tagIncest/TabooFairytale, 2010

Fairytale, 2010


Nineteen-year-old Ashley hugged her two confidantes, her best friends, her favorite stuffed animals she'd had since she was a young girl.

Her relationship to her Teddy, and to her stuffed toy animal, Leo, an oversized toy lion, would always be just for her. No one would believe her deliciously erotic story. She could hardly believe it herself.

Ashley lived with her father in a cabin in the woods, each day growing progressively more attracted to him. Home alone most of the day, with her nearest friends some distance away in a neighboring small community, she fantasized about him, and had for some time, often masturbating to images of her handsome sexy father sweaty hot after coming home from chopping wood in the forest all day.

One stormy night, under her bedcovers, in the dark privacy of her room her nightie pulled up over her bare hips, rain clouds rumbled and flashed softly in the distance as she rubbed her Teddy so soft over her smooth belly, whispering, "Mmmm, Teddy, I wish...you were Daddy touching me right now," her voice humming, her fingers touching into the soft silky wetness between her legs.

In her fantasies Teddy whispered back to her, what would he say to you, what would your Daddy be saying? Would he say, "Does my baby like that, Daddy touching you, mmm baby you do, you like Daddy touching you like that don't you, Kitten," her fingers so delicately pushing in and out of her creamy soft pussy.

Fantasizing her fingers were her father's, she imagined Teddy asking, would he say, "Mmmm, Daddy loves the feel of you, right when you cream, baby, how soft and slippery you are, how Daddy's fingers are so soft and smooth touching you." Ashley was practically purring now feeling herself cream on her fingers. She smiled, humoring herself that Teddy knew just how to make her pussy wet, and had for some years now. She continued as she did every night, turning herself on.

"Yessss, I like it when he does that, Teddy," picturing her father kissing her, her whispering, "it feels so good, don't stop Daddy," her voice soft and high just under her breath, her hips pushing up into her fingers.

Does he slide his fingers under your nightie, like this, baby? Ashley pushed her nighty up with Teddy's nose.

"Nnnn, yesss," Ashley whispered, "just like that, Teddy. Daddy knows just how to touch me," moaning to and for her imaginary lover.

"Ohhh Teddy, yesss," she hissed, "Daddy's dirty girl." Your Daddy's good girl, aren't you? "Yessssss." You want to see Daddy's cock, don't you Ashley. "Yesssss," Ashley gushed out, again and again making herself so hot and wet, lusting for her father, replaying her single favorite fantasy over and over, her father licking and sucking her breasts, him licking her shaven smooth bald little pussy. Ashley gushed out a quivering breath as she spread her legs, touching her fingers so lightly through her creamy wet folds imagining her father's tongue licking through her pink wet slit.

Ashley continued fantasizing Teddy's puffy furry feet softly touching at her groin, her knees up, his soft fur touching her smooth bare inner thighs, his mouth and nose at her breast as she pressed his tummy down on her belly, his fluffy soft mouth over her hardened nipples, her father's mouth.

Do you like that, baby, Daddy asking, saying, Daddy wants to suck your lovely hot nipples, mmmm, yesss you like that too, don't you, your hot little pussy just got so wet lil baby.

Ashley was breathing hard now to Teddy's incitement, to his knowing exactly what she wanted, his giving her his permission to have what was so wrong to want.

She moaned and mewled rhythmically rocking her pelvis against the furry chest of her big Leo poised between her creamy thighs, Leo's bulk spreading her knees wide, his soft fur enticing her, caressing her.

"Nnnn, Daddy, yesss touch me, nnnn Daddy, feels so good," she hummed pressing up on her feet lifting her bottom rotating her hips in circles on her friends chest, imagining he was her father between her legs, his mouth, her handsome sexy Daddy, his whispers and touches making her so deliciously wet.

Leo prone in his perennial pose on his belly, on his haunches, his mane, masculine like her Daddy, his head high, bowed down (she loved to imagine him looking at her, watching her and Teddy) his broad proud chest thrust forward made her feel so feminine, like she was in heat. His long front legs reaching out on either side of her bottom, his fur rubbing her sensitive hot skin, his paws half under her, his open smiling mouth, his smooth plastic tongue inviting in her imagination.

She pictured her Daddy just about to lower his head to kiss her there, lifting her to his open mouth, his licking her, "Uuunnnn," her taking a deep breath, "ohhhhh Papa, yessss," as his tongue reached her, licked her, slid a little inside her. "Nnn, ohhh, oohhh Daddy, love your tongue in me," she mewled as she rubbed against Leo's tongue inside her imagining her Daddy's huge cock, him rubbing himself, on her bed as he licked her, anticipating him sliding on top of her, sliding his cock inside his hungry sexed up young daughter.

