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A Faithful Wife


Part One:

I would have to say, looking back over the past 16 months, that my good friend Tina is largely to blame for many of the events that have transpired. It is safe to say that the majority of the events that have rocked my otherwise calm and predictable world were set into motion as a direct result of conversations. Most of these conversations were initiated and led by her, with another friend and I who all worked together as nurses in the Emergency Room of St. Regis General Hospital.

At the time when it all began, I was pretty well convinced my life and future were set. Having just graduated from nursing school, I then married my life-long school sweetheart. We had been together as long as I could remember. Quite literally, since we were children having grown up on the same block with each other, sharing all the same friends, and attending the same school.

There was never much doubt in our minds that Jem and I would marry when we grew up. It was a given. All of our friends and families would have agreed on this point.

As our dearest childhood friend and confident Tim used to say, "Jane and Jem have been 'steady eddies' since they were born, and will be until the day they die!"

I suppose a few words about me and Jem would be appropriate at this point of the story. At the time that these events took place; I had just arrived at the ripe old age of 22, and recently become newest (if not most naïve) RN at St. Regis, and boy, was I proud of it. Getting through nursing school was no easy feat (though I was a very avid student, and graduated in the top 5 of my class).

I am approximately 5'5" tall, with jet black, straight, shoulder length hair and a somewhat pale complexion. I have big, hazel eyes that are accentuated by my glasses, which people have told me give me a studious and intelligent look (which works for me).

If you are a male, the first thing you might notice about me is that I am fairly chesty. Not that I have HUGE boobs, but they are ample 36Cs, and I have an extremely petite frame (weighing in at a rotund 92 pounds), so my chest has always somewhat stood out on me! According to Jem it is definitely my most 'amazing physical attribute'. His words, not mine. I have always been proud of my breasts, and they do seem to get me noticed – whether I like it or not sometimes!

Though only Jem would know this, my nipples are long and seem to become rock hard fairly easily. In fact, it's not just my nipples which become hard, but rather, my entire quarter-sized areola seems to puff up. Jem tells me that my ass is full and round, and that it fills out whatever I happen to be wearing (which is usually a tight pair of jeans if I'm not working and my white nurses uniform if I am).

The thing that attracted me to Jem at a very early age was his extreme kindness, consideration, and sweetness toward me. As we were growing up, he was the big brother that I never had – though as we got older it turned out that Jem didn't grow to be too BIG of a brother. When we got into high school, and everyone started growing, Jem stopped. He topped out at 5'5" – the same height as me. Our friends used to always tease us that when we got married, we wouldn't need those little people on the top of our wedding cake, they would just put us up there. HA-HA, real funny, right?

Anyway, you could safely say that Jem and I pretty much grew up together. In the process, we learned to trust one another, and fell madly in love. When I graduated from nursing school, and he graduated in the field of accounting and finance, we decided not to wait any longer, and tied the knot, not giving the fact that neither of us had ever dated anyone else even a second thought. Why should we? We were happy and had already found exactly what we wanted.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As I had previously indicated, I had recently acquired 2 new friends at St. Regis; Tina and Raquel – though it seemed that I was working with Tina more than Raquel, though sometimes we all worked together.

Having only recently graduated, I was the youngest of the group by a couple of years, making me an easy target for Tina, who loved to tease and shock me whenever possible.

In the many repeated long hours that Tina and I had worked together, I got to know a great deal about her past. It seems that she – like me, had married her school sweetheart right out of nursing school. However, about a year ago, Tina had come home unexpectedly only to find her new husband cheating on her with their new neighbor. Needless to say, Tina was completely crushed and heartbroken. This rather horrible experience had served to make Tina more than a little bit hard and cynical. It was truly a shame for such a lovely young lady who was really just getting started in her young adult life. I truly felt sorry for her.

I felt sorry for her until a few months ago, that is! Growing tired of moping around the house, and fearing that she would just sit at home and become 'another fat nurse' (her words, not mine), Tina joined the local gym so that she could get into a regular workout schedule.

