tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 71: Rusalka

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 71: Rusalka


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 71: Rusalka

It turned out that the servants knew of an alternate way into the rusalka pool. All either Tsabdrin or Caleldir had to do was describe the glowing cave. No one knew what exactly was down there, but they did know that food and convicts were often delivered down there, never to be seen again. The place was spoken of with superstition, and they were of course warned from going near there. That didn't change the fact that there was where they needed to go. So Caleldir, Tsabdrin, and the two allosauruses found themselves in a nook of the castle in front of a small teleportation circle and a nervous-looking sorcerer.

Caleldir stooped down and examined the circle. "Nice. A simple, but functional design. Quite efficient for its purposes. I will have to ask you about the particulars later." He stood back up.

"I can port you four over there, but I can't get you guys back," the middle-aged human told them. "I really advise you not to go down there, though! With all four of you in the circle, there won't be room for me to go with you!"

"Is there a circle like this on the other side?" Tsabdrin asked. His cobalt eyes peered at the runes and markings as if he actually understood at least a little how it worked.

"Yes, but you need someone with a moderate measure of arcane power to activate and transport so much. I don't think a ranger and a-"

"I can get us back," the drow said, cutting him off. "If we're gone for half an hour, notify Ashyr."

Caleldir looked at the drow with surprise. Caleldir could probably figure out how to reactivate the circle, but his magic was not the most reliable. It did not quite work the way a normal mage's did. Therefore, it was very fortunate that Tsabdrin knew how. Caleldir was curious, but he decided to save any questioning for later.

Tsabdrin shoved the dinosaurs into the circle, joined them and Caleldir, and the four of them were transferred into the comparatively dark caverns of the rusalka lair. It seemed empty from their spot within one of the holes on the outside wall of the chamber. As the human claimed, there was an identical circle where they stood.

Caleldir stared out into the dark chamber. No one was stirring. "I thought rangers used divine magic, Tsabdrin," he noted. "Are you also trained in the arcane?" While he spoke, he took a step out into the chamber, looking around for the creepy-haired fey.

"I use both divine and arcane magic," Tsabdrin explained in undercommon, as it was the language he was most fluent in. "All of my sire's children can. My mother wanted me to be an arcanist, like Selene. So I trained a little in it before Ashyr got... uh, other ideas for what I should do." There was a distant smile on his face as he said this, his mind taking him to fond, youthful memories. "The Matron let Ashyr steal me away; I kept her out of trouble. For a while. So now I'm a ranger who can cast arcane spells."

"That makes sense." Caleldir nodded. "An Arcanist, eh? That is a discipline I have always had a special admiration for. I tend not to be able to cast that many spells at all myself, the few that I do are more from sheer force of will than arcane expertise, despite the fact that I hold a library of spell-tomes in my head. It is rather strange. At any rate, I am glad that you will be able to get us back. Now, let us see what is going on with those rusalka. I do not think that they have noticed us yet."

As they walked a little farther into the cave, still there was no sign of the rusalka within. But of course they hadn't been expecting visitors at this time of day. A face covered in silver-colored hair emerged briefly from the water. He eyes widened, and there was a flash of pointed teeth in a wicked smile. Then the woman disappeared back into the water with nary a ripple.

That smile unnerved Caleldir. "Great," he muttered once she had disappeared. "That was not a friendly expression. Why did I have to choose such unsavoury allies?"

Tsabdrin shifted uncomfortably. He had been glad the first time around that he hadn't had to deal with these women. They sounded far too much like those he had to deal with in the Underdark. Just... more rapey, if that was possible. Tsabdrin's beasts gave voice to their master's discomfort, both letting out a low, apprehensive rumble.

Caleldir glanced uneasily towards the dinosaurs. "Remember how easily Althaia ripped one of those apart? Well, these rusalka are no less strong. I suggest that you keep that in mind before you sic the dinos on them. I mean, Althaia can always bring them back to life, but that is not an ideal situation."

Tsabdrin scoffed in agreement. His companions' deaths had been awful for him. He didn't want to go through that ordeal again.