Ashley had boyfriends, but it was her father she fantasized about. She wanted her father, wanted him to slide the head of his swollen throbbing hard cock through her aching hot pussy, to tease her with it, the big head slippery hot. Just saying it excited her, her father's cock.

Lowering her gushing pussy back down to Leo's big thrusting chest, Ashley gushed out a hot breath. She rocked her hips, sliding her wet little pussy against the sewn seam in the center of her Leo's big chest. A vertical, protruding half-inch thick and wide rib she would press against, slide the wet slit of her pussy along, perfectly vertically aligned to her humping rhythm, sliding her shaven bald mound on his soft fur, up and down her aching sensitive clit, her soft smooth mound, her bare skin touching under his neck. Yes, that's my good girl rub on Daddy, baby. Feel how hard you make Daddy, Leo purred.

She rubbed his paws over her breasts pretending he was her father, the seam the underside of his daddy-cock, "Nnnn, in me Daddy, put it in me, nnnn Daddyyyy, so hard," sliding the seam against her clit, rubbing against him.

Are you Daddy's good girl, Leo growled, "Yes your good girl, Daddy," Ashley gushed, "your naughty girl," Ashley purred rubbing her breasts together, pulling on her aching hard nipples.

Leo's soft fur all along her inner legs made her wild, pushed her into a lust filled frenzy, "Nnnn, Leo...feels soooo good," touching her creaming wet pussy to his lolling smooth tongue.

Daddy's going to lick you, baby, imagining her daddy-lover licking her bald mound, her smooth belly, "Nnnnugh, Daddyyy," rotating her thrusting hips, pushing in gyrating little undulating motions. That's my good girl, over his tongue, let Daddy lick you, over his soft fur, up and down, side to side, her pussy humming and vibrating, touching her hard nipples as Teddy watched which excited her tremendously.

She imagined her daddy-Leo climbing on top of her, behind her, his weight, his tail between her legs, his pulling her round feminine bottom up to him. She saw herself pushing back at him, his locking his forearms around her waist, her bottom pressed up for him in the dark. She imagined her father's hugely hard cock pressing into her hot wet folds, sliding inside her, pushing her down onto the bed, his cock so thick and swollen inside her, throbbing hot, pulsing so deep inside her. "Ohhhh, Daddy, yessss, deep Papa, in me, Daddy."

My little baby loves Daddy's cock, don't you Ashley, fucking her, her pussy spasming on his lovely swollen hot throbbing erection, "Nnnnn, yessss in me Papaaaaa."

Ashley knew she was being wickedly naughty imagining her father this way. She liked saying how bad she was, how wrong it was.

It made her seething hot to rub herself on her friends, her stuffed animals. She kissed them pretending they were her father, loving them, imagining them her father sliding his tongue into her hot little mouth. She would whisper so hotly, so sexily, "fuck me, Daddy, fuck me Papa, take me Daddy," and every time made herself cum imagining her father fucking into her in the dark of her bedroom, late at night, her father in her bed begging him for more.

Terribly aroused now, she got up and pulled her oversized stuffed toy, Leo, up to her, and in one fluid movement rolled him over climbing on top of him, and laid on his furry soft belly.

Her nightie open, her bare freshly shaven pussy on his groin, her bare belly against his soft, soft fur, she rubbed herself on his fur, on his solid thick torso, and she kissed him, stuck her tongue in his mouth, licked his long smooth plastic tongue imagining her father's tongue wet and hot inside her mouth.

Kiss Daddy baby, yesss, put your tongue in Daddy's mouth, yessss baby, rub on Daddy, Leo rumbled deep in his furry chest, her father in her fantasy searching out her tongue as she rubbed herself all over on her Leo's soft belly, fucking herself on her Leo, his fur so delicious on her hot skin, between her legs.

Tonight she felt something change. It happened so fast so subtly she couldn't have been prepared for it much less believe it could happen. Yet happen it did, or, at least, it began without her almost noticing as she rubbed against her Leo in the dark of her room that night as she did most every night.

Teddy began vibrating under her arm, became, well, warm she first noticed. All within a few heated breaths she felt the same shift occur in her Leo, a sudden subtle electric hum instantly making her pussy vibrate and gush on his furry belly.

She was already too lost in the sensations to stop, their fur rubbing against her, humping on Leo's belly, sliding up and down Leo's belly, imagining she was on her father's chest his hugely hard cock pressing against her pussy under her nightie. In fact, she rubbed harder, trying to get more of the humming sensation deep in her warm little belly, her pussy gushing hot, her breasts aching swollen hard.