This had changed her life forever! It seems that Tina had signed up to have a personal trainer help her get started with her new workout. The new personal trainer was apparently a chiseled, handsome, black guy whom Tina was immediately attracted to, as he seemed to be the opposite of her ex-husband in every way.

Joining up at that gym would serve to be the single event that would not only change Tina's life, but also all of our little group-forever.

In the beginning, it had become a game for Tina to simply try to shock us (Raquel and I) by sharing personal details from their sex life. Raquel, though a couple years my senior, is single, and comparatively shy-so she doesn't go out much. She is about my height, Latino, with typical dark Latino features. She is about my height, and has a similar build as me, petite, but with less curves.

Tina is an attractive, dirty blonde. She is a bit on the heavier side, though not at all fat. She would thrill herself by shocking Raquel and I in any and every way she possibly could. And as time went by, she became quite good at it!

Sometimes Tina and Raquel would conspire together to try to catch me with some naughty detail – trying to gauge what my reaction would be. They were always quite proud of themselves when they would shock, embarrass tease, and otherwise simply entertain me.

Our little game was harmless enough, and what it did was serve to completely entertain all of us, making the working hours more bearable and fun-and passing the time. Though I was the target of their covert endeavors, it really didn't bother me, in fact, I completely enjoyed it. Plus, I have to admit, I was fascinated with hearing about Tina's new life, and couldn't seem get enough of it. It served to allow me to live vicariously through her.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As previously stated, I married my childhood sweetheart. In so doing, let's face it; I had precious little to compare my husband Jem to. He was my first and only. He was my little man whom I loved more than life itself. Though we had a great sex life together, I really couldn't compete with what Tina would talk about pretty much everyday. Hers was – well, unusual to say the least and mine was predictable and – I guess you would have to say normal – if not every day or commonplace.

I had never engaged in casual sex with someone I didn't know. I had never gotten picked up at a bar. I had never engaged in a one-night-stand. Frankly, none of those ideas held any appeal to me. For me, sex was something reserved for that special someone that you were completely in love with and devoted to.

When it comes to sex with Jem, I have been completely uninhibited. He has bought me sexy, revealing clothes, lingerie, bikinis, etc. and I have no problem getting dressed up and looking sexy for him. Not that I mind the attention and sideways glances I receive from other men when I dress sexy, but I never intentionally show off for anyone other than my husband.

I also never had the slightest complaint about sex with Jem. To me, we were completely compatible, and we had a fulfilling and wonderful sex life together. But then, I never really had anything to compare to. Jem has never really had any competition. That is, until Tina started talking about her recent adventures-then Jem wound find himself in direct competition with my imagination!

It all began one night when all three of us were working together. Tina, Raquel, and I were put on the same shift. This didn't happen very often. Normally only two of us worked together. But on this particular evening, things looked like they were going to be busy all evening, so the shift supervisor called Tina to come in. When we were a couple of hours into our shift, things slowed to a crawl. Tina and Raquel had been on break for about 10 minutes; when I completed my tasks and rushed down to join them before they went back to work.

As I neared where they were sitting in the break room, I overheard Tina talking loudly and Raquel laughing loudly, and making replies like, "No Way!" And "you are making that up" and the like. So, needless to say, I was eager to hear what was going on!

"So do you think you are in love with him?" Raquel was asking.

"Ha, that's a laugh," replied Tina. "I'm actually pretty sure I don't even like him. Personality-wise he is a complete arrogant/asshole/jerk," laughed Tina.

"Well why do you keep seeing him then?" Asked Raquel, being coyer than I believed she really was. As I approached, I slowed my pace to listen from a distance. What I didn't realize was that they could see me in the hallway mirror, and knew I was in the doorway listening. So, the majority of this talk was for my benefit!

"Oh, he's alright I guess. Let's just say, he's got it where it counts!" exclaimed Tina.

"What do you mean?" prodded Raquel.

"You know – he's LARGE in the ways that matter!" answered Tina, causing both young nurses to erupt in laughter that made them sound more like junior high girls sharing some secret.

