tagInterracial LoveA Faithful Wife Ch. 04

A Faithful Wife Ch. 04


Notes to readers: Thanks for all the comments both positive and negative.

Same as always: If you like stories of young/innocent/married damsels being seduced into doing naughty things, please read and enjoy. If you don't, just skip this whole series. If you do choose to read, please remember, these are all fictional fantasies of mine. I'm just sharing them with you for fun. I hope you like them, but I certainly understand if you don't. I know it's not at all realistic, but I'm just having fun - so try not to take it too seriously.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Jem was so relieved that I was all right when he came and picked me up that he didn't even think to question me about the car or to even attempt to determine what was wrong with it. After our sultry kiss, we regained our composure, and I saw Mike's car pulling out of the grocery parking lot out of the corner of my eye. We both simply got into Jem's car and headed for home. When we got home my husband arranged for a tow-truck to pick up my car and for a mechanic to have a look at it.

When the mechanic arrived, he obviously found the car with nothing wrong with it, so he called Mike and informed him that his silly wife had simply forgotten to take the car fully out of gear, and therefore it started right up for him.

Jem immediately began teasing me about something about women and cars to which I simply had to endure the ribbing. I mean, it was either that or tell him the real reason-that I had just received the fucking of my young life and become somewhat owned by a large stud of a black man, and was following through with some insanely kinky instructions he had given me to demonstrate his control over me. I decided to go with the teasing.

Later that evening, after diner, we went back to the grocery store and picked the car up. On the way over, my husband and I were chit chatting about everyday things, when it occurred to me that the next day I would be working a full shift with Tina. Raquel was scheduled off for the day, so it would be just Tina and I. I couldn't help wondering to myself what kind of stories about Mike she would have to share with me! I wondered if he would have the balls to fuck her only shortly after fucking me. Would he make her suck the huge cock that only hours before had been buried in my pussy? I had to admit, even though the thought caused jealousy to spring up inside me, it also made me a bit wet as I sat there in my husband's car, desperately trying to listen to him well enough to at least keep up with the conversation.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day as I prepared for work, Mike telephoned me. He asked me if I wanted to get together again anytime soon. I, of course, said that I most definitely would. I'm pretty sure he had anticipated my answer, as he seemed to have the next line rehearsed.

"OK, but the next time it's going to be at your house – in your bed," he informed me.

I felt my legs go weak at this suggestion. He wanted to fuck me on the bed that Jem and I shared-our marriage bed. It was yet another demonstration of Mikes, intended to show me that it was he that was in total control now, and it was he would not only completely dominate me-an attractive married white woman, but he would also push me to my utter limits in anyway he could imagine.

"OK," was all I could muster as a response.

"And there are going to be some additional conditions this time," he continued. I could hear the edge in his voice.

"What kind of conditions," I asked, feeling a wave of nerves overtake me. What else would he demand this time? I had already shared an intimate kiss with my husband only moments after swallowing volumes of this man's cum. I just got done to agreeing to allow him to come to my house and fuck me on the very bed that my husband and I shared. What would be the next idea he would have to prove his control over me – to push me to the limit?

I had already forced myself to come to grips with the fact that I had made the transition from being faithful to being a complete cheater. In just a matter of a few moments in time I had changed from being completely honorable and trustworthy to becoming a total tramp simply to please my new lover.

Regardless of these facts, I really couldn't bring myself to feel too awfully bad about it. As long as Jem never found out, I wasn't really hurting anyone and the plain and simple truth of the matter was that sex with Mike was too good for me to pass up. Being honest with my self, deep down, I was just too selfish to give him up.

Yes, Tina was right in what she had told me about this man; I felt no real intimacy, love, or any other touchy feely feelings for him. I just wanted his cock, deep inside me. And it was something more than that too. Something competitive had awakened inside me. I wanted to show Mike that I could be the best he had ever had. In spite of the fact that I had no desire to keep this man for myself, I was drunk on the here and now, and was not ready to relinquish it.