It was a couple a minutes of anticipation before there was more sign of movement within the cavern. Then, finally, a familiar figure slid out of the pool with a stalking gait of rolling hips and roiling hair.

"Caleldir," Rostimira greeted him warmly. "And you have brought a beautiful friend. You truly do care about us!" As she spoke, light-haired Nemanja and red-headed Mirjana emerged from the pool flanking her. The others were still nowhere to be seen.

The drow's gloved hands creaked with the force of his clenched fist, but he remained quiet. These were Caleldir's to negotiate with.

Caleldir swallowed, and he began to feel the heat of arousal. Dammit, he was supposed to be stronger than this! Forcing his lust down, he reasserted his self-control. "Ignore the drow ranger. We are merely here to inform you that we have taken control of the city, and have Faust in custody. We will be temporarily killing him and replacing him with another. Therefore, as per our former agreement, we will be taking control of his contract. You will continue to receive food, supplies, felons to execute, and can call on us to aide your sisters to the north, in exchange for cooperating with our administration and watching over the city undercroft. Now, unless you have something dreadfully important to say, Tsabdrin and I will be heading back to the castle." He readied himself to retrace his tracks.

"Ah, but we know a little something about you, pretty. Something that your other told me himself. He betrayed you; he said that you like being taken against your well. Master Goelon gave us permission to take you and breed with you." Rostimira said in tone that quite clearly revealed that she was pleased with herself. She continued her approach with slow, deliberate steps and flashing, taunting dark eyes. "That is why you are here, yes? Do not lie to yourself. You think you tell us Faust is deposed, but really you ask to be taken again." She chose to ignore the confusing bit about 'temporarily' killing Faust.

"That bastard." Caleldir cursed his alter ego. It was useless to try to talk his way out of this. The rusalka were sworn to the Ghost-King, not him. If Goelon gave them permission, it did not matter what he had to say on the matter.

Both allosaurs made a sudden, alarmed sound. Tsabdrin whipped his head around to see that another couple of Rusalka had taken hold of his beasts. They weren't trying to harm his companions, but they were doing a good job with keeping them down and immobile. "Why did you have to bring them?" One of the rusalka pouted. Her voice became strained when one of the dinosaurs began to thrash. Then all their focus was on keeping the huge lizards from being nuisances. "It means us two cannot play."

Small fucking miracles.

"Really, we're not here for your amusement." Tsabdrin insisted.

"I don't believe you." Rostimira responded.

"Well then, allow Tsabdrin to send his dinosaurs back up into the castle, so that they are not a distraction." Tsabdrin really did not seem to be looking forward to this, so Caleldir figured that even if he could not escape from these nuisances, at least he could give the ranger a chance to. And maybe bring help.

Despite his attempt to dodge away, Rostimira quickly ensnared him. He struggled uselessly for a moment. "Really, you should consider letting the drow evacuate the dinosaurs. I would hate for any of you to miss out on the fun, of course." He gave her an insincere smile.

"What, send your drow friend back so he can get your women to help you?" Rostimira asked with a knowing grin. She ignored the silver and white-haired rusalka when they let out wordless wines of frustration. "I'd hate to let him escape. I love new flesh."

Yup, this was about how Tsabdrin expected it to go. There was a reason why he didn't want to come down there. He jumped slightly when the last rusalka came up behind him and grabbed him - with her arms, and not her hair. He glanced backward to see the woman with short-cropped hair. Katia, she was. The one who had threatened Selene. Not that Tsabdrin knew anyone's names. She began to deftly unlatch his armor even as she pulled him away and back towards an alcove along the wall.

"It was worth a try," Caleldir said with a roguish grin. "I am just thinking about your compatriots, after all. And mine, of course." He looked back at Tsabdrin. "I see that Katia is still enjoying her new haircut. Perhaps I can figure out a way to restore it, if you let me go."

"Katia broke her hair. She gets to wait for it to grow," said Rostimira in a flippant tone. The rusalka clearly did not care as much for their sisters as nymphs did. Or at least prescribed to tough-love way of thinking.