I found myself chuckling in the hallway also. However, the odd thing was, it was as if I had been completely broadsided out of nowhere, I suddenly, and unexpectedly felt myself getting turned on! Even though I had never met this guy – I had never even so much as seen him – the IDEA of him being LARGE where it counted caught me off guard in such a way as to get my heart beating a little faster.

Raquel obviously was hoping for more details, (I wondered if the talk was having the same effect on her) she asked, "So I guess size does matter then?"

Smiling evilly, Tina answered, "It does seem to have its advantages!" causing us all to giggle a little bit more.

Tina went on, "Let's put it this way, I had no idea when I was married to that cheating little scum what I was missing out on. At best, his little worm of a dick was maybe five and a half inches long – and that was on a good day. Mike has that EASILY doubled! And it's not just the length. Worm Boy was about as round as my pinky, and Mike is about as round as your Coke can!"

"Ouch! That doesn't hurt you?" asked Raquel.

"The first time he put it inside me it did for about the first 2 minutes. But he took his time, used lubrication, and before I knew it I was being taken to heights I never even knew existed!"

"Oh hi Jane!" piped Raquel to me as I wandered into the room. "Tina was just filling me in on all that I'm missing out on!"

Tina continued without even missing a beat though. "And there's something else about him too, that makes him amazingly sexual. When I was with the wimpy worm dick boy, I would never take any shit off him, if you know what I mean."

"Yeah, we definitely know," I laughed, winking at Raquel.

"Seriously, though. The way Mike talks to me is totally different. He will TELL me to do things. Not ask or request or put me on equal terms or any of that stuff. He literally will TELL me to do things. And he is so authoritative – so – I don't know how to phrase this – the word aggressive comes to mind, though that's not really it. He's extremely assertive, and confident. It does border on being egotistical or arrogant or whatever you want to call it, but he's so amazingly masculine, and I find myself so excited when he's around – that I WANT to do what he tells me. It becomes some sort of primeval or instinctive sort of thing. Instinct takes over in place of logic. I WANT to do anything I can to please him. I've seriously NEVER felt that way about a guy before."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I never have either," I said, thinking that if Jem TOLD me to do things, I'd certainly call him on it, and not let him get away with it.

"Like he'll say something like, 'just shut up & suck my dick'. And you'd think I'd be all in his face about it. Instead, I find myself on my knees in front of him – just obeying. It's almost like he has some kind of mind control over me or something! Only, it's not scary – and I never want it to end! And I don't feel in love for him at all. It's just plain & simple raw and hard sex. It's all physical. Neither of us has any allusions that it's anything other than this incredible physical attraction!"

I found that I had just been standing there in front of them; slack jawed, as I always was when Tina started telling us about her personal life.

We all giggled. I sat down, and they had to head back to work, so that was the end of the conversation for the moment. However, after they went back, I was left on my own with my imagination running over Tina's latest disclosures.

Certain phrases seemed to burn themselves into my brain. Like: "Size Matters" and "He's LARGE in ways that matter". Also, the comparison between her ex-husband and her new boyfriend seemed to bother me a bit. As I had indicated, Jem has always been a pretty small guy. I had never really thought much about it, but I was pretty sure his dick was probably the same size as Tina's ex. So, every time she called him Little Worm Dick, or whatever, I would instantly get a vision of Jem's erection in my mind.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Part Two - Story Time Continues

The idea of being unfaithful never even occurred to me. Sure, Tina's stories were entertaining – even exciting, but I was with the love of my life-my soul-mate, and nothing could ever threaten or shake that.

Still, being a young, newly married, and extremely inexperienced young wife, I was finding it was awfully fun hearing about Tina's wild times. Though the whole thing seemed incredibly naughty to me, I never felt like I was in any way wronging Jem. And besides, I found myself looking forward to hearing more and more about Tina and Mike's wild adventures. It was a safe and controlled fantasy release for me. I figured if anything, Jem would surely benefit from me participating in these story-times, as when I went home, he would be the soul recipient of my excitement!