She hadn't worn panties and her Teddy under her arm, her fingers in her mouth, she tasted herself fantasizing her father's hands were holding her bottom, his long strong arms lifting her pressing her down onto his daddy-cock, so engrossed in her fantasy she didn't think much more of the new, oddly exciting vibrating warmth.

After her powerful racking orgasm on Leo's furry belly, she fell quietly, quickly to sleep, her favorite stuffed animals wrapping and snuggled around her.

Ashley woke with a start to a dream during the middle of the night, an amazing dream, Teddy under her arm. She was so horny, she sleepily rubbed Teddy's soft face over her nipples through her half unbuttoned gown, purring, a little "nnnnn" feeling inside, the sensations immediately shooting straight down through her, to her belly, between her legs. Half asleep, she rubbed Teddy's belly over her belly.

"Mmmm, so soft, Teddy, feels...so good," she purred into the dark, roiling under her Teddy's soft fur.

Leo was still between her legs, poised looking up at her as she wrapped her tender soft thighs around his fur-covered torso. She drifted off back to sleep, Leo between her knees, his fur so erotically delicious on her inner thighs, her calves, her curling toes, loving that sensation of his soft fur rubbing her hot skin.

So warm in her bed she awakened sleepily wrapped around him again, her big stuffed lion between her legs, her little pussy on fire again, her pushing against Leo's broad furry chest. Ashley lifted her bottom from the bed again, rocking her pelvis, her pussy already shiny glistening creamy wet rubbing against the soft long ribbed seam on his chest, to his mouth again, to his plastic tongue, rubbing his soft furry paws along her sides giving her little goose bumps as she rubbed Teddy's mouth over her swollen hot breasts, over her humming nipples.

She remembered thinking she wished they could touch her all on their own, wishing that they could whisper naughty, dirty, sexy things to her. She remembered the pornographic movie she had seen, two men and a woman, fucking, the men saying the naughtiest things, their words making the woman even more heated than she already was, her body humming and throbbing, undulating and gyrating under them, her making herself so excited with their huge cocks.

She remembered as she drifted off to sleep wishing her two stuffed friends were her lovers if she couldn't have her father's cock, until he did come into her room. She wished her two friends had cocks as big as the men's cocks in the movie, hard and jutting up, as delicious as they must have been, as much as the moaning woman obviously loved sucking them. Her two stuffed animals at her whim, for her pleasure, she imagined the men's cocks big and hard and thick, hot to the touch, so smooth. The woman in the movie lusting over them, rubbing them on her face, jacking them in her hands, her long fingers closed around them sliding through her fists. The sensual candlelit darkness, the woman in a kind of ecstatic sexual frenzy, moaning, purring, sucking, one then the other as her two lovers touched her everywhere, their hands all over her, groaning as she pleasured them; Ashley moaned, her Teddy and Leo rubbing her breasts, her shiny wet pussy.

Still half dreaming, pleasuring herself in her sleepy state, she startled awake to a bright orange flash of light in her bedroom as if a camera flash had gone off momentarily blinding her, a bright hazy orange yellow-white glow.

As her dark room slowly came back into focus, little spots on her retina dancing luminescent green until they faded, she could see again in the dark of her bedroom. Her eyes fluttering open, her movements stopped, Teddy in her one hand, Leo between her legs, as they had been when she fell asleep. Her white cotton nightie damp, unbuttoned, open and draped down along her sides, her breasts swollen and mounding up from her chest, her sensitive nipples erect, her belly shining in the night light, her smooth mound glistening slick, she remembered in her dream a magical woman granting her, her wish. With a flick of her hand, a trail of glittering glowing orange and green sparkling light danced through the air, gliding over her soft belly, between her legs, the woman whispering as her fingers trailed down along Ashley's belly, across the mound of her creamy wet pussy, "It is done. Enjoy, I know you will," she smiled sensually, erotically, mischievously, "your wish, is granted," she whispered and vanished.

At the exact, same moment, a wash like a hot breeze swept over Ashley. She felt different, something overwhelming her, a hot, tingling sensation that spread through her entire body. Every few seconds the feeling increased, pulsing, faster and faster, sexual, wanton, overwhelming. She felt a horniness she'd never experienced before. She was breathing heavily a montage of images flashing through her mind, hands touching her, fondling her lovely round breasts, touching her heated hot sex, lips on her mouth, her father, his tongue in her mouth, her tongue pushing back, her kissing and then licking and sucking a hugely hard hot cock into her wet warm mouth.