Meanwhile, Nemanja and Mirjana walked up to either side of Caleldir. Their hands began to rub against the inside of his shirt while their hair ripped his conjured clothes off as if it was mere parchment. Rostimira stopped directly in front of him, took on a look of concentration, then poked firmly at the spot she'd found early that took off all his clothes in and instant. "Don't worry; we'll be quick. We know you have work to do up top. We aren't completely inconsiderate."

"The drow is not to be injured," Caleldir said with as much authority as he could muster. "I need him."

Then, Caleldir's composure cracked. Two of the beautiful, naked women were feeling him up from the sides, while their leader, the impressively domineering Rostimira, stood in front of him. He drank in her form, and his manhood twitched to life. Somehow, he managed to summon up a sarcastic tone. "It is good to know that you are the polite sort of sadist rapists." He deadpanned.

"Katia?" Rostimira called out in a slightly louder voice than she had been using before. "I know you hate drow, but do not injure that one. Or there will be... consequences." This earned her a scoff from the fey in question, but it seemed to satisfy the leader.

Finally, the three rusalka on Caleldir began to urge him over to a nearby alcove. If what they were doing could be called 'urging.' They didn't give him much choice in the matter. Between their prehensile hair and strong, naked bodies, they could force the sullen half-nymph pretty much wherever they pleased. They laid him out against a pile of pillows in the same alcove that Katia drug Tsabdrin to. The drow and rusalka were at the back of the place, but Tsabdrin was still uncooperative, and Katia was struggling to keep him still long enough for her to do anything.

Observing Katia and Tsabdrin out of the corner of his eye, Caleldir wondered why the rusalka had kept their crippled member busy with the drow, instead of swapping with one of the three holding him down. He was physically weaker than Tsabdrin, after all. One Rusalka was more than enough to keep him down. And Katia appeared to be struggling mightily with raping the drow without the ability to use her hair to hold him down. Not that Caleldir was going to make the obvious suggestion. It was probably just a sick prank on their part anyway. Evil frequently meant petty, after all.

She didn't seem to understand, either, because she was making increasingly frustrated sounds. Eventually, she let out a soft, shrill near scream of annoyance. Then she sat cross-legged and cross-armed next to the confused drow and pouted. Tsabdrin blinked, then slowly began to scoot away from Katia. Unfortunately, the only way for him to escape was past the rest of the rusalka. So there he sat, naked and confused.

"Do you - need help, sistra?" Rostimira taunted breathlessly.

"Yes," Katia spat.

But Rostimira didn't jump to help the short-haired fey. For the time being, the other three ignored what was going on with her. Rostimira straddled Caleldir, facing away from him. She rubbed her swollen, wet sex against his cock, but instead of engulfing him, she had a fistful of blood red hair and forced Mirjana to lick both her and Caleldir. Nemanja did her part in holding the half-nymph steady. She leaned down over him to hang her breasts in his face. Her hands roamed along his chest, enjoying the feel of his skin while he was helpless to move out of her grasp.

On one hand, that terrible fetish of Caleldir's was reveling in all this, but on the other hand... well, he hated himself a little for enjoying their attentions. Which he very much did. Caleldir had thought that he had exhausted just about every possible configuration, but this was a new one. He let out a groan, feeling his cock trapped between Rostimira's pussy and Mirjana's mouth. And then there were the blonde rusalka's breasts... Before he could stop himself, he reached out with his tongue to caress her nipple.

Rostimira made more rubbing pass against Caleldir's cock, then shifted and let his cock slide fully into her. With a combination of prehensile hair and leg muscles, she began bobbing up and down on him. As she did this, she was leaned back just enough to let Mirjana continue to use her tongue on the junction of their sexes and Rostimira's clit.

He let out a muffled cry into Nemanja's bosoms, and pulled against the Rusalkas' hair. His words of complaint were unintelligible, though. The leader of the fey was sending trills through his body, only enhanced by Mirjana's continued licking. This was the first time that he had been inside Rostimira, he remembered. The number of women he had had vaginal sex with (the type which seemed to him to be the most serious) just kept shooting up.

This only lasted for about a minute before the leader of the fey cried out in ecstasy and pulled herself off of Caleldir entirely before he could spurt his seed inside her. He was not even close to orgasm. His dick fell out in the cold, since Mirjana stopped licking him. He felt an irrational desire to have himself inside someone again, but stifled it with the knowledge that at least he would not be getting Rostimira pregnant with some superpowered rusalka child. Small mercies.

