tagLoving WivesA Family Affair Ch.01

A Family Affair Ch.01


In a way I could never imagine happening, I caught my wife Lynn cheating on me. With her sister's man Michael of all people. He was a bit of a loser, but her sister Emily loved him for some reason I could never understand. Now I knew the lack of appeal from the neck to the brain was offset by the view of what clothes always covered. But I'm getting ahead of myself here, let's go back to how this all started.

My sister-in-law Emily came by my house while my wife was out shopping. It was a bit of a surprise since she almost never came over.

"I can't lie Emily, it's good to see you, but what are you doing here?"

"Sorry Devon, I should have called first, I know. But this morning my laptop just freaked out and stopped working right. I'm on my way to work, so I decided to stop and ask if you had time to take a look."

"Sure, it's no problem. Can you tell me what's been different lately?"

"Well nothing really. Michael has been on it a lot lately, so I blame him. I have only been doing email and Facebook stalking."

"Ok, well it really could be anything. Do you want to wait and I can do it now, or do you have to run?"

"Don't rush on my part, I have to get to work, just give me a call when it's ready and I can come back by to get it."

With nothing better to do, I got on it after she left and found the problem right away. Spyware. Typical guy, not being savvy enough to cover up his porn surfing and not using 'private' mode.

After it was fixed, I decided to be nosy since I was bored. It took a whopping five minutes to find Michael's downloaded porn stash. Jackpot!

He was into mostly vanilla stuff, but somewhat into light bondage stuff too. Also it looked like he was into written porn! There were a few links to stories in a text document, and they all went to cuckold stories. Those never really 'did it' for me, so I didn't read them, just gave them a quick skim.

Then I saw a link to a geek site I frequent. This was odd since he wasn't a geek-type person, and from the URL name, it piqued my interest; of course I had to check it out.

The page described how to hide files in plain sight, and it was actually easy for a non-geek to remember. Naturally I started to look to find the super-private stash. Looking back now, maybe I shouldn't have...

As I uncovered the hidden collection, my mood soared because it showed both Michael and Emily. I didn't care to see him naked, but I was happy to see my SIL who had just been in my living room not two hours ago, and she was now naked in my kitchen. Well, at least on the screen. She looked better than I thought she would - her baggy clothes hid a LOT from the wondering eye.

But then my heart sank. Clicking the 'next' button showed my wife. Naked. With Michael's cock in her mouth. Looking closer, I saw it was in the same room her sister's pictures were taken in. Going through the list, I saw my dear Lynn in many poses, in their house and mine.

Then I felt horrible! My heart ached, and my stomach churned. I was no longer turned on in any way, I was sick. I was hurt. And I was pissed! For the first time in years, I could feel tears building up, threatening to fall at a moment's notice.

Many images showed my naked wife with a mouthful of his cock. Then a dozen more of his cock filling every place she had to offer. Barely able to watch, I couldn't scroll through fast enough, hoping to get past seeing her cheating ass. It was too much for me though, I couldn't take anymore! Closing the laptop's lid, I had to walk away.

About an hour later, Lynn came home from shopping. I couldn't even talk to her, I made an excuse about not feeling good and went out to the garage. On an impulse, I brought the laptop and the bottle of vodka on the end of the counter. There were a million things I wanted to say to her, to yell and scream, or throw our wedding picture at her feet. I was so conflicted and hurt, I just left before my emotions got out of control.

An hour later, feeling relaxed somewhat by cleaning up the area, I was ready to finish going through the pictures. I'm sure the glasses of 80-proof medicine helped too. Steeling my mind, I approached the laptop with a total lack of emotion.

It only took a few minutes to scroll through the rest of the pictures of Michael sticking his cock into my wife. With a surprisingly objective eye, I saw now what had drawn Emily and my wife to him. He had a really thick cock. Not overly-long, just thick. He was also fairly well built, so he was probably able to get gymnastics done that I couldn't. Being 15 years younger than me was surely part of it too. Oh well. The only thing I had on him physically was my dick's length, and who knows if technique had any bearing on this? Or was I lacking there too?

