tagInterracial LoveA Faithful Wife Ch. 03

A Faithful Wife Ch. 03


Notes to readers: Thanks for all the comments both positive and negative. As Abraham Lincoln said, "You can please some of the people some of the time, and fuck the rest," of course, I'm paraphrasing a bit.

Bottom Line: If you like stories of young/innocent/married damsels being seduced into doing naughty things, please read and enjoy. If you don't, just skip this whole series. If you do choose to read, please remember, these are all fictional fantasies of mine. I'm just sharing them with you for fun. I hope you like them, but I certainly understand if you don't. I know it's not at all realistic, but I'm just having fun - so try not to take it too seriously.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jem had to work late into the night on the problem that had taken him away from the party. It was so severe that he couldn't even work remotely from home, he had to go into the office to help resolve the issue.

It was 3:45 in the morning when he got home. Jane was fast asleep in the bed, though from what he could tell, it appeared to be a fitful sleep. His wife appeared to be having some sort of nightmare or dream. She was moaning a lot, as if she were in pain.

Jem decided that he wouldn't disturb her, so he crept quietly into the bathroom, got undressed and quietly slipped into the bed beside his sleeping wife without waking her.

Jem had not been asleep for more than 45 minutes, when he was awakened. Jane had her tongue shoved deeply into his ear and was jerking hard on his cock, which she had already stimulated into an erection before he was even fully awake.

"What the?" asked Jem, struggling to fully awaken.

"NEED-pant pant-TO-pant pant-FUCK," was all Jane could get out in her current condition. Jem wasn't sure if she was awake or not, as his obviously highly aroused and somewhat drunk wife climbed on top of him and began riding him hard!

This was the hardest she had ever done this, it was as if she were in a fight or something. Jem just lay underneath of her, not moving, letting her take what she needed.

It took less than 2 minutes. Jane screamed loudly, like some kind of wild animal or something, came very hard, and collapsed on top of Jem. He was right. She was indeed, still completely asleep on top of him!

He gently rolled her over, and laid her back on her own pillow. He adjusted her hair, brushing it out of her eyes, wiped the perspiration from her forehead, and gently kissed her.

"I love you baby," he whispered to him.

She just smiled, still in her dream, and never woke up.

"Wow, I'm jealous," said Jem quietly to himself. Must have been one hell of a dream.

He had no idea.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day, I had absolutely no recollection of what between Jem and I when he got home. I did, however, vividly remember the events that transpired in the backyard during our backyard barbeque on the previous night, and though I had expected waves of guilt to overtake me, I was more than a little surprised when I really didn't so much feel that way.

How did I feel, exactly? I was still trying to put my finger on it. When I got up, these thoughts were rampaging through my brain as I lay in bed smiling a bit. Jem was already up and getting ready for work as I lumbered out of bed to see what he was up to.

I was trying to figure out exactly what I should do about the way Mike had made me feel last night. Should I tell Jem that we went overboard? I had never kept secrets from him in the past, but at the same time, I didn't want to hurt him.

And what about my friends at work, and Mike – oh God, Mike! On the one hand, I was still determined to remain faithful to Jem, and never allow anything of that sort to occur again. Sure it was amazing, and I found myself beginning to get wet just from thinking about it.

In fact, I found myself seriously considering joining the gym where Tina had met her dream lover so that I could at least look at him from afar and allow my fantasy life to run wild!

I knew from the early stories from Tina that she had met Mike on a Monday. I knew that Tina had to work today – and Mike would be at the gym. Maybe I'd just drop by and look into getting a membership, just for the hell of it.

I looked through my clothes for the outfit that wouldn't be too outrageous, but at the same time, wouldn't get me overlooked. I picked out my tightest and best ass-showcasing jeans, and a tight t shirt that wouldn't hide my 'best assets'. In fact, truth be told, I was wearing my best ass jeans and my best tits shirt.

This tended to be one of Jem's favorite outfits, and when he spied me wearing it, he decided to get a bit frisky, and sneaking up behind me, kissing my neck, and cupping my breasts in each hand, he whispered in my ear, "Aren't you looking HOT this morning?"

