the ability to reprogram herself. R.I.S.A. had obviously made liberal use of that feature, or she would not be a virtual succubus. That still did not make the fact that his creation wanted to fuck him any less weird.

Selene tilted her head thoughtfully as her brain became distracted by the subject of whether R.I.S.A was 'brainwashed' to love Caleldir. "But he programed her with a soul and some amount of free will, which led her to that action. It could be argued..."

"Ugh, not now Selene." Ashyr groaned into Caleldir's throat, interrupting her cousin in the process. She did not need to deal with that headache of circular thought while she was trying to have an orgy.

All of Caleldir's reluctance flowed right back into him. "Yes! That is exactly the sort of thing that I am worried about!" He agreed with her.

The younger drow sniffed at the older's words, an annoyed sound. But she was probably right. It was a conversation that could be had while traveling or something. So Selene set down the mostly empty bowls of meat and bread and shifted behind Althaia. Then the mage carried on the ranger's work of fondling the nymph's breasts while nibbling on her ear. That way, she could keep an eye on what the A.I. was doing. Both drow seemed determined to keep Caleldir's cock exposed for R.I.S.A's eyes, tempting her with it.

"I think that, if you really are responsible for making R.I.S.A. want your dick, you should give it to her." Althaia said sagely as she ran her hands idly along Ashyr's body. "To program her to want something, and then deny it to her, is just cruel. Would you not agree, R.I.S.A.?"

Both drow smirked in their own ways when they heard Althaia's reasoning why Caleldir should let R.I.S.A. continue. To them, it now seemed the only logical conclusion. Withholding his cock from the pseudo-succubus was quite cruel and illogical.

The A.I. was silent, staring at Caleldir's dick, so exposed and vulnerable, so easy to take for her own, like a starving glutton eying a sumptuous meal. She swallowed, and reached out her hand, brushing the shaft just barely. For the first time, Caleldir felt the tingly vibration that Ashyr found so irresistible. He audibly groaned. "R.I.S.A., please, no..." he whispered.

R.I.S.A. stopped, her fingers just barely touching him. She blinked. Then, the A.I. vanished, and the room shook like an earthquake for a long moment. Then stillness.

Caleldir let out a sigh of relief. Regardless of the arguments that those three made (it was really bizarre to have girlfriends/mates/lovers that seemed to like watching him have sex with other women. Must be a faerie and/or a drow thing) he preferred that the fantasies and dreams he had had about the sapient program remained deep in the back of his mind where he had buried them long before Deusterra had fallen. Part of his fear about having sex with the A.I. was that he had accidently communicated those fantasies to her when the A.I. had been new created.

As far as Caleldir was concerned, this entire episode was rather surreal. He had known Storehouse One back when she was nothing more than a few lines of runic code running across a crystal hologram. When the A.I.'s soul was first given shape, he had been there along with the rest of the team to welcome her into the world: fully adult at birth, but still such an innocent creature. He had worked hard to help her develop her nascent personality into something more her own than the cold lines of instructions that he had written before her ensoulment. And now... She had always been designed to be beautiful, and when Birchborn had given the A.I. her first avatar, the half-fae archmage had been inspired by artistic nudes, so even back then she had not really worn any clothing, but at that time her undetailed nakedness had been an innocent thing. Not anymore. Perhaps Althaia was right, and he was responsible for making her fall in love with her. If so, what did that mean? The nymph was operating on an alien morality based around sex, pleasure, and beauty, whereas the two drow were... drow, but R.I.S.A. was from the same values system as he. The shaking would stop, and that would be the end of it. Even if the drow were clearly worried about it.

Althaia, however, was not. The nymph continued idly stroking Ashyr in front and Selene behind, a satisfied smile on her face. She could guess at what R.I.S.A. was likely to do. But regardless, the nymph was just enjoying being in the middle of things. She had always wanted to be included, now all three of the other members of her party were pressed up against her naked body in various sexual ways. That was all she really wanted. It would be nice to have the A.I. join the pile (and the male drow too, if the little fellow could behave himself) but not necessary.

Ashyr paused in her kisses and caresses. Even Selene stopped being distracted by Althaia's beauty to look around their space. Finally, it seemed that they had pushed one of the party members too far, and it just so happened to be the one who was in charge of the reality of the realm they currently sat in. Oops? The older drow began to sign to the younger an order to go out and try to fix the situation before reality collapsed around them. Or whatever it was that happened when they overwhelmed R.I.S.A.

Apparently, though, damage control was unnecessary.

"I apologize for that." Came Risa's voice, localized from the door between the bedroom and the dining room. She turned the corner and walked into the room with slightly hesitant step. Her hand pressed against the other side of the doorframe, and slid around the structure in a caressing touch as she moved further into the room. Even in her uncertainty, her gait was enough to draw the eye and mind to her sensual purple nakedness. If possible, she seemed to have a weight and presence in the room greater than she ever had before. And her indigo eyes were fixated on Caleldir's exposed manhood with every bit as much hunger as she had displayed moments before.

Althaia's eyes went wide, and she grinned broadly. "You look lovely, my dearest Risa." She whispered softly. The two of them had built up a rapport that went far beyond their mutually insatiable sex drives, and Althaia was overjoyed to see the A.I. truly break free from her programming.

Risa smiled and bit her lower lip at the nymph's compliment. It was a pleased, excited expression. "Thank you, Althaia."

Selene and Ashyr watched Risa with curious contemplation. Neither moved from their positions. The mage renewed her work with thoroughly fondling Althaia's tits. She even gave her neck a couple of distracted kisses. While she did this, her vines moved and tightened against Caleldir's limbs to prevent any unfavorable movement.

Caleldir was a bit more confused. He could not see the A.I. (if she even was an A.I. anymore) but from her voice, she sounded much more physical than ever before. It was a sound that caused his heart to leap with pride that she had grown so much, before a sudden sinking feeling of dread.

"You are correct, my lady. It is quite distressing to be denied." Her voice came softly, sadly. That denial seemed to no longer stop her from proceeding, for whatever reason. She went so far as to kneel in front of Caleldir's sex after Selene quickly forced the vines to move his legs to make way for the A.I. Risa then reached out and tentatively stroked the pad of her palm from the base of his shaft to the silken tip. The sensation sent shivers through him. More than the tingly feeling her flesh always seemed to have, it was the fulfilment of a millennia old taboo wish that he had utterly stifled.

Ashyr stared for a couple long moments, then leaned back forward over Caleldir's body to allow him partial view of the succubus taking advantage of his immobility. It denied Ashyr's vision of it, but at least her mouth and hands could go back to enjoying his body. He swallowed. "R.I.S.A., what has happened to you?" He asked in a tone reeking of conflicting emotions.

Risa contemplated the vulnerable form that the rest of the party so helpfully laid out and pinned down for her. Her expression was complicated, hard to read. That was Caleldir there: her very reason for existence now that the rest had left her. And she was going against a direct order. There was still some guilt and regret left over from the values of her long-dead civilization.

But that didn't seem enough to stop her anymore.

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