Obviously Mike must have had some similar feelings for me, since he took me to his live-in girlfriend's house and gave me the fucking of my life. While he wanted to show me how much of a wimp my husband was, to completely dominate and own me, I felt some similar desires to give him the feeling that he was getting the best he had ever had also - to show him just how much better I was than Tina. I'm sure these feelings were born from the fact that Tina had spent so many evenings seemingly gloating over how good her new lover was. It was as if she were throwing it in my face the whole time.

I realized that even though at one time being faithful to Jem had been the most important thing in my life, something had recently changed in me. Tina thrusting Mike into my life had been the catalyst that seemed to have changed all that. I didn't really ask for it to happen, but when it did, I was powerless to prevent it. So now I was determined to make the best of it.

Sure, cheating on Jem hurt me; there was no denying that, no matter how much I rationalized. At the same time, the fact of the matter remained that I had just had the best sex of my life, enjoyed it more than anything I could have ever imagined, and I was just going to have to focus on the positives and keep the negatives buried in my subconscious!

Mike satisfied me in ways that Jem could never hope to. Jem was very sensitive, and a complete gentleman. These were the reasons I fell in love with him. For these same reasons, I wanted to remain married to him, keeping what went on between Mike and I a complete secret. I was in love with Jem – I was in lust with Mike. Mike brought out primeval urges in me that Jem could never awaken. Yeah, he had a great cock and was amazing in bed, but he also brought out the slut in me. The debased, naughty, sneaky slut that I had no idea even existed in me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

That night at work was a hectic and busy one. I had precious little time to think of my current situation of cheating with my best friend's boyfriend behind her back. Finally, when our shift was nearly three fourths of the way finished, Tina went on break and I was dying for some alone time with her.

I still hadn't really talked to her about what happened that night at my house. There were so many things I wondered how she felt about that night. Sure, there were the obvious things about what happened with Mike – but I had also not really been able to ask her about what happened between her and Raquel.

Though I had been awfully preoccupied with what was happening with Mike, there was also the fact that my two best friends had shared a sexual experience together. And while I've never considered myself to have any gay tendencies whatsoever, not even being slightly bi-curious, the fact that my two best girlfriends had had sex with each other, each were extremely attractive, and I had witnessed the entire episode did get my heart racing a bit whenever I thought about it!

I was dying to ask Tina about it – how it felt, if she found it hot or if she simply had done it for Mike's benefit. But we had to have complete privacy and more than a few moments alone to have that conversation!

I was really too busy to take a break when Tina took hers, much to my frustration. Finally, after nearly 20 minutes into her half hour lunch, I just *made* the time for it. I simply had to talk to her. I was burning up with curiosity of what happened between her and Mike, so the stuff about Raquel would simply have to wait. If nothing else, I needed to make sure she had no suspicions of what all had been happening between Mike and I!

Now as I have stated before, Tina has never been shy about sharing the most intimate details about her and Mike's sex life. I had been hearing about his amazing cock and superhuman fucking abilities every since the first time she had sex with the man. Tonight she seemed a bit different though – she was definitely considerably more reserved than ever before. She never brought Mike up at all, and I found myself watching the clock, fearing her break would end and my questions would never be answered!

Finally, I decided I had to take matters into my own hands!

"I still can't believe what happened at my house the other night," I offered tentatively.

"Yeah, I guess we all had a bit too much to drink," replied Tina, looking as if she was experiencing regret from it all.

"It didn't cause any problems between you two, did it?" I further fished.

"Oh, no, not at all," she answered, still not offering anything of any substance up. This getting to be a lot like pulling teeth, and it was beginning to get on my already raw nerves.

"OK Tina, just spill it already," I said, finally losing patience.

"What are you talking about?" she asked, oblivious (or at least so she put on) to what I was talking about.

"Every night we've had breaks together you've shared you and Mike's crazy adventures. Now you're either mad at him, or Raquel and I, or something. What gives?"

