tagLoving WivesA Dying Wish

A Dying Wish

byMany Feathers©

Steve and I had been best friends forever. We'd gone through Elementary, Middle School, and finally High School together. Sadly, after graduation I had entered the service, and Steve had taken a lucrative job out of state. Though we had maintained contact with one another during those years, I found I truly missed him as a friend.

Being an only child, Steve was more like a brother to me than just a friend. In addition to that, we had even passed as brothers being similar in looks and appearance, both at the same height, dark hair and hazel eyes. And as was typical back then when growing up, Steve and I had ventured into the world of sexual discovery together, leafing through the same dog-eared pages of Playboy, then on to even more explicit magazines we had confiscated from another friends father's stash. So comfortable together in this, we had often sat pouring over the pages of busty, lusty looking women, jerking off while we did. And even in this, we found ourselves to be virtually identical in size and shape of prick as we frequently masturbated ourselves in front of one another, discussed our once again similar preferences in women, and sometimes idiotic boyhood fantasies.

In time of course, we both married, attended one another's weddings, and over the course of the years vacationed at least once a year where he lived, or the following year, Steve and his (now ex-wife) would come and visit with us. It was always nice to see him of course, but eventually I learned that he and his wife Stacy had decided to split up, something that was hard on him and had placed a lot of strain on his life. For a time after that, we lost touch as Steve withdrew into a bit of a funk.

Then out of the blue, I received a phone call from him.

"Hey buddy!"

"Steve!" I shouted into the phone. "How the hell are you, and where the hell have you been?" I chastised him.

"I know, I know. So much has been going on, more than you know..." his voice softened, and I knew that there was more.

"So what's up?" I asked casually, hopeful, but aware by the tone of his voice that there was more to this call than just a friendly visit.

"Well, it just so happens that I have an appointment there," he began, "so how'd you like some company for a few days?"

"Great!" I replied, excited to see him of course, but now even more curious than ever about what kind of appointment would bring him back here. "So tell me Steve, what's going on that would bring you back here for such an unexpected visit?"

Which is when he finally told me he was dying.

The news of course was a shock at first, though I tried to sound light-hearted and skeptical about it in the beginng, pretending what he'd just told me wasn't as serious as he'd indicated. Unfortunately, it was. We talked for a very long time after that as he gave me the details. Finally I asked the unanswered question.

"How long?"

"A year? Six month's, tomorrow maybe? Hell Dave, who knows?"

I still couldn't believe it. I could only try and accept it and support him through it, whatever it took.

"Is there anything I can do for you?" I asked lamely as anyone might do. He laughed.

"Sure, let me fuck Diana," he said jokingly.

I didn't even hesitate. "Ok," I replied. Already wondering how I was going to spring this on my wife, and how she might take it or even accept the notion when I did. She and Steve had gotten along very well of course, and it wasn't like he hadn't seen her naked before as we had on occasion jumped in the hot-tub together though we'd never ventured into anything more than that. There had of course been the occasional flirting, kidding and joking around, but that was as far as anything had ever gone.

I heard Steve's tentative laugh on the other end. "Hey, I was only joking," he finally responded. "You know me, I've always had a thing for your wife, she has the greatest set of tits I've ever seen!"

Which was something else we had in common of course. Women with large breasts, which his ex-wife Stacy didn't have, something I had always thought strange knowing Steve.

"Well, I'm not," I responded back. "It's the least I can do for my brother," I told him, meaning it as well as feeling it. Steve really was my brother as far as I was concerned, and I knew that he felt the same way.

"You're serious!" he came back.


"How?" he questioned curiously, as I heard the excited quiver in his tone of voice.

"Not sure about that part yet, but leave it up to me," I promised him, already trying to think of a way to broach the subject with Diana. I mean they liked one another well enough, and Diana always enjoyed it when Steve had come for a visit, though even she had never gotten along very well with Stacy whenever we went there, or when they had come here. "When you planning on being here?" I asked.

"Thursday of next week. I have an appointment with the Doctor then, returning first thing Monday morning."

"Ok, lets do this," I told him. "That gives me a few days to think things out and come up with something. I'll call you back with the details before you leave."

