tagGroup SexA Family Affair Ch. 04

A Family Affair Ch. 04


Chapter 4: Helen Plays Tennis and Other Love Games

One Saturday morning the woman I normally play tennis with cancelled at the last minute but Walt offered to play in her place. Walt hadn't played much tennis but because of his pure athletic ability he picked it up very quickly. Actually he turned out to be a better playing partner then my friend. After tennis Walt offered to drive us home in my car. When we got in the car right there in the parking lot he leaned over, reached up my tennis skirt and took off my panties. He told me that he wanted to play with my pussy on the way back to the house and he did just that fingering my cunt while he drove the car and drove me crazy.

We passed two other boys walking back from the tennis courts and he stopped the car.

"There's Jay and Ken, let's give them a ride," he said.

"Are you crazy I'm not wearing any panties," I replied nervously.

But Walt called to them and asked them if they needed a ride. They ran to the car and I frantically tried to find my panties but to no avail. I had to get out of the front seat because my car was a two door model and I held my tennis skirt down so they wouldn't notice that I wasn't wearing panties.

"Get in the back with Jay and Ken," Walt told me.

"I will not I will sit up front," I firmly responded.

"Either get in the back or walk home," Walt said.

I knew he meant it and in spite of my disposition and started to get in the back.

"Sit between them, guys let her climb in the middle," he directed.

I had to climb over one boy who I later learned was named Ken and sat between them. I tried to keep my skirt pulled down as I got into the back seat but I had a feeling that Ken noticed I was not wearing panties. Walt started driving again.

"Hey guys Helen isn't wearing any panties and I was playing with her pussy before you guys got in, why don't you pick up where I left off," Walt told them.

The boys were a little apprehensive but Walt urged them on. I was squirming and trying to fend off their hands but all my actions did was arouse them further and give them more resolve. My movements caused me to let go of my skirt and the skirt to ride up further on my thighs. Jay and Ken were stroking my thighs, cupping my pussy and fondling my ass cheeks.

"Hey guys go for her tits too," Walt urged them on.

My tennis top and sport bra were pushed up over my tits and soon they were handling my tits and tweaking my nipples as they played with my pussy and ass. I was getting very turned on and I knew I was sliding down a slippery slope. Walt told them to take their dicks out which they did and then he told me to jerk them off. They were not as big as Walt but they had impressive organs, probably 7 or 8 inches, I had a cock in each hand while they sucked my tits and fingered my pussy. My cunt was sopping wet and I continued to squirm with mini orgasms.

"Hey everyone straighten up back there we are almost at Helen's house," Walt announced.

He pulled into my driveway and right into the garage with the garage closing behind us. Walt held the door open for us and as I climbed over Ken to get out both boys ran their hands up and down my legs and ass. Once inside we all undressed as quickly as possible. Jay and Ken admired my body and they were both in an unmistakable state of desire.

"Hasn't she got pretty tits and a great ass, guys," Walt asked them?

"Why don't you guys start sucking her tits and I'll eat her out for starters," Walt suggested.

He dropped to his knees and began to eat me out, Jay and Ken then leaned over and each took a tit in their mouth. Within minutes I was coming all over Walt's face.

"Let's take this up stairs," Walt said and led me by the hand up the stairs to my bedroom.

I could feel Ken and Jay's eyes on me as they followed behind us. Then I felt their hands stroke my ass as we walked up the stairs.

Walt got my lotion from the bedroom and had me bend over the bed. He then thoroughly lubed my pussy and asshole with the lotion. Walt then lay down on the bed and had me straddle his cock. I eased myself down on his cock taking the entire length into my pussy. Walt thrust his hips up fucking me and rubbing his big dick along my clit. I was definitely turned on now and had almost forgotten about Jay and Ken until Walt told them to take my ass and mouth at the same time.

The two boys agreed enthusiastically to this arrangement. Jay knelt behind me and eased his ample organ into my asshole. The cock slid in easily, lubricated by the pre-cum oozing from his dick. He grunted as his cock entered into my rectum, then with a mighty shove, pushed it in all the way to his aching balls. This increased the sensation of Walt's cock in my pussy. Ken positioned his cock at my face, and guided his steel-hard member into my open mouth. I took a hasty breath and sucked the tool deep into my velvet throat, squeezing the shaft with my muscles. Ken started to buck, moving his cock in and out of my throat, rubbing its sensitive head against my teeth, feeling my tongue stab his tight balls. The pressure of my sucking throat started the rush of cum in his balls and he braced to blast a load of jism into my waiting throat.

I was twisting under the combined assault of over two feet of great cock pushing into my body. The nine-inch cock in my pussy was mashing against my clitoris, bringing on all the sensations that made for my massive orgasm, while the cock in my rectum was stretching my sphincter. The cock in my throat had me on the edge of gagging but I overcame the feeling and sucked on the cock like never before. I seemed to feel each cock as it pressed into me, and I let my whole being be swept up in my massive sensations that were crashing into my lust-drugged mind. I sensed more than felt the increase in the size of the cocks as cum started to explode from them.

The three men came at the same instant, their rivers of cum blasting into my openings, flooding me with the essence of manhood. I felt the spurts as the cocks emptied themselves into me, and I pressed harder into them to make sure that all of their cum was contained within me. A rising dizziness swept over me and I descended into a fuzzy world of whirling shadows, knowing little of what was outside me, knowing only that I was being filled with cum from the cocks of three throbbing boys. I tried vainly to recall myself back into the world of consciousness but was swept over the rim into the land of orgasm, and giving up the struggle, went deep into that world of Utopia.