"Oh don't be silly," she replied, completely seriously. "I'm not mad at him at all. I do think he was a bit tired last night though. And that's saying a lot, because my man is NEVER tired," she continued.

Now she had me. I could sense that she wanted me hooked again. This was the relationship between Tina and I; it was how all this craziness had all began; with her sharing all of her wild and crazy adventures with the naïve-old-married lady, the one with the wimpy little no-dicked husband. I knew that's what she thought. It brought her up knowing she had something so much better than I ever would. It made her feel superior or something.

"What makes you think he was tired?" I asked, hoping her tale would get really good at this point.

I wasn't disappointed.

"Well, normally we fuck all night long. He has that tremendous stamina-ya know."

Boy, did I?!?

She continued, "But last night, we get into the bedroom, and it was a bit different."


"Yeah, he takes off his clothes, and as usual, I am captivated. But when I ask him if he feels like a good hard fuck tonight he says:"

"Baby, tonight I want you to give me head like you mean it."

"Of course, I can never resist that, so I climb onto the bed between his legs, and start sucking him. Right in the middle of it, he pulls my head back and demands:"

"How do you like the way my dick tastes tonight baby?"

I had to struggle to suppress a moan at this. I WAS getting to him at least a little bit in the same way he was getting to me! He wanted his girlfriend to taste my pussy on his beautiful cock. He wanted to throw it in her face a bit.

"What'd you tell him?" I asked, completely unable to mask the fascination and excitement in my voice. Of course, she just thought I was getting worked up from hearing about her sexcapades as I usually did. She had no idea the source of my actual excitement!

"Well I told him of course I loved the taste of his beautiful cock, just like I always did. And I KNOW he was liking what I was doing, because I could tell he was real excited because he had a great deal of precum running down it earlier, as I could task the pungent flavor of it."

"Mmmmm-" was all I could manage.

"Now at least you'll know what I'm talking about when I tell you about his amazing cock," she went on gloating, finally getting back into her normal swing of conversation "now that you got to see it and even experiment with it a little bit at your barbeque. Hopefully it won't spoil you for poor little Jem!"

"Yeah," I answered, biting my lip to avoid giggling a bit. I didn't know what else to say. I really didn't need to say anything else anyway, she was more than happy to drone on. As usual, input from me was pretty much optional as long as I was completely captivated by her tale.

"Anyway, he kept telling me to suck his cock completely clean and to lick every inch of it, which as a good girlfriend I diligently obeyed, as always. He did fuck me some after I let him cum in my mouth, but it really seemed like his heart wasn't so much in it. Not that it really mattered. A half hearted fuck from him is still enough to make this old lady cum hard!" she bragged.

"I bet," I answered.

"Well honey, my break's like 5 minutes overdue now. I better get back or they're gonna dock my pay!"

"OK Tina, talk to ya after our shift's are over," I said, trying not to allow her to see me squirming in my seat. I had the overwhelming desire to touch myself, but I forced myself to refrain, wanting to save the sexual energy for my next encounter with Mike.

I wanted to give him lots of pussy juice on his amazing cock for him to feed to Tina later. My only hope was that I'd get to hear all about it from her again!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Today I wanted to look as hot and desirable as I have ever looked before. This thought raced through my mind as I put on my ultra tight, black miniskirt; with a silky sheer red half shirt that showed off my tight abs and did nothing to conceal my chest-which I hoped would continue to catch Mike's eye as it had done in our previous meetings.

The idea of having Mike come to my house gave me a huge case of the willies. Don't get me wrong, nothing could stand between me and a repeat performance of our last get together. But still, I had some serious mixed emotions about the risk of having him come to our house.

But let's face it; Mike was not to be denied when he had an idea in mind. I had already come to the realization that he got a huge amount of sexual excitement from the idea of not only fucking an attractive married white lady, his girlfriend's best friend nonetheless, but also in the process of doing so, forcing the married white lady into humiliating her husband in any way his deranged imagination could come up with. So far, it had been capable of some fairly elaborate things, and I was guessing he planned to step things up this humiliation process even more during this meeting.

