tagGroup SexA European Adventure Ch. 02

A European Adventure Ch. 02

byA bit of Africa©

The Characters




Vicki is the kind of exquisitely beautiful woman every red-blooded man, and some red-blooded women, want to fuck, cunt, mouth and ass (though not necessarily in that order), and this I got to do on a regular basis. But I also believed that others should get the opportunity to have her, even if only for one time, and I took pleasure in watching her put out for another guy, because I retained ultimate possession of her.

Or maybe Wendy and I shared her equally. That’s why she went home with us after the marathon fuck session with the swingers that Friday night. When the ladies put their dresses back on, rearranged their hair and did their make-up, you wouldn’t have thought that under their clothing they were so well-fucked. We climbed into the limo and didn’t need much conversation on the way back to Wendy’s apartment, each of us reflecting over the evening’s activities.

We got back to Wendy’s place and went up the elevator. I noticed the front of Vicki’s dress was now stained as moisture came through. Wendy noticed too. We had got back just in time, saving any embarrassment.

Wendy’s apartment was obviously decorated by a woman’s hand. The open plan living room was colored in whites and creams with white leather furniture. The carpet was plush. Her bedroom continued the white theme, with a huge satin covered bed dominating the room, augmented by decorative drapes on the dark patterned wall behind. The room could seem serene, but the intertwining shapes on the wall could give the room a decidedly erotic flavor knowing Wendy’s sensuality. This was Wendy’s private retreat in Paris, a home away from home from the diplomatic residence she shared with her husband. She was free to do her own thing when she wasn’t expected to do the duties of a hostess. Who knows what kinds of things her husband was in to, because he certainly wasn’t pleasing her.

“Welcome to my humble abode,” Wendy gushed as she cast her jacket on a chair and kicked off her heels. She was suddenly shorter but no less appealing. “Relax, you guys.”

I plumped down in a chair in the living room and Vicki sat down demurely. I could tell she was tired. Wendy came over to her and looked at her in a motherly way. “You can get out of that dress and we’ll have it dry-cleaned,” she said, first taking Vicki’s shawl from her.

“Where shall I undress?” Vicki asked, and I was amused by her situational modesty.

“Why dear, you have nothing to hide from us,” Wendy said with mock condescension.

Vicki smiled and reached down to unstrap her own heels before she let Wendy unzip her dress and help her step out of it. I saw her black lace panties were sopping with the cum leaking out of her pussy and ass.

“Let’s have those as well,” Wendy commanded, and Vicki pulled down her panties and stepped out of them, handing them to Wendy. Wendy looked at Vicki’s bared crotch and bent down to examine her.

Vicki looked a bit uncomfortable and folded her arms underneath her breasts which were still in their bra.

“Sit down love and let’s have a look at you,” Wendy urged.

“I’m afraid I’ll mess…” Vicki started, but Wendy intervened. “Oh pooh pooh, the furniture can be cleaned.”

Vicki sat down with her knees together and her hands on them and I smiled at her. She glanced at me but let her eyes wander as Vicki crouched down to push her knees apart.

I leaned forward to look as well. Her cunt was closing again, but was still red and puffy. Her pubic hair was matted and I could see dried cum on her belly and thighs.

“We’re going to have to clean you up,” Wendy announced. “I know I need it too.” She took Vicki by the hand and led her to the bathroom. I got up and followed, pausing to look down where Vicki was sitting and seeing a small pool of sticky fluid on the leather.

Wendy’s bathroom was as huge as the other rooms in the apartment. It was tiled in white and open plan with a raised bath/jaccuzi in the center, a glassed-in shower on one side and basin, toilet and bidet set apart on other walls.

Wendy was rummaging in a wall cabinet for some women things and returned with a douche for herself and Vicki.

“I’ll let you do this yourself and then we’ll see what we can do about your ass,” Wendy said matter-of-factly.

The women let me watch as they douched themselves, then Wendy went to a lower cabinet to fetch a contraption I discovered was an enema.

“Kneel down, dear,” she told Vicki, and the younger woman did so on the raised area next to the bath. I was getting excited again.

Wendy got what she needed for the enema and pushed the pipe into Vicki’s ass. Vicki squirmed, more with the humility of the procedure than with physical discomfit, because her ass was still winking from being fucked so much.

Wendy started the machine and Vicki gasped as the liquid shot up her rectum. Wendy filled her til the water started pushing back, then pulled the pipe from Vicki’s ass. A jet of water arced out of her ass, bringing with it the collective cum of the evening as well as more distasteful stuff. Some of it splashed over Wendy before she could move aside but she just laughed.

The jet eventually petered off to a trickle and Vicki hung her head, sighing.

“My turn now,” said Wendy and Vicki turned around to assist the other woman. Wendy showed her how to operate the enema and then got on all four to let Vicki do the honors. Vicki gently pushed the pipe up Wendy’s ass and Wendy told her not to worry. She started the machine, pumping water up Wendy’s ass. I moved to stand behind Vicki, then crouched, putting my hands between her arms. She turned her face toward mine, breathing on my cheek.