She was in such a delicious frenzy. It was as if something had taken her over. She realized later this was purposeful, part of the spell cast in her dream so she wouldn't be frightened, freaked out by what would happen next.

It was right then, Teddy on her chest, Leo between her legs, that she felt them both suddenly become warm hot to the touch. They were still her stuffed toys, but they slowly came to life.

Moving all on their own at first she was startled even frightened, and before she could react, her mound pressed against the leaned down face of her stuffed lion, Leo, she felt his mouth suddenly turn hot-wet. Shocked by the amazingly hot delicious wet of his long smooth tongue, slathering over her pink bald shiny wet mound, sending her into a long deep groan, deep into her hot wet cunt, she lost her breath. A rumbling low growling purr, vibrating through her, emanating from deep within Leo's chest his nose pressed hot and hard against her aching humming little clit, Ashley bucked her hips at his warm wet mouth, "Mmmmm," he groaned into her.

Ashley exploded into a series of moans and mewls. "Nnnnnuh, ohhhh, ohhhh Leooo, nnnnnn baby, nnnn lickkk me, yesss, don't stop, don't...stop," Ashley chanted in a long humming whisper into the dark of the room.

Her mind didn't even have time to register what was happening, the sensations overwhelming, a long rising, "Nnnnnnuuughhhhhh," escaping her before Teddy moved too, pulled from her hand, straddled her chest. Her mounding breasts pushed up, his mouth so hot and wet, he began sucking on her swollen aching nipples, first one then the other, softly growling his pleasure, pushing her round breasts together with his soft furry paws moaning, "Mmmm baby, my sexy little baby, mmm, let us make you feel good, sucking my baby's hot swollen nipples," licking and sucking, teasing her hot hard nipples both of them her two stuffed animals sucking her, licking her, making her body hum.

Ashley surrendered to the sensations to what was happening to her, and moaned almost too loudly, "Oohhnnnyessss, my boys, mmmyessss suck meee, nnnn lick me Leo, suck me Teddy, mmmmnnn your mouths...are so hot, so wet, nnnn feels so good, don't stop," she mewled, rolling her hips to Leo's long tongue, humping her hot little pussy into Leo's mouth, roiling hot, Teddy's mouth sucking so hard on her breasts, her nipples, oh, her Teddy's mouth, sucking her nipples. Ashley grabbed handfuls of her sheets as her body absorbed the sudden, erotic, impossible waves of pleasure her stuffed toys come alive were giving her. Hot wet mouths sucking her pussy, licking her aching swollen nipples, her wish come true all alone in the privacy of her bedroom where no one could see. Her hot swollen nipples aching for touch as Teddy's paws turned to delicious fingers, kneading her breasts, pulling her nipples, her aching, steamy hot little pussy being licked ravenously, deeply, slowly, lovingly by her magically gifted Leo down between her legs. His big paws holding her to his mouth, her squirming, sopping wet as she felt his long hot tongue sucking even more each time her pussy gushed creamy hot wet.

Wave after wave of luxurious, steamy, lustful depravity gleaned through her like a thousand hands all at once. Tongues, mouths, hot and soft and deliciously depraved she was on fire, her best friends come alive her lovers her impossible wish granted.

It was as if each thought she had, was right then, granted. She wanted Teddy to suck her other nipple, and he did. She wanted Leo to push the tip of his tongue inside her and he did, licking up inside her, growling at her sweet-honeyed-tangy taste, gripping her sides tightly, his plastic claws raking along her tender thighs. Her soft little hips gyrating, pressing up into his mouth onto his delicious tongue as she squealed and moaned and mewled her pleasure all so overwhelming so unreal so magical so, so wonderful.

"Nnnnyesss, fuck me," she groaned under her breath, over and over, "mmmm, oohhh Leo, baby, lover, suck my pussy, nnnnn my nipples yessss Teddyyy, oohhh Teddy, yess my nipples." She remembered the movie and felt Teddy pressing into her belly, rubbing, oh my god, his cock, against her, the man's cock from the movie, thick, long, pulsating with heat, smooth and burning hard. Teddy's cock, too big for his body, so huge, her Daddy's cock so long and hard and hot sliding over her belly leaving a trail of pre-cum cooling on her skin.

Teddy lifted his head, sucked her nipple until it pulled from his lips, her eyes closed afraid it was just a dream, heard him whisper in a naughty, gravelly voice, "You're not dreaming Ashley, we're real and we're fucking you little baby, just like you wished. Do you feel my big daddy-cock on your belly, little baby? Do you feel me, so hard for you? Daddy is so hard for you, baby."

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