A Fairy Tale


The young woman had long blond hair that was collected into a long tail on her back. Bands had been placed every hand width along her hair, so that it was tight at the hair band and had a bulging belly in between. The young woman was only 4.5 feet tall. However, her features were slender and long to make her appear tall like super model.

Her feet were bare. Only white nail polish covered her toes. Her ankles, calves, and knees were in skin tight leg warmers. The color was a stark yellow-black pattern like the belly of a bee. Her upper thigh exposed bare skin on her slender legs. Her hips were covered in a black mini skirt that barely covered her genital area. The mini skirt ended low below her hip bones. Her belly was exposed. And, her top was covered by a tank shirt with spaghetti shoulder straps. Her face was white with pink makeup for her cheek color.

Her face had high cheek bones. The eye brows were a faint blond that made them barely visible. She had a joyfully smiling twitch in her lips. She hovered closer to Peter and waved at him friendly.

"I am Lizzie. This is my forest. Play with me."

Peter's face seriously shrugged at the suggestion. Unperturbed, Lizzie waved her hand in the air. Pink, yellow, and orange sparkles flew. He couldn't help but look closer. The sparkles were not material. It wasn't even any paint that you could buy. They were pure light, kind of like fluorescent bugs signaling their mates to find them. He reached for them with his hand, but they disappeared. He jumped up to get hold of a particularly emerald blue one.

Then, he caught himself prancing around with a childish young girl. He put his serious business demeanor back on his face.

"So, Lizzie, you live her in the forest, I take it. As the representative of the forest owner, I have to inform you that you are being evicted. Let me take you information. And, we can work this out really pleasantly."

Lizzie was sitting on a nearby rock. Her knees were together and bent. Her feet pointed a bit sideways. That way, he could see her buttocks under the black miniskirt. However, the flesh of her thighs overlapped to keep her panties or lack thereof out of his sight. He couldn't help but steal glimpses at her body, while he unpacked his clipboard.

"I want to inform you that there is a really nice settlement package that will let you rent a nice room in a city and perhaps even go to college. Do you have any parents or siblings?"

"It is only me and all the animals in the forest."

"You surely must have a father and mother, even if you don't know them."

"No, I have always been in this forest since the beginning of time. And, I will always be here unless you destroy the forest."

"Well, that was a strange response, but it answers the check box for race. You are obviously indigenous. I just hope that there aren't more of you, because then the culture department will have to make a study. And, that's a real pain."

He couldn't help but take every moment to glance at her beautiful legs. He had surveyed her black tank top enough to notice the nipples perking up without the cover of a bra. Her melons were average sized, yet perfectly round. Her lips were so moist and pink that he had to stop breathing every time she spoke. Then, he'd look up at her black and beautiful eyes, before having his eyes dart elsewhere to pretend that he wasn't staring.

"How old are you, Lizzie?"

"I appear to you in an eighteen year old body. And, my mind is as silly, playful, and innocent as that of an eighteen year old girl. In truth, I have lived for thousands of years and never tire of playing in this beautiful forest. You should play with me."

She reached her small hands out to him. He could smell her skin. It smelled like strawberry-apple bubble gum. The erection in his pants told him to play. His mind told him to stay focused and avoid getting side tracked. So, he noted down her age on the form.

"Just curious, have you ever seen giant wolves around here?"

"Oh, Peter, I sent those wolves to you to scare you off. You are single minded to destroy this forest like the men before you. But know, I only live through the energy of the forest. Cut 10% and I lose the ability to fly. Cut 20% and my light will go off. Cut 30% and I start to fade. Don't you feel for me?"

While talking, Lizzie had flown closer to Peter. Her torso was parallel to the ground. Her legs pointed at the ground. Her knees were gently bent like a ballerina dancer. The bent made him notice the cute little dimples at the side of her knee. With her torso bent forward, he could see deeply into her cleavage. Her boobs hung down from gravity. Their flesh looked soft like marshmallows. The tank top barely covered the nipples.

With the last question, her face was hovering inches in front of his face. He glanced deeply into her pure blue eyes. The iris of her eyes had perpendicular lines of darker blue. It was like looking into the depth of the blue Caribbean ocean. The skin around her nose was even smoother than he had imagined. And, her lips moved seductively two inches away from her lips. He felt intimately inside of her world. His resolve melted in love.

