tagSci-Fi & FantasyA Drow's Dilemma Ep. 76: Promises

A Drow's Dilemma Ep. 76: Promises


Author's Note:

A Drow's Dilemma began as a one-on-one roleplaying project and has been converted into a chapter-by-chapter format for weekly posting with the permission and assistance from my partner. It will contain a considerable amount of sexual themes such as femdom, lesbian, straight, 'reverse' rape, BDSM, group sex, romance, and other themes. The main goal of the story, however, is to tell an epic tale of adventures, gods and goddesses, fae, and nymphomaniacs. This episode and every episode to come will be available for free on Literotica for the foreseeable future. All characters that engage in sexual or suggestive situations are mentally and sexually mature: the human equivalent of 18 for their race.


Episode 76: Promises

And so, Selene and Caleldir got to the portal to the realm of the Rusalka, she gave him a kiss goodbye, and the servant sent him through (Selene was capable, but unwilling to spend the energy if she didn't have to).

On the other side of the portal, Caleldir was met with the sight of a slightly redecorated cavern. Normally, the rusalka had separate sleeping nooks. They were not nymphs to all sleep in a pile on a single, large bed. They seemed to have made an exception for that day, for a growing pile of their bedding was laid out in the middle of the chamber next to the glowing fungal and rock pillar. It was also next to the stream that ran through the cavern and around the pillar, and the pool of water that led deeper into the caves.

Katia and Mirjana were the only fey in sight and were carrying pillows and blankets over with arms and prehensile hair. They noticed Caleldir almost immediately. Mirjana gave him a toothy smile of excitement, threw down what she was carrying and leaped into the pool with the utmost grace. Katia just gave him a dirty look and continued her work.

"Good morning," he said, unsure of how to proceed.

Even knowing everything he did, Katia's obvious hostility grieved him a bit. He sort of felt that he should be on good terms with a woman who was almost certainly going to be carrying a child sprung from his loins. Not for the first time, he considered regrowing her hair. He knew the right spell, and if Rostimira was not here to stop him... "Katia! I have something I would like to talk to you about before the others get here!" He said in a loud whisper across the cavern to her.

Upon hearing the loud whisper from across the caverns, Katia paused in her work and looked back up at the whisperer. Very slowly and cautiously, she put down her latest load of pillows in her arms. She stared at one that had gotten too close to the water and... blinked at it and gave it a teary, pouting frown. That same look turned back to Caleldir. But he had called her over, and she was at least a little bit curious about what he could possibly want. So she padded over to him quickly - no strutting around like she owned the place for Katia, not anymore. The shorn fey could not keep her walk completely devoid of sensuality, however. Her hips still rolled and her generous but perky breasts jiggled softly with each step she took. With her chestnut hair not flowing around her, she could easily be mistaken for an angry nymph.

She didn't speak until she stood directly in front of him with her arms crossed below her bosom. "What do you want," she asked in an unfriendly tone, her northern accent far less rolling and sensual than the rusalka used normally. It made her sound even more abrupt and angry than she actually was. But not by much. "Speak; Rosti and my sisters swim very well."

In the background, the white-haired rusalka poked her head out of one of the dozens of alcoves carved into the cavern walls. Her head quickly disappeared back where it came from. A moment passed, and she reemerged carrying a tray of food and drink. She brought it over to the makeshift bed in the middle and set it and herself nearby - watching, waiting for the rest to slide out of the water. She ignored Katia and Caleldir, her back to them. They weren't touching, so nothing interesting could be happening. It was only Katia, after all. She barely mattered anymore.

Caleldir ignored the other Rusalka. And tried to ignore his growing arousal that he couldn't suppress after watching the nude Katia walk over to him. "I wanted to regrow your hair. Rostimira was going on about 'teaching you a lesson' or something, and I cannot forget that you were shorn because of what you tried to do to my mate and unborn daughter, but still, I think that it is better if we put our differences behind us. I know that you resent me, and I am not the fondest of you, but I would rather you not become so resentful of me you have reason to turn on me."

Katia listened to Caleldir's words in sullen silence, but she was listening. Her sullenness turned to wariness as he went on, and then to cautious optimism.