Just as these images were milling around in my mind, my thoughts were interrupted by my front doorbell ringing.

"Oh God, he was here!" I thought, feeling that bad case of cold feet worsening at the prospect of him standing outside my front door for the entire world to see.

I peered through the security keyhole and saw him standing there, big as life. My mind momentarily screamed at me not to answer the door – to pretend I wasn't home, and maybe he would go away.

The realization that it would be really easy either for Jem to return unexpectedly or for someone we knew to see him coming over had given me second thoughts. I felt panicked for a moment as a million scenarios flew through my mind. Maybe I could just pretend I wasn't at home?

"Yeah, right," I told that fleeting thought.

I flipped the deadbolt, unhooked the chain and turned the door handle with as much poise as I could muster. As the door opened, he threw his arms around me, lifted me into the air as he had done the last time we met, and began kissing me just as he had done before. My hesitation instantly melted away as soon as I was in this huge man's strong grasp. My chemistry instantly reacted to him, causing my body temperature to rise and my heart rate to quicken.

I decided to cut to the chase, no sense beating around the bush. Between kisses I breathed to him, "Oh God, Mike, I need you to fuck me so badly!" I was literally panting as I reached my hand down, groping for his erection. I was not disappointed, just as I hoped and suspected he was hard as a rock, and huge as ever!

I was again overwhelmed by his size and strength as he literally carried me over to the couch, throwing me down on it, and we continued our power kissing. I couldn't remember the last time someone had kissed me with such urgency, and it was having an immediate effect on me.

I suddenly felt each of his strong hands squeezing my breasts through my tight half-shirt, with no effort; he lifted it above my braless tits, and resumed squeezing my already erect nipples, somewhat roughly turning my sensitive nipples.

At that point, whatever fears or reservations I had felt before were instantly forgotten. He parted my legs slightly with his strong hand, and slid his long middle finger up the leg of my shorts, finding my already drenched pussy.

"Today I'm going to fuck you on your marriage bed," he told me, causing me to moan as I imagined it. I knew he was going to step things up a bit, and I was already feeling overwhelmed. "Not only that, we are going to make the whole bedroom smell of sex and cum before your little wimpy husband gets home. We are going to completely drench your guys' bed in your cum and mine, leaving wet spots all over it. Then, when wimp gets home, you are going to take him up there and fuck him on the exact same bed. What do you think about that idea my little white married slut?"

I responded the only way I felt capable at that moment. I shoved my tongue roughly back into his mouth. He continued kissing me in this fashion for a few moments, then broke the kiss. He continued rubbing my clit with his long finger, but he put his mouth right next to my ear and began whispering into it as I worked my hand down the front of his shorts, again finding the object of my desire, hard and throbbing.

He whispered into my ear, "Have you ever heard of classical conditioning?"

I found myself in a bit of a sexual fog. I was having trouble focusing on what he was saying to me, as I was so eager to get on with what I wanted to do, which was have a repeat of the amazing fuck I had just had with him. I needed it bad, and that made conversation a bit of a challenge for me.

What did he ask me? What was classical conditioning, of course I had heard of it. I was a nurse for God's sake. The definition flashed through my brain, reminding me momentarily of Professor Garvey, the perverted old lecher of a teacher I had as an undergrad who was constantly trying to see down my shirt whenever I would bend over to hand him a paper or assignment at his desk.

I had taken Psych I and Psych II during my undergraduate studies in college and done very well in it. I was well versed in both Classical and Operant conditioning, but had very little desire to think about, much less discuss, either one of them at this particular moment.

I was still confused by where he was going with his questions, and eager to just get on with what he had come here to do, namely, give me the fucking of my life!

Whatever he had dreamed up in his perverted mind that he wanted me to do I knew I would do, but couldn't all this talk wait until later? I tried to get back into our heated kiss, and more urgently caressed his hardon in an attempt to get his focus returned where it belonged, but much to my frustration, he held me back.

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