Then, he moved the last two inches forward and kissed her. The small lips were so soft and full of life. A pulsing current of life zest zinged his lips. Her little tongue excitedly explored his mouth. All the erotic energy funneled down to his groin, where the head of his penis was near exploding with the rush of blood. And, a cozy warm feeling of love radiated from his groin to his whole body.

She pulled away and looked at him sweetly with batting eyes and a coquette smile: "Would you want to destroy something this cute?"

He cleared his throat and smiled sheepishly back at her, "Well, we could delay the approval process for a month or two, if you were willing to work with me. You are a young and attractive woman. Say, you could easily seduce a stud like me, if you were willing to put out."

"You are trying to force yourself onto me, you rude being! You must mistake my friendliness," snarled Lizzie back with coldness.

"If you feel like that, I'll have you the official company proposal. Here are $3,000 dollars. And, we are going to start cutting down trees next week. Too bad, it's a really nice clearing that you had going here."

Lizzie flew to his feet and held onto his knees. "Please, have mercy on my forest." Her thin lips quivered in fear. He took her small hands and placed them onto the tent in his pants. "You know how to take care of that, don't you?"

With her four wings hanging down sad and without life, she acquiesced Peter's indecent proposal. "Peter, let's go to my nest to make love. Take your clothes off here. You won't need them in the nest."

Without further thought, Peter pulled down his pants, kicked off the boots, and rolled the sweater with the t-shirt over his head. His first realization was that his soles were happy about feeling the soft grass. His second realization was that he was stark naked with a raging hard-on standing up. His third realization was that he was about to fuck the hottest woman that he would ever lay his dick inside.

Lizzie was still fully dressed in her skimpy clothes. She touched his shoulders. He floated effortlessly into the air, high into the air. Lizzie guided him to her nest in the canopy of the tall trees. The nest was made of a square frame of thick branches. In between the branches hung a white sheet similar to a hammock. The same contraption was on top as a roof to keep the rain out.

The sheet hung very loose, so that it was sagging perhaps two feet deep. The nest was completely filled with white down feathers. Lizzie softly sunk into the feathers. The feathers gently covered her loins and legs. Peter however sunk deep, all the way to the bottom. The feathers covered him up to the bottom end of his pecs. Peter's face was red with excitement. And, he felt a little bit like sitting inside of an inflatable kiddie pool.

Without waiting, Lizzie reached both hands to the side of her tank top. She pulled the tank top inside out and overhead. Her medium sized round boobs were as perfect as he had imagined them. He immediately touched them. The boobs were as fluffy and soft as he had hoped for. And, his lips quickly surrounded her pink and oversized nipples. He nipped them. He rolled his tongue around her areola. She moaned softly with deep intensity, as she looked down at his head to see his lips around her nipples. He felt her body stiffen with arousal.

His fingers felt their way down her belly, beneath the black mini skirt. He fingered around her hips for the skinny g-string that he pulled down. The g-string had little fabric, yet the fabric was so thin that it rolled a dozen times into a little sausage by the time that his hands had explored the whole way down her legs and over her sensuous feet.

He could not wait any longer. He had to push the pulsing penis into her hot package. He was afraid of her not being sufficiently lubed up. So, he playfully placed his penis opening on her clit and circled around. Then, he rubbed the shaft of his penis along the outside vagina up and down, until the bottom of his penis was thickly covered in her pussy juices.

Then, he plunged his throbbing manhood inside of her. Not only was her body small, but her pussy was tight as well. And, her pussy muscles were well trained. She gripped his penis and massaged him with muscular contractions. Her small stature had her face low in front of his chest instead of next to his mouth. However, she started licking his nipples with her hot mouth. And, to his surprise, having his male nipples licked turned him on just as much as it seemed to turn on women.

He lifted her effortlessly to turn her over. She was perhaps half his weight. He rested her upper chest against the frame of the nest, so that she could proper herself up with her arms. Then, he fucked her from behind. This way, he could feel her firm ass slapping against his pelvis. That tight ass turned him on just the more. And, he looked down to see his penis disappear inside of the perfectly youthful snatch.

All the women that he had slept with demanded slow love making. Lizzie loved to fuck. She spurred him on to penetrate her harder and faster. Her whole body seemed to go wild with more intense stimulation down there. So, he gave it all he had. The sweat ran down center of his back. His thighs were burning. Yet, the erotic fire in his loin was even stronger to make him penetrate her even more feverishly. And, the vibrating tension in her voice of deep lust kept cheering him on.