As I kept going through the pics, my wife was soon replaced by Emily again. I was actually surprised that there was response from me, I was emotionally beat. The raging hard-on I got from seeing her before was nowhere to be found.

I'm not sure why, but I wasn't surprised to see there was another girl's pictures!!! The first pics few were from the neck down, so I couldn't be sure who she was - then I saw her face. I just shook my head in resignation. After the mental roller coaster of seeing my wife with him, seeing him with Marie (the third sister) was not a big deal.

At least I had the ability to admit Marie had a nice body. Her clothes did her a lot of favors though. She was a lot better looking dressed! Still, that didn't stop me from looking. Reaching the end of the pictures, I leaned back and tried to sort things out my mind and figure out what to do. I had no clue...

At long last, I decided to just sleep on it; but not before taking a precaution. With a spare thumb drive, I copied over the entire folder to save for later. Why? I wasn't really sure, I just knew I needed to save them all. Surprising myself, I decided to leave the pictures there so Michael wouldn't know he had been found out. With a sad heart, I got the laptop ready to give back and gave Emily a call saying it was ready for her.

"Hey sis, it's me, just wanted to let you know your laptop is back to its normal happy state."

"Awesome! Thank you so much Devon, you're a life-saver! What was wrong? Was it Michael surfing porn or something?"

While I wanted to say more, I had no qualms getting him in trouble. Usually I try to save the guys some pain from their women over their porn habits, but not now! Not this guy.

"Yup, that was it. Luckily we got it in time and it didn't kill the while computer. It was not really all that bad. But don't tell him I said that, feel free to abuse him as you see fit, and make up anything you want."

Her voice darkened as she replied.

"Oh don't you worry, I sure will. Thank you for this, we have had problems lately, and this could help explain why."

Well, maybe the stuff I found would explain some too, I wasn't just ready yet to tell anyone. Especially over the phone.

Two weeks went by while I stewed over this, but I came to no resolution. After my mind couldn't come up with a good answer for anything, I decided to revisit the evidence on the thumb drive.

First, I went the easy route and looked through the document that had just web page links. The links for pictures and videos couldn't keep my interest for very long, I really wasn't in the mood to look at porn.

Can you believe it? I had no interest in looking at beautiful naked women! The most common response was 'she is cute' or 'decent body, but too fake'. And it was only in my head, not a twitch from down below. When I finally noticed this lack of response it bothered me, but I would address that later.

For a distraction, I loaded the links for the stories. 'Mental porn' is nice sometimes, but I never did like the cuckold stories. They always bugged me. However, for the sake of what I was doing now, I had to read them all.

My jaw clenched and my heart froze as I realized the theme of the first story. The cheating wife used frequent long shopping trips to get her freak on, and eventually set up a way for her hubby to walk in on the middle of a sexscapade. A cold chill hit me as I wondered if this discovery on the laptop was intentional!

With this in mind, I decided to pay a visit to Michael and Emily's house. It was Friday, so she was at work all day and he was 'out' somewhere, so I took my lunch break to go visit the house. It's nice being family and having a spare key!

After making sure the coast was clear, I let myself in and found the laptop in the kitchen. Within minutes, I had the hidden folder copying to my thumb drive where I could look closely later to see if there was new stuff from her latest 'shopping trips'. I was nervous about Michael catching me, so I was gone after about 15 minute.

That evening, I told Lynn I was going to do some work in the garage. She hates the noise and the smell of oils, paint, grease, etc, so I knew she won't bother me. With my laptop and a 12-pack I was set for the night. What a fun start to the weekend. Yay.

The first thing I noticed was that there were a few new pictures of my wife. They were from two weeks ago. That explains her shopping trip on that fateful day, and why she came home without buying anything! (She said she was just 'browsing' to clear her mind. Ya sure.)

There were a few new ones of Marie as well, and from only a few days ago. That made sense since her hubby was out fishing all day Sunday.

To help organize things, I made three copies of all the pictures. Then I sorted one copy by date with a folder for each week. Another had a folder for each girl. The last had a folder for each type of pose/action.

Some beer-fueled brain churning and deep thinking followed, and it turns out he was less organized and smart than I have him credit for. Having two sisters on the side, and all three being clueless about it was apparently more luck than skill.