“I’m full!” Wendy shouted, and I moved my hand over Vicki’s to pull out the enema. I kept Vicki in place as the water tinged with cum and rank spurted out of Wendy’s ass, hitting Vicki in the face and chest, some of it spraying into her mouth. She just closed her eyes and moved her head around like she was under a shower. Wendy looked behind her to see what was happening, her blue-green eyes staring into mine and then Vicki’s hazel ones.

The water was expelled and Wendy moved around to face us, sitting on her ass. “Oh, I feel like more,” she breathed, voicing it for all of us.

“Come closer,” I said, reaching my hand out to hook the ends of my fingers with hers. She scrunched in closer, moving her legs beneath Vicki’s and over mine. My hard-on, still in my pants, was pressed into Vicki’s back. The two women tilted their heads and kissed, playing with each other’s lips. I breathed on Vicki’s face then Wendy broke off to kiss me as well. I pulled Wendy closer to us, so that her knees pushed Vicki’s up, lifting her feet off the floor. We engaged in passionate kissing for a while, til Wendy announced a bath was in order.

“Mm-mm,” Vicki agreed.

The two naked women stood up as Wendy ran a bath and I went out the room for a while to get something to drink, loosening my clothes as I walked. I got a wine cooler from the fridge and sipped at it as I removed my shirt and shoes, settling back into a sofa in the living room.

I heard the women laughing and splashing and decided it was time to join them again. I walked into the bathroom to see them facing each other from each end of the tub, giggling like schoolgirls and flinging soap bubbles at each other. Vicki pressed her foot against Wendy’s and Wendy pressed back and their legs raised out of the bathwater, heel to heel and toe to toe. It was incredibly erotic. I leaned on the sink and watched them passively. They looked at each other and decided to put on a show. Vicki reached up to rub soap over Wendy’s ample breasts and Wendy sighed contentedly. She moved her hands down the other woman’s sides, then had Wendy turn around with her back resting against Vicki’s chest. Vicki rubbed Wendy’s breasts from this side again, making little circles over the nipples. Wendy reached up her hands to touch Vicki’s fingers. Vicki moved her hands down over the other woman’s curved belly, pausing at the bellybutton, before delving lower. Wendy sighed with contentment. Vicki cleaned Wendy’s bush, then ran her hand underneath to the other woman’s crack, soaping there. Wendy sank lower and her head slid over Vicki’s breasts, past her bellybutton and against her pubic mound. Vicki bent over to trace her breasts again, but Wendy turned over ass up in the water and turned her face to Vicki’s cunt. Her face had to go below the water to reach the other woman’s pussy, but this she did. I stepped over to be able to see, as Wendy pursed her lips and kissed Vicki’s cunt under the water. She put her hands under her ass and blew bubbles against Vicki’s lips and clit. Vicki moaned at the gentle feeling and ran her fingers through Wendy’s hair. Wendy was rubbing her hands over Vicki’s butt, nuzzling her nose against her cunt. Vicki clenched handfuls of the older woman’s hair, breathing hard.

Wendy raised her head out of the water. “Let’s continue this in the bedroom,” she suggested. Vicki took her face between her hands and kissed her.

I handed towels to the two women and they dried off, then we moved to the bedroom. I took off the remainder of my clothes and settled into a chair to watch the women at work. They were naked on the bed, kneeling facing each other and trailing kisses over each other as they stroked each others arms and backs. Wendy had Vicki lay back with her head on a pillow and spread the woman’s legs. She knelt between them, first just touching Vicki’s pussy with her closed mouth, then flicking her tongue at the other woman’s clitoris. Vicki moaned and her legs arched higher. She moved them further apart, encouraging Wendy to eat her. Wendy lay flat on the bed, her body making a straight line towards me, legs pressed together, as she settled on the other woman’s cunt in earnestness.

She placed her hands underneath Vicki’s upper thighs and licked her sweet slit, occasionally darting her tongue between the lips. Then she moved her hands to gently pry Vicki’s labia apart so she could tongue her more deeply. Vicki was mewing and rotating her ass, her hands bunching the sheets and moving to squeeze her own breasts. Wendy pushed two fingers into her and continued licking her clit. She thrust them in and out and Vicki came with a squeal. She opened her eyes and Wendy was gazing at her above her working tongue. She lapped at Vicki’s juices some more then pushed the other woman’s legs up to get better access to her ass.

“Your sweet little asshole is recovering,” she said, rubbing some spit and cunt cream over Vicki’s ass. She dipped her head again to tongue Vicki’s ass and Vicki grasped her legs by the knees to give Wendy free access to her anus. Wendy slobbered over her ass a bit more then said it was her turn. She assumed Vicki’s position and Vicki sat up to stroke her hands over the other woman’s body. Though there was a difference of 15 years in their ages, you couldn’t tell who was the older one just looking at their bodies. Both kept their figures in perfect shape. Both had superb firm breasts. You had to look at Wendy’s face to see the slight wrinkles around her eyes and the streaks of gray in her hair.

Wendy spread her legs wide and Vicki got down between them. She gave as good as she got and Wendy was soon coming and moaning out loud. Vicki licked her lips and Wendy sat up to kiss her, enjoying her own taste on the other woman’s mouth.