She guided him to lay back into the curved bottom of the nest fabric. She squatted over his penis and started bouncing up and down feverishly. The squatting made the shape of her butt only sexier. And, moving the erogenous feet so close to her butt was a sexual bomb exploding inside of his head.

He rolled over on top of him. He folded her legs onto her chest and pinned them in place with his body. Thus, with her hip tilted forward, he could penetrate her even deeper. And, she loved the extra stimulation. Having her legs folded in such a way was disorienting. The disorientation made her only give deeper into the sexual lust and let go of everything else.

He could not belief that such a hot girl let him have sex without using a condom. He could not belief himself risking his life to AIDS for the heat of the moment. Though, with the intensity and mind expanding moment, he was sure that experiencing such a situation once in a lifetime was worth dying for from venereal disease.

With that last thought, his cum exploded inside of her belly. He felt the bond even deeper with Lizzie now that his cum was inside of her. He believed that having an accidental pregnancy wouldn't be the worst thing. He could live with such a hot woman, no matter how big her personality defects were.

Lizzie hugged him warmly and pulled him close. The pituitary gland pumped giant spurts of oxytocin. He felt the love and coziness for Lizzie. Maybe, he could even work out a three months extension under some pretense. He felt her soft boobs under his chest. Her fingers were gently caressing his back. Each touch set of a little spiral of goose bumps chasing across his love ravaged body.

"Peter, you are a wonderful lover. But, I have not yet cum. Could you eat me out?"

A giant flash of happiness shot across Peter's face. He willingly dove his head into the cloud of white down feathers to find her loins in the depth. The sinews running across her hip looked delicious. Her tiny hard ass felt awesome in his hands. And, he found that her vaginal lips were short mounds, no meat curtains. He licked up and down the outside in long strokes, until he found her pussy juice coming out of her vaginal opening.

Her pussy juice tasted sweet like honey. And, there was a hint of raspberry flavor with it as well. He could not get enough. His tongue darted as deep, as he could push it down the vaginal opening. He'd titillate her clitoris only to check frequently at her vaginal opening, for fresh vaginal juices. All the while Lizzie was spasming her body and tilted her pubic bone forward into his face.

She was eager to equal things out. She grabbed his penis firmly with her hands and guided it down between her lips. Her mouth was so small, that he could feel her teeth softly. It hurt his penis a bit. However, the overall pleasure was stronger, so that he took the little pains. And, she was so eager to please him that she took his penis all the way to the back of her mouth. It wasn't much. However, the mental realization to pop against the back of her mouth, made him mad with horniness.

He started moving his hips to thrust his penis inside of her mouth. At first, he was careful to not hurt her. She was showing hesitation with her arms pushing back as well. However, after a few thrusts, she relaxed. And, he started to move closer and closer to the goal that burned single mindedly in his head, to shove his penis in as far as he could.

He told her to suck hard. She sucked the air out of her mouth. And, he came hard. And, she pushed her pussy across his whole face, not even caring to aim for his tongue. They both came hard. She showed him the white cum paste in her mouth oozing around her tongue and teeth. Then, she kissed him. He felt the jelly like texture of his cum. However, he tasted the strawberry-apple bubble gum flavor of her spit.

Then, she asked how much he had tasted of her pussy juice. He said that he had lept up every drop of it, because it was so mind-blowingly delicious. She replied that it was good that way. It would be over faster.

He was confused at her sudden cold forcefulness in her demeanor. Even more confused him the feeling of his chest hair. His chest hair seemed to be moving. It lost some of its curliness. However, new chest hair sprouted out of his chest. When he tried to touch his chest, he realized that his elbows were too rigid to move much. His hands felt a crushing pressure, as if a car would roll over them. And, his head had the urge to tilt back.

Screams rushed over his lips, yet only sounded like a grunting deer buck. Lizzie pushed him out of the nest. He fell. It was a long fall down the tree. To his surprise, he easily caught the fall with a bent in his arms and legs. His arms and legs had become strangely strong and gracious. He looked around himself. He was completely covered with thin fur with black spots.

He tried to call up to Lizzie. However, only the roaring sound of a deer buck came out of his throat. He had been transformed into a deer with powerful antlers on his head. His eyes were stronger and could see into the distance. He could see Lizzie's face all the way at the top of her nest. She was yelling down at him.

"Never mess with a fairy."

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