Reading the stories again that he had favorited, I got to scheming again. Surprisingly, the stories and pictures got my libido going. I guess the thoughts of revenge was my ticket to excitement now. If this was done right, this could be used to my advantage.

Lynn and I have been married almost 15 years, and our sex life had waned quite a bit, just like most couples married this long. She was clearly having more sex with Michael than with me, but hopefully he was just a quick fling. As much as I was hurt, I knew we had built up so much history and love, so I was really hesitant to throw it all away over another dick. As long as she quit cheating, that is. I wasn't a wimp like the guys in the stories Michael liked, I just knew it would be easier to make this all go away without me ending up in jail.

Marie's husband, James, was in the same boat I was, so I was really hoping I could get him to see things the same way. James is a really quiet, easy going guy, but he has a serious temper. This could easily end up badly, but involving him in my plan was worth a shot. I had to get to talk to him soon. Tomorrow. We were going to have to get a lot more beer though, this was going to be a long weekend!

The next morning, I invited James out for an overnight fishing trip. He wasn't crazy about the idea, since he had a lot of yardwork to do. I very strongly insisted that he go, saying it wasn't really about the fishing, we had a secret mission, and that he was sworn to secrecy. That got him hooked (pun intended), so around noon that day we left.

I was a bit hung over still, so he had to drive the two hours out to our spot. The whole drive he was pestering me about this mission, but I said nothing! We set up camp quickly, then got the boat on the water. We brought a case of beer with us in the cooler, the rest was waiting for us in the truck, along with my reason for this trip.

"OK dude, this is ENOUGH with the suspense already. This is killin me here man."

"Sorry to drag this out, I really am, but we needed to get away. And far enough away to make a quick return impossible."

"Umm, ok? Why, are you gonna kill me or something? You don't even like fishing, so why come all the way for that?"

"Sorry, I guess it did sound kinda bad. It's not that. Even though you like this crappy beer, it's not a killing offense."

"Good, that's a relief, I forgot my bulletproof vest at home today. So spill it, what's eating you up?"

Pausing to gather myself, I finally just spit it out.

"She's cheating on me. There. That's it, I said it. That was part one. Step two is that I wanted to hear your advice on my next move. The rest of the steps come later."

A silence answered me. After he didn't reply, I looked back at him and was shocked at the look on his face.

"Shit bro, I'm sorry. But she... But... Hell, I don't even know what to say."

He stopped the boat in a small cove and shut off the motor. The silence was suddenly deafening. He tossed me a beer, and we popped the tops before getting our poles set up.

"So, I have a confession as well."

Looking over at him in surprise, I raised my arms out to the side and looked at him, as if willing him to continue.

"I was hoping I was wrong, but I've seen a few odd things lately. Like you would say she's at the mall, but I would see her driving the other way on the other side of town. A few times, I've seen some marks on her skin that she didn't know were showing, and the next day I would see a cake of makeup covering that spot. I dunno, a few other things as well."

"But that doesn't mean anything really, could have been me, or a curling iron. Anything really."

He laughed, but there was no humor in it.

"Nice try, but you've told me that she doesn't go for the kinky stuff. And you have said you get laid about five times a year and it's always vanilla. And your reasoning is that she shuts you down and is never in the mood. Marie even told me to shut up when I said something to her a few times about Lynn having that 'freshly-fucked' look and smelling like sex - while you were at work. She kinda flipped out and I thought she was over-reacting. I had no proof, so I didn't say anything. Now I know better!"

"Well, thanks for telling me now though. Either way, I don't think it's been going on too long, but I was hoping to hear another guy's perspective, and hoping for an answer that isn't a simple 'divorce or murder' type of thing."

"Well that did cross my mind, but I guess you do deserve more options. But not just this second. More fishing, more beer, and we can get serious later. Don't wanna kill the whole day being pissed about this."

"Sounds fair. That will work."

For the next few hours, we did just that. We BS'd about everything. After a stretch of silence for about ten minutes, he asked for more info on the situation.

"Hey Devon, I just thought of something. Didn't you say that she has cheated before?"

"Well ya, but a long time ago. Since then, I've suspected more but there's no proof. She won't say anything. I know for a fact she has done inappropriate things with a few guys, bad as far as I know she hasn't fucked them."

"Do you think she will volunteer this info? Wait a sec - how do you know for sure this time?"

"I found some pictures a few weeks ago. The kind that are totally impossible to explain away. Will she talk? Maybe, but before I found the pictures I had no idea she was getting another dick. And here I was thinking she had standards. Hopefully it's just that she wanted a different dick for a while, and she would keep it quiet so we didn't lose all we had together."

"Ya that is a big thing to lose all you two have – for just a fling. But would Lynn dump you if all of this was reversed?"

That is something I had considered, and told him the quick version.

"Even though she talks big about alimony and child support, I think she would want to work through it. It really makes me wonder about some other times I was suspicious though. What about you? If you were in my shoes, what would you do?"

He reeled in his pole as he thought. Following his lead, I did too. For several minutes we packed up our gear in silence.

"It's hard to say. She has cheated on me at least once. Hell man, by this time in my life I kind of assume that no woman is ever faithful. But what would I do? Probably suck it up and move on. BUT, a huge part of sticking it out, is that she owes me big time. Good favors in bed. Anything else I can think of, and for a long time. I guess it would all depend on the circumstances."

That, I had not considered. Not really. But telling Lynn about what I had found is something that wasn't in my plan; at least not yet. Dammit, I may have to reconsider. Maybe.

"That's a good point. Actually I did have another plan but it's really convoluted, I will tell you more later. Basically I had thought of making it stop happening, but never telling her, just to see if she would spill the beans. If she 'owes me' in her mind, we will get the benefit of skipping all the arguments while leaving me the option of calling her out on it."

He just looked at me funny and shook his head.

"Your head works weird man."

"Trust me, it's worth a listen. I promise. I'm not doing it this way to be a wuss, I'm trying to limit collateral damage."

The ride back to camp was quiet as we both were lost in thought. We anchored the boat for faster access in the morning and went in to camp. After a simple dinner, we lit the required camp fire, then sat back in the camping chairs and contemplated the darkening sky. Of course, this required several more beers.

"So tell, Mr. Schemer, what is this big huge plan you have?"

"Well it involves a unicorn, jello, a stop sign, and a pound of 16-penny nails."

He looked at me cross-eyed over the fire in confusion.

"What the f..."

"Calm down man, just kidding! Geez. Ok, anyhow, I found pictures of her and this guy hidden on his girl's laptop. She brought it to me to fix, and I got curious and poked around. My 6th sense told me he was up to no good. I found pics of him with a couple different women, and I don't think they knew he was taking these pics."

He looked appropriately shocked and mumbled under his breath. I ignored it and continued.

"So I traced it down to Lynn's shopping trips where she doesn't buy anything. Also, he had some short stories from a website that does porn literature, and these stories covered that kind of stuff, and one was that exact scenario. The part that didn't happen in real life was them eventually screwing in front of her hubby."

"WHAT?!? People actually get off on that?"

"Yup, there's a kink for everything man. Anyhow, I determined that my finding the pictures wasn't a setup to live that out. She actually was going (ahem) shopping (ahem) this afternoon, but I don't think it's for milk and eggs. Probably sausage and cream."

He snorted before he could get his response out.

"Dude, you're sick in the head. But that's why we get along right? I was thinking the same thing. Ok, anyhow. So you caught her. Now what are you going to do about it?"

"The Short Story: I will pretend to be anonymous somehow, threaten him with telling unless I can screw his girl. He sets her up for me a time or three, plus he stops fucking my wife, and I won't tell the other husband."

"The other husband? You sure you won't?"

"Of course I will, and maybe he can join me in the blackmail. Maybe four or six sessions with his woman? I don't know, it's a work in progress."

"Dude, you're evil. But you keep being vague. Who is this guy? Do I know him? What's he got that you don't?"

"You're gonna flip. It's Michael! Of the 'Emily and Michael' couple."

His fell forward in his chair as his jaw dropped in shock.

"Are you SERIOUS? Lynn is doing that piece of shit? Does he have a golden cock or something? Is he a porn star? Seriously? That is so not right."

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