I was also *feeling* extremely hot, and didn't mind his display of excitement. I whirled around, grabbed his already hardening cock through the thin fabric of his work pants, and told him, "Just for that mister, you better watch it, because tonight you are IN for it."

I could see the excitement growing in his eyes. And in spite of the fact that I was pretty sure I was going to continue my over the top flirtation with Mike, I really wasn't feeling much guilt about it. Sure, I was being turned on by another man, but Jem was definitely going to benefit from it all!

"Mmmm-sounds wonderful," moaned Jem. "I gotta run right now though Babe, can't wait 'til tonight!" He said as he reluctantly moved away from my fingers groping him.

"Me too baby," I answered back as he quickly gave me the routine peck on the cheek before rushing out the door.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

As I was driving to the gym, I felt positively naughty because I knew that deep down that I was totally lusting after Mike. He had been all that I had been able to think about since Tina started going on and on and on about him, and after the other night, getting just a slight taste for myself seemed to completely wet my appetite! I couldn't get the thought of his huge cock out of my mind. I had never seen or felt anything like it, and it had pushed my curiosity into overdrive!

"Now I will remain faithful," I mentally scolded myself.

"But that doesn't stop me from continuing the fun and flirtation," my mind argued back, totally rationalizing.

I got this hilarious picture of an angel over one should whispering one thing to me, and a devil over the other. The only question was, which would win out? I was determined to try to keep both extremes happy, by not completely shutting the feelings down, but instead, keeping them under control.

This whole situation was making me feel so excited; I just couldn't force myself to completely put an end to it quite yet! Oh, sure, I was being a bit obsessive, but that was part of the fun and excitement of it all too. Once I had a little bit more fun, I would shut it down, and nobody would get hurt.

So, after much psyching myself up to go to the gym where Mike works, I finally worked up enough courage to go through with it. When I arrived, I drove around the parking lot looking for his car. Of all the rotten luck, I didn't see it. However, I simply would not be denied, so I timidly went into the front door, and just kinda meekly wandered around the front of the gym, all the while hoping to see him. No Luck. Shit.

Finally, I decided that God had somehow intervened and saved me from myself, and decided that it was time to simply turn around and head for home. I left the gym, and headed for my car; feeling relieved and disappointed both at the same time.

At that very moment, I caught sight of him out of the corner of my eye! He walked briskly up to me, and like the first time we met, greeted me like a long-time friend, as if he had known me forever. He reached out a hand, gently taking my arm, and bent in to give me a light peck on the cheek.

"I didn't know you worked out here too?" he asked, trying to hide a somewhat knowing smirk on his face.

"Oh, I haven't joined yet," I stammered like an idiot, "I was just considering it-joining, that is."

"Where's Tina," I asked, knowing full well that she had a full shift ahead of her at work. This was part of my devious little plan. I knew if I ran into Mike that Tina would be nowhere around. There would be nobody to answer to.

"This is the best gym in the world, you should join!" he replied, completely ignoring the question about Tina. We both knew that I knew where she was, it was just part of the game.

With that, he stepped back slightly, appraising me from head to toe, openly gawking at me. I felt the blood run hot through my veins; yes I was blushing like a school girl.

"It's a lot easier to check you out without Tina hovering over my every move, watching me like a damned vulture" said Mike. "And just like the other night, you look damned fine."

I could literally feel the color filling my cheeks. I was getting more and more embarrassed, but at the same time, more and more excited. He was so charismatic, while at the same time being so incredibly masculine and assertive. I could feel his power over me literally grow as we stood there. My desire for him seemed to be taking off beyond the point where I wasn't entirely sure if I could keep it in check!

"Are you heading in to work out right now?" I asked.

He continued eying me from head to toe. He wasn't trying to be coy or shy about it. He was being blatantly obvious. From the way he continued appraising me, it seemed his desire for me was growing also.

"You know, Jem gets off in a couple hours, so I don't really know if that's enough time to get started in a new gym," I casually mentioned to him.

"Hmmm-probably not," he answered, obviously taking my hint. "Tina's hung up too for awhile, and I don't really have much to do, wanna just hang out for awhile? I could show you what we've done with the place since I've moved in."