I was harder than ever, but delayed my pleasure.

“It’s time for something else,” Wendy said, moving to a bedside cabinet and retrieving something. It was a large, flexible double edged dildo and Vicki smiled when she saw it. Wendy looked at me, then inserted one end of the dildo into her cunt, letting it hang as she assumed a position over Vicki. She reached down to open Vicki’s cunt and held the dildo with her other hand, then worked the remaining length all the way into Vicki’s cunt. Wendy spread her legs over Vicki’s, then squeezed her feet under Vicki’s thighs. They were nicely entangled. Wendy lowered her body over Vicki’s and began rocking her hips against her, causing friction in both their cunts. Vicki responded with her own gyrations in time to Wendy’s. Their cunts were flush together, with only the crook of the dildo protruding.

I wanted in and walked over to the women with my rigid shaft in front of me. I knelt down on the bed and kissed Wendy’s ass. I felt for the dildo and pushed against it as far as it could go. The women moaned. I felt between them, walking my fingers through their entangled pubic hair til I found their clits, able to touch both at the same time. Vicki was gasping by this stage and Wendy sighed. “That feels good, lover.”

I watched their cunts working together, stroking their legs and admiring their puckered holes as yet unattended. They were fresh and clean and the smell of sex mingled with the bath scents to create a pleasurable aroma.

I moved to their heads where they were kissing each other deeply, and brushed my cock against their cheeks, leaving pre-cum trails. They both opened their eyes and looked at me seductively, then Vicki opened her mouth to accept my cock. I slipped into her hot wet mouth and she closed her lips over my shaft and worked her tongue around the head. I was still unwashed, with the cheesy residue of several women’s cunts and asses glazing my cock and Vicki tasted it, narrowing her eyes and furrowing her brow. But she continued to clean me, swallowing the crud on my cock. She was amazing. Wendy licked at my scrotum, gently tugging at my pubic hair with her teeth. I drew in my breath at the sensation. I popped out of Vicki’s mouth and Wendy took me in hers, none the wiser that Vicki spared her the initial taste. She began sucking me in earnest and I twisted her hair around my hand and groaned, “Whoa, slow down! I’ve got some exploring to do yet.”

She relented, just circling her tongue around my glans. I withdrew and moved back to their nether regions.

They were still pumping steadily at each other, and either one or both had had orgasms already as there was a wet spot beneath Vicki’s ass. I moved into position behind Wendy and aimed my cock at her ass. I massaged her cheeks then pulled them apart, nudging my member at the puckered hole. It was going to be different in a clean, tight ass. By the time I got to their asses last night they were well used, spilling over with cum.

I got the head of my cock in Wendy’s anus and heard her muted moan as her mouth was still attached to Vicki’s. I pushed in further, feeling the friction from the dildo in her cunt. It was rubbing up against me through the thin wall. I got all the way in, my balls resting against the soft piece of skin between her cunt and ass, then started moving in a counter motion to her own thrusts against Vicki.

“Aahh, aahh,” she groaned and lifted her torso slightly off Vicki’s, her breasts now dangling, nipples just brushing the other woman’s tits. I leaned my full weight against Wendy’s ass and felt between them, fondling both of their breasts. Their nipples were hard and swollen and they groaned as I pulled nipple to nipple. I began thrusting in and out of Wendy’s ass with more force, then suddenly stopped and holding the base of my cock, pulled out of her tight ass.

“Change places,” I ordered the women, and they complied. Now Vicki was on top, arched over Wendy. I pushed Vicki down to raise her ass, then took my cock fresh from Wendy’s asshole and pushed the head against Vicki’s anus. Her ass cheeks tightened as she was still sensitive from last night.

“Can’t this wait?” she asked.

“I think you’ll be OK,” I responded. “Your asshole is recovering nicely.”

“Ok, but be gentle,” she pleaded, continuing in a rocking motion against Wendy.

I pushed further into her asshole, my cock lubricated with the other woman’s fresh rectal juice. Her ass clenched around me.

I gasped. She was much tighter than when I had her last night. It wasn’t just a platitude – her ass was recovering. I wondered how many men she could take up there in one sitting. We still had to explore her limits.

I slowly drew out of her almost all the way, then back into her to the hilt. I continued this slow dreamy pace in her ass and she sobbed with pleasure on Wendy’s chest. I delayed my ejaculation to the extreme, then held still as I jetted into her, deep within her ass.

I withdrew. Both women had come several times. I envied their ability and moved around to their faces again.

I looked at Wendy. “Clean my cock.” She grinned and leaned up on her elbows to take my cock in her mouth, tasting her own ass as well as Vicki’s. Vicki moved backward and put her hand between her legs to pull the dildo from both their cunts. She offered it to me and I licked it eagerly, then she licked it herself, eyelids half-closed. I pulled her to me and kissed her, bruising her lips with the force.

“You’re beautiful,” I praised her. “I love your cunt, your mouth, your ass. Everything about you. I can’t get enough of you.”

She smiled. “I love you,” she said.

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