"You really are serious!" he exclaimed excitedly. "Listen Dave, don't do anything that will fuck up your relationship with Diana, I was after all only joking when I said that. I wouldn't want anything to come between you and Diana the way it did between Stacy and I, it wouldn't be worth it, no matter how lusty feeling I am towards your wife! It would kill me if the two of you went through what Stacy and I did."

I winced slightly at his candid remark, the last thing I wanted to be reminded of was his death, so I let the comment pass. "I know that," I told him. "Which is why I also don't mind..."

"Granting a man his last dying wish?" he finished for me trying to laugh it off.

"Something like that. But I know you've always had a thing for my wife anyway."

Once again he laughed, and we both remembered a specific time out in the hot-tub when Steve had come over on one of his fast trips alone, and had nervously tried to conceal his raging hard-on one evening while out in the tub together. Diana and I had laughed about it afterwards, both feeling sorry for him under the circumstances as he had then confided to us, how badly his own marriage seemed to be going at the time. Diana had even made an off-handed remark about "fucking your brother" and wondering if she could even tell us apart in the dark as we were both so similar in shape and appearance.

"I wonder," I thought to myself after hanging up the phone with Steve, "Could she?"


Unlike Steve and Stacy, Diana and I had a very active, very uninhibited sex-life though we had never included any other outside partners. Diana certainly didn't prohibit my looking of course, but had half-jokingly threatened me with bodily harm should I ever stray. She never worried about me, nor placed any restrictive demands when I had on the rare and infrequent occasion gone to one of the local titty-bars with friends, or watched a porn movie alone, or with her (though I always enjoyed it more whenever it was with her, as she often did.) She had once told me that she didn't mind where I went to get an appetite, as long as I always came home for dinner. A subtle reminder from her which I always took very seriously.

Another one of the many things I loved about my wife was her total lack of inhibitions in or even out of the bedroom. She was adventurous, playful, naughty as hell when she wanted to be, a seductress, and even cutely shy when she was in the mood to be so. With shoulder length auburn hair, a touch of natural red highlights, the darkest brown eyes you have ever seen, she was a constantly smoldering volcano that could erupt at any moment with just the right touch, or the right word spoken. Most often, it was merely the simple touch that was needed, or a lingering soft kiss that would start those lava-like juices of hers flowing. Especially on her nipples. She had the most sensitively responsive nipples I'd ever seen on a woman. One thing Diana loved was having her fairly large sized breasts played with. And one thing I enjoyed doing...a lot, was playing with them. All I ever really had to do was come up from behind her, place my hands around her tits, start nibbling on her neck and in the next instant, we were tearing one another's clothes off.

But even knowing all this, knowing how sexually responsive and open she was towards me, I was more nervous and afraid than anything to even begin to try and introduce the subject of including someone else, even Steve, even under the most unusual circumstances. For the next two days I continued to ponder the problem of how to approach her, not even telling her about Steve's condition or that I had spoken to him as an idea began to form inside my head.

One of Diana's fantasies, and surprisingly, one we hadn't as yet entertained, was to be dominated, tied up, blind-folded, and "have my way with" as she'd put it. She wanted to experience being totally out of control, pleasured, teased, pleasured again and forced to submit to my most decadent whims, "the naughtier the better even" as she'd once put it.

Which is what gave me the idea. And which is when I called Steve back two days before his expected arrival.

"You sure about this?" he'd asked me for about the sixth time.

"Yeah, I'm sure," I told him. "Just do it the way I told you," I once again warned. "Diana has always wanted to experience this, she calls it her "Stranger Fantasy", wanting to be tied up and dominated, touched, felt, pleasured without having any say, or saying anything," I reminded once again. "As long as you don't say anything, and do the things I told you that I do, which is what she would expect to feel, then I think we might actually pull this off."

"I dunno buddy," he said nervously. "After everything we've done together," reminding me in a simple thought of our boyhood days together when we'd circle-jerked with one another, and even on two instances jerking one another off. We had even once fucked sisters in the same room, on the same bed side by side smiling back and forth at each other while the two girls did the same thing, even later switching with them and going at it all over again.