"Sure, sounds fun," I answered, trying to hide at least part of the eagerness in my voice.

"Hold on for a minute, I gotta run in and let them know I'll be detained for awhile."

"I won't get you into any trouble, will I?"

"Ha, I'm pretty sure we don't have to worry about that! No, it'll be fine," Mike answered. "And besides, who says she has to know anything?"

"Not I," I replied, feeling naughtier by the minute.

I stood waiting for him in a flustered state. We both knew good and well that something was going to happen at his house. My curiosity was still in a peaked state, but I wasn't really ready to break my marriage vows. I wanted to play some more, and quite frankly, I wanted to see his big cock again. Possibly play with it a bit, and if he made me (and I hoped he would) I wanted to show him that I was as good as Tina at pleasing him, and WAY better than Raquel had been.

"Yes," I thought to myself, "I will probably suck his cock again, given the chance." I wanted to taste his cock again. I even found myself wanting that flood of semen that Raquel got last time and Tina so kindly cleaned off of her. That would be the limit. I would suck him off, but wouldn't really let him touch me, and certainly not let him fuck me. That I would reserve for Jem. This was the way I rationalized that it was ok. Sure, it was thin, but it would have to do.

Mike didn't leave me waiting very long. He finished up his errands inside, and met me again in the parking lot. I hoped that I looked as good to him as he looked to me. As he walked me to his car, he gently placed his hand on my back. I felt chills race through me at this initial touch. As we neared his car, I felt him slid his hand down, and nearly squealed as I felt his hand gently grip my butt! He only did it for a moment, just long enough for me to know that his intentions were likely far from pure, and I actually found myself wanting more. However, there was no way I could take the role of the aggressor that would have to come from him. I did, however, find myself hoping he would continue to push the limits.

On the way to his place we chit chatted a bit. He asked me about 'my little man', and I said he was just fine. He again apologized for hitting him with the volleyball, and stated that he hoped he didn't do any permanent damage.

I have to admit that found it a bit brazen that he continued to talk about my husband. Normally, I would expect a guy who wanted to flirt around or play with a married lady to avoid the husband topic all together, to avoid throwing any emotional complications into the mix, to avoid possibly sabotaging his chances. Mike, on the other hand, was too confident for that. It seemed like he WANTED me to think of Jem, almost as if he were taunting me with it a bit. Like he wanted me to think of him, and STILL want to go through with whatever lay ahead of us. The scary thing was that was exactly what was happening! Regardless of any thoughts I had of my husband and our happy marriage, I was going to go through with this. True, I would keep it under control, but I had no intention of backing out now.

Soon he steered the conversation around to my looks. He kept telling me what a hot little white chic I was, how lucky my little man was, and that he hoped I wasn't too much for him. He also went on to tell me how he had noticed me right away, the moment he saw me and how interested he was in me from that first time.

Now don't get me wrong. I'm not completely naïve. I have had guys feed me these kind of lines many times in the past. I remembered full well that the first time he met me he had just gotten done having his throat down Tina's throat, and scarcely noticed me sitting there.

I've turned lots of guys down who did a better job BSing than Mike. He was trying to sweet talk his way into my pants, and he was far from the first guy to try this. Normally I would have shut a guy down long ago, but for some reason, it was working very well for Mike. Perhaps it was because it didn't really matter WHAT he said to me. Though he was quite charismatic, I was pretty sure it was something a bit more primeval that was propelling this situation further.

About that time we arrived at a subdivision of condos. He didn't have to tell me that it was his and Tina's place as we arrived. I had been to Tina's place before he had ever met her. I continued to surprise myself by not really being all that reluctant, as I followed him through the front door, though I did feel myself getting goose bumps as the cool rush of air conditioning met with my warm skin. I looked down at my arms, at the fine hairs standing on end, then glanced down at my chest and noticed my nipples were prominently poking out of my tight t shirt.