He held out his hand, his palm slightly glowing. "Take my hand, Katia, and I will put a Regeneration spell on you. Your hair will be back to the way it was, and you can go back to the way you were before. All that I ask from you is insurance that you will no longer allow your anger to put our alliance at risk."

"You would do this?" she asked softly as she quickly glanced around the underground space for anyone who might be watching or listening. No one was near enough nor attentive enough to notice yet. "Rosti will not like this," Katia informed him with a toothy grin. Her teeth came to slight points, suddenly leaving no question of the type of creature she was.

"Well, if you can handle Rostimira, I can. I am not her subordinate," Caleldir replied. He was a bit blind when it came to pretty fae women in distress. Though some part of him knew this was a bad idea, he ignored that part. She had had such beautiful hair, it seemed a shame not to restore it. And what could Rostimira really do about it? Rape him harder? She could abuse him, but he was too valuable to her for her to kill him or keep him prisoner, or something.

Then she took his hand in her slightly too-firm grip as if she was afraid he would retract it at the last moment. Her haphazardly broken hair trembled, and then slowly began to grow around her like liquid pooling around her head. It seemed to be an orgasmic experience for Katia, judging by the look on her face.

About that time, Mirjana reemerged from the water, as well as the light-haired Nemanja and the other unnamed rusalka. They looked as if they were about to start their typical stalk over to Caleldir. But then they saw Katia's rejuvenation and stopped with dumbfounded looks on their faces. That was just about the last thing they expected to see.

"What did you do?" came Rostimira's hissing voice from behind Caleldir. Apparently, she had been in one of the alcoves all along. She approached them at a quick pace that still somehow managed to portray a much better stalking sensuality than Katia had been able to accomplish in her angry gait. "I told you to leave her be! Why do you not listen?"

He twisted around. Damn. Rostimira was scary sexy as always. "I felt that it was almost tragic to see her in such a state. She had had such lovely hair; it was like seeing a damaged piece of art. My aesthetic sense could not take it," he grinned sheepishly. "I can dispel the regeneration if she creates problems..."

"You speak as if hair does not grow back, pretty boy," Rostimira responded through clenched teeth. "And as if you know our ways and what is best for us." As she spoke, her hand slid up his chest until it could clasp around his neck hard enough that her clawed fingers broke past his resistances and lightly punctured the skin. Had he been a more average person, blood would likely pour. Her dark eyes were aflame with anger. "You are a fool," came her parting words as she practically threw him out of her grip, sending him stumbling to the side and almost causing him to lose his footing.

"Take him, girls," Nemanja ordered in the absence of their leader. She still stood back at the bedding, but the rest of them advanced forward on command.

Katia was already with him, so she took the first opportunity to embrace him from behind. Her hand also went to his neck, and the other slid down into his trousers. Her lips went to his ear and brushed against it lightly when she whispered, "Cum in me again, and I will make you regret everything... But if you do not, I think we can be friends, yes?" The hand down his trousers cupped and fondled his balls much more gently than she handled his neck.

Caleldir was already regretting his decision to restore that hair.

"I have no intention of cumming in you, so as long as you do not insist on taking my manhood inside you and riding me to orgasm, that is a problem you will not have to deal with," he said sardonically. If Katia really was as bad as the other rusalka seemed to think by their reactions, then he was not inclined to try to get her pregnant anyway. Even less than with the other rusalka. Mirjana, for instance, was probably the least evil of the lot (nice, though not so much that she could be called 'neutral' even by charitable people) and so would likely make a better mother anyway.

Still, his feelings towards Katia notwithstanding, he shivered when he felt her surprisingly tender hand at his groin. "I hope to be friends, certainly," he finished. "At least do not let Rostimira beat me up too much for restoring you."

"We shall see what happens," Katia said in a non-committal tone.

"I can still reverse the spell, you know," he said icily.

There wasn't time for further conversation, though. The others had since reached the two of them and were beginning to coax Caleldir - and, as she refused to let go, Katia - to the giant bed they had made. It didn't seem to matter whether he went willingly or not. They wanted to force him. Their excited, slightly cruel laughter bubbled around him like a vat of boiling poison. When they got to the impromptu bed, their clawed hands began to tear his clothing from his body, careless of whether they scratched him or not.