"I will help you, Katia," Rostimira finally said. Then she stalked toward a wide-eyed Tsabdrin and a still pouting Katia, roughly grabbing one of Nemanja's tits as she passed.

Mirjana stopped licking when her leader left. Instead, her hands joined her sister's in exploring Caleldir's body. She moved up just far enough that she could force one of Caleldir's hands to her soaking wet pussy. Nemanja, in the meantime, seemed to be enjoying the male's mouth on her pert nipple.

"You know you like this," the light-haired woman teased him. At those words, the rusalka erupted in giggles that made them sound extremely pleased with themselves.

As the two rusalka giggled, teased him, and ran their hands across his body, he decided to take Nemanja's other nipple into his mouth. Meanwhile, he decided that satisfying the other rusalka with his hand would lessen her attraction to putting his dick inside her, so he set to work on masturbating her pussy. A quick pleasure spell and a few fingers inserted...

"Oh..." Mirjana groaned. "His fingers are literally magic," she informed the rest of the rusalka. The redhead shifted around the the side, completely exposing Caleldir's dick to the cool air. She was sure to keep his hand right where it was against her pussy as she moved. Her hand finally stayed downward to grasp at his dick, still slippery from her tongue and Rostimira's core. She idly ran her hand up and down its length - toying with him more than anything. Mirjana was paying more attention to his pleasure-infused fingers.

Caleldir squirmed a little against Mirjana's fingers on his manhood. Her idle touch was enough to keep him aroused, but not near enough to bring him to climax, instead only making sure that he neither got farther from nor closer to release. It was slightly maddening. But he forced himself to ignore it, and just focus on getting the redhead to orgasm. Again. His thumb went to her clit, rubbing it in slow, firm circles.

Growing noises of protest came from Tsabdrin's corner. He had finally gotten captured by the fey leader's hair, and Rostimira and Katia were working together to tease him mercilessly. Unlike last time, the rusalka did not try to decorate their captured drow with claw marks. He still didn't seem too happy about how they were treating him. "Go away, Katia." Rostimira said in a dismissive tone. "Go fuck the breeder."

Caleldir felt a little sorry for the drow, but not too much so. After all, he was more fucked than the dark elf. The rusalka were viewing Tsabdrin as a fun distraction, while he... well, they seemed to view him as something more than that. Especially since Rostimira had just ordered Katia to go fuck him, and referred to him as a breeder to boot. Fantastic.

"But I don't want-" the short-haired woman protested. But her protestations were in vain. Several colors of hair whipped out to pull her back towards Caleldir. She twisted against her bounds for a moment before giving in entirely. Then, with a look of resignation, she straddled the half-nymph.

Although muffled slightly by Nemenja keeping her tits in his face, Caleldir still managed to mount a vocal protest. "Katia, you do not need to do this if you do not want to- oohh..." He was cut off by suddenly finding himself sheathed within the short-haired woman. This was probably the first time that he had ever had sex with a woman who manifestly did not want to have sex with him, which made the situation even more kinky than normal. In a way, they were both being raped. What an odd, odd thought.

"Yes I do," Katia responded in a pouting tone.

Despite his feeble struggles and protests that he really did not want to be forced into Katia, especially because of Katia's own protests, he found himself being forced to thrust up into her by snaking red and blonde hair. He began to feel his orgasm, long denied, returning. "Please, not again..." he pleaded before realizing that fighting against these women was counter-productive. They seemed to get off on his protests, actually.

After a few strokes, Katia was more or less participating in his rape; the hair around her had unraveled to focus on Caleldir's hip movements. The short-haired woman didn't look too happy about it, though. She glanced longingly at the leader of the fey who got to torment the drow instead of filling her belly with seed.

"Rosti wants to leave, but she doesn't want to do all the work of carrying a child," Nemanja explained as she finally sat up and took her nipples away from Caleldir's mouth. She shifted over towards the redhead, and again Mirjana found her face forcefully shoved into another woman's pussy.

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