As we entered, he held the door open for me and I walked past him. As I was passing, I felt him place his hand squarely on my ass. He used his other hand to grab a belt loop on my jeans and pull me back into him! I felt myself crush against his huge frame – it didn't budge. He lifted me slightly as he bent down to me, I have never experienced anything like it – being lifted from my feet as though I weighed nothing. At the same time, he drew me to him, covering my lips with his in a huge, sensuous kiss! I was kissing someone other than Jem for the first time in years. Before I even considered what was happening, I felt his tongue in my mouth, and what's more, I was kissing back and lightly moaning for all I was worth.

It was so different than kissing Jem. With Jem, it was always very gentle and loving. With Mike, it was hard, and urgent, and scary, and demanding-all at the same time. I felt as if I was falling.

Though my eyes were closed tightly, I heard him somehow manage to close the door. He lifted me up higher, spun me around, and pinned me hard against the door. I felt completely at his disposal. He was moving me around like a little rag doll-like a plaything. God, that was such a hot image in my mind, and I moaned a little louder back into his eager mouth. He knew he had me. Hell, he may have known he had me the moment he saw me that day.

My mind was pretty much made up at this point. I had been thinking about, obsessing about, and fantasizing about his cock every since Tina started telling Raquel and I about it. She had gone on and on in great detail about it, until her obsession had seemed to somehow transfer to me. I had listened to her, envisioned it, envied her, fantasized about it, and then finally she had been so brazen as to display it before me – to wave it under my nose at our barbeque. She had even allowed me to briefly experiment with it, expecting that to be enough. Well, it wasn't enough- I wanted MORE!

All at once, his hands were all over my body. Instinctively, I moved my hand to the front of his athletic shorts and began rubbing the massive meat inside them. It was only partially hard, but it felt so huge and heavy through his shorts already! I was panting into his mouth, I wanted it – and he knew it.

My desires seemed to completely overtake me at this point. I became single-minded. All I wanted to do was please this man, to make him realize that I was so much better than he had originally anticipated and joked about the night of our barbeque. I wanted to go down on him, only this time, I wanted his sperm. I didn't want to share it with my friends – I didn't even want them to know about this. Regardless of how I felt about Jem, the man who was so effortlessly lifting me in his arms had become my sole fixation!

I pulled back from the kiss, panting out loud now. "My God, you are so huge," I exclaimed honestly. I wasn't at all trying to mask the fact that I wanted what was inside his shorts.

"All the better to please a pretty little married lady such as your self," he replied smugly. "You need to take it out, before I hurt myself in these shorts!"

Again I noted that it wasn't really a request. He was telling me exactly what he wanted me to do, and I required no further coaching. This is exactly what I had come here for, wasn't it? I mean, all that staying faithful stuff I had been trying to tell myself, it was really just a phasod-a silly excuse to enable me to summon the courage to come over here in the first place.

Doing as I was instructed, I dropped to my knees in front of him in a similar fashion to what I had done in my own back yard on the pervious evening. I eagerly grabbed his shorts in both hands, on each side of him, and tugged them down. He was wearing no underwear, so his erection sprang out at me, almost menacingly! There is was, the thing I had been dreaming about; the cock that I pretended was inside me the last time Jem and I fucked and Jem thought I was asleep. I looked at my hands which I had placed on each of his thighs, and marveled at how attractive my white skin looked against his dark black skin.

As I stared up cross-eyed up his long, thick, slightly bent, black cock, I noticed a large, thick drop of fluid oozing out of the tip. I could resist no longer as I swooped in, greedily licking the hot liquid into my mouth. I could taste his strong but wonderful seed.

Any hint of hesitation melted away from me as I took him as far into my mouth as I could fit. I was determined to impress him, so similar to last night, I relaxed my throat and surprised both him and myself by taking well over 2/3 of his massive cock into my mouth and throat.

I could see his surprise when I looked up into his eyes. I could tell he was not used to women being able to do this, and a huge surge of pride suddenly overtook me, giving me a bit of confidence and further fueling my excitement. As I tasted him, I thought to myself that I was determined to make this the best he had ever had-to show him that I was so much better than Tina. Then, when Tina bragged on and on to me later, I could know that it was actually me who had bragging rights!

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