tagErotic CouplingsA Erotic Dream...

A Erotic Dream...


I'm having some trouble remembering all the events, but I will take creative liberty with the details that I cannot recall. I was sitting at a Blackjack table somewhere around Lake Tahoe, it was getting late and I remember that I wanted to make this my last hand. I had been winning consistently overall with short runs of extraordinary cards (21, 20, 21, 11 and double down to a 21, etc.) when I noticed that someone's hand was on my upper thigh. I continued to bet resisting the temptation to look over; I didn't want to break the lucky streak until I had played my last hand. I pushed a $500 bet out and waited for the cards to come as I waited the hand that was resting on my thigh was now rubbing it lightly up and down. The first card came it was an ace of hearts, as I look the rubbing got more intense and I could feel my cock start to harden and swell! The dealer look at me as my face grew a little flush, and dealt the next card. I slowly picked it up to look and felt the hand grip my throbbing cock tightly and begin to stroke it back and forth! The person to my left glanced over but was more interested in what her cards were and as I looked at that final card I already knew what it was. I flipped over the queen of hearts and the ace as I stood up and yelled,"Blackjack!!!!!"

I thought I was going to explode in my pants as I looked over to my right and saw your sexy smile looking up at me. You stood up as we embraced and you could feel my hard cock budging through my pants! I said, "Do you want to get out of here..?" and you replied with nothing more than a smile. I grabbed my winnings and cashed them in as we hurried to the elevator. I pushed the button as the doors closed, and we shared the elevator with an older couple who was getting off a few floors below us. You turned around and proceeded to kiss me passionately as I did the same; I kissed your neck and ear as I whispered naughty things quietly enough for you to hear but not the other couple as my hands run down your back and over your thighs and ass as we kissed passionately, our tongues intertwined! I could feel you getting wetter as you rubbed your leg up against me and grinded your pelvis into my pants! The bell rang and the elevator came to a stop on the15th floor; the couple walked out smiling at each other, I pushed the button to close the doors as we headed up to the top floor penthouse.

The elevator came to a stop and we rushed out and hurried down the hall. Once in front of my suite I struggled to get the key card out with you biting my ear and rubbing my cock! I turned and pushed you up against the door to my suite as I kissed down the front of your very low cut dress caressing your breasts with my hands and rubbing your hard nipples. I slowly keeled down in front of you and grabbed your ankles with my hands, pulling them apart as you rested your back on the door. I ran my hands up your legs slowly over your calves and knees up the inside of your inner thighs until I was pushing your dress up higher and higher. I leaned forward and started to kiss your thighs, working my way up until I reached your white silk g-string. I ran my moth over the material as you could feel my hot breath; I run my finger over your engorged pussy lips that are bulging out of your g-string while I kiss and caress around pelvis and thighs as I can feel you start to move up and down the door as my tongue gets closer to your moist pussy that is hidden by a thin piece of wet silk. I slowly pull your g-string aside and let my tongue lightly lick the full length of your engorged pussy lips; softly I take one in my mouth and start sucking. My finger rubs your hard clit in small circles as my tongue darts deep inside of your pussy!!!!!!!! You grab the back of my head with both hands and bury your fingers deep into my hair, pulling me closer to you. I flick my tongue in and out only stopping to suck and lick your clit while I use my finger to rub your g-spot! I can hear your breath quicken to short pants as I feel your body tense and tighten. You squat down a little allowing me to drive my tongue upward deeper inside of you! You let out a sharp squeal followed by a series of low moans and finally as I feel a wave of wetness over my face I hear you yell out in ecstasy!!!!!

I get up and open the door just as the elevator doors start to open; we fall back into the suite as I scramble to close the door behind us. We struggle to get up from the floor, your face still red and your breath still short. We stand up and I maneuver you over to the large glass windows that overlook the lake. I pull your dress over your head and rip your panties off! You unbuckle my pants as they fall to the floor and tear my shirt off over my head! I grab your wrists with one hand and put them over your head as your naked body is pressed up against the window; I spread your legs with the other and take my hard throbbing cock and rub it against your soaking wet pussy. I drive my cock deep inside of you as I let your hands fall around my neck and I grab your thighs and pick your legs up around my waist. I slide my cock in and out of your hot west pussy as I drive you harder against the window with each thrust!! And then I woke up... my body in drenched in sweat, my cock rock hard and pulsating in rhythm with my heartbeat. It took me a moment to catch my breath and realize where I was. All I could do is lay there with my throbbing cock in my hand and try to remember the tantric events of my dream that felt like they had just happened!

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