"So, I do not think that I have been introduced to you two yet," he said awkwardly to the silver-grey and white-haired rusalka (while trying not to squirm under the rough treatment.)

They ignored him.

"Mirjana, prepare him for us," Nemanja ordered with a wary glance over his shoulder to Katia. He was already pretty much 'prepared,' but there was no harm in being completely certain.

Mirjana immediately knelt before Caleldir. But as she did so, she shot an annoyed look at the light-haired second-in-charge. In the next moment, her light eyes were on the man in front of her, and her tongue on his manhood. Gentle fingers wrapped around his shaft to caress him up and down, while her slightly-too-long tongue swirled around his lower head.

Mirjana still seemed to be the bottom of the tribe. Which was a pity, since she was the nicest. Caleldir let out a hissed breath when she began licking him. He was quickly just about as hard as it was possible to be.

Katia, still behind Caleldir, began to hiss derisive but encouraging words to her sister on her knees. The recently renewed rusalka let her hands and claws roam over his flesh freely. But, clearly, she soon grew bored of that action. There was something she saw that she wanted. Katia slid around Caleldir and grabbed Mirjana by the hair at the crown of her crimson head. Then her face got shoved into Katia's smooth, swollen pussy.

"Come on, Katia, at least let her present herself." Nemanja cautiously coaxed. Her voice and demeanor had changed rapidly from what it had been the last time Caleldir visited them. Things were different again. Katia had her hair. Nemanja's place was precarious again.

"If Katia causes too many problems for you, I can undo my regeneration spell," he said helpfully. "I would prefer not to have to see you so sad again, Katia, but if you cause too much trouble for your sisters here..."

"Do you threaten all of us with removing our hair if we 'cause too much trouble?'" Katia responded in a mocking tone made breathy from Mirjana's tongue.

"No, just you," Caleldir replied without a beat to Katia. "Because I feel responsible for trouble that you cause because of my ill-conceived decision to restore you. If the others cause trouble, that is not my responsibility. I would be merely correcting a mistake, no more. Otherwise, as long as you all do not start attacking the citizens of Port Afron, I care little what you do to each other. But please, Katia, be a bit kinder to Mirjana. My action was meant as an olive branch to you, not a punishment for her." He realized that he was losing what little semblance of control he had had over the situation, and for the first time was realizing exactly why. So, he was anxious to backpedal enough to keep the situation at least somewhat endurable.

"You wish to make things worse?" Rostimira demanded as she approached. "The caverns are mine. I enforce my rules here! Faust was wise enough to give us free domain here. We were his guests and allies, not his underlings to punish and reward at will." She did violate that contract with Faust when she went up into the castle, but Caleldir never made that rule and Caleldir also wasn't going to visit them as Goelon promised. A violation for a violation. "You will not take it upon yourself to come down here and alter my girls - or even offer to do so - unless I ask it of you!" By the time she was done talking, she reached Caleldir and stood in front of him.

"My mate took Katia's hair. Not you. I gave it back because, as the reason it was gone, I had that right. I now threaten to remove it again because, as the one who unwisely tried to repair what I and mine broke, I am responsible for the results. I do not want to have to do that; I prefer the look of Katia with her hair to her look without it. I offer and do nothing that did not originally spawn from my own actions." It was not easy to sound unruffled in his present position, especially with her being as obviously powerful as she was, but he managed to keep his tone even and unintimidated. "You are absolutely right; you are my allies, not my underlings. But you would do well to remember that you are not irreplaceable. I understand - and even admire to some extent - your race and kind, but be not deceived by my current shell of powerlessness. I am far more mighty than Faust at his greatest and could replace you as guards with machines that are at once more durable and less troublesome. I do not want to do that. I really prefer working with you. But though I allow you to rule the caverns, they are mine. I just let you live here. Once you return to your home in the north, then I will deal with you as with a sovereign.

"Still, I repent of my decision to go behind your back. You are right; I should not have disregarded your words. That was ill-done of me. But I do prefer Katia restored to Katia broken. And now, I submit myself to your orders. Forget for a moment that I am the shell around a being of terrible ancient power, or that I have demigods and paragons at my beck and call, and do what you will to me. But know that, as helpless as I am to stand against you right now, that does not mean that I am forever helpless."