As I mentioned before, Tina and I are both nurses who worked together at the same hospital. As it turned out, over a time period, we seemed to work together nearly everyday. I found Tina fast becoming my best friend.

We would spend break times together with her sharing her most intimate secrets with me....and with me drinking them hungrily in, rarely contributing anything from my own rather boring and predictable life. Tina had pretty much already lived what I was involved in prior to her rat husband cheating on her, so I didn't really have much to add to the conversations. And that was fine with me, I much preferred listening anyway.

It seemed that some time ago, after Tina had her heart broken by her ex-husband, she had met Mike at her local health club. Though his personality left something to be desired, he was rocking her world sexually. He was a very large black man, built like a professional athlete, and according to Tina was LARGE in all the right places. And Tina was not shy about telling about it - telling ALL about it-in graphic detail!

She said that she wasn't in love with him at all, but that their sex life was so amazing that it completely made up for it. She told me that he was the best lover she ever had. She literally raved on & on about him, stating that he could make love to her for hours and hours without ever slowing down or having his cock go soft. She said that her husband was lucky to keep it up for 15 minutes before shooting his load, then rolling over and going straight to sleep! (At this, I thought that Jem wasn't far behind her ex in this category).

She also went on that he had the most immense dick she had ever encountered in her life. She said it had to be at LEAST 2 times and possibly 3 times as large as her ex-worm-dick (that she so affectionately called him). What's more, whenever he would put his amazing cock inside her, she felt so completely filled up – that anything she had ever had in the past completely paled compared to it. In fact, after having sex with Mike the first time, she felt as if she was completely over her ex-husband. She said that she never even thought about his little worm dick anymore. (Again, the vision of Jem's erection popped into my mind, as it did every time she said this – which was quite often, actually).

I found myself just sitting there, staring with my mouth agape – taking in every word she said as if she were sharing The Holy Grail with me or something.

"Mike has quite literally ruined me for any other man I'm afraid," lamented Tina. "I don't know if all black guys are built like him – I have to doubt it. I know there's that stereotype about black guys being so much bigger – and I still don't really believe it. But, if all black guys are like my man, I feel sorry for white guys!"

Tina went on and on like this, going into intricate detail, telling me about all the different positions her and Mike would use, about the dirty things he would whisper in her ear while he was fucking her, how he could last forever without cumming, how sometimes he fucked her so hard it was almost scary how physical it was. She even told me about the amazingly expert way he would lick her clit to get her wet and ready for his massive cock.

It seemed that every time we had one of these conversations she would reveal more and more to me. She would go into more personal erotic detail, and I would become more and more turned on! One afternoon she spent an entire lunch hour describing the things they had done the night before. By the time she was done, I was horny, frustrated, and felt as if I would have to run home and jump on Jem the first chance I got! Unfortunately, I still had hours to go on my shift, so I wound up sneaking off into the ladies' room and playing with my pussy until I came just to relieve the maddening tension that was building!

That night when I got off, I indeed DID jump Jem the moment I got home. I basically walked through the door and grabbed his crotch as I locked him in a physical power-kiss. He didn't know what hit him. As we stood in the entryway of our house, I ripped open his pants, and dropped to my knees.

It was likely the very first time I critically looked at Jem's cock and balls. It was rock hard, and already leaking pre-cum from me attacking him. As I stared at it, I realized that his cock exactly matched the description Tina was constantly cutting down regarding her ex-husband! That meant it was somewhere around 5 inches long. In addition, he had scarcely any hair covering his cock and boy-sized testicles. I probably never would have given this a second thought, since his was the only one I had ever seen or ever planned to see. However, with all the talk I was hearing from Tina, it did make me wonder a bit.

At this particular moment, however, I really didn't care! I was sex starved. I instantly inhaled his hard little cock into my mouth all the way. My nose crashed against his sparse pubic hair. My tongue made contact with his tiny ball sack, and I began tickling it with my tongue, until the next thing I knew, his scrotum AND cock was stuffed into my starving, sucking, devouring mouth.

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