"Yeah, I know, it's not exactly the same as the Mercer Sisters," I admitted. "But I will be in the room with you, and can signal to you if necessary, or be there in the event that Diana should get the least little bit suspicious. Like I said, if she does, we can do a quick fast switch-a-roo, and you can be out of the house in seconds if things start to get tricky."

"Damn man," he told me anxiously. "I still can't believe you're actually letting me finally fuck Diana, but like I said, not at any expense, it just wouldn't be worth it, no matter how much I've always dreamed and fantasized about doing this."

"Don't worry about it," I assured him. "Just stick to the plan. Like I said, am going to surprise her with her fantasy Friday night. Once she sees everything, the ties, the blindfold, the toys, all of it, she'll know what I have in mind and have planned for her. She'll be so aroused, so excited, she won't care what's happening to her, or even by whom, though she'll of course think it's me in her mind as long as you do the things I've told you that I do, and the way I do them to and for her. Just don't get too crazy beyond that. She might accept a couple of new things, techniques and such. We often try and do that for each other anyway. So that wouldn't necessarily be out of the norm. But if she says something to you, expecting a response, as we discussed, that's when you step back, step away as though you're getting something else, or about to do something else, which is when I'll stand next to you and answer her in my own voice."

"Ok buddy, I'll go along with this mainly because I'm still thinking with my dick when it comes to fucking Diana. But at the first sign...I'm outta there!"

"Agreed!" I said smiling. "Remember where I'll leave you the extra key. Just come in, get undressed, then come upstairs to the bedroom by 8:00. I'll have been teasing her for about a half an hour by then which should have her more than enough excited and ready to experience just about anything. Which is when you come in, and we exchange places. I'll be sitting at the end of the bed in case of anything, and after that, all you have to do is enjoy yourself, and pleasure the hell out of Diana!"


As I had hoped for and expected, after hinting that something special was planned for Friday night, it had given Diana a full twenty-fours hours to think about it and get heated up, which she did. Especially when after a nice long bath, she emerged into the bedroom, which I had now set with several soft glowing candles, a brand-new specially designed blindfold I'd recently purchased, along with a new vibrating toy she'd been dying to try. I'd already laid out the soft cords I'd be binding her legs and wrists with, one of the reasons we had initially purchased a four-poster bed. By the look of gleeful surprise and desire already etched within her face, I knew she was on the edge of orgasm just thinking about it.

"Keep in mind, I'm a stranger tonight," I told her. "I'm going to ravish you, and pleasure you, and do a few things to you that maybe I haven't even tried or done before. But I want it to seem real for you," I said trying to sound convincing "And I want you to do the same. I want you to think, even feel that I am a stranger, someone you don't know. And that maybe it will seem even more real to you if you do."

She was grinning wickedly, which eased my nervousness somewhat as I briefly glanced towards the clock, now reading 7:30. "And I'm going to gag you for a little while at first, so you can't say anything because I want this experience to be real for you, and as decadently wicked as anything you might ever imagine!"

Once again she sat smiling, the look in her eyes so trusting that I almost felt guilty enough to tell her what it was I was really up to. But I remembered Steve, and that suddenly took precedence over logic as well as any sense of morality I might have had regarding all this.

Hurriedly, I began to secure her to the bed as she moaned pleasurably with each tightly secured knot in the cord. She didn't even complain as I wrapped a silken scarf around her mouth, ensuring she could still breathe easily enough through it if she chose to, along with the blindfold, securing her assurance that she couldn't see a damn thing. I then switched on the CD player, sensual music just loud enough to muffle any curious noises hopefully, and relied on the half bottle of her favorite wine that we'd consumed earlier to relax, as well as excite and stimulate her the way it usually did. All was set, it was now 7:45 leaving me a mere fifteen minutes to begin the slow gradual tease that I hoped would excite her beyond reason or suspicion when Steve would then enter the bedroom and take up where I would eventually leave off.