Rostimira leaned into towards Caleldir and spoke in an angry, quick whisper. She didn't want Katia to overhear. "You are wrong about how Katia's hair loss is your fault. She was the one who threatened a mage and her unborn child to a creative death. We revel in cruelty, but even I am aware there's a point where the cruelty is not worth the consequences. That was a lesson she would have learned this week, with her shorn hair as a reminder. When it grew back, she would have been a wiser rusalka. But you have ruined that lesson, and cannot take it back."

Caleldir looked fully shamed. "You are right. I was a fool," he whispered that as well. "I suppose that Katia will have to learn wisdom another way. A much worse way. I should not have tried to use my cultural standards on you." It had been rather arrogant of him to think that he understood what was going on. It was clear that he had not.

Rostimira looked like she was going to say more, but she instead huffed an annoyed sound. There wasn't time to spell everything out to this young fool. The fey leader shook her head. "You are young. You will learn. But today is my best chance to leave this place. If you cooperate, I will forgive you."

While they were talking, Katia had forced Mirjana on her hands and knees. The redhead still had her head trapped between the brunette's legs, but now her perfect pink pussy was exposed. Nemanja had grabbed one of the lighter-haired rusalkas and was forcing the other woman to pleasure her. Finding herself the odd one out, the other unnamed one was off to the side and vaguely touching herself, but it didn't look like she was paying as much attention as the rest of the girls were. Rostimira wanted to focus on Mirjana, however, since she was the only one who didn't mind being left behind.

Rostimira's ink-black hair began to entwine with Caleldir's limbs. She slid back behind him as she lowered him to his knees just behind where Mirjana was still pleasuring Katia.

"Now, if you don't stuff Mirjana with your cock, I will do it for you " Rostimira muttered into his ear as her naked body pressed against his back. Her hands came around to roam across his chest and grab his dick in preparation to slide him into her.

While Caleldir and Rostimira got situated behind Mirjana, the noises coming from Katia became increasingly pleased and breathy. They mingled with the small sounds of protest coming from the redhead, as the other fey practically ground her womanhood into Mirjana's face. Crimson hair began to pull against Katia in self-defense, but the chestnut strands of hair from Katia easily overpowered them. Just after Caleldir cautiously pressed forward as far as he could while restrained by the leader's hair, Katia finally cried out in orgasm and flopped back into the pile of cushions behind her. Mirjana sat where she was on her hands and knees, trying to catch her breath.

Careless of what had just happened - Mirjana was fine, after all, if a little humiliated - Rostimira lined up their sexes and forced Caleldir to penetrate the redhead with one firm thrust of her hips. The leader's claw-like fingers dug into his chest slightly, and she let out a brief moan at the sight and feel of her body forcing him to mate with the more submissive rusalka.

Mirjana gasped in the welcome surprise of being penetrated. Finally, she was going to be allowed a bit of pleasure. Katia wouldn't dare challenge Rostimira, nor would she stop the process of trying to get the redhead pregnant. She shot a lip-bitten grin back at both Caleldir and Rostimira as she pressed her body more firmly into his hips. The sensation of his cock filling her completely brought a moan to her lips and made her press her head into the pillows in front of her. Between Katia's backward motions and Rostimira's forward ones, they kept a steady, moderately fast pace whether Caleldir wanted to participate or not.

Caleldir was of a mind to try to cooperate this time, not that he had much choice, but trapped between the two women there was not much he could do. He at least tried to pull his hands out of their bindings so that he could caress one of them or something. Perhaps then he would feel slightly less like an exotic sex doll.

"First her, and then Danica and Miloslava, then all of them again while you pleasure the rest of us, too. We will see the end of your stamina today, nymph boy, or I will be very surprised " Rostimira promised in husky whispers at his ear, her lips just close enough to brush against his skin as she spoke.

So... those were the names of the white and silver-haired rusalka. Danica and Miloslava. Caleldir shivered just a bit. "You get off on this, don't you?" he complained. "Would I make this better for you if I struggled and protested more?"

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