The three boys paused after their cumming, and then changed places, each putting his re-energized cock into a new hole. They increased their tempo as my female form below and above them seem oblivious to the new cocks entering and battering my genitals and tonsils. I seemed to be taking all the cock and cum they could manufacture that day and still is was not enough.

Cocks entered holes, cocks changed holes and still I screamed for more and more. My mouth was dripping with cum but at each load from the cock in my mouth, I swallowed almost the whole amount.

We fucked our brains out the rest of the day. They triple penetrated me all day taking turns in each of my holes. I lost track of how many times I came and the boys came at least once in each of my holes and maybe more. I was thoroughly fucked and I enjoyed every minute of it. I couldn't believe my fortune; just a few weeks ago I was relying on my dildo. Today I had over two feet of cock in me simultaneously for hours. How would I be able to live without these boys fucking me?

Finally the boys lay back in my bed, cocks limp, balls empty and my strength gone. I was a mass of cum, moving back and forth with languor, still dreaming of another cock for each of my openings. I could feel that I was empty, nothing in me, and I smiled.

Severaldays later, I lay in bed fucking my pussy with a dildo and a butt plug in my ass when the telephone rang. It was Walt and he called to tell me that I didn't have to worry about his friends talking about our sex bout the other day. He also invited me to join him at a romantic interlude motel, which he described as having a Jacuzzi, mirrors on the ceiling, etc. I told him it would be hard for me to get away but he would not take no for an answer and told me to make up an excuse that I was out shopping. I agreed to meet him there in two days.

As I lay in bed I contemplated what had happened with his two classmates. I couldn't believe that I had allowed them to have their way with me. All I had to do was order them to leave, but I didn't. Instead I willing gave myself to them in total debauchery. As I thought about it I went back to dildo fucking myself imagining that I was being double penetrated again.

Two days later, I arrived at the motel at noon. Walt had reserved the room from noon to midnight. He had also prepared lunch and had served some wine. The wine was delicious and I exceeded my one glass limit. I felt very warm internally and very sexy. After lunch we relaxed in the Jacuzzi, the water temperature was just right and the wine was going to my head. I was feeling extremely horny.

We got out of the Jacuzzi and Walt dried me off, placed me on the bed and fucked the daylights out of me. He brought me off many times before pulling his cock out of my pussy and spraying his cum all over me. It was the first time that he ever did that and it was a turn-on to see all that cum shooting out of his cock and landing all over my body from my face down to my cunt.

We lay there for a while with Walt playing with my tits, pussy and lubricating my asshole. There was a knock on the door and Walt calmly answered it in spite of my apprehension.

"Hi come on in," he said and nine boys walked into the room.

"Helen and I just finished fucking and she is all warmed up," he continued.

"You can pile your clothes over there," he directed.

Within minutes I was staring at nine naked teenage boys all with erections of various length and girth. I knew I should get up right then and get out of there, but I didn't. Walt started directing the action and had one boy lay on his back with me straddling him with his stiff dick in my pussy. Then another one entered my well-lubed asshole and the third began to face fuck me. I was to remain in this position so that the triple penetration could be continued until all the boys were done.

The other boys stroked their erections eager to fill any one of my holes, which they did as soon as one became available. As one boy filled my pussy, asshole or mouth with cum he would withdraw his cock and my vacant hole would be filled immediately with a fresh cock. This sex marathon went on for hours with each of the boys coming a minimum of three times. My holes were full and overflowing with cum and my body was drenched in it as well.

Walt finally called an end to it when it was apparent that all the boys were spent. They all cleaned up, dressed and left the room.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he said and led me into the shower.

He washed me thoroughly including my pussy and asshole. We relaxed in the Jacuzzi again and Walt told me that he put an aphrodisiac in the wine, which explained my horny relaxed state.

"Time for your massage," he told me and I nodded and lay face down on the bed, after drying off.

Walt gave me my normal massage that included the lubrication of my asshole. Then he popped a tape into the VCR, got back behind me and plugged my asshole with his huge cock.

"Watch this," he told me.

I looked up at the TV expecting to see a porno movie. I was right however; I was the one in the video. He had taped the entire fuck session. I watched myself being triple penetrated by three boys while the other six stood ready stroking their big dicks. Walt fucked my ass slowly savoring the moment as we watched the video. All nine boys came very quickly the first time and the cocks entered and left my holes rapidly. The second time around it took longer for them to cum and some of them enjoyed spraying my body with their cum.

The boy in my ass would pull out and shoot his cum all over my ass cheeks often the first blast would hit the back of my head or shoulders. The boy in my mouth would pull out and spray my tits with his cum and the boy in my pussy would shoot it up between my ass cheeks. I was so caught up in the video that I wasn't prepared for the barrage of cum that Walt shot into my asshole. He kept right on fucking my asshole and stayed hard as we continued to watch the video. Walt then came a second time in my ass before we both collapsed on the bed.

We lay on our sides with Walt's cock in my ass and I felt it softening. It slipped from my asshole and I felt a rush of cool air replace his cock. As we relaxed in the bed, I tried to imagine what else was in store for me. Clearly I wanted all the cock I could get my hands on or said better that I could get in my mouth, pussy and ass.

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