Soon after I poured a more than generous amount of self-heating massage oil onto her breasts, lightly, and gently encircling her nipples with my fingers, watching them grow and stiffen excitedly, knowing full well as they did how much my wife enjoyed having them played with in this fashion, and how it had never failed to stimulate and excite her to her "naughty girl point" as she'd often confessed to me. Something I was of course counting on. Hearing her semi-muffled mewls of erotic delight, I knew she was already there as I continued to more forcefully caress and rub her magnificent breasts, seeing her squirm delightedly beneath my administrations, briefly hinting at things to come as I turned on the new toy, allowing it to be introduced to the hard extended nipple of each breast, then slowly, teasingly down her belly where I only very briefly allowed it to glide atop her cleanly shaven mound, dancing for only a split second upon her obscenely exposed clit which sat winking at me in wanton expectation and desire. Her juices already pooling within the open now gaping hole of her exposed femininity. Tucking the introductory toy away beside her for later use, I couldn't help myself as I slid my tongue inside that exquisitely exposed pussy of hers and drank from that sweet pool of nectar, which had already formed. I hadn't even heard Steve's approach when he entered. Which was a good thing. He was just suddenly there though the look on his face was a mixture of nervousness as well as wanton desire. I simply turned, gave him the 'thumbs up' which eased the expression on his face somewhat, and slipped silently into my waiting chair.

I think the fact that I too was naked actually helped to relax him to some degree. Aroused, sporting a full-on erection, wasn't anything new to either one of us though it had of course been years, not counting the brief semi-awkward glimpse of his ballooned penis out in the hot-tub the year prior to this. I watched, actually fascinated and highly aroused as Steve's prick began to grow in size matching my own. As we'd discussed, Steve poured an additional amount of the lubricant on my wife's body, once again covering her already soaked, slippery tits, and then down her belly and between her spread legs, though her cunt was certainly in no desperate need of additional lubrication. Still, by her soft moans, even the sensation of that was enough to arouse her to an even higher degree.

The first tentative hurdle of course was when Steve actually placed his hands on my wife's breasts, and began playing with them in the same fashion as I often did. Remembering my instructions to take things slowly at first before introducing anything else he might enjoy doing to them that I maybe hadn't already tried. I found myself holding my breath, as I am sure he was, watching for any telltale sign of discovery by Diana. But all she continued to do was moan and squirm pleasurably upon the bed as Steve delighted himself and her with his continued caress. The look on his face was still one of nervous uncertainty as he glanced quickly my way, but I sat, cock in hand stroking myself and actually enjoying the more than naughty decadence which I had promised, though I am sure not in quite the same way as Diana had expected it to be. Seeing me stroking my stiff cock in obvious pleasure and enjoyment immediately relaxed Steve as he continued to explore my wife's body with his hands for the first time.


After a while I silently pointed at the new vibrator still lying on the bed next to my wife. I had already told Steve of my purchase of course, and went on in some length how Diana preferred to be teased with one long before any attempt at penetration was made. She enjoyed the sensuous teasing feel of most of her toys in this way, signaling me when she was ready to be entered by a slight humping up and down motion of her hips when she was aroused enough and needful of that particular penetrating sensation. I watched in abject fascination as Steve turned the device on, watching Diana's face as she smiled beneath the silk scarf, knowing what was to come next. Steve indeed used it to toy with her aroused sensitive breasts and nipples briefly, then running it up and down each arm, along her sides, up and down between her legs as he moved silently around the bed, taking his time, and once again assuring us both that Diana was completely unaware that it wasn't me. After a lengthily time of this, Steve finally began using it to slide gently up and down between her exposed glistening split, teasing her clitoris unmercifully, though briefly, allowing the occasional dip of the tip to enter her and play within the squishy, frothy sounding juices that my wife's pussy was producing in rapid abundance. Sure enough, she began undulating her hips, humping herself gently up and down in erotic expectation. With a quick nod of my head as Steve looked towards me, I watched as he eased the softly vibrating device into my wife's grasping pussy one slow agonizing inch at a time until she had greedily sucked the entire length of it inside her self, now bucking against it even more openly, more need-fully. Teasing her just as I would have, Steve carefully slid the now slick toy from her velvet little snatch just as slowly, allowing a brief dance tip-to-tip on her clit before repeating the torturous little process.

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