tagMatureA Family Affair Ch. 02

A Family Affair Ch. 02


Walt visits Helen

A few days later, Walt showed up at our house while Karen and her friends were visiting college campuses. I answered the door and explained to him that Karen was gone for the day looking at schools. "I know that" he said, "I came over to talk with you". I let him in and offered him a cup of coffee, which he politely accepted. Sitting at the kitchen table, he asked me if I had enjoyed watching him and Karen having sex. I was lost for words but he smiled and said, "I know you enjoyed it because I could see you finger fucking yourself". I was appalled at his directness and language. "I think it would best if you left now," I told him as I gathered up the empty coffee cups and brought them over to the sink. I was rinsing the cups and I heard him get up from his chair. However, he didn't leave and I felt his presence behind me and I trembled. Why was I so insecure with this 18 year-old boy, after all I was old enough to be his mother?

He put his arms around my waist, pulled me back toward him and nuzzled my neck. He kissed me lightly around my ears, and then stuck his tongue in my ear and I shivered with excitement. I knew I should stop this but I couldn't. He moved his hands up to my breasts and began to massage them through my summer dress. "You have very nice tits, Helen," he told me. It was the first time he ever called me by my first name. He moved his hips forward and I could feel his enormous cock pressing into my bottom through the dress.

He dropped to his knees behind me, lifted my dress up and eased my panties down and off of my legs. He trailed kisses up and down each leg and on my ass cheeks. I was trembling with desire. He turned me around toward him and began to tongue my sopping wet pussy. I came immediately when his tongue touched my clit but he grabbed me by both ass cheeks, held my cunt to his mouth and ate me to another orgasm. The second time I came violently humping his face and covering it with my pussy juice. I had trouble standing so he eased me to the kitchen floor and took off the rest of my clothing.

I lay there waiting in anticipation of what was to happen next when I heard him say, "Let's take this up to your bedroom". He helped to me to my feet, gathered up my clothes and led me upstairs to my own bedroom. I had never had sex until today with anyone but my former husband, especially in our bedroom.

I lay back on the bed while he confidently undressed in front of me. His impressive erection jumped out as he removed his underwear and I felt a little intimidated by the size of his hard cock. I could tell he was proud of his manhood as he openly displayed himself in front of me. He moved up on the bed between my legs and eased his huge cock into my cunt. I had never felt so full in all my life. He fucked me slowly and then gradually picked up the pace as I adjusted to his size. Soon he was pounding my pussy and bringing me off to multiple orgasms. I had never come so many times in my life.

My last orgasm was violent as I humped my pussy against him pleading with him to fuck me and hold me. He held me tight as he filled my cunt with so much cum that it rushed out of me as fast as it rushed in. I had never been so thoroughly fucked and so full of come. Walt eased his softening cock out of my pussy and moved up the bed to kneel by my face. I couldn't believe the nerve of him expecting me to suck his cock. I also couldn't believe my response, which was to take his cock in my mouth to suck him clean. I tasted my own juices mingled with his cum.

I felt him getting hard again in my mouth and he massaged my tits rolling my hard nipples in his fingers as I sucked him. His cock was getting to big for my mouth, my jaw was getting tired because of my mouth being stretched so wide but I tried to keep as much in my mouth as possible. I reached under his cock and found his cum filled balls and as I caressed his big balls I was startled by his first jolt of sperm hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed as fast as I could but I had to spit his cock out to keep from choking. He shot his cum all over my face, hair, tits and thighs. It was like watching an out of control fire hose spewing liquid all over.

I took his cock back in my mouth and sucked him clean as he massaged the cum into my face and tits. I could feel him hardening again and thought, "Is there no end to this?" He removed his erect cock from my mouth and said, "It is time for a massage."

I rolled over on my stomach as he went to get my lotion from the bathroom. When he returned he sat on the back of my legs and I could feel his thick meat resting on my buttocks. He began a slow soothing massage starting at my shoulders and working his way down my back. His strong hands mesmerized me. Then he massaged my legs working my calves first and gradually ascending to the back of my legs. I tensed as he started to massage my ass cheeks.

Walt put a generous amount of lotion on my ass and lovingly kneaded my cheeks. He complimented me on my beautiful ass and told me that Karen takes after me because she too has a beautiful ass. He slipped his hand between my ass cheeks and brushed my pussy. He sensed I was getting turned on again and he lifted me up by my hips so he could get to my pussy. He poured more lotion between the cheeks of my ass and began to probe my asshole with his fingers. Soon he had two fingers sawing easily in and out of my asshole and two others in my cunt, just as I had witnessed him do to Karen. Surely he didn't have the nerve to try and fuck me in the ass. I had never been fucked in the ass and I certainly wasn't going to let this 18 year old do it.

He moved my hips into position so that he could fuck my pussy from behind and he entered my cunt with that big dick, keeping the two fingers in my asshole. Actually the double penetration felt good and I started to rotate my ass in circles. He continued to fuck me doggy style and finger my ass, then with his free hand he began to diddle my clit. I could feel my orgasm building and then I started to hump my ass uncontrollably. My orgasm was violent and audible as I pushed my cunt back toward his cock and yelled for him to fuck me. I came all over his fingers as I asked him to fuck me forever, I didn't want it to ever end.

As I slowly came back to reality I realized that my ass was very full. Apparently during my intense orgasm Walt had moved his cock from my cunt to my asshole and allowed me to impale myself on it while I was humping out of control. He had not fully penetrated my ass as I could tell because he was fucking it slowly and gradually feeding more of it to me.

For what seemed like an eternity Walt fucked my ass and I could feel it being stretched with each thrust. I became accustomed to his girth and adjusted to the full length of his 9" cock in my ass. He caressed my ass as he fucked it thoroughly and I had never felt so full in my life. I was impaled on his huge cock as I relaxed and placed my head down on the mattress. This position emphasized my shapely ass and Walt told me how good I looked in this position with his cock sliding in and out of my asshole. "You really have a beautiful ass Helen and I can see where Karen gets hers from." I love fucking both of you in the ass," he said.

"I am going to fill up your asshole with my seed and then you are going to suck my cock dry and clean me up just as you watched Karen do it," he confidently announced. I could feel his cock getting larger in my asshole as he approached his orgasm. His cock swelled and he fired barrage upon barrage of cum into my ass. I could feel my ass flooding with my first sperm enema and it leaked out of my ass running down the inside of my thighs and over my cunt lips.

Walt removed his cock from my ass with an audible pop and I felt a rush of cool air enter my gaping asshole. "Turn around Helen and pay homage to the cock that just ravaged your ass," he ordered. As if in a trance I obeyed, taking his cocking my mouth and cleansing him thoroughly. I could taste the mixture of his cum and the juices from my pussy and ass.

Walt and I showered together; he got hard again and decided that he had to have my ass one more time. So he soaped up his cock and my asshole and plowed me one more time. Afterward we got dressed and Walt left. I checked the time and we had been fucking for over five hours. I felt that I had